Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday surprise...

Well, I went to the dentist thinkin'...."I'm just gettin' my teeth cleaned today. Maybe they can tell me why my jaw/teeth hurts a lot. The new crown? We'll see...."

So I'm called in, and sit in the chair. The assistant asks me questions. I told her how annoyed I was with my doctor convincing me the pain I have in my jaw is related to allergies and sinuses, but after 4 months of dealing with it, and drugging myself with ibuprofen nearly every's gotta be the crown. 

So she x-rays my right side.

The dentist comes in, and says something to me. I ask her to move her mask down so I can lip-read, please. She tells me I have a bad back tooth.

My eyes widened ... "you mean the wisdom tooth? so I need to set up a time to get that yanked out?"

She nods...but maybe I misunderstood her.

I get my special bib on and I'm laid back.  The dentist swabs my gum...I'm little puzzled...but with stuff in my mouth I can't say anything.

Then I see the needle!  *gulp* So, I'm shot up.

Out came the pliers.

Yanks it out.

Stuffs a gauze in there. I was so surprised..."that's it?" I mumbled. Sounding like a cowboy with mouth stuffed full of chewing tobacco.

Yup. She slowly sits me up...asking if I'm dizzy or feeling sick. I'm nodding fact, I was telling her how great I feel, and ...well, I'm sure I'll feel lots better. I asked lots of questions like, can the wisdom tooth be responsible for my discomfort? and why would my doctor even think I was having allergies & sinus problems all this time? Yes the wisdom tooth was responsible for my discomfort all this time.

Drivin' home, still sounding like a chewin' tobacco cowboy saying prayers for a friend's mom, I gassed up and then went on home, blasting my radio, trying to sing but not with the gauze in my mouth.

Oh, my right nostril was numb. Felt weird trying to breath through that nostril. Oh well. Got me thinking...can eyeballs go numb? Has anyone ever experienced that?

It is 9 hours later since my tooth was yanked out of my head, and I'm still feeling great. No pain...and I am just thrilled that the annoying ache/pain I've had for months is...gone.

My daughter said it best: "Mom, since you were not expecting to have your tooth pulled, that is probably why it was easy to recover fast from it. If you knew you would have it pulled for a while, then it would be more painful."

Huh.  That makes perfect sense.  Now, I just have to set up an appointment for teeth-cleaning ... no more teeth yanking, please.

And, two friends warned me not to drink through a straw. Well, I don't have straws at home, so I was drinking water out of a bottle just fine, and had some pop and some milk. Still no problem.

I know I have been truly blessed today. And, I love my dentist. I do thank her from the bottom of my heart for helping the pain go away. Now, I just have to stop being a chicken every time I go to the dentist's.  

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Talk about crazy weather...and crazy week.

The craziness started out with me not getting any sleep last Sunday night, then Monday night I wasn't feeling good, went to work half day on Tuesday but went home to sleep the afternoon off.

Got my strength back to tackle a couple birthday events at the end of the week.

Oh, we had fun, of course. And I baked a very delicious cake...which is a rare thing for ME to say, as I'm not a cake person but...will eat if must.

Opa turned 73, and he truly enjoyed himself. He loved the attention we gave him, and the kids were just having a blast.

Later, I helped my sister with cupcakes to decorate for my niece & nephew's birthday party for the next the Hands-On Museum ...yes, they are sister and brother, born about 4 years apart, but their birthdays are 6 days apart.  So Katelin is 7 now, and Jordan just turned 3. Wow.

We went to the Hands On Museum which was fun, and I have to admit, more fun than any other hands-on museums I've been to. It was loud and rowdy and oh yeah, the chair I tried to sit in slipped out from behind me...(my those floors sure was slippery)....I fell on the floor.  All the kids were sweet and asked if I was okay. I just looked at them, "Oh, I was just practicing how to look stupid falling out of my chair. How did I do?"   All laughed. Phew. 

Today being Sunday, my husband and son went to their friend's house to watch some football and I'm left behind. Which is fine.

It's been such a wet, rainy day, and I'm just happy to find some ibrofren that actually works on me. I feel the moment. Had my coca-cola.  And I'm just relaxin'.

Only bummer thing to happen today is our big screen tv isn't working. We can hear the shows, but we have a complete black screen. We will be calling customer service to find out why it's happening.  It's brand new too...oh well. At least we have another small TV we can use for the moment.

Anyhoo...I'd love to see some sunshine.  Please?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A houseful...

Well, it's not really a house full of people or anything.

