Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday my husband & son and myself went to see a deaf magician in Ypsilanti.

The Great Bobini.

And it was great to run into many local deaf friends I've not seen in years. Also running into hearing people who also are involved with our local deaf community!

The Bobini's house was completely made over into a haunted house. I mean, the whole front yard was just full of decorations. The front of the house was covered with what is made to look like a castle. Then going into the front room (or is it the screened front porch?) is like a haunted room with a casket, skeleton, etc.

They really do go all out.

Bobini wanted to dress up in a costume this year, so he put on his Evil Kneivel costume (which I tried not to make fun was just so funny and geeky), while his wife dressed up as a nurse. Why? Because "my husband is constantly breaking bones all the time..." it.

We ate and chatted in the basement---lots of yummy food.

Then went outside to watch the show. Wow. I was really impressed.

Ran into many people from the University I work at so it was nice to chat with them.

My husband became one of Bobini's victim (excuse me, volunteer) for one of the tricks. Ended up with a new underwear. (If you wanna see it, ask my husband!)

The weather was wet, but perfect. Blustery, the leaves blowing around, and temperature wise...just right. Not cold. Not hot. Just right.

And it's blizzardy in Denver, Colorado!


Today, I have 2 choices. Shovel everything in Ashley's room to one side of the room and make room for her new "used" love seat ....OR...just say, forget it and store it in my storage shed.

I think I'll just push everything over to one side, do what I can in a short time....

Then enjoy the rest of the day...and evening.

And have a safe, happy Halloween.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Thriller drive....

It was a dark and foggy morning....

It was so foggy, I can't for the life of me figure out...

WHY would I want to drive into the Fog....

Blindly, of course.

Hey, I'm not the leader. Go around me, please! I am horrible leading in the Fog.

Sure I can be a leader in other areas, but not in the Fog.

And worrying about meeting that HUGE Buck again....

Safely deposited my sister at work, then safely arrived at work ... in one piece.

During all this time, I had the Thriller song in my head....*shakes head*

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oh Deer....

I saved a deer's life today.

Early this morning as I drove my sister to work before heading onto work myself, on the country roads, I saw what I thought was a huge dog sitting on the side of the road.

Now, remember, country roads do not have street lights. And it was extremely DARK this morning.

(did I ever mention how much I hate driving in the dark? now you know)

When I slowed down to a rolling stop, the animal turned its head towards me.

It was a huge buck. Buck is male deer, right? Huge antlers. Many points (hunter speak) on the antlers.

I stopped.

He stared at me, then turned around and bounded away.

My sister gasped, "OHMYGOODNESS!"

My heart was in my throat. But I was glad I didn't go too fast, and I'm very thankful I was very alert ...thanks to the yummy coffee my sister lovingly bribed me for ride to work this week....

That buck was...H-U-G-E!

A couple weeks ago I saved a raccoon's life by not letting Betty run over it.

Moving along here....

Today was a challenge for me. The atmosphere (air-wise) at work was really...just something...wrong with it. I wasn't the only one feeling sick-ish.

My teammate was out sick so I had to cover for him today. Not too bad, but didn't realize how time consuming it could be. Because other than doing his stuff, I had to do my own stuff for the first couple hours this morning.

(not complaining, seriously. I do love my job!)

Around 2 this afternoon, I started to get sick. It is something in the air.

Ugh. I hung on until quitting time at 4, and was able to make my escape ....and didn't want to drive on the back roads with constant stop-signs so I took the freeway home. On cruise control.

And trying not to get sick.

Made it home, tossed some money at my family to go feed themselves.

Now I'm feeling better after napping, showering, taking my maxalt...catching up on news and reading John B's deaf devotion.

I suppose I can now say good night...and look forward to another yummy coffee from my sister in the morning.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The floor!

I can see the floor in Ashley's room!


And how can a girl like her accumulate so much...stuff?

We've started a project of turning her bedroom into a loft style room. Since she is inheriting a really snazzy (but used) gold loveseat from her cool Aunt Bobbie, we decided to get her room prepped for that. Trade Ashley's bed for my futon bed...


With it being the biggest room in the house, and constant problems with leakage when it rains...that room is really not meant to be a bedroom but it works.

I probably sneezed 3/4th of my brains away...

Lots of trash bags ...

Lots of clothes to give away to Goodwill...

And a couple cute costumes to give to Jordan... for his future Halloween get-up if he feels like it.


I just know Ashley will find long lost/forgotten/"Ididn'tknowIhadthis" items lurking under the piles of things we must hack away at...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Another kind of BLAH

My husband was reading my B.L.A.H. post last night...(he checks it out whenever he can)...

B = Be
L = Lazy
A = At
H = Home

I had to laugh.

I wish ...

I'm on the mend now. The Quils, Day and Ny, have been so wonderful. They really stick with you when you've got the flu.

And I'm starting to feel better.

It rained all night, it just made it a very sleepy morning for me to wake up to...but I'm thankful it's Friday.

I can sleep in tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Just when I thought I was on my way to full recovery from whatever I had a couple weeks or so ago....

Something else comes along and hits me head on with some other bug.


And I was blaming it on the dusty, musty ole donated books I had to list on a spreadsheet. Well, that could have made whatever I have little least THAT project is done and I prayerfully do not want to touch those kind of books again.

So, nothing mind-shattering news to share or anything like that today. Sorry, folks.

