Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Weekend alllllmost here...

Well it's much later. I'm at the public library in town and decided to do another blog before I run out of time.

I'm on a timer on these computers and I have 12 minutes left.

What can I say in 12 minutes?

Oh yeah, lunch at Red Lobster was really good. Very fulfilling. I don't need dinner.

Well, I have half day off tomorrow and will be off all day Friday. My husband and I are meeting up with my sister in Flint at Brenda's and do a drop off for the kids to have fun with their Tante and Uncle...what's German for Uncle? I'll ask tomorrow.

Anyway, then Tony and I will head up to Port Sanilac and camp this weekend to celebrate our anniversary. I'm very much looking forward to it. It overlooks Lake Huron. I've not yet had the opportunity to check out Lake Huron. I've already seen the other lakes of Michigan---Superior which is my favorite of all, Lake Michigan is sort of like the California coast line...and Lake's ok but always thought of it as choppy and cold.

I'm running out of minutes. So I better get going and will check out dvd movies to watch tonight. And maybe a book for the weekend. Eh...we'll see.

Coffee Break...

Well, iced sweet tea break, really. I'm taking my morning break right now.

Been busy with processing new books and shelving/reshelving or pulling off old editions and replacing with new editions. So a lot to toss out too! I plan to catch up on processing the new books today and get those out on the shelves. Then do some shifting. That'd be a good workout.

We're taking someone here out to lunch today. He wants Red Lobster! I checked the menu's very interesting that the starters (appetizers) are nearly same price ranges as the lunch menu! So, that gives me more options to choose from. I love crab and lobster but have to avoid sea food and shrimp. Some looks so good, but when seafood is mentioned with crab or lobster, I have to stop and think...what's seafood? Some kind of secret mixture I have no clue about?

See, one says, crab and lobster in creamy cheese with seafood stuffed in mushrooms. Ok...seafood? Meaning, fish, crawfish, shrimp? That I need to ask them.

Anyhoo, so, to work it all off, will do major physical work at my shelves.

I took the girls over to "Ilovechinesefoodnow!"'s house yesterday and Ashley asked me to cook dinner for them. I guess she wasn't sure what she can come up with. So I kept it simple and made mac 'n cheese and baked tater tots...and they threw in applesauce to the plate. Not bad. I ate a few tots. Yum.

Well breaktime's nearly up and I'd like to check other stuff before I need to get back to work.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Ultimate Sacrifice

When I got home little late from a meeting after work yesterday, first thing was asked: "What's for dinner?"

I go into the kitchen and poke through and throw out choices. Many were turn down. So I opened the freezer and saw my spring rolls.

I closed the freezer.

Took a deep breath and opened the freezer again. I called out to Ashley and BFF if they'd want that for dinner? With rice?


So I quietly sobbed...took a deep breath and put out 15 spring rolls on a baking sheet and put in the oven.

I cooked rice.

See, my dear friends, the spring rolls were homemade by Vonnie's stepmom who is from Thailand. She makes the best spring rolls in the whole, big, wide, very big wide world! This is the real deal stuff! Oh they are to die for.

When Vonnie and Brenda were off in VA helping stepmom out, they made up batches of spring rolls and promised me my own batch.

I can be quite selfish, you see, when it come to certain type of food I enjoy and it's a rare treat.

Golden Graham cereal is mine. Nobody else. If there are no cereal left in the kitchen, I might share.

I'm the same with these spring rolls. After all, it's more appealing than making spaghetti or pancakes for dinner.

So I shared the spring rolls with my husband, Ashley and BFF, and myself. Oh yeah, Josh was at Milkboy's house for the night...

Oh the sacrifice was so sweet...and delicious! Thank you, dear stepmom, for the yummy spring rolls. They are out of the world and very much worth sharing even if I didn't really want to.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Happy Monday to y'all. I'm taking a break at work to compose this. I normally would do this from home, but we are w/o internet at the moment. It won't be back up until later this week. Good thing about this, though, is nobody's killed anyone for lack of internet...thank goodness.

It was truly a very nice weekend where I had absolutely NO PLANS at all! It was more of a spontaneous type of weekend. I was invited to one shower, then later invited to another shower. I had to decline the first one, because of finances and gas. When I was invited to another shower, I had to decline that as well. I know it's a season for babies. So hopefully I'll be able to meet them someday.

Um...Saturday was fun when I took Joshua to the lake and it was breezy and the waves were lovely, and water was WARM! So it was fun to swim around with Josh for a couple hours. The breeze was actually...WINDY. Not bad...and doesn't cost me anything but a couple sweet tea for Josh and myself.

Next week I will be celebrating my 3rd anniversary. We're trying to see if we can get away this weekend or not. It all depends on if my husband is needed for testing/interview with GM or not. So I'm playing it by ear.

