Friday, December 31, 2010

The end of 2010

2010 is coming to an end.

So much has happened this year. But there are a couple people I want to share with you about.

First off, my grandfather John Fred Biegler, passed away last week, December 21st.  What started out was as a "heart attack" only to find out there is a artoria dissection, meaning a tear in the artery. So, I guess he had a chance to say his good-byes and tell my grandmother he's had a good life.  Quick. And in peace, I pray.

Within that 2 hour time frame of finding out he was in the ER, and the time of his passing, my youngest sister went into labor with her 3rd baby.  I took her 2 kids with me...and stayed with them ....

Nathan Kekaiola was born on the 22nd.  He has stolen my heart.  Such a blessing in spite of the tragedy of losing our beloved grandfather.

Aunt Kirstan with Nathan....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Well, I did it!

I had bid for a position that would be a promotion-type thing for me. In the Cataloging Department in the library where I work.

I applied. I got interviewed. And...

I got it!


The best thing about this experience is that I was able to overcome so much self-negativeness and overcome putting myself down. I know I can do it. I am able.

I start January 31st. So, it's gonna be a great start for the new year. Can't wait.

Friday, December 10, 2010

A God Thing....

My good friend Brenda shared a very heart-warming story that just inspired me to share with you all. I hope this inspires you to be someone's angel out there.
 Brenda shares:
I have a wonderful eBay story to share! This is truly a "God Thing" and its so very cool to be used by Him to bless another person. Some background information first: I purchased a book called Kitty, My Rib (about Martin Luther's wife) at an estate sale. I rarely go to estate sales so it was a "God Thing" I went to that one. Here is the rest of the story....
Letter from the customer to Brenda:
Thank you so much for sending me Kitty My Rib. It arrived in great condition you did a great job packaging it. Here is the story....

My father was a Lutheran School teacher, Carl Streufert A music director to be specific. Thus his love f
or Luther - his history and his music. One of the books my dad had was Kitty My Rib. I even remember doing a book report on it when I was in grade school. After the death of my parents, my sisters and I divided up their things and of course one of the things I kept was that book. Years later as my children attend the same school where my father taught, I because involve in helping with the school library and decided that book would do more good on the school shelves then in our basement bookcase. So I donated it to the school library. Much to my disappointment, one summer the teacher in charge decided to clean out many of the books to make room for new ones and Kitty My Rib went out the door before I even knew what was happening. For years now I have looked for a copy of that book but was not successful.

I was so happy to see it on eBay last week. Knowing that it was the same print because our old one was also a red cloth bound book. It wasn't until I read your description that I nearly fell out of my chair. You see, my mother's name was Ruth. The signature was unmistakable. If you hadn't put in the picture of the inscription I would never have recognized it. Yes, the book that you sold me was in fact the very book that sat on our shelves for years and years. What a precious gift. I can't wait until I am together with my sister this Christmas to show them what I found. It is truly amazing that the book traveled originally from Wisconsin to St. Louis to who knows where and ended up in MI on your eBay page and is now home with us again.
Check out Brenda's store: Brenda's eBay Store
Auction item: Kitty My Rib

Friday, November 19, 2010

Surprise Answers

My good friend, Vonnie Taylor, shared something with me and another friend, and I enjoyed it so much I asked if she'd let me share with you all.

Surprise Answers

A young woman that I have known since she was a child came to me and asked for some advice on her marriage about a month ago.  I thought “Well, when I find the woman who has it all figured out, we can both ask her what to do.” However, that wasn’t going to help her with her questions at that moment.  So I let her ask me what she wanted to know.  Some of it was easy to answer, but other things I had to ask her to allow me the time to really dig deep into the Word of God and to seek wiser counsel than myself.  What is to follow is what God led me to give to her.  I am sharing it now because she told me ‘This is something I will need to read over and over again as years go by, just to be sure I am on course.” Maybe this is something some of you can use as well. Here is my letter to her.
 Your big question was “What is a good wife?”.  There could be a thousand answers to this, but it all boils down to one thing- “A Godly wife.”  What are a few of her characteristics?
  1. Love of God.  She must love the Lord first and foremost and her husband must be second only to the Lord.  She must be studying and growing in God’s Word and serving God to the best of her ability. 
  2. A woman of respect.  If a woman cannot respect herself, she cannot respect her husband or anyone else. She cannot expect others to respect her either. She must like the person God is molding her into and be willing to respect the work He is doing. That will lead to self esteem and confidence that the Lord can use in her life. She must conduct herself in a way that her husband can respect her as well. She may be a hard worker but she needs to be an honest one.  She may be smart , but is she using her mind for the Lord? She may be pretty, but is it only physical beauty?
  3. Submission. Yes, we are told to submit to our husbands as we submit to the Lord and that has been taken out of context by many people.  Submission is not servitude, but a loving willingness to allow the husband to lead in the role God has placed him in.  A submissive wife doesn’t walk 2 steps behind her husband, but is standing beside him.  She doesn’t try to show him up and take control.  Instead she knows that all she does is a reflection on him and she wants him to grow strong in his role as leader of the family.  She is the one God gave him to encourage and support. She puts him out front simply by stepping back and letting God lead him instead of her trying to lead.
  4. A servant’s heart.  Wives have to become skilled at multitasking.  There are many demands on a woman today.  By seeking to do whatever God wants her to do, serving her husband and others with a spirit of love, a woman can and will develop a servant’s heart without overburdening herself or being selfish.  That doesn’t mean she shouldn’t have some time for herself.  She must take care of her spiritual needs before she can serve.
  5. She must love her husband.  You may think ‘Duh, of course.” But what does loving him mean?  Is it just the physical/ chemical reaction that takes place?  Is it the feeling of love?  No, it includes those things, but loving him is the choice that he is lovable because you chose to love him.  Just as none of can earn or deserve God’s love, your husband can’t earn or deserve your love.  You must be like God and give love unconditionally based on who you are.  God loves us because that is HIS character.  Make your character match His and you will be a Godly wife.

I got these 5 characteristics onto paper after a lot of prayer.  Then I remembered a list of things that Randy and I had to make for each other as part of a retreat we went on a few years ago. We were asked to put down the things that make our spouse ‘perfect’ for us.  Here are his answers.  Some surprised me at that time. I saved it because it was a reminder that I need to always be aware of these things.   I have tried to live up to all of them ever since.  Maybe you can ask your husband to make his own list and then use that to help you know where you can focus in your marriage.
Randys list:
  1. You listen.  When I am talking to you, you listen and don’t often interrupt. When you do interrupt, it is to ask for me to explain something.   It shows me you are interested in what I have to say.
  2. You encourage me.  When I am facing something that is discouraging, you always find the things to say and do to make me see the bigger picture.  You show me God working in my life through the words you say and the things you do.
  3. You help.  You give up your time to help me when I need it.  You don’t complain about taking on some of the load when I can’t carry it all.  I don’t feel weak when that happens. I feel blessed that I have you beside me.  I know we face things together as one.
  4. You show interest in what I like.  When we met you know nothing about cars or tools.  You knew to buy gas and that made your car run.  That was it. Over the years, you have been in the garage, under the car or on a ladder beside me as I explain how something works or why it is done this way.  You learned because you wanted to please me.  You are my ‘little apprentice.’
  5. You don’t hold mistakes over my head.  When I mess up, you don’t say you told me so even though, most of the time, if I had listened to you, I wouldn’t have made the mistake. 
  6. You don’t try to be what I should be.  You aren’t afraid to give me counsel but once I make a decision, you submit to my leadership.  You don’t go around telling me how I should have done it either.
  7. You love me in spite of who I am.  I can’t list all the ways you do this but I know it has its start in what God is doing in you. 

Today is November 19, 2010.  That list was made a number of years ago.  If I had to remember the  exact list I made for Randy way back then, I couldn’t tell you what was on it, but I can say that many of the things that make me “perfect” for him are the same things that make him ‘perfect’ for me. The above letter was mailed a couple weeks ago.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Oh Baby!

My baby sister is expecting her 3rd baby anytime soon. Unfortunately, it's too early to be having the baby. She needs at least another week or two to safely deliver.

My soon-to-be-here-nephew seems impatient to join us. So, fortunately they were able to stop the contractions and labor.

I have been coming over a few times just to help out. Today, I'm hanging out helping her around the house, and caring for her 3 year old son.  Her daughter is already at Opa's to spend the weekend with him.

Well, since my sister is on bed rest, I can sympathize with her how frustrating it is, but, we know it won't be long before the baby arrives. That itself I am so much looking forward to.

I really cannot wait to meet him.

And my other sister is expecting, too! In March. I cannot wait to meet her baby as well. This will be her 2nd baby...and it's a boy too! (She already has a 19 mo. old son)

I just adore all of them.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Dementia has struck a family member of mine. I am not sure how rapidly it's becoming, but, it's scary to see how much it can rob of a person....