I need to go find my friend, NyQuil, and make sure we are set for tonight.


Friday, October 16, 2009

It's Friday and...

the kids have disappeared.

Okay, that'sfinewithme.

I suppose I can just go ahead and soak in the tub, read a book, and just enjoy the start of the weekend.

My co-workers and I have been struggling with daily headaches and other ailments lately. Our building is 10 years old and starting to show its age. There is a big room next door to our department that was flooded a year ago (or so) from heavy rains we had, and well, we still have problems. That room (really, an auditorium) has been closed off indefinitely until they can find the problem. Whatever is in there or if it's from the vents from our replaced cooler/chiller whatever ...we don't know.

I usually feel great when I arrive at work. Believe me, I do like my job! Usually around after lunch, my head starts to hurt and I sometimes want to crawl somewhere into a corner and just cry. The "I don't feel so good, mommy" kind of moment.

Anyhoo...well, my kids have disappeared and my husband seems to be kinda feeling better, I think. Must be all the hot tea he's been drinking.

If I don't blog again this weekend, I wish you all a happy (and HEALTHY!!!) weekend.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Been a while...

Since I did any postings.

Have a lot on my mind and in my heart.

The stuff on mind: an annoying thing called, weather-related allergies/sinus headache that loves to throb behind one of my eyeballs, and I just want to pop it out, soak it or something ....or just reach inside behind my eye and yank out the throbbing pain thingy in there!

You know what I mean.

The stuff in my heart: I'm coming to realize a lot of things, learning many things and being spiritually encouraged by some strong Christian people. Also moments of being spiritually battered.

The past couple months has been a struggle for me, and for those I've hurt, through my deep sin that I've had for the past year. I've been reading a chapter from one of Rick Warren's book on how to restore relationships. If I had read it before, maybe things would have been different. I don't know if the circumstances would be any different. Maybe it would. Back then, I can only say I was probably being a coward.

I was also encouraged to read a book that talks about spiritual warfare (dealing with how Satan attacks us) so as soon as my husband finishes reading his, I will take a crack at it. My friend had shared with me that I should read it and it would give me a better idea of the Spiritual Warfare that's going on. Many of my friends are saying the same thing as well.

I was reminded that if I've already asked God for forgiveness, I should know that He is a very forgiving God. He sees my heart and knows. And with His love, and in His time, things will work out. And to be very patient. Only in His time.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The sun is back!

It is so nice to wake up to sun shining in my sleepy eyes this morning. We've had a week (ish) of rain...and yesterday I kept reassuring some people, the sun will be out tomorrow!

And Tomorrow is here...Today! Yeah!

Yesterday I swapped my husband for Ashley's friend, K. While my husband hangs out in Flint and participate in Deaf Cafe's program tonight, we will be celebrating K's birthday this afternoon. I plan to bake chocolate cake for her ...probably a 2 or 3 tier? Will I be able to accomplish that feat? Ehhh...we'll see!

So Ashley, K and friends are gonna poke around downtown for our annual AppleUmpkin festival. 2-3 blocks worth of vendors setting up...oh yeah, the parking lot on the next block over, set up carnival rides...and from last night, I know there's a Ferris Wheel! Whoa! It just lit up the night sky last night.

Right at my doorsteps, there will be vendors selling ... flea market kind of "treasures". When one of my sisters used to live here, she always called them...junk. But to others, we know it's a treasure for them.

I probably will poke around just to look around. No shopping for anything. If they have free samples, I will try 'em.

Sometime later today, Ashley and her friends will help K celebrate her birthday with cake and ice cream.

Now if I can only get the dining room put back together....

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What a Wednesday...

Well, first off, I'm slowly on the mend with my cold. Too bad it's not allergies. Allergies I can handle, but colds...ugggh.

When I speak, I "feel" like I "sound" like someone who has her fingers crammed up her nose...that's how stuffed my nose is (when it's not running a marathon).

Wait, I hear myself as the female version of the Urkel. Yeah....haw haw haw *snort*

Anyway, I come home tonight and there's almost nobody here.

Husband is snoring away on the couch.

I start to head towards the kitchen, following my nose....the phone is ringing...

"Hi Mom! I'm going to Youth Group tonight with my friend...that ok?"

Uhh...sure. Then, she says: "I LOVE you, Mom. See you tonight...mwah!"


I check the crockpot. The beef in there was just lookin' and smellin' so scrumptious!

I come over to the kitchen desk and there's a note from my son..."Mom, I am going to the library bye." Awww...scribbled in orange crayon on blue paper.

Well, really not a whole lot to report tonight. I am truly exhausted... the son has returned...and the husband stopped sawing logs...

Friday, October 2, 2009


Not sure what it is today...allergies or cold?

I mean, I sneezed a lot the past couple days, got so many "bless you's" from Josh. Sniffles and the occasional cough.

And I thought my brain was gonna leak out of my nose or something...

I know many of us are looking forward to this weekend. In my household, it's homecoming weekend. My daughter will be decked out in orange and black and going to the football game tonight with some friends. Go Tecumseh Indians!

Josh will help me bake cakes tonight...for a cake walk tomorrow. Not sure if I'll be going for the fellowship tomorrow... if I keep feeling so...under the weather, so blah.

Happy Friday to you all...and have a great weekend.

*psst... just took my temperature. 101 degrees temp. blah....