Well, I know this isn't a very exciting blog today. I can't stop yawning. It's one of those days, I suppose. I should not have watched Batman Begins last night---I had been dreaming all night long being in that movie ...


I do like the movie though. I look forward to seeing the new one. I did hear it's very violent and not appropriate for children. So I need to decide if I will or not. I would go alone, though.

Have a good afternoon.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

Yup. It's Friday.

Joshua played a good baseball game last night. However, the last 2 innings were very long! We started at 6, and we were done at 8:15. Whoo. Late. The skeeters came out and buzzed around us attacking everyone who were there, even the players! Poor kiddies. I borrowed a spray can, which was meant for deep woods and got slammed with a migraine. I know there's something in there that just triggers it. But at least the skeeters left me alone. Just buzzed around my head though.

They have a game tonight so...and after tonight, that leaves us with 3 more games. I suppose Joshua can miss the last 2. I promised my sister I'd dump him and Ashley on her to haul away for a few days of adventure in the thumb area of Michigan (well, she lives near the thumb part of Michigan...).

Ashley is babysitting "Ilovechinesefood!" tonight, and since Brenda's daughter, BFF (Best Friends Forever), is spending a week with Ashley is here in town, "Ilovechinesefood!"'s mom gave permission for Ashley's BFF to hang out with them. Thanks, "Ilovechinsefood!"'s mom!

Tomorrow Ashley is going to a wedding with another friend, a semi-gothic (but sweet) gal...whose brother is getting married. "But mother, what shall we ever do with BFF?" I said, "Oh I'll have BFF hang out with me...she can replace you for the evening..." so I might treat BFF to the movies.

I still plan to do NOTHING or go anywhere this weekend. NUH-HUH! It is one weekend I finally have to myself where there is no demand for my time! Sleep in as late as I can...that would be so luxurious!

Anyway, have a superb weekend. I'll try to get to blogging over the weekend...if I have nothing else to do.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Almost not tired...

The weekend is almost here. I have absolutely NO PLANS. Nuh-huh! I'm staying home and try to catch up on much needed house-chores such as...laundry. A date with the laundry is long overdue.

Catch up some some reading. Oh yes, I think I shall visit that used bookstore around the corner from me...I really love that store. I have so many wonderful new books at home I can sell/trade for more books. I have missed being a bookworm. Who needs the TV and computers???

Maybe start shoveling a load or two into the washer tonight to get a head start. And reach the home base by ...oh, Sunday night? Yeah...

There was an email discussion after a friend's revelation of learning that Satan cannot read our minds like God can. WOW! Amazing! Well, I kind of knew that already, but never gave it much thought. I do know Satan has a way of tempting you, whisper naughty things and make you do things that are big no-no's, and getting in trouble...maybe with people, the world and yes, with God. Once you learn to say, HEY BACK OFF SATAN...he'll go away.

I learned a very interesting fact, that I will share with Ashley. She has been spooked often in her room, she just started sleeping in the living room. Then I made a room swap with her, and she feels much better. But something in her old room (now mine) just haunts her.

The friend shares:
Two excellent examples from the Bible that show how Stan puts ideas in our mind and makes us think they are our ideas: 1 Chronicles 21:1-2. Satan put it in David's mind to count his military, depending on their strength instead of God's. See 2 Samuel 24:1-10. Also the example in Acts 5:1-4.

One thing Niel Anderson always points out in his conferences and books: how many of you have been suddenly awakened at around 3 a.m. by a frightening thought or presence or pressure? The majority of people he has taught have said they have. That is also Satan's doing---not him personally, because he can't be everywhere at the same time. Only God is omnipresent. But Satan worshipers worship from midnight until 3 a.m. Then they send out evil spirits. if you ever experience that situation in the middle of the night, all you have to do is submit to God, and say/sign or finger spell "Jesus". The evil spirit is gone! It can't stay in the presence of Jesus' spoken name.

Wow. I was blown away by that, and thinking about Ashley's experiences with that bedroom. A forceful whispering in her ear, or feeling someone is staring at her, a very bad feeling in the room. It also happens at her grandma's house in that spare bedroom as well. Well, now armed with this new information, I will share with Ashley. I can see her going to bed and saying Jesus or saying her prayers but will use Jesus' name more often.

Hm...I have always thought there was something "off" but couldn't put my finger on it. I do appreciate that email discussion---I have added that to my brain's filing cabinet.

Neil T. Anderson's books: Victory over Darkness, Bondage Breaker...and several others, especially about Spiritual Warfare (how can one pronounce warfare that fast...war...fare...say that 5 times fast...).

I believe my husband has one of his Spiritual War...fare... books. I'm sure by the time my husband reads my blog, he might post a comment with me the minute I get home. Right, honey?