The other day I asked my baby sister, "HOW do you tell a person that he DID say this and that, only to have him argue with me that he NEVER said that, and not to make it sound like I'm calling him a liar?!"  and "HOW do you tell him, 'No thanks, I got it' without getting him all upset?"  and end up having to deal with his anger?

My sisters and I are dealing with a loved one who as of last year announced he has the beginnings of dementia, alongside with his Parkinson's. While I don't believe he has Parkinson's, I do believe he does have dementia.

Dementia is a loss of brain function that occurs with certain diseases. It affects memory, thinking, language, judgment, and behavior. 

Well, he has the symptoms and it's really scary. 

And very sad. 

So I do pray for him daily. I do hate the fact that it affects other people.  The outrageous statements he has made about me was just really a shocker, BUT, I am very thankful my other family members know it is not true.  All they need to do is ask me about it. And I'm more than happy to set things straight.

I meet with him tomorrow evening. I know he has completely forgotten my birthday that was yesterday. But, that's okay. I had a good birthday anyway, and we went out tonight to celebrate.  Tomorrow my husband and I are meeting this loved one for dinner and discuss something he offered to pay for, (when I insisted he should not, and won't listen to me) and will expect me to pay him back in payments.


Again, I do I tell him, thanks, but no thanks, and if you offered, why are you expecting us to pay back? I have told him repeatedly that I will take care of it after the holidays. Just not right now.  Can't argue with someone like that w/o making him think we're calling him a liar.

Lord, help us.

Friday, October 8, 2010

October's finally arrived

It's been a while, I know. Sorry about that, my dear readers. 

Been busy, been hectic, been tired, been happy, excited, been everything and life still goes on as always.

October has arrived already....and it's just hard to believe. I managed to catch up on a couple things that were pressing me for the past few months.  And I'm sure I made a couple people very happy in the process.  And oh yeah, I know God is pleased with me as well. 

School continues to go well for my kids. I am amazed how much my son loves middle school. I actually think it works best for him, and I look forward to how much he'll enjoy High School in 4 years.  Right now, he's still my little boy (although, he will beg to differ---he's almost caught up with me in height and he's only 10!). He likes his teachers, and how they give him positive encouragement, or positive discipline. Last year in elementary school was a really tough one for him. I am starting to realize, while I liked his teacher last year, it was difficult to see what she put my son through. Prayerfully we will never have another teacher like that again any time soon.  I had a horrible one in 1st grade (oh gosh, I hated her!), and after that, never had any problems.

My daughter is enjoying High School. And also being in the Marching Band.  Wow. She impresses me! I do pray she has a good experience in HS and that she continues to strive well in her classes.  And her friends---I love 'em all. I know some people might take a look at one or two of them, but you just have to meet them. My house is always full of kids, and I'm always feeding them-even when I am down to my barest cupboards, I still find something to feed 'em with. And, the kids know I have a safe place for them to come to. Boo-yah!

As for me, been busily helping support my husband being the SS teacher at church. I am starting to realize how much we've grown in our classroom, and it sure is getting snug in there.  Also been asked to think about leading a deaf women's SS class (to help with the crowding) so I have to really search my heart. I am flattered they asked me....I do enjoy teaching. It's a big commitment to make.

This weekend is the Appleumpkin festival in town. So, gearing up for madness at my front door.  I should really find my fall & halloween decorations. Today is the perfect day for it, as I'm off today. Woo! Was starting to feel a bit burned out.

So, sorry this isn't a funny, humorous post or a long-winded story or anything. Just letting you guys know I'm alive and still kickin'.  Will try to be little more touch than usual.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Master's Hands Deaf Church

Master's Hands Deaf Church  had its' launch last Sunday, Sept. 12. I seriously thought Pastor John Bienlein was joking or teasing when he shared that Channel 12 was coming to film us.  I know the Flint Journal was there the week before. So, I didn't give it much thought (plus, I was little tired from a very busy long day). So that night, I stayed over at friends' then we visited Master's Hands Deaf Church the next day.

I had fun. Seriously!  I am amazed with how much work went into painting the walls, cleaning, and everything. When the church gave the deaf the parishioner's house, I was there the first major cleaning day. And I knew they had a lot of work to do.

So, anyway, for Launch Day, I was very honored that I was asked to do a song. And my husband was honored to read Psalm 139 into ASL. He does a beautiful "storytelling" style in ASL form when doing scriptures. It's just amazing.

Anyhoo, while in the middle of the prayer, I noticed Pastor John was distracted and said, "Channel 12 is here". I thought, OH NO!  So I just went with the flow.

While it was very obvious they are there, I had to do my song. I got up there, did "Here Am I, Send Me" (by Mercy Me) and it was very uplifting. My good friend Vonnie did a Huey Lewis song. Now, I didn't know he had become a believer of Jesus Christ, so it was really awesome to know that!  I cannot remember the name of the song, but it was very upbeat, and something about not needing to worry. So, that was really cool!  And Pastor John delivered a wonderful sermon.

Anyway, I do want to share that I am very thrilled for Master's Hands. I am thrilled for the deaf involved with that church. I am thrilled for Pastor John. I am just simply ... thrilled!

Need I say more?  God has truly, truly blessed them. And I can see many great things happening for that church.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

forms after forms....

filling out forms.
three for the middle school.
one for the high school.

of course comes along with that famous list of supplies we must get for the kids.

i still have some from last year, you see. i'd just have to dive into the shelves and locate these items. then check off what we already have. then make a list of what we will need.

maybe my in-laws can go shopping for these things again this year? yeah?

nah, i'm sure we don't really need to stock up on anything. just need to get planners from the schools though.

and 2 more weeks til school starts. can't wait.

Monday, August 23, 2010


What a month.

I know I've been gone too long....and realized, I haven't been here for a while. bring you up to speed...

What a month.

Where do I even begin? I really do not know.

But, I've had to deal with remembering my daughter, Rachel, when her birthday rolled around. Then 2 days later, it was the anniversary of my mother's passing. So that was tough.

THEN....a wonderful work friend of mine passed away suddenly. It was so sudden, that everyone was in shock. A memorial service will be for next month, after his stepdaughter gets married first.

Hoping to get away from everything, I joined 84 other people to MiBCD's annual deaf retreat. This year we celebrated our 30th Anniversary. It was a great fun-filled weekend, and I truly enjoyed it. 

During the weekend, we received news that Ruth Bruffey, a precious friend of many in the SBCD world passed away. She originally was supposed to be our Praise Leader for the weekend. But when she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a few months ago, we had to switch to plan B.  It was a very somber moment when we received the news.Her son posted a video about his mother, and I thought it was just so wonderful he took the time out of his grieving to share with us.

So, I'm not sure what I think of August so far.  Personally, I have had a wonderful month, alongside with some sad moments....which is part of life.

How was your month so far?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I don't know if I' know....just tired or I'm really tired.  Seems my feet are dragging these days.

My sister wrote me yesterday to remind me my son's restriction from her pool ends this Saturday. I acknowledged that, and told her that. (Why was son restricted? He used the pool w/o her permission, and wasn't being honest with me about it.)

"You know I didn't restrict you from our pool..."

I had to laugh.  Oh yes. A couple weeks ago, I came home half-drowned from the water park at Cedar Point in Ohio.  I sat in shades as much as possible, and I tried to dry out as much as possible.

So I wrote her back, that I didn't feel like being in any more pools or anything chlorinated. I was still "full" from Cedar Point. 

Oh, it's part of aging. We've gotten little too old to enjoy things like this. Aw man! *shucks* But, I will enjoy a leisurely boat ride, or if you give me a water jetski, that would be no problem.  Or, if I can get a very nice, comfortable raft to float on the it pool or lake....then I'm fine.

Guess I just need to pace myself a bit these days.

Or, I blame my tiredness to the full moon.  It's been quite a weekend. Or...I'm just not feeling good....the weather's been whacky.


I do try to keep up but sometimes some days I just need to slow down.

It's only the end of July....I think my kids are ready for school, for a set routine.  Yeah.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Miracles do happen!

Oh my, I've got tears of joy and thankfulness ....

A missionary friend had a very successful surgery to remove tumors from her spine (at the neck base)...the surgery was all day today, and the neurosurgeon was able to remove all the tumors that were in there.

No Chemo, No Radiation...the best news ever. One part of cancer's butt has been kicked!

I give God all the praise and the glory!

T'is truly a miracle. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday the 13th

Today we buried Karen. It was a very beautiful service for her, and the burial service as well.

Ran into so many friends, and made few new friends.  I remarked to one friend, "seems it takes a funeral to bring everyone together to re-visit, remember, renew, and bring up to date what we're up to...I do hope next time we get together is not another funeral!"

I have a facebook account. I noticed that I've started hooking up with my former Galluedet University friends.  And it's amazing how far we all have come ....what, 20 years later....

It was just simply wonderful to hook up with friends again...they're the best thing that can happen to all of us.

Since it was a very long day for me, it'll probably be an early night for me.

Friday, July 9, 2010

My sweet friend

Karen Okroy has passed away this morning, and now safely in Heaven where she no longer will deal with pain, with the suffering that cancer has caused her. She will sorely be missed by many.