I am up early on a Saturday...I suppose 8 a.m. is early some of you out there. But no matter. With a full day ahead of me....I woke up with a long list swirling around in my head.

Gotta do this, that, and there and this again....and such and take him/her/it/something somewhere/overthere/outtasight or whatnot.

I also need to STOP taking in furniture seeking a home. Since I was in desperate need for another dresser, my sister gave me her upright one. And, my time was so tight yesterday after work, my husband needed to go somewhere for a meeting with the car after I got home, I left it in my car, overnight.

So, in a couple hours or so, gotta wake up the sleeping bear, hike down to the car, and take the dresser out.

This afternoon is a fellowship time in Monroe, so I need to bake something for a "bake walk" (yes, cake walk kind of idea, but we decided on baking..baked raise funds....).  And also a dish to create for the fellowship potluck.


So, I guess I should get dressed or something, get myself out the I have paper cups for cupcakes? I do not. I really need to go grocery shopping....

What you guys doing on this fine Saturday?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday the 14th...

Yesterday was the 13th. Not that it matters or anything dad never showed up to pick up my son from school...thankfully my son was able to grab the bus before it left.  My phone/internet/cable was out (again)...drove home on gas fumes, had spaghettios, mashed potatoes and rice for dinner. How's that?

This morning, I was able to fill my car up with gas....a full tank!  When did they raise it to 2.79??? Ehh...better than over 3.00 a gallon or something. But no matter. I was just happy that today started out much better than yesterday.  My phone is (now) working. I need to contact the cable company to come out and take another look at the wires or whatever outside my building. My neighbor had given up and canceled the company and switched over to a phone company that provides internet service. No cable for her, but she's happier with a phone and internet that has fewer problems than our cable company.

As I went to my library's (workplace) cafe, the poor girl behind the counter was having a very bad morning. She knocked out all the coffee beans, and I just patiently stood there eating my cheese sticks while waiting for her. Probably took her 10 minutes to finally get it all together.

I said to her, be thankful it's not Thursday the Thirteenth.

Anyhoo...not a lot of exciting things going on at the moment, so really nothing much to report. The weather has gotten better, so the commute is a bit better.  I should be thankful for that.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wishes for Friday...

Many kids are wishing/praying/hoping/crossingtheirfingers for Snow Day tomorrow.

My morning commute was fact, it was so smooth, I wondered where everyone was. Where's the traffic, I asked.

And got to work on time ... again.

But, later, around 11:00 a.m., the snow started.

And it snowed...

Until I had to dig my car out. Why didn't I park in the parking structure? I just wasn't thinking.

And it took me 1 1/2 hour to get home...BUT...I enjoyed the scenery, though. Big fat wet snowflakes floating down....then it really did come down.  Of course we have the usual nervous drivers out there. But I kept my cool.

Not a whole lot exciting things going on right now.  My dad is in the process of "downsizing" his home so he can put it up for market and get himself moved out to Jackson. I did visit him yesterday and we talked a bit. Gave me a couple things and I was able to take away my baby blanket home.  It was sweet. It was little sad to see many things being put away/given away/packed up, etc.  But I'm proud of him for taking the next step in his life.  To prepare himself.

Okay, I got a boy singing in the tub...and he is also fervently praying for Snow Day tomorrow. Wouldn't that be a hoot?  Wake up in the morning and we'll see! 

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy 2010....

It is Sunday. I am up too early. Can't go back to sleep so might as well just catch up on emails and just poke around until I wake up two teenage girls for showers, and get every one up for church. I think I'll make a pot of coffee while I'm at it....

Looks like we are off to a good start.  Starting a new chapter in my life. Turning a page here....wondering what 2010 will bring.

Christmas was very quiet....which is what I like. Being with just my own family made it even more pleasant. And then finally taking the kids over to their grandma's....made it even more pleasant. And just having the time off from work made a big difference.

New Year's Eve was spent with some wonderful friends. I learned to play 9 Golf card game. Kind of funny and at times, I find it ...annoying but it was fun the same time. Then in the morning, I learned how to play Apples to Apples.  That was really great.   I think I'll get myself that'll be great when we have company over or something. I think my dad would enjoy the game too.

I did make my bacon wrapped water chestnuts...and yes my friend's husband fell in love with it. Very addictive. Also made my sister's "heart attack waiting to happen" dip. *grins*

Looking back over 2009, I can only say, I'm glad it's over, time to move on, move past it, and start fresh  for 2010. Again, I look forward to seeing what God has planned for me, for us, for everyone this year.

Happy New Year, you all.