I hope he got the meat in the crockpot. Will it be ready for a yummy crock-pot roast dinner? Ahhh. Oh yeah, as far as my family wanting mashed potatoes to go with this, and eating corn on the cobs, I'm going to cheat and buy some mashed potatoes from KFC. Oh yeah. Then transfer them into bowls and throw away the containers. Think that'll work?

Okey dokey...I better get going here. The weather has been lovely this week, oh I just remembered...Josh has a game tonight. Eh...dinner can wait. Laundry date will wait until tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


It's Wednesday and I'm having trouble shaking off this tired-ness I'm experiencing this week. While I had a good time mentally camping, I think it was harder on me physically. Also spiritually and mentally hurting too, with things that have happened last week.

My husband just im'd me and asked if I was still tired. He knows I'm still fighting off being tired. I told him yes, and if he could do certain things for me before I got home. He even needed me to explain the term "shucking corn"...shuck is to remove the leaves and the stringy stuff to reveal the corn hidden within. We'll have corn on cob along with probably meatloaf. Sounds yummy, doesn't it? Hm...

Eh, maybe I'll go pick up some beef and stir fry that up ...

Anyway...I am having a good work-week so far. I've been complimented a few times that today's meeting I was very touched that they want me to be more involved in new projects that will begin in the fall. I'm glad they see who I really am, and not some monster my previous supervisor made me out to be (this is going to be another blog topic in the very near future). So it really made me enjoy my job a little more.

I finally heard from a friend I've not heard from in a long time and she will be in Tecumseh this weekend. So I'm hoping I'll be able to make time to see her. If not, another time, perhaps.

Ah...I'm so sleepy---but soon quitting time.

*sipping a latte....*

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Camping 101

The camping weekend was really nice. It was truly enjoyable to kick back and enjoy.

Friday I showed up early, and set up my "house on poles"...and before I raised the tent, I quickly sprayed the water sealant on the seams. Praying it works and knowing we'd have rain, keep the rain out! Raised the tent, and it became a house. WOW! Inflated 3 air mattresses and set up house. It was actually very nice.

The two "Enda's" showed up and I showed them how to set up their tent and how to inflate air mattresses. It was truly a camping 101 experience for them! Good job, girls!

Ashley set up with some help from others the canopy shade tent. She did really well this time.

Joshua had brought his friend, "Milk" and they spent a lot of time water playing. Water guns, or just splashing around in puddles they've created, and of course, "Milk" helped with some of the setting up camp.

I don't think the boys had their shoes on at all.

Saturday we waited for a couple friends to show up with our breakfast. It was funny because we were sitting there watching for them. If a car or truck drove by, nope, it wasn't them. We even debated going to McDonald's if nobody showed up by 10! Sure enough they showed up and we had a feast.

Camping food is always the best. Fresh off the grill (or gas stove, depends...) and just so delish! The skies opened and the rain came down.

We did combine 2 canopies together and my huge oversized tarp over both of them, and made a perfect safe place to stay dry. Oh yes. And we fellowshipped and ate and joked and just had a very nice, relaxing time.

Oh yeah, Josh and "Milk" spent a lot of time in the rain, playing water war games...and still no shoes. If heavy downpour, they'd go inside the "house" and play video games.

TJ would on occasion join them or us. He is pretty much a quiet boy but very involved. He had a lot of fun with us.

The skies stopped long enough for me to start up the campfire and cook my yummy teriyaki beef strips and bake the potatoes in the was very delish! I know everyone enjoyed it. And finally we had some time for Smores. It was also very good. The boys would make it for us. Yum. I think "Milk" forgot the chocolate a couple times.

Then it rained again.

Sunday, the sun came out. I was so happy it came out because it helped dry out our tents. My "house" held up in the rain! No leaks! OH PTL! I was so worried but I know that spray can saved my life! LOL.

We listened to God's Word on the "Final Score" ---my husband did a great job. My friend and "Ilovechinesefood!" showed up and were able to hear the sermon. I know my friend enjoyed it.

Well, my gang and I got home and we probably took out half of the camping gear OUT and upstairs. The other half...I'm going to wait until after the AC/Heat guy comes and work on the heat wiring before I can safely put away my camping gear in a safe way on the back staircase.

I look back and I have to say, I really, truly enjoyed the weekend.

Yesterday, I attended a funeral and I went there merely to lend my support to my good friends there. I also went there to pay respect as well. I don't think I would have much to say at this time but there were moments I am thinking about my daughter and my mother (both died from different types of cancer, 7 years apart) when I listen to the music or sermon or hearing the verses that have been shared.