Pray for her family & friends.

Karen, I shall miss you, and I've been so blessed having the opportunity to know you and become friends with you. Know now, that you are with Jesus now, and that you are no longer what you were in an earthly form. You are now free.

We love you.

Karen Margaret (Blair) Okroy
Born October 11, 1965
Died July 9, 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I hate Cancer....

I really hate cancer.


I am so mad at cancer.

It's destructive. It's painful. It's just...evil.

I have another sweet friend who is now in hospice. And any moment, the Lord will sweep her away into His comforting arms....

I do pray it will be very peaceful and comfortable when she lets go of earth...and soar towards heaven.

Did I tell you how much I hate cancer? Yeah? Yeah.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


For the next few days, I am sharing other people's experiences with cancer and sharing their stories with you. This is to remember how devastating cancer can be.  

Yesterday, I interviewed Dave. He is my children's uncle....their dad's brother. He is the fun big bear kind of uncle that all kids are drawn to him. And he has a great rapport with anyone!

Anyway, just a little background story here---Uncle Dave was with me and my family the night Rachel (my firstborn daughter) died.  Our memory was little bit fuzzy but, he remembers being with me when Rachel died or after she had passed.

Dave is a very caring person, and doesn't always show emotion. But he does care.

ANYWAY....I had an opportunity to sit down with him and ask him about his dad, Fred Smith Sr.  Or, "Popo" as my kids called him. He was a fun, outgoing, mischievous grandpa. And Josh was very close to him, it's just amazing with the bond they had.

So, I asked Dave to share his thoughts and feelings about his dad and the sarcoma that took him away.

Dave shares: You know, after I started noticing how sick my dad was becoming, it was a real shock. When he was diagnosed, it was still a shock. So I jumped into helping care for my dad. Trips to the doctors, to the hospitals, doing things at home, stuff like that. When they said it was sarcoma, I knew it's serious. So I had to start preparing myself what will happen. 

I asked him, "after we lost Rachel, has her death helped you prepare yourself with other people?" 
Yes, after losing Rachel, I have been around other people who have gotten sick one way or another. So of course, after Rachel's passing, and helping care for my dad, being with him, helped me be better prepared dealing with death. I've learned to accept that death is part of life. I have had to make peace, knowing it is part of life. And knowing that they are in better hands. 

It was a bit emotional, but it was good to reminsince a bit about him.

Popo, this post is dedicated to you.

Fred Smith, Sr.
Born September 3, 1934
Went to be home with the Lord on March 14, 2004

Friday, June 18, 2010

Kicking some cancer butt...

I have blogger's block. So....

What do I do about that?

Do some thinkin' and thinkin' and thinkin' and an idea develops! Yes!

Since most of you know I'm participating in the Relay for Life next week (hey, visit my Relay For Life page! )...I decided I was going to have some people share their personal experiences with cancer (either personally or through a loved one)...and be my guest blogger.

So, okay, now ...I must return back to work. But wanted to let you all know I'm still alive. Just little blank-minded the past few days.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

3 a.m.

Can't sleep.

Must've been all the sleeping I did nearly all weekend. My back pain prevented me from doing much and taking meds to allievate the back pain knocked me out. Oh yeah, along with allergies and sinus headaches to go with it. Yeah.

I am unable to sleep.


I've tried everything and nothing seem to work. I can feel myself being tired, but I guess my mind's just too busy and it won't shush.

Eh...I think I'll take a warm shower and see if it helps.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a quiet rainy evening...

Man, I'm beat.

I arrived at work early this morning to sounds of jack hammers and the sidewalk cement saw machine (you know that huge machine that cuts into sidewalk, street, etc) and my department has the misfortune of being located directly underneath that commotion.  It was extremely hard for me to lip-read with the jackhammer noise so loud it rattled my brains. I couldn't concentrate very well.  That is where everyone wished they knew sign language.

So now I have the place to myself right now. It's nice....

Oh yeah, on my way to work after dropping my sister off at work, I was minding my own business and one stretch of road was kind of quiet. I saw 2 ducks crossing the road. So, I slowed down and stopped. I know they appreciated it.

However, there was a car barreling down behind me, and even though I had my lights and my brake lights on, the driver blared her horn, swerved, nearly missed running the ducks down, and flipping me off. How rude. Oh well. So I waited for the ducks to finish crossing the lanes....and I felt good as it happily arrived at its destination.

Well, as you all know in my previous posting, I'm participating in the Relay for Life....and I got my first donor! WOO!  BUT....I still need more donors to support this cause.  So if you feel you want to join me in kicking some cancer butt, then click on my page and send your support!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Relay for Life...

Hi Y'all,
I'll be participating in the Relay for Life in Davison, MI.  I was encouraged by Brenda to particpate, and I thought, what a wonderful way to get my exercise, hang out with my friends, go to her son's open house, and walk some more (hopefully losing more calories & pounds)....and being in the Relay of Life was something I've wanted to do for a long time but never got around to it.

Thanks Brenda. *big smile*

All in all, I'm doing this in the memory of my firstborn daughter, Rachel, my mother, Joan and my grandmother Betty.

Support Kirstan in Relay of Life!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Watch out...full moon's coming

We'll be getting a full moon on Thursday.
I j
This week started out...well....weird. 

The clock seem slow. So by the time  I was ready to leave, it was only 6:18 a.m. I always leave at 6:30. So...I decided to make a break for it after making sure the kids are set for school.

Drove to work, seem like ...I had to pull over to let emergency vehicles blast by me....and hoping it wasn't anybody I know.

Singing on the top of my lungs to "There is a Fountain" (a hymn) on the car cd player. I just like doing that with both hands on the steering wheel. That's call safe driving.

Got to work, and realized that I left my office keys at home. *sigh* so I waited for someone to pull in ...and sure enough, the gal who filled my position after I left for the wonderful world of InterLibrary Loan came along. So we walked in together, and outside my office, I forgot a co-worker wouldn't be in. There was already someone else in there, but she had her headphones on. I knew she wouldn't hear me knocking. *sigh* I thought I'd have wait a bit for other co-workers to come along but thankfully a guy came along and HE has the master key to every single room in the building. So he was sweet enough to unlock for me and let me in.

The day went a weird way. A phone call from Josh's school....has a headache. Trying to get hold of my dad, but he wasn't home. What to do? What to do?  Emailed a good friend of mine to CALL my husband on videophone...and tell him to please get online with me. PAH!  Thanks, Brenda! I truly appreciate you! 

Finally in the afternoon my brain was just tired, and I was starting to lose focus on the task I was doing. My teammate offered me gum and hoped it would help know...wake up.

Man, and I'm thinking, what a day!

Full moon will be out on Thursday. So watch out. And at the same time, I got lots to do to get ready for my annual Memorial Day camping trip with my friend Jen and her daughter. This will be our last year together before they move out west next year.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Feelin' fabulous!

Well, I've been little tight-fisted the past few days trying to stretch out our budget for the rest of this month. And promising my daughter a formal dress before too long.

For her formal dance in 2 weeks.

So, she had gone with friends to a mall in Toledo and fell in love with a dress, unfortunately, wasn't able to put it on layaway or on hold long enough for this mom to come down and check it out. SO....we went to the mall in Adrian and started out in JcPenney's.

Well, after being directed to where the formal dresses are...bear in mind, I went in *ONLY TO LOOK*...with no intention of purchasing anything other than maybe a drink.

Saw a pretty white dress and held it up to Ashley, asking what she thought?  She immediately liked it, and when the tag flipped, I saw it was marked down to 15.97! What?  You kidding me? I looked at the sign on the rack, everything was like up to 75% off, the clearance rack. So I looked on the tag to see the original price...$80.00!!! WOOT!  So, I asked Ashley, think it'll fit? It's her size, so she went in to try it on. Sure enough, when she walked out of the dressing room, she was gorgeous!  So I said, well, hey, it's cheap! So we decided to go ahead and buy it. Forget my plan of *not purchasing anything*.

After paying for it, we decided to visit Payless to get some ideas what styles of shoes to get with her dress. So we go in there, and I showed off the dress to the saleslady, and she sent her assistant to help us find something that might go with the dress.

Well, while we were poking around, looking at some choices, which I didn't really care for, my eye spied a box with a $5.00 price tag on it on the bottom shelf. So I looked closer, pointed at it, "what about that one?"

We pulled it out, and held the cream white heels against her white cream chiffon dress, and it was a perfect match.   Ashley tried it on. She loved it. I said, okay, let's buy it!

Talk about a great deal on a very tight budget.  We felt really blessed by this, and I was just more than happy to make Ashley happy. We will polish it off with my mother's pearls and find some pretty earrings to go with it.

I just felt truly blessed. And Ashley is feeling really good. Being a teenager, finding that dress was exactly what she liked, better than the one she saw yesterday.  And she was very happy we got a very expensive dress at a great deal! We like to tease about that.

