Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I blame the full moon...

that we had over the weekend.

Man, I had a lot going on the past few days.

We need to get our TV repaired. I finally located our yellow pages book (it's brand new too!) and looked up for a TV repair man to come and see why our TV isn't behaving.  The TV was working fine last Friday night...laaaaaaaaate Friday night. Saturday morning, my son turned the TV on, and it was black. We could hear the programs...but nothing.

I blame the full moon.

I can say one thing...I'm very tired of the cold weather. I love the beauty of winter, but to deal with chilled bones and achy joints...that I do not like. I am desperately seeking a hot tub/jacuzzi. Seriously!

I blame the full moon.

Several of my friends have been having bad/strange/weird/something moments. I blame it on the full moon we had over the weekend.  What triggered people to become crabby? Or, why did appliances not cooperate, but act up? For example, someone said it must be spring if her house got flooded by her washing machine (it goes into a work sink, and THAT somehow overflowed)...another friend's stove/oven just...quit. Gave up its ghost.  She will convince her husband to switch over to gas.  "Electric seems to take longer to heat up and stuff. I miss having gas..."  and oh yeah, another friend's Vibe is part of the recall...sticky gas pedals. *sigh*

Again, it's the moon's fault.

And for my sister's 33th birthday tomorrow, Feb. 3rd, she is have 3 of her wisdom teeth pulled out. Eeeyouch!   Poor thing. Good thing she's on staycation this week. (psst...happy birthday, baby sister!)

How unfortunate to spend your birthday having teeth yanked out of your heads. I will definitely be praying for you, sis!  Maybe it'll go real smooth like mine was last week!

Can't blame the moon for that one.

My husband was hounded  by phone calls by a Ford dealership nearby that he won a prize. Now, I'm trying to figure out...how did they get his name, and our Videophone number? He called them back, what is it? But we have to go in person. It'd be a shock if we won a car, but I'm sure it'd be something like...a foam finger or something.

Must've been the full moon that gave Ford our number.

It's late and the moon's not full. So, let's see what tomorrow brings.

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