Other times, when I start to think about people who failed or succeeded with suicide. Then question...WHY?? In a way it does hit close to home for me...having to see someone I loved try to kill himself and nearly succeeding in that.

I do want to say my friends, John, Brenda, Bert and Vonnie, held up very well during the funeral. They were hurting so bad over losing their pastor and friend. My heart goes out to them, and I continue to lift them in prayers. Brenda did admit she didn't know the pastor very well, but I know she's hurting because her husband John is hurting.

My body and my mind is tired. Happy from having a great time at our annual deaf cafe camping, and heavy with burden for the tragedy that occurred last week and being there to support my friends.

I'm tired. Physically and mentally.

Friday, July 18, 2008

A weekend getaway...

Good morning! It's Friday! YAY!

In spite of the tragedy that occurred with the pastor's death, we still move on. Of course the tragedy is still on our minds and our hearts. It is the type of shock that .... stays with you and still question the why's.

This weekend, I am going to teach 2 women how to set up a tent and to cook over the campfire! LOL. Their names ends with "enda" so I've started calling them the "Enda's". LOL. Brenda noticed I'm having too much fun with that.

I am.

We're having our annual Deaf Cafe camp getaway. We'll be camping at the Hayes State Park and I'm really excited. It'll be fun to get away from everything. Praying, praying, praying the weather stays nice, no rain, etc. Please Lord??? A big umbrella over us, and no leaks on the big tent, please Lord???

I have few last minute stuff to do this morning. In a couple minutes I have to wake up my husband and have him "watch" for the phone or the AC guys. I have a load in. Prayerfully I can get the load in the dryer before the guys come to turn off our electricity.

Have a great weekend, y'all. I will blog about it Sunday night or Monday.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Life in General...

Well, my friends and I are in total shock. A senior pastor of a church in Flint committed suicide.

We are completely stunned. Speehless.

My husband and I saw him Sunday at the open house. And he was enjoying himself and looked well.

My friend saw him Tuesday night and she remarked to me later "he did have a strange smile" when they chatted. But I told her not to blame herself. Nobody knew.

I don't have complete details but do know for a fact he did buy a gun and did plan this. He wrote a letter to his wife, yes. And took his life. Yesterday morning.

We will not understand the whys and the what fors. We can't judge him as it's not our place.

At this point...I really am truly at loss for words. My heart goes out to the family and the church family. And for my deaf ministry friends who were close to him. I feel bad for John, because I know from Brenda, they were close.

Lord, please hear us. Help the family through this very difficult time. Help the church as well. We will never understand why people do things like this, especially a man of God. We know You are in control of all things. When we arrive in heaven, we will understand. Amen.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

You know you're tired when...

you try to get dressed and realize a piece of article you're putting on isn't cooperating with you. And to find out you're putting it on upside-down-backwards....and you wonder why.

Need caffeine, anyone?

*raises hand...

It's the middle of the week and I'm worn out already. One of my girlfriend is worn out herself. She is a wedding need to ask her the proper term. But anyhow, she's decorating her church for a wedding this weekend. Sounds very time consuming. I find it very interesting that this job requires a few days' work. When she decorated for my wedding, she had everything prepared ahead of time---flower arrangements, etc., and it only took what, a day? a half day? to decorate. I was very, very impressed. Oh yes, my wedding decorations were gorgeous!

Another girlfriend, Brenda, has been pretty much busy with her eBay business. And naturally, supervising the tween divas...among other things.

My daughter is spending the week with her daughter --- and of course, they're natural divas.

As I type this, my son invited a friend, the one who liked trying out new things at Chinese buffet, and drinks a gallon of MY milk at MY home---he shall be called/sign name "MilkBoy" come over and check out his PS2.

My husband is filling out applications but I'm hoping he'll call GM and set up a time to be interview. My wedding-coordinator friend emailed him a very good letter of encouragement to see why GM called him the day after he was let go from his job. Hm. We know God is at work. RIGHT? Thanks to my friend, I pray that gives him the assurance he needs.

Ok...oh yeah, I'm dressed properly. Nothing askew about me. Even my hair is cooperating today so I guess I did something right for a change.

Just need caffeine....


Monday, July 14, 2008


I survived the weekend. The Lord has been SO GOOD TO ME! Thank You, Jesus!

FRIDAY: we celebrated Joshua's birthday by taking his 2 buddies, my husband, Tony and Ashley...out to play mini-golf. It was a fun, but HOT ...time. I bought water for everyone all around.

After that, we went to Chinese Buffet for Josh's birthday dinner. One friend cried, telling me he doesn't like Chinese food. I told him "I am sorry (but honestly I really wasn't that sorry), but if the birthday boy wants Chinese, we will have Chinese. Come on inside and see what they have, ok?" So we all piled into the restaurant, placed our drink orders and went up to the buffet. Josh's other friend's eyes were wide open and he pretty much wanted to try everything, even crab ragoon (but said no thanks to frog legs...). I was impressed. The friend who didn't like Chinese food found chicken fingers so that's pretty much all he ate. That made him happy.