We visited a Deb's Store, so she could show me her tomboy friend's dress. I have a very hard time imaging her friend in a dress...she is a true blood tomboy, but I know she will be very beautiful. I cannot wait to see her when I drive them to their dance.   They'll be gorgeous.

How fabulous can this get? Oh yeah!  Prayers have been answered when I myself thought would be little impossible. But waking up feeling very confident and relying completely on God, He provided. Thanks, Lord.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Who's next in this family to have a medical emergency? Hm? Anyone? Good. Let's not go out there injuring yourself and needing to be seen. I mean, I don't think my insurance company would enjoy that very much when they see what they have to shell out for.

And I'm not gonna enjoy seeing any bills coming...

Last Thursday I had to take my daughter in as she had a very tender wrist, which was on/off going on for the past couple years. But it got really bad it brought her to tears. So, we took her in, and she either has tendinitis or ..."snuff box" injury.  Small bone in the wrist part where it may have been injured in the past but was so minor, and probably didn't heal properly.

Go figure.

So she has a wrist brace to wear.

And the woman who fitted Ashley for the brace looks like Ms. Trelawney from the Harry Potter movies.

Anyhoo, Josh played in a park yesterday evening and was running around, his foot found a hole and wham! Or, shall we say, OUCH!  So, he limped home in tears and screams. I made him take a bath, then I got out an ice pack and had my own wrap so I wrapped his foot.

Woke him up this morning....not any better than last night, so I sighed deeply and helped him down to the car...and drove over to the hospital mere blocks away  (actually it's 4 blocks away). Got him in, and the nurse who came in recognized me right away. Of course, I'm well known there. I was the bride with kidney stones 5 years ago come August. I was the mom who slashed her finger and needed to make sure she didn't lose her finger (nope, just a deep cut). And I was the mom who had to give permission over the phone for them to x-ray Ashley two years ago when she slammed head-on with a van...and the mom who remained calm during the whole ordeal. So, I've become well-known there.

Just turned out Josh has a sprained ankle and they fitted him for crutches. So, now he's "crutching" around...

And I came home from the hospital and told my husband under no circumstances is he allowed to be next for any medical attention. I've had it. I'm tired of it. I'm DONE!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Been raining all day....and it's actually kind of relaxing in a way. I mean, I do love rainstorms. I love this kind of nature. I used to live in Oregon where it rained all the time.

I went over to the pool & hot tub after work today. I was hoping to get a swim in, but there was too many people....some were taking...snorkeling (????) lessons, and then the other side had several swimmers so it was kinda full.

So, I settled for the hot tub. It's a big one, and really nice. I'd say about 10 feet long and 5 feet wide. With some kind of a wall in the middle where it's like a waterfall going over the sides. And if you went around that side, it's actually more seating with more jets.  There was a guy in there, but he left shortly after I got in...(boy, do I look that bad in my suit??).

I got home, and my son is trying to figure out his science project. So I did some searching and found something he might like.  Prayerfully the teacher approves.

So now, I'm just settling in, relaxing and happy with where I'm at for the moment.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

What's it like to be deaf?

Got this off from a friend's Facebook notes....sharing with you, while the poem itself is being reposted and circulated through Facebook. I have to agree with my friends that the poem clearly explains it all. 

"What is it like to be deaf?"
People have asked me.
Deaf? Oh, hmm... how do I explain that?
Simple: I can't hear.

No, wait... it is much more than that.
It is similar to a goldfish in a bowl,
Always observing things going on.
People talking at all times.
It is like a man on his own island
Among foreigners.

Isolation is no stranger to me.
Relatives say hi and bye
But I sit for 5 hours among them
Taking great pleasure at amusing babies
Or being amused by TV.
Reading books, resting, helping out with food.

Natural curiosity perks up
Upon seeing great laughter, crying, anger.
Inquiring only to meet with a "Never mind" or
"Oh, it's not important".
Getting a summarized statement
Of the whole day.

I'm supposed to smile to show my happiness.
Little do they know how truly miserable I am.
People are in control of language usage,
I am at loss and really uncomfortable!

Always feeling like an outsider
Among the hearing people,
Even though it was not their intention.

Always assuming that I am part of them
By my physical presence, not understanding
The importance of communication.

Facing the choice between Deaf Event weekend
or a family reunion.
Facing the choice between the family commitment
And Deaf friends.
I must make the choices constantly,
Any wonder why I choose Deaf friends???

I get such great pleasure at the Deaf clubs,
Before I realize it, it is already 2:00 am,
Whereas I anxiously look at the clock
Every few minutes at the Family Reunion.

With Deaf people, I feel so normal,
Our communication flows back and forth.
Catch up with little trivals, our daily life,
Our frustration in the bigger world,
Seeking the mutual understanding,
Contented smiles and laughter are musical.
So magical to me,
So attuned to each other's feelings.

True happiness is so important.
I feel more at home with Deaf people
Of various color, religion, short or tall.
Than I do among my own hearing relatives.
And you wonder why?
Our language is common.
We understand each other.

Being at loss of control
Of the environment that is communication,
People panic and retreat to avoid
Deaf people like the plague.

But Deaf people are still human beings
With dreams, desires, and needs
To belong, just like everyone else.

(Author Unknown)

Friday, May 7, 2010

been so lonnnng...

since I blogged. Forgive me, my dear readers.

Since we are nearing the end of the school year, things seem to have gotten more...hectic, schedule-wise. Busier than usual and trying to find some down time for myself.

Anyway, since getting back from NC, I found myself pining for the mountains and I really truly did enjoy my time down there. I miss my new friends already.  We keep in touch through Facebook...and sometimes I see a new picture and I start pining for the hills.

4 more weeks until the kids are done with school. Yowza.

And I've pretty much run out of something to blog about. 

Oh hey, some great news and some not-so-great-news....the great news is my baby sister is pregnant with baby #3!  I can't wait! I'm so excited for her.

Bad news? Basically found out something very disturbing regarding my biological dad. It's just too bad some people don't change for the better. Talk about very empty promises.

Well, the weekend's here and I'm thrilled. A chance to catch my breath, and just relax. 

Now if only I knew where my dahling daughter is....

Monday, April 26, 2010

In Tennessee now...

To be honest, I know being the President of the USA is a very tough job. And lonely. And while I appreciate you wanting to take a break from your daily routine, to come out and play in can be a little bit difficult to put my life on hold just so a large area of the state has to be cordoned off for your arrival.  Thankfully I was able to find another way to get into North Carolina for a retreat. No problem. Just that, I didn't want to wait in the traffic for hours.

And, I should have read the papers that you were staying the weekend to chill out. Oh, I'm sure it was a much needed break, to have the opportunity to play golf, and just relax. It must be really nice. I can totally understand. Being a full time working mom/wife requires me to take the occasional "let's run away for a while" moments whenever I can.

As my husband and I arrived in Caryville, TN (north of Knoxville)....we realized that when we left Ridgecrest, we had to go EAST for a bit because of the traffic snarl, we did that...and thank goodness for my 2003 atlas...we were able to figure out a better way to get around Asheville so that we could get going. We went East (when we needed to go West), then North, then South-West for a bit...FINALLY, West...then North. Oh lovely. And such another fun rollercoaster drive. Wow.  Betty (car) did a great job, but I think she was gettin' tired of the rollercoaster drive. It took us about 2 hours to leave the Asheville area...another couple hours to get to Knoxville, then another hour or so to get up North as much as possible, until the headache in my right eyeball pounded away and my stomach growled.

Got a room at Super 8 motel....very nice, very clean. And got a great view of the hills outside my window, very charming itty Waffle House was interesting...not a lot to choose from. (I think when we leave, we'll swing by McD's for breakfast and eat on the road...they have MORE to choose from).

I was able to use the free wi-fi here, so I went into to check out WHY the traffic was gnarly as I left Ridgecrest....OH!  The PRESIDENT was leaving for DC.  Oh! I didn't realize he was staying the weekend. Not many people knew that...or they did but not make much of a fuss.

What I found out was very interesting and I still have my thoughts but I still show respect because running a country big as ours, the great U.S. of America is a huge responsibility.  President did visit the famous Rev. Billy Graham at HIS house in the mountains. WOW! That's a wonderful opportunity. I would have loved to be the fly on the wall there, to see their conversation. Unfortunately, I guess, I'll have to read the news about that.  Praying for each other, then Billy Graham gave Obama and his wife a bible (each)... 

Then the President left for home...

At least we're in a place where we are safely away from all that traffic snarl, and oh yeah, great news, part of the I-40 that was closed off due to rock slides since October opened up in the evening. I'm sure many people are thrilled.  Weird, even that section of I-40 that was closed off didn't show up on Google Map. Interesting.

So I learned a lot. My Husband is a great navigator, but we do need to get a newer edition of the atlas. 2003 is very outdated. I'm sure some roads have been re-named or the routes have changed numbers or whatever. But the drive itself was just gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. I told my husband I'd love to live in the mountains when I retire...(maybe!).

