Friday, October 22, 2010

How we met...

Friday, October 8, 2010

October's finally arrived

It's been a while, I know. Sorry about that, my dear readers. 

Been busy, been hectic, been tired, been happy, excited, been everything and life still goes on as always.

October has arrived already....and it's just hard to believe. I managed to catch up on a couple things that were pressing me for the past few months.  And I'm sure I made a couple people very happy in the process.  And oh yeah, I know God is pleased with me as well. 

School continues to go well for my kids. I am amazed how much my son loves middle school. I actually think it works best for him, and I look forward to how much he'll enjoy High School in 4 years.  Right now, he's still my little boy (although, he will beg to differ---he's almost caught up with me in height and he's only 10!). He likes his teachers, and how they give him positive encouragement, or positive discipline. Last year in elementary school was a really tough one for him. I am starting to realize, while I liked his teacher last year, it was difficult to see what she put my son through. Prayerfully we will never have another teacher like that again any time soon.  I had a horrible one in 1st grade (oh gosh, I hated her!), and after that, never had any problems.

My daughter is enjoying High School. And also being in the Marching Band.  Wow. She impresses me! I do pray she has a good experience in HS and that she continues to strive well in her classes.  And her friends---I love 'em all. I know some people might take a look at one or two of them, but you just have to meet them. My house is always full of kids, and I'm always feeding them-even when I am down to my barest cupboards, I still find something to feed 'em with. And, the kids know I have a safe place for them to come to. Boo-yah!

As for me, been busily helping support my husband being the SS teacher at church. I am starting to realize how much we've grown in our classroom, and it sure is getting snug in there.  Also been asked to think about leading a deaf women's SS class (to help with the crowding) so I have to really search my heart. I am flattered they asked me....I do enjoy teaching. It's a big commitment to make.

This weekend is the Appleumpkin festival in town. So, gearing up for madness at my front door.  I should really find my fall & halloween decorations. Today is the perfect day for it, as I'm off today. Woo! Was starting to feel a bit burned out.

So, sorry this isn't a funny, humorous post or a long-winded story or anything. Just letting you guys know I'm alive and still kickin'.  Will try to be little more touch than usual.

Have a wonderful weekend.