We went back home and let the boys play, watch movies, whatever they wanted. They conked out around 11 or so, I think.

Honey, what time did they go to bed? I was just too tired.

SATURDAY...what did I do on Saturday? I did not feed the boys breakfast, but their moms came just in time to pick them up. The friend, whom I shall call "Idonotlikechinesefood!" ---his mom and I are close friends. Well, when I decided to treat Tony, Joshua and myself to breakfast, Tony saw "Idonotlikechinesefood!" and his mom sitting at one of the booths. (Thanks, Honey! Good eye!) SO we pretty much "gate-crashed" their table. We joined them and the mom and I chatted away. Josh and "Idonotlikechinesefood!" pretty much roughed around but enjoyed their brunch, and Tony pretty much focused on his breakfast. Was it good, honey?

We said our "see you laters" and "call you laters" and off Tony, Josh and I went to Pamida's. We bought Joshua's gift...a new PS2. WOW! (I'm now realizing I need to get a memory card for him...). My body was screaming for a nap, but alas, my time was pretty much full of stuff to do!

Later in the afternoon, Tony and I dropped Joshua off at Grandma's and then we headed to a post-wedding reception. That was very lovely. I saw many of my deaf friends from years past...but it is funny to watch Tony try to introduce me as his wife, not knowing they already know me (and yes, Tony did see me say hi and hug all of 'em in a "long-time-no-see" manner)....

The reception was very lovely. I did try to dance the hustle, but noticed my hips, knees and my feet were not cooperating. And I'm almost 40. Huh.

Tony and I left later, and headed home. I was up late late late that night online with a friend who had a heavy burden. So we talked and I pretty much listened. We both realized it was late, so I closed our IM with a prayer I thought would be short, but it was actually long. Thank you, Lord. I know we both needed that prayer. And yes the prayer was answered.

SUNDAY...okay, in the morning, before we went to church, Tony checked his emails. Well, he got an email from his boss saying, sorry, we've not been making money...we would need to lay off & suspend your job. And closed with an apology. I was glad Tony didn't get all despondent or anything. We try to look at it in a positive way. A friend, John, shared that when a door closes, a window opens. Thank you, John.

We went to our church as usual. Pastor Paul shared his experiences in Africa the past couple weeks---it was a big culture shock for him, but he has come to appreciate the opportunity to go on this mission trip with another man. He delivered a wonderful sermon. Check it out on Tony taught Sunday School, and then we took off for Flint. We went to Cornerstone Deaf Church...and had a wonderful time. Like Brenda posted in her blog today, it was just wonderful. I know Brenda has some shoes to fill but I am excited for her. John, whom I mentioned earlier, is her husband, in case I didn't say that earlier.

We ended up going out to eat after the evening service and got home pretty late. Oh yeah, a longtime member of another deaf church came up to me, and was happy to see me. She said, "wow! you look better as a woman!" HUH???? When was I ever a man before? I checked, nothing new about it. She caught her mistake and we laughed, then she complimented me on my short 'do. Oh yeah, she didn't see me get it chopped off at Deaf Cafe back in May. Yea, yea, I'll post a before/after picture ... eventually. Forgive me.

I was so doggone tired, I went to bed around 11 pm. I crashed and burned and I haven't moved once all night long. But first I was online with a friend who had burdens and I listened while the friend unloaded.

Right now, I'm babysitting "Idonotlikechinesefood!" until 9 pm. His mom will be home at that time, and prayerfully (please pray for me!), I'll be able to share some spiritual things with her. It is very hard being a newly single mom after a rough divorce and being a mom to a child that has some emotional scars. But as I look at "Idonotlikechinesefood!" I see a strong boy who is well mannered and very kind with me. He is very sweet with me.

I took him to McD's to pick up a happy meal for him. He asked me how I could hear the intercom. I told him I have a hearing aid that lets me hear. If I can't understand anything they say, I hear them say something then I merely say, I can't hear very good so I'll be pulling up to place my order...and it always work! ""Idonotlikechinesefood!" was very impressed.

I have been feeling the Lord guiding me and directing me as I have found myself being a listener to a few women the past week with their burdens. Some were dealing with a difficult divorce and learning to be a single mom. Some feeling disconnected. Some with just everyday things. Anything. But as I listened to each of them, I have perhaps experienced something like that or just like that. I may have not been married before --- but the break up was as hard as a divorce because of having to LEAVE the house with almost nothing on my back and getting out of a bad situation. I truly felt God has given me a calling. I have been feeling the sense of peace and God's hand on my shoulder each time...and every time, I and those who have talked with me have come away feeling at peace or ... blessed.