Okay, time to wake up the husband, get dressed, throw our gear into the car and start climbing our way up to Michigan.  According to Google, I have 7 hours 22 minutes (that's without any stops) I plan to just focus on driving straight on with the gas stop/pit stop/lunch stop and try to make it in 7 hours and oh...35 minutes?!  Pray for us as we travel home....

Friday, April 23, 2010

Somewhere in Kentucky...

My husband and I left home around 4:45 pm, and we're driving down to Ridgecrest, NC for a retreat. We did stop in Findlay, OH for a quick bite, and I did good with what I ate.  Then...we tarried on...turning the wheel over to my husband to finish driving through ...Ohio. Until we got close to Cincinnati, we switched. Good thing too, as heavy traffic isn't my husband's strong suit. And besides, I enjoy driving myself. So, I let him enjoy the night lights and sights of Cincy...which was the best decision I've made. Until we crossed over into KY. Yahoo!
Drove another hour or so, and we are now north of Lexington. Not bad in one day's drive...or nearly 5 hours of driving. And get this....Betty still has some gas left. Well, a quarter left. So I'm very impressed with her. She handled herself very well.

We'll tarry on onto Ridgecrest. So far, it's been smooth sailing.

And Uncle Dave is with the kids this weekend.  Yeah.

I'm just glad it all worked out, and I know the kids are having a blast with him.

And it's nice to leave w/o worrying about the kids. Uncle Dave is someone who would give up his life for my kids. And he's got the biggest heart (bigger than the universe) so he's a huge blessing.

Well, I know I'm up early but it's purely out of habit. I might fill up the tub and read something for a bit until I wake up my husband, grab the free breakfast in the lobby and jump back on the road. Of course, we'll give Betty some breakfast too....the prices aren't very far off different that the prices in Michigan...maybe by 10 cents. But some of my Michigan friends will say, still cheaper!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh Boy!

Okay, I've lost track...and I'm ridiculously way behind on my goal of spring cleaning, getting ready for my North Carolina trip and getting TomTom fixed. Yeah, my GPS.  I really need to hunker down tonight and call tech support to help me fix TomTom. *pffft*

Been doing pretty good with my wellness plan. Cutting out on sugar and resisting Coke....oh yeah, that is hard.

And yesterday someone brought in carrot cake. 

So wait a minute, carrot is a vegetable. They made it into a cake. Is it bad to eat something that is a vegetable? I debated a long time, thinking about the ingredients. I mean, the frosting is cream cheese, so that's a dairy product. Milk is good for you, right? And there's lots of carrots. So how bad can it be to eat that? Hm?

Eh, no matter. I resisted. *gasp*

So I might be out of touch for a couple days, so that I can catch up on what I'm behind on...and go from there.

Now I just need to make coffee and get dressed for work. Yeah.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 4 and 5

Well, got home yesterday and didn't do anything. I had a sick husband and 3 rowdy boys (well behaved, but I call 'em rowdy due to their energetic mood), so for dinner to feed the boys, what was left of my fish sticks and tater tots. 

Except the 3rd boy hates fish sticks. He was happy to eat just tater tots.

Mopped the kitchen corner so that I can start more of my spring should be interesting how it turns out.

So my goal for today is to finish up some cleaning, prepare one dresser (the very long bedroom one) for moving to a friend's house...I sold her my bedroom furniture over a year ago, and the dresser was only thing not yet moved due to no truck (and no van!). But we figured if we tuck the dresser into the back of Betty (car), we should be able to carefully haul it to her apt.  Yeah.

First I gotta get stuff out of the trunk of Betty. Oh, joy, more work.

Alright, gotta get going. Will give an update if I ever get around to it.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 3 of "spring cleaning" project...

That didn't happen. *sigh*

Just a quick note...I haven't had a chance to clean last night. Oh, of course, I swept up the stuff my husband swept into a corner (and never bothered to use the dust pan and throw it away)...and did some dishes by hand. I went to a Life Group with my sister last night, and got home, was too tired to do anything else.

So that was the extent of my spring cleaning for day 3.  I do hope to accomplish some tonight and tomorrow will be my major all day clean-out/clean-sweep day. me!

Have a happy Friday....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Clean Day 2

After work today, I picked up a cake and a dinner from a couple people, and delivered to a family that just had a baby.

And in these people's place, I got to hold the newest baby. Ohhhh so precious!  *squeeeee!*

Came home with a new plan in my mind, and rearranging stuff. Fought with the vaccuum cleaner and I won. My husband didn't know how to make it work...pffft.  The one that actually works has 2 switches so BOTH must be on in order to work! 

And oh yeah, I made him clean up the book case. Too many books, he has.

Eventually I'm gonna have to climb up on the kitchen counter and dust off that ceiling fan. And give the floor a good mopping before I move a table into there.

So, yeah...would like to blog more but I'm so tired.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Clean Day 1

Well, today, I attempted to do some spring cleaning.

I left work early for an appointment, and got home in time...with lots of time to kill...

So...I started clearing out that big desk in the kitchen, and dismantled the computer in there.  My husband and I dragged the desk out to the dining room where I felt would work best for us, for everyone. Realized 2 computers can't fit on that w/o bumping into each other's chairs.

So I developed a new idea. Ehhh...will work on that tomorrow.  At least I got rid of 2 chairs ... gave them away to my fun neighbor next door...she can either turn them into outdoor patio chairs by replacing the cushions and getting outdoor kind or just put them somewhere in the house and enjoy the suede cushions. And while helping lug those down to her place, we talked about doing a yard sale in the backyard. Definitely!

So we're aiming for May. I think I'm going to borrow the idea from a church group, their "Make an Offer" kind of deal for the stuff we're getting rid of...just so we can de-clutter our homes.

Now, the kitchen's half empty. I have a piece of furniture in there that needs to be delivered to a friend...and start getting that kitchen more organized.

Okay, I just realized I'm not doing a very good job keeping up with today's posting. I have ... 8 more days before Uncle Dave comes to stay with my kids...and I want the place to be at least decent!

And, really, I'm long overdue for this kind of clean-sweep.

Stay tuned for Day 2...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter 2010!

We all know the real meaning of Easter, but it's okay to have some fun as well. Enjoy them, have a wonderful weekend and a Wonderful Easter!  With love from the Galofre Gang!

(thanks to Hollie for sending me these pictures she got from someone!~)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm a Big Happy Loser....

Okay, I decided and I'm very determined....

To stick to a plan I've just came up with today.

In fact, I emailed a friend asking if we should work together on our goals... lose weight.

She says: "I"m sick, sick, sick of my gut, gut, gut!" 

So am I. I hate how I look in my pictures. The double chins...ech.  And ...I don't like looking like I have a beer belly. Ewww (and no I don't drink beer).

SO....I've set up a spreadsheet, using an example from a group at work who has their own wellness weight loss support group thingy...and thought, oh that's easy.

We do not have to tell each other how much we weigh but can encourage each other to reach our goals. We only would (and could but optional) say, Oh I'd love to lose 30-50 lbs. but if I can lose more than that, it'd be so cool to get back to my pre-20's weight. Oh yeah, baby. Each week we would just post how many pounds were lost, and tally it all together...and discuss what to do with all those pounds....


After birthing 3 kids, it is nearly impossible unless you're a celebrity or a very rich famous person (or just have lots of money) who can do tummy tucks and such....gravity has not been kind to me.

So I've formed a group...invited some of my dear friends....they may join or not matter to me...and this group is called, the Big Happy Losers.

Yeah.  Has a positive ring to it, eh?

Made a deal with a sister to swim in her pool (once it opens up...probably sometime after Memorial Day...I didn't ask...but no rush there...not looking forward to putting on my swimsuit just yet....) and in return give her and her husband a couple hours to run away while I play with their spawns kids.  Swimming in her pool almost every day (by sneaking into their backyards so the monkeys won't see me), swim laps until I feel satisfied. And of course throw in some sun-bathing too.

So, my goal is to start...after Easter. The Monday after Easter.

Ready or not, here I go.  

Friday, March 26, 2010

Life as a mom...

It's a never-ending job. It has its ups and downs. It can be scary and joyful at times.

Man...and kids don't come with instructions.

I do appreciate being a mom. I remember one guy I dated in college telling me that someday I'd make a great mom.  And that had stuck with me through the years ahead...

The past couple days my daughter, being 14, has been talking more and more with me. I find it so wonderful and so touching she'd take the time out to just hang out with her mom.  Talk about general things, life as we know it, school, boys, friends, and she doesn't believe in Evolution.

Then excitedly tells me about the song she loves by Third Day, Cry Out to Jesus. I've heard it and it's really a good song. She is going to their Winter Jam tonight...7 bands are playing. She's joining her youth group so I'm very pleased to hear she is looking forward to that.

I worked half a day today....and now I'm just waiting for the time to pick her up and her friend from school, bring 'em home to drop school bags off, and then hurry them over to their church so they can leave for the concert.  I'm little envious...I'd love to go with them.

Well, I guess that would leave me home alone husband goes to a meeting, my son might go to a friend's house, and Ashley won't be home til late tonight.

Ah...catch up on chores?  Nah.  I'll just take it easy and make a date with myself to do whatever I want. Yeah.

And the sun's out. 

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Twenty years or so ago...

When I was like 21 years old, I had met my kids' father's friends...and one being a real gentleman. Of course we all were partying know, the type that would drink alcohol, and smoke cigs or pot.

Anyway, I do remember many of the friends and some have been mine as well, but we had fallen out of touch because maybe we moved away or they moved away and I no longer went to deaf social events in the Detroit area.  It didn't appeal too much to me, when I became a mom. I remember one deaf man who complimented the change in me, "You have 'mother eyes' now..." meaning the person I became was no longer who they knew. I changed to become a mother, and to be the best mother I could be. And start straightening my life out.

Fast forward to 20 years later (around 20 years later), a deaf couple visited our church today. The wife has cancer and was not doing well. She was feeling well enough to come to church. Even though she has to tote around her pain-killer machine and click for a dose nearly every half control the pain. Her husband was very caring and watching over her frequently.

In Sunday School, the lesson was so interesting for the husband, that a few times I'd let him know his wife's cup was ready to slip out of her hands (she had been nodding off frequently due to the meds) or about to fall out the side of her chair. 

There was a fundraiser spaghetti dinner so we all hung for that after SS. While conversing with the wife, she asked me if I knew this person or that (a very long list, and maybe 3 out of 20, I do know)...finally I asked if they knew the kids' father and his family.  The husband said yes! And told me he remembers visiting me at an apartment I lived in (the house in apartment upstairs, living over a guy who had rottweilers)...I looked at him and he said, think of me really skinny! I finally remembered him!!! Talk about small world.

We proceeded to talk a while, then I asked the husband how HE is doing, taking care of his wife, and how can we help him, how can I help him?  He wanted to focus on his wife, and I told him I understood that very clearly. I understand her fears and not wanting to die, which is perfectly normal. How can we help them?  So that is something to think about.

Later he and wife let me share little bit, sharing that I have experience with caring for people with cancer, so I know exactly what they're going through. So if they ever need to talk, or want me cook a meal or whatever, just let me know. I know where they live, and I'd be more than happy to come by or whatever.

I do pray for them, because I know it is hard for the husband to handle all that. Very stressful. Believe me, I know what he's feeling.  I was so happy for the wife and she was so thrilled to have met me, finally knowing who I really am...and getting reacquainted.  The best part was getting hugged, and being thanked for finally getting to meet me in person. surely was a good day.  The wife first had lung cancer, got treated for that, and it cleared. Then she developed a brain tumor, and treated with radiation, that was treated. Now, she has a tumor on her spine. If they operate, too risky, a high risk of becoming paralyzed. What did she want to do? She chose no surgery. She will continue to fight it off.

Now she leaves it in God's hands, however, the human part of her would like to live longer to see her children marry and possibly have children. But, it is up to God.  I'd love for her to be able to see her children marry. She is only 3 years older than me.  I do admire her determination. And her strong spirit.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday the 18th

Well, I just got home from taking my son in for his eye appt. Turns out he does need glasses. After all, he has his daddy's eyes.

His daddy is blind as a bat without glasses. Josh has been diagnosed with being near-sighted (I learned just now, it means you can't see far), and would need glasses in that's a relief.

At the same time, I ordered prescription sunglasses. I realized how much the sun hurts my eyes, but can't wear regular sun-glasses nor can I get clip-ons for these new glasses that I have now.


Lately I've been feeling little...oh...sad, maybe? I don't know. I've been going through so many crazy emotions the past few days, to the point I just need to be left alone. Like, not wanting to deal with people or talk to people...other than my own immediate family members.  I guess the past couple weeks just kind of threw me off, and my hormones off whack?  Do I blame it on the time change? What?

So this week, I decided I was going to be in a great mood, no matter what the weather or how other people are behaving. I was going to make them laugh, if I have to tell bad jokes. If I have to go out of my way to amuse people and can still feel good about it, so be it.

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day. The library decided to have a potluck. We brought dishes in to share, anything green as possible (nothing moldy, please!) and dress up in green. Whoever has the most green gets to go first in line.

Well, I kind of figured someone else would be more greener than me.  Well, I had green scrub pants on, I had bought a St. Patrick's Day tshirt that was on sale at Walmarts. I had green nail polish, green striped socks, green dangling earrings I got from Josh, green eye make up, and....oh wait for hair spray!

So, having fun, I made my orzo salad (orzo, feta cheese, spinach, pine nuts and bit of garlic), dying the orzo with green food dye. I was little worried the green dye would hurt the feta cheese but no, I rinsed it well, and thankful the orzo stayed green.

Then I doled out in my finest greenery get-up and arrived at work.  I thought there'd be a face-off or something with someone else, but I won, hands-down. If not for the green hair spray, I might be tied with another person. I was little extreme, I guess.

Oh I love our office parties!

Well, the weather's been lovely lately, and I just want Spring to be here FULL BLOOM, and for summer to roll in. I want to start sitting outside, and just enjoying the outdoors. And I want to get rid of the moody blues...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Is it true?

Is it true? Really?  I mean...the snow's gone. The sun came out. And it warmed up to the low 60's. Really?


I'm so thrilled. The past few days I fought a war with migraines and other types of headaches, and slept a lot ...usually when I step in the door after gettin' home from work...I'm gone to bed!

Last night, after the sinus meds, and regular meds failed, I gave in and took my prescribed migraine pill, and this morning, I woke up feeling really good.

I'll take one pill with me to work "just in case" it creeps back in the afternoon.

Nope. It stayed away. Thank you! 

Now, in place of headaches, I have to deal with a lot of achy joints. My legs, arms, wrists, shoulders and even my fingers are achy. Ehhh...I just took some Tylenol for that. Waiting for it to kick in.

Since the day is so gorgeous, I came home and asked my husband, "Why aren't you outside?"  He was supposed to clean up a corner of the deck outside in the back for the landlord. He plans to install a bike rack (NICE!) so my kids and my neighbor's kids can park their bike there. Clean it up a bit. We're getting a new tenant downstairs (below Ashley's room)....I'll have to meet her, and kind of get a feel of what her schedule's like.  I know she is a waitress and work nights. So if she sleeps late, I'd like to get an idea how late she sleeps, and set up a new ....courtesy rule...for my kids. No running down the stairs, no screaming, or stomping around or whatever.

So, I'm glad my landlord found a new tenant. I hope the tenant is nice...and we can become friendly. I know I am with my townhouse neighbor.

Well, both kids are out...and enjoying the weather....please do enjoy it while you can! 

Spring is coming. Summer soon to follow. I look forward to days of swimming, camping and doing outdoor stuff.  Is this the year I will be more physical and active? 

We'll see.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What a whacky week and a weird Wednesday to boot!

My, my.

I don't know what it is about this week. And we had a full moon LAST week. 

Wait, I guess it's safe to say, "What a whacky couple of weeks...." *shakes head*

I kind of lost track of the when's when something...(weird....when...what a weird english word to say...when...) weird or scary or irky happens.

I nearly got blindsided by a driver who never looked over her shoulder or checked to see if it was clear 'n safe for her to change lanes.  I had to swerve into another lane to avoid being hit, and thanking God that the driver in the next lane was far back enough and slowed down enough to let me quickly get into her lane. Now, if I could just convey my thoughts and feelings to the crazy driver through Betty's horn...

Wait, that happened on Monday. Ah.

Yesterday I misunderstood the Great Bobini as he came through my office with a huge rolling bin...(cart, whatever)....thinking he was there to pick up recycled books or schedule books or whatever. It was still morning. When he said, "No, I'm here to DELIVER..." I thought, DUH!  But again, I have to be little bit more patient with his signing. He isn't full ASL but again, I wasn't fully awake. When I realized my misunderstanding, I told everyone to hold on a second, and drank some more coca-cola....for the caffeine boost.

Last night I took a nice long hot shower.  This morning after I've arrived at work, I was wondering why my hair felt so .... icky.  Then I realized ... I didn't shampoo but I conditioned. Ahhh. No wonder my hair was all...icky. Brought back memories of being a 15 year old girl with bad case of acne and oily hair (oh yeah, those awkward days).

Oh yeah....I tried to use an ATM today at the student center. The ATM just shut off its lights, and "Temporarily out of service" blinked across the screen. Luckily my card was only 3/4th of the way in the slot thing. I was able to pull it out safely....and just stared at that thing. I've used it many times, without any problems. But why did it shut down on me. So I went ahead to use my card for my lunch purchase. As I sat down in the center, observing the people around me and not really reading my book, enjoying my salad...I saw people using the person has the same bank card as mine...and he had NO PROBLEM getting his money out.


After I ate, I tried again. It shut down on me again.

"Temporarily out of service..."

Oh man.  So....yeah, can you see where I'm going with this? Yeah? Good.