Okay, more blessings:

Remember I shared that John said: When a door closes, a window opens?
I got an urgent phone call from my dad. There was a phone call for Tony!
So I IM'd Tony ... it went something like this:

"Remember what John said about a door closing and a window opening?"
"yeah, the door's been closed and the window is slowing cracking open"
"Well, the window's been flung wide open! Look out the window"
"GM called and wants to set up an interview appt with you!" and I gave him the number, etc. So see, God is at work! And I warned him---PRAY before you call!!!!

Now... they need PROOF or documentation of Tony's deafness. So he has a caseworker from MichWorks! He also need to have his caseworker write WHY Tony needs an interpreter. And, thirdly, he himself need to write a letter WHY he needs an interpreter.

My imagination runs wild sometimes. I gave Tony a suggestion what his version should say explaining his need for an ASL interpreter:

Dear Sir/Madame, I cannot hear voices. I cannot read lips. I can hear sign language. I can read sign language. Therefore, I need an ASL interpreter.

So hey, he's pretty much 3/4th out the window....

And I survived the weekend. Survivor: Michigan. Did I win the game? Hey, where's my million dollars?

*UPDATE: "Idonotlikechinesefood!" went to Chinese buffet again, with his mom this time, and declared, "I love it here!" So now he shall be called, "Ilovechinesefoodnow!"

Thursday, July 10, 2008

July 10, 2000

On this date 8 years ago, my son was born at around 10:15 pm on a Monday evening.

I did not know if I was having a boy or girl for about 8 months. The doctor saw no reason for an ultrasound. But, deep inside, my guts told me it was a boy. I had focused on choosing boy names.

When Joshua was born, as they placed him on my belly, I only saw the back. I demanded them to tell me if it was a boy or girl. The doctor was startled and lifted the baby's leg. "It's a boy".

(Kind of made me think of someone checking newborn puppies' sex)

Joshua David Wayne...
Joshua was picked from the bible, meaning bold/brave. And because it also means Jesus.
David was named after my stepdad, David, who is currently called Opa by his many grandchildren. Also named after his uncle David, who is his daddy's brother.
Wayne for his great-uncle, on his dad's side.

So, Joshua has 2 middle names. What a mouthful. It gets easier for me to yell if he's in trouble with me and I use his full name, last name included.

I love M*A*S*H. I love to watch their reruns. Many nighttime feedings, I'd be in the living room with Joshua and feeding him. Whenever the theme music came on, Josh would stop eating and listen. As he got older, whatever he was doing, and the theme music came on, he'd stop. When it finished, he'd go back to eating or doing whatever he had been doing. At this age, he continues to stop and listen to the theme music (yes I still watch reruns).

He has grown so big in his 8 years. I am so amazed everyday with his ability to communicate full ASL with my husband Tony, who is deaf, and with his daddy, uncle Dave, and his grandmother, who are all deaf.

Joshua's first language was ASL. Being exposed to a deaf family that consisted of: deaf mom and dad, deaf grandparents, "Grandma and Popo" that lived next door, and a deaf uncle, plus many deaf friends who would visit the uncle that lived next door with the grandparents. Talk about full ASL exposure! Even a deaf dalmatian!

When Joshua's dad and I broke up, we remained friends and continued to grow in our friendship and relationship with the uncle and grandparents.

Joshua was extremely close to Popo. When Popo died a few years go, Joshua was very heartbroken. But as time went by, it got easier for him.

If you came over to my house today, you might find yourself watching Joshua's hands flying so fast. His facial expressions, his body's just amazing. This is amazing for a 8 year old who communicates so well, and can develop ASL concepts if he gives it some thought beforehand. You would be amazed to watch his conversation with his deaf grandma over the VideoPhone. You would be amazed if you watched him conversing with our special friend, TJ, and having the patience with him.

With his involvement in our Deaf Cafe-Flint ministry, we have used him often as a junior stage actor.

Nowadays, he is active in baseball (he has a game tonight), he plays piano really well, and loves to play various video or computer games. He has one "bestest best friend", Seth, whom we gave a new sign name last night. Because Seth LOVES milk, we gave him the sign name Milk.

Tomorrow night, we'll have a small party. Seth has been invited to stay over, and we'll go mini-golfing and have Chinese for dinner. And conclude with ice cream (Josh is not a cake eater, just like me).

Happy Birthday, Joshua. You were my biggest surprise of all, as you are the first boy born in my side of the family. You may have been born 6 weeks early, but you were too big to be a preemie--at 6 lbs and 4 oz. You pushed yourself when your body couldn't keep are the most determined boy I have ever known. And I'm very proud to call you my son. You amaze me every day. God has truly blessed me with you.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

This and that...

The temps have been in the low 80's and the evenings maybe high 60's. Last night was really humid but I expected that. I am waiting to hear from the landlord if he has installed the central ac or not. I sort of drove around the building to see where he might have put the pad for it...and I don't see it.

As I cut through a neighbor's yard (gasp!) steering wheel froze. So I had to turn off the engine and restart it. Then it was fine. That was a weird moment. I think God was punishing me for going through someone's yard to get to the alley drive. Oh well. Sorry, Lord.

I could share something really scary that happened at work yesterday. I work on the second floor of the library, and there are computers in a circular corral (I believe 8). Well, sometime in the morning a student worker was pulling books from the shelves, looked over and saw this man viewing inappropriate sites online. So he reported it. And our campus police came and took him away. He was arrested for trespassing, among other things. The police also confiscated the computer to do some investigating as it is a very serious crime to peek into sites that involves children. My heart broke as I know it's still an ongoing problem out there. It's good, though, that we recognized this man as a trespasser from years ago, and we had to show him off campus, citing him for trespassing and not to return. Since we recognized him, we were able to quickly take care of this problem. I do have to admit I'm very glad the police took quick action.

This morning, as I walked into work with another worker, we both commented how shocking it was, and how this man dared to think he could get away with trespassing, let alone use the computers! And how did he think he could get away with it, knowing there is absolutely no privacy as it's pretty much an open area and everyone can see everyone.

One thing I need to point out about our computers---you need to be a registered student or if you're an employee of this university, you need to have your own account and password. All computers can't be signed in w/o having an account with the university. How this man managed to get into the computer w/o an account, we have no idea. One speculation was a patron forgot to log out. That, my friends, is not good.

I wish it was Friday already. It's gonna be a long week.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I wish we'd all been ready...

Back in May, I blogged and included an article about a motorcycle accident that occured as I was trying to get home from a day at the lake.

Well, yesterday as I walked into work with my co-worker, she mentioned she remembered my sharing with her about the accident. She had spent the weekend with some girlfriends and one of the women's daughter's boyfriend was the victim of the accident. Well, he actually died when his bike went off the road.

How sad.

What is the point of drinking and getting behind the wheel? I mean, even in my own drinking days of the past, I knew better than to get behind the wheel, no matter how drunk I got. I knew better. True, alcohol can really be a big mess with your brain, and impair your judgment. I know it varies with certain people, and how they can handle their drinking or not.

Life is truly short. Let's not be careless.

The other week, I had been asked to do a solo for my church. Well, because of my daughter's accident with her bike and the van that hit her, I was unable to perform the song. But someone was generous to sub for me.

"I Wish We'd All Been Ready" was written in 1969, by Larry Norman.

Life was filled with guns and war
And all of us got trampled on the floor
I wish we'd all been ready
Children died the days grew cold
A piece of bread could buy a bag of gold
I wish we'd all been ready

There's no time to change your mind
The Son has come and you've been left behind

A man and wife asleep in bed
She hears a noise and turns her head he's gone
I wish we'd all been ready
Two men walking up a hill
One disappears and one's left standing still
I wish we'd all been ready

There's no time to change your mind
The Son has come and you've been left behind

Children died the days grew cold
A piece of bread could buy a bag of gold
I wish we'd all been ready

There's no time to change your mind
The Son has come and you've been left behind

The Father spoke the demons died
How could you have been so blind

There's no time to change your mind
The Son has come and you've been left behind

I hope we'll all be ready you've been left behind
I hope we'll all be ready you've been left behind
I hope we'll all be ready you've been left behind

Monday, July 7, 2008

Post 4th...

Tent: The new tent was quickly and easily put up within 20 minutes. Not bad for someone who hasn't "tested" it beforehand. And it kept the morning dew off of us.

Air mattresses: they were still good, and still sturdy. Except for Ashley's, where we're missing a cap BUT it did have a plug so Ashley didn't rough it up. Only had to inflate it once.

Camping gear: got most of everything. Of course, I left w/o flashlights OR dishpan, or dishsoap. This is pretty typical for me to forget those very important items.

Laundry: well, we pretty much lived in our swimsuits or shorts & tshirts. At least there is still plenty of clean clothes....

Food: ooh la la. Yum. Was able to get fresh cut bacon and beef strips. Fresh corn on cob, fresh potatos for baking in the campfire. Fresh deli ham and salami, with fresh sliced cheese and of course a couple loaves of bread.

Misc. stuff: We brought along a small tv with Josh's XBOX and our dvd player. That was to be used for rainy days or when the moms want to nap or something...