Got back to my desk, and shared this with a couple people. I'm very glad I could make them laugh.  Later, I went to the library's ATM (same bank company) and my card WORKED!

And my co-workers thought that was so hilarious. Yeah yeah....laugh all you want.

So, now, I've had a lovely long hot bath, and I SHAMPOO'ed  my hair....I made sure it wasn't the conditioner.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Finally Friday

I really want to break out into my sandals...wriggle my bare toes...and just let my feet....breathe.

Spring is coming. I can feel it. It has that feeling ...I checked to see that it'll be a bit warmer this weekend, more sunshine (I just love it!)....

I am enjoying driving into the sun's rising in the mornings lately...except for a few moments of being completely blinded until I can safely turn into the street towards work.

Ah.  Spring.  Oh how much we missed thee.

This also brings an opportunity to do some spring cleaning.  I realized dust has gathered together on the ceiling fan that has not been used since late September last year.  So I will be adventurous and climb up on the kitchen counter, and holding my breath, clean off those fan blades. 

Shake out those rugs, and sweep the floors...spit and polish what needs spittin' and polishin'....if it's really nice tomorrow, open a window or two...just for little bit of fresh air.

Or...I could just grab a book, and just relax 'n read. 

Friday, February 26, 2010

How to get rid of kids for the weekend....

I got rid of both kids for the weekend. One kid went to hang out with his uncle's girlfriend's son who is the same age, and only lives about 30 miles from here. They try every way they can to get together...whenever possible. And it was worth driving in this horrible weather to meet halfway to drop him off.

Then, after posting a wish how to get rid of the other kid on Facebook, my daughter comes in to let me know her friend's dad is picking her up to stay the night with her friend, and be involved with the school band lock-down tomorrow. What, did he read my mind or something?

Sweet!  I can sleep in tomorrow! Yesss....

So, I think, in order to get rid of your kid(s) for a couple days, you probably just need to do lots of wishing.

And it helps when the kids' friends are begging: "Mom? Can so and so spend the night with me?"

It's really cool. Try it. It works.

If not, don't shoot me.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Another IRK'ed moment...

I was really irked today.


Well, I got to work just fine. Little tired, and gravity was really hard on me physically. After being laid up for 2 days, 3 nights...being sick to my stomach...well, of course, you'd be worn out. And off balance.

Got to work just fine. Pulled up to the back door of the library (loading dock, really, for deliveries, mail, etc)...and had him go park. (Then at lunch I had him pick me up there so we could go somewhere for lunch, etc. And again, after work, meet me back there so I could have him meet up with a DC team member to go to rehearsals tonight).

This morning really, really, really, really, I mean, really irked me!

We were minding our own business..doing our daily routine of starting out what we do every was oh say about 8 a.m. ( I start work at 7:30) the PA system went off, telling us to not take the elevators, and leave by the nearest exits.

*sigh*....why aren't the fire alarm flashers not going off? I was quite concerned thinking my husband wouldn't know what was going on if someone tapped on his shoulder, and made him get off the computer in the computing lab.

If the flashers were working, all they'd have to do is point at the flashers, and he would get it. 

So, with someone's permission I quickly checked the lab, and he wasn't there. Was thinkin' he's somewhere else.  So I had to leave by the nearest exit....

Another department were leaving the same way, and know what, they whined and complained about the snow that would not be cleared away from the exit doors, etc. It will ruin their shoes. They didn't bring their boots. Boo hoo. Sorry ladies, but I think your safety comes first, not your shoes. They're replaceable. Not you. I didn't care and just plowed right through....

Man was it loud outside. PA system ALL. OVER. THE. CAMPUS! "DO NOT TAKE THE ELEVATOR! TAKE THE NEAREST EXIT" etc...very echo-y too.Yes sirree.

As we waited a bit, a student runs out with his laptop, points at it, a group rolls their eyes and we all march back in.

Turns out that there is a malfunction in the PA system.

It went on for quite a while. After I did some UPS work, as I walked back to my office, I asked someone if someone shot the PA System and put it out of its misery.  

Oh so, I was not the only one irked by this. Everyone was irked. Very. Irked.

So, to make me feel better, I went in with my husband to Sam's to get membership, and decided to poke around a bit before we met up with his ride for Flint tonight...we got a Tom Tom GPS. How cool!

So after husband jumped in with his co-hort to Flint, I got to use TomTom for the first time. That was really cool! We had been wanting one since we would be doing quite a bit of traveling this year...2 out of state trips that we know of, and lots of in-state long distance trips such as camping, etc.

Well, Friday is here, and my irkiness has started to fade away...and I'm alone, with my son somewhere in the house...and ... it's just so nice to ...chill out.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Storm 2010

Well, we have a storm at full force right now.

And my family's sick.

Well, since Saturday night, Josh had been sick. All day Sunday was his bad day. Missed 2 days of school.

Today...Ashley was sick. Stomach hurts.  Husband is sick too. He looks awful.

And today, I haven't been feeling good myself, and since I'm pretty good at predicting when it will hit me hard, I put in for tomorrow off. If each day after the day before is harder for me to think, then the next day will be the real deal of camping out in the bathroom with the stomach bug.

And I get an email alert from the schools here that they will be closed tomorrow.

Why? We're having a snowstorm.

Major.  No wonder it was such a fun slippery drive home.

Now we're all snug as bugs and no worries about lack of food (freezer is still crammed full, fridge is full of everything)...and I can just focus on fighting this bug off....

Be safe out there, if there's a storm in your area....or  heading your way....

*thanks to Clark Cothern for this fun picture...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Random Thursday Thoughts...

  • Why does my son put off doing his homework? 
  • Why is the TV not working?
  • Is that rear tire on Betty (car) getting little worn out? Will she need a new one? How can that be?
  • I need to get Betty washed. She's gettin' awfully snow-dirty. 
  • I really think it's unfair that certain people do not pay overdue fines...just because they're faculty. But students and staff gets billed for overdues. Sheesh.
  • I need to try the Kaboom bathroom spray to see if it works.
  • Need to hang up curtains in Ashley's room.
  • Wishing I can order a new swimsuit. But I'm afraid to order one, try it on to find out it doesn't fit or look good on me. 
  • I'm really happy one of my friends got a job...I'm so thrilled for him!
  • Also told my son tonight, "I do NOT want to call Jo from SuperNanny to come and scold you into doing your homework. She will scold you into listening to your mommy. And that would NOT make YOU look good!"
  • The National Anthem will be sung in ASL for the Superbowl Sunday game! Can't wait!
  • So glad Wii is fixed.
  • So glad to have my dining table back.
  • What is the difference between "6 more weeks of Winter and 6 weeks until spring?" me it means almost the same thing...unless I'm missing the point somewhere here.
  • Boy, that tall glass of chocolate milk was awfully good. 
  • Special K cereal is on sale for $1.88 at CVS. What a deal!
  • Need to stop staying up so late every night.
  • Oh, don't forget, tomorrow you'll be getting yourself re-certified in CPR training. Ah, how I love to learn how to save lives!
The list could be lots longer than that. I'm sure many of you have that as well.

Yet, keeping my mind occupied is a good thing, yeah?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I blame the full moon...

that we had over the weekend.

Man, I had a lot going on the past few days.

We need to get our TV repaired. I finally located our yellow pages book (it's brand new too!) and looked up for a TV repair man to come and see why our TV isn't behaving.  The TV was working fine last Friday night...laaaaaaaaate Friday night. Saturday morning, my son turned the TV on, and it was black. We could hear the programs...but nothing.

I blame the full moon.

I can say one thing...I'm very tired of the cold weather. I love the beauty of winter, but to deal with chilled bones and achy joints...that I do not like. I am desperately seeking a hot tub/jacuzzi. Seriously!

I blame the full moon.

Several of my friends have been having bad/strange/weird/something moments. I blame it on the full moon we had over the weekend.  What triggered people to become crabby? Or, why did appliances not cooperate, but act up? For example, someone said it must be spring if her house got flooded by her washing machine (it goes into a work sink, and THAT somehow overflowed)...another friend's stove/oven just...quit. Gave up its ghost.  She will convince her husband to switch over to gas.  "Electric seems to take longer to heat up and stuff. I miss having gas..."  and oh yeah, another friend's Vibe is part of the recall...sticky gas pedals. *sigh*

Again, it's the moon's fault.

And for my sister's 33th birthday tomorrow, Feb. 3rd, she is have 3 of her wisdom teeth pulled out. Eeeyouch!   Poor thing. Good thing she's on staycation this week. (psst...happy birthday, baby sister!)

How unfortunate to spend your birthday having teeth yanked out of your heads. I will definitely be praying for you, sis!  Maybe it'll go real smooth like mine was last week!

Can't blame the moon for that one.

My husband was hounded  by phone calls by a Ford dealership nearby that he won a prize. Now, I'm trying to figure did they get his name, and our Videophone number? He called them back, what is it? But we have to go in person. It'd be a shock if we won a car, but I'm sure it'd be something like...a foam finger or something.

Must've been the full moon that gave Ford our number.

It's late and the moon's not full. So, let's see what tomorrow brings.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday surprise...

Well, I went to the dentist thinkin'...."I'm just gettin' my teeth cleaned today. Maybe they can tell me why my jaw/teeth hurts a lot. The new crown? We'll see...."

So I'm called in, and sit in the chair. The assistant asks me questions. I told her how annoyed I was with my doctor convincing me the pain I have in my jaw is related to allergies and sinuses, but after 4 months of dealing with it, and drugging myself with ibuprofen nearly every's gotta be the crown. 

So she x-rays my right side.

The dentist comes in, and says something to me. I ask her to move her mask down so I can lip-read, please. She tells me I have a bad back tooth.

My eyes widened ... "you mean the wisdom tooth? so I need to set up a time to get that yanked out?"

She nods...but maybe I misunderstood her.

I get my special bib on and I'm laid back.  The dentist swabs my gum...I'm little puzzled...but with stuff in my mouth I can't say anything.

Then I see the needle!  *gulp* So, I'm shot up.

Out came the pliers.

Yanks it out.

Stuffs a gauze in there. I was so surprised..."that's it?" I mumbled. Sounding like a cowboy with mouth stuffed full of chewing tobacco.

Yup. She slowly sits me up...asking if I'm dizzy or feeling sick. I'm nodding fact, I was telling her how great I feel, and ...well, I'm sure I'll feel lots better. I asked lots of questions like, can the wisdom tooth be responsible for my discomfort? and why would my doctor even think I was having allergies & sinus problems all this time? Yes the wisdom tooth was responsible for my discomfort all this time.

Drivin' home, still sounding like a chewin' tobacco cowboy saying prayers for a friend's mom, I gassed up and then went on home, blasting my radio, trying to sing but not with the gauze in my mouth.

Oh, my right nostril was numb. Felt weird trying to breath through that nostril. Oh well. Got me thinking...can eyeballs go numb? Has anyone ever experienced that?

It is 9 hours later since my tooth was yanked out of my head, and I'm still feeling great. No pain...and I am just thrilled that the annoying ache/pain I've had for months is...gone.

My daughter said it best: "Mom, since you were not expecting to have your tooth pulled, that is probably why it was easy to recover fast from it. If you knew you would have it pulled for a while, then it would be more painful."

Huh.  That makes perfect sense.  Now, I just have to set up an appointment for teeth-cleaning ... no more teeth yanking, please.

And, two friends warned me not to drink through a straw. Well, I don't have straws at home, so I was drinking water out of a bottle just fine, and had some pop and some milk. Still no problem.

I know I have been truly blessed today. And, I love my dentist. I do thank her from the bottom of my heart for helping the pain go away. Now, I just have to stop being a chicken every time I go to the dentist's.  

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Talk about crazy weather...and crazy week.

The craziness started out with me not getting any sleep last Sunday night, then Monday night I wasn't feeling good, went to work half day on Tuesday but went home to sleep the afternoon off.

Got my strength back to tackle a couple birthday events at the end of the week.

Oh, we had fun, of course. And I baked a very delicious cake...which is a rare thing for ME to say, as I'm not a cake person but...will eat if must.

Opa turned 73, and he truly enjoyed himself. He loved the attention we gave him, and the kids were just having a blast.

Later, I helped my sister with cupcakes to decorate for my niece & nephew's birthday party for the next the Hands-On Museum ...yes, they are sister and brother, born about 4 years apart, but their birthdays are 6 days apart.  So Katelin is 7 now, and Jordan just turned 3. Wow.

We went to the Hands On Museum which was fun, and I have to admit, more fun than any other hands-on museums I've been to. It was loud and rowdy and oh yeah, the chair I tried to sit in slipped out from behind me...(my those floors sure was slippery)....I fell on the floor.  All the kids were sweet and asked if I was okay. I just looked at them, "Oh, I was just practicing how to look stupid falling out of my chair. How did I do?"   All laughed. Phew. 

Today being Sunday, my husband and son went to their friend's house to watch some football and I'm left behind. Which is fine.

It's been such a wet, rainy day, and I'm just happy to find some ibrofren that actually works on me. I feel the moment. Had my coca-cola.  And I'm just relaxin'.

Only bummer thing to happen today is our big screen tv isn't working. We can hear the shows, but we have a complete black screen. We will be calling customer service to find out why it's happening.  It's brand new too...oh well. At least we have another small TV we can use for the moment.

Anyhoo...I'd love to see some sunshine.  Please?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A houseful...

Well, it's not really a house full of people or anything.

I am up early on a Saturday...I suppose 8 a.m. is early some of you out there. But no matter. With a full day ahead of me....I woke up with a long list swirling around in my head.

Gotta do this, that, and there and this again....and such and take him/her/it/something somewhere/overthere/outtasight or whatnot.

I also need to STOP taking in furniture seeking a home. Since I was in desperate need for another dresser, my sister gave me her upright one. And, my time was so tight yesterday after work, my husband needed to go somewhere for a meeting with the car after I got home, I left it in my car, overnight.

So, in a couple hours or so, gotta wake up the sleeping bear, hike down to the car, and take the dresser out.

This afternoon is a fellowship time in Monroe, so I need to bake something for a "bake walk" (yes, cake walk kind of idea, but we decided on baking..baked raise funds....).  And also a dish to create for the fellowship potluck.


So, I guess I should get dressed or something, get myself out the I have paper cups for cupcakes? I do not. I really need to go grocery shopping....

What you guys doing on this fine Saturday?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday the 14th...

Yesterday was the 13th. Not that it matters or anything dad never showed up to pick up my son from school...thankfully my son was able to grab the bus before it left.  My phone/internet/cable was out (again)...drove home on gas fumes, had spaghettios, mashed potatoes and rice for dinner. How's that?

This morning, I was able to fill my car up with gas....a full tank!  When did they raise it to 2.79??? Ehh...better than over 3.00 a gallon or something. But no matter. I was just happy that today started out much better than yesterday.  My phone is (now) working. I need to contact the cable company to come out and take another look at the wires or whatever outside my building. My neighbor had given up and canceled the company and switched over to a phone company that provides internet service. No cable for her, but she's happier with a phone and internet that has fewer problems than our cable company.

As I went to my library's (workplace) cafe, the poor girl behind the counter was having a very bad morning. She knocked out all the coffee beans, and I just patiently stood there eating my cheese sticks while waiting for her. Probably took her 10 minutes to finally get it all together.

I said to her, be thankful it's not Thursday the Thirteenth.

Anyhoo...not a lot of exciting things going on at the moment, so really nothing much to report. The weather has gotten better, so the commute is a bit better.  I should be thankful for that.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wishes for Friday...

Many kids are wishing/praying/hoping/crossingtheirfingers for Snow Day tomorrow.

My morning commute was fact, it was so smooth, I wondered where everyone was. Where's the traffic, I asked.

And got to work on time ... again.

But, later, around 11:00 a.m., the snow started.

And it snowed...

Until I had to dig my car out. Why didn't I park in the parking structure? I just wasn't thinking.

And it took me 1 1/2 hour to get home...BUT...I enjoyed the scenery, though. Big fat wet snowflakes floating down....then it really did come down.  Of course we have the usual nervous drivers out there. But I kept my cool.

Not a whole lot exciting things going on right now.  My dad is in the process of "downsizing" his home so he can put it up for market and get himself moved out to Jackson. I did visit him yesterday and we talked a bit. Gave me a couple things and I was able to take away my baby blanket home.  It was sweet. It was little sad to see many things being put away/given away/packed up, etc.  But I'm proud of him for taking the next step in his life.  To prepare himself.

Okay, I got a boy singing in the tub...and he is also fervently praying for Snow Day tomorrow. Wouldn't that be a hoot?  Wake up in the morning and we'll see! 

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy 2010....

It is Sunday. I am up too early. Can't go back to sleep so might as well just catch up on emails and just poke around until I wake up two teenage girls for showers, and get every one up for church. I think I'll make a pot of coffee while I'm at it....

Looks like we are off to a good start.  Starting a new chapter in my life. Turning a page here....wondering what 2010 will bring.

Christmas was very quiet....which is what I like. Being with just my own family made it even more pleasant. And then finally taking the kids over to their grandma's....made it even more pleasant. And just having the time off from work made a big difference.

New Year's Eve was spent with some wonderful friends. I learned to play 9 Golf card game. Kind of funny and at times, I find it ...annoying but it was fun the same time. Then in the morning, I learned how to play Apples to Apples.  That was really great.   I think I'll get myself that'll be great when we have company over or something. I think my dad would enjoy the game too.

I did make my bacon wrapped water chestnuts...and yes my friend's husband fell in love with it. Very addictive. Also made my sister's "heart attack waiting to happen" dip. *grins*

Looking back over 2009, I can only say, I'm glad it's over, time to move on, move past it, and start fresh  for 2010. Again, I look forward to seeing what God has planned for me, for us, for everyone this year.

Happy New Year, you all.