The whole weekend was spent at Sugarloaf Campground in Waterloo. I felt like I was far far far away from home, when it was only 40 minutes' drive away. Very nice. It was off a dirt road, but still a gorgeous state park. The lake was just perfect.

We showed up Thursday afternoon, and my friend wasn't there yet with her daughter. So Ashley and I were able to set up the tent so quickly. We were very pleased. Then she proceeded to set up the canopy tent...which will become her job next time we camp. While waiting further, we made sandwiches and ate chips...and just pretty much hung around the site.

Couple hours later, my friend and her daughter showed up. Pah. Then we really started our camping vacation.

We had shish-kebobs of chicken and some vegs over the campfire. It was really delish. Then we had forgotten something ... smores. Oh no. So decided in the morning to visit a store and pick up the supplies for making smores.

Friday morning woke up to a beautiful sunny day and we had french toast with my bacon...yum. Cleaned up a bit and the kids put on their suits and my friend and I hiked down there to the lake. I guess I wasn't really in the mood to swim...but wanted to float. However, it's hard to stay in one I came up with a new invention (soon to be revealed...).

Went back and made my yummy teriyaki beef strips...with the corn and the potatoes that I cooked wrapped up in the foil and in the fire. Wait, the corn cooked in a big pot over the gas stove. It all turned out so great. We were a bunch of pigs.

Then we did smores for dessert. Hee hee.

Saturday morning pretty much same, but having pancakes and bacon for breakfast, then I attempted to make grilled tuna sandwiches but I missed some ingredient in it ...and I don't think anyone liked it too much. That's ok. Then for dinner, my friend had invited another friend out and she made some grilled chicken and some yummy pasta salad. Too rich for me but it was very good.

We did go back to the lake, and my invention? I took a string rope and loosely tied around my ankle, then climbed on my floating raft and got out to one of the buoy and lassoed the other end to it. That way, I was floating but still in the safe swim area. It was really nice to chill out and relax there. It was just the perfect weather, the lake was perfect and my son was happily playing with other kids....

Sunday morning we took down the tents and loaded up pretty well. However, my van wouldn't start. So my friend had to jump it for me, and that got me going. I noticed one of my brakes were bad, so I had to drive carefully home. It was sad to leave but it was such a lovely weekend, very relaxing. My friend and I are really great camping buddies. We are so flexible and so easy to get along, it's a rare treat.

Now I'm back at work, and life goes on, right? I dropped my van off with a mechanic and they just need to replace the rotor and replace a bolt for the tire that my husband broke off last year...and do some cleaning up in there. It should be nice to be able to drive without that gosh-awful scraping sound. Think of nails scraping down the chalkboard kind of feeling. Ech!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Almost vacation time!

It's Wednesday and I've done NOTHING to prepare for my camping trip this weekend.

I have a brand new tent that I never got around to practice setting up. I have not taken out all my air mattresses to test if they're still usable. I have not done any laundry. I have not put together the camping gear yet. I haven't even gone food shopping!

So I will do most of it tonight and some in the morning. I don't plan to leave for the campground until tomorrow afternoon. My friend and I are very excited about this weekend.

Some people have asked me how Ashley is doing. She is doing just super. She has started biking again and of course, wearing helmet!

Yesterday was funny, though. She came home and told me she met the guy who hit her. I was like, wow! So what happened? Well, the man recognized Anna, but not Ashley who was standing with her. Asked Anna, "how is your friend doing?" Anna laughed, and said "she's standing right here!" The man was so thrilled and so happy to see Ashley doing so well. He was praising God for this miracle. Ashley and Anna did not stay long to chat. Ashley shared with me that the man got on his motorcycle and took off...of course, wearing a helmet.

I'm glad the man is okay, and that he got to see Ashley alive and well. I'm sure he had been worried and feeling guilty.

No, I haven't gotten the police report, as I've told some people, I am not ready to read it. I don't think I will ever request it. Ashley is still here with us, and there is really no need for me to rehash the whole experience.

Happy news---my landlord is working on creating some kind of pad? for the central ac he will install for our apartment. It's about time!

I have noticed, though, the hallway lights are out (bulb burned out?) and there's something weird going on with my bathroom lights...and some other things that are showing up that is just too gross to mention in here. I'm keeping my eye out, but I have a suspicion there is something in the attic (that I have no access to).

My husband seems very happy with his job. He's content. He's excited. He's motivated. I'm very happy for him. I tried working with him on an assignment...his boss made a request regarding the logo for the company...but his sentence was so confusing, I spent time trying to translate in a way we both could understand. So when I got home, I found out the boss did come over to explain clear to him. So that was good. I am also very thankful the house was already picked up ... whew!

Well, if I don't blog again before this weekend, I wish you all a very happy 4th of July. Please be safe...and nothing foolish, please!