Sunday, August 31, 2008


Tonight my husband and I watched "Chuck and Larry". I have heard reviews of it, and never had the opportunity to see it.

Tonight it just happened to come up at the right time when I flipped the channels. We both watched it while eating dinner. It was really funny to watch.

Normally I enjoy a good comedy. Sometimes I might be able to tolerate very stupid, but funny stupid kind of comedies...such as "Dumb and Dumber". If it can make me laugh a few times, I will watch it. If it doesn't tickle my funny bone, I change the channel.

My weekend went pretty well. I don't even remember what I did on Friday night...except to take Josh over to his grandma's. This is when my husband finally remembered to give me a message 4 days later, that grandma wants Josh for the weekend. Ahh.

As I took Josh to grandma's, I decided I would drive through downtown Ypsilanti. Know who's filming in town? Drew Barrymore. Yes. I saw in the paper the other day about one diner I am familiar with getting a paint job and being filmed for a scene. WOW! So I told Josh about Drew Barrymore. "Who?"

Um..."Remember E.T?"


"That little girl who dressed E.T. up? Who played with E.T.?"

His eyes popped wide open. HER???? Well, yes, but she's older now. Almost my age...(I think).

We saw the trucks and the lights...and people across the street watching....but I couldn't dare LOOK...I might hit the car in front of me. Josh didn't know who to look for, but he thought it was really cool!

Drew Barrymore is filming a movie, "Whip It", and has established some spots in Ypsilanti and Saline...and will be filming at a warehouse in Detroit (from what the news reported...). I have yet to see anybody famous. But I do know one person who is in the movie, and he has one line in the movie, as a police officer. He is married to one of my good friends. Ahhh....nice!

"Whip It" is about some girl discovering roller derby. It is still in production, so I really don't know the full scoop.

Well, it's late, and I'm off to bed. The weekend's been pretty quiet...which is lovely.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh deer....

It's really weird outside. It's just little overcast, and not much sunshine...and expecting it to rain. The feeling of being stuck between summer and fall. Like it's teetering on a fence, deciding which side to jump down onto.

Shall we nudge it back into the summer side?

This morning I ran across a couple deer ... and realized that the deer are out now...

The one I nearly hit was just standing on the side of the road. When I slowed down, the deer just calmly looked at me...and let me pass. Egads.

Further down, another one was bounding across the road. Nearly missed that one.

Much further along...more deer on the fields by the road.

I cautioned the team (Deaf Cafe) about driving and to keep eye out on the deer. They're out! Watch out!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

GIVE UP vs. give up

It certainly felt like a Friday or at least a Saturday to But no, it's only Wednesday and the last week of August.

I took today off to be with a friend at a funeral for his sister who passed away. The service itself was very lovely and I could not see the interpreter very well---without getting a kink in my neck. But I could lipread the speaker very well. I especially like what he said about give UP (to God), not give up (quitting)... and I thought, wow. If things are tough going in this world, give it UP ...(to God...), don't give up (quit).

I then went into Adrian with Ashley (she had gone with me) and we went shopping at Staples and then at Walmarts. I sure was worn out by the time I got home...and I'm still wearing myself thin.

I got home in time to grab Josh from "Milkboy"'s house and take him for a haircut at the barber. I said I want everything to fit in with the bangs I gave him few days ago. So the man was really good about trimming 3 months' worth of summer hair off Josh. What a difference it makes. Then came home and ordered pizza while I prepared lasagna for tomorrow's Deaf Cafe husband would only need to throw it in the oven tomorrow afternoon an hour before I get home.

Got load going---the washer and dryer is happy to be on with me tonight---and I even got to mop the bathroom floor! The kitchen needs it but I'm too tired to clear it out (have rugs everywhere)...

Anyway, I also need to write up scripts so need to get crackin' on that. Kind of hard to get into that frame of mind.

Hope all of you had a good day today.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Panic at the Disco...

Got an email from Ashley this morning...I knew about this, and the group being Ashley's favorite. While some secular groups are "okay" or some are pretty outrageous, I've "listened" to their lyrics and they're not bad. Ashley is very mature for her age, and I trust her in what she listens to. Anyway, I knew about this group coming to town near where I work, and I had hoped, HOPED she would never find out.

Well gosh darn it...I received an email from her:

Ashley: I signed up for this website where they email me and tell me what's band's going to be playing where in Michigan. Panic at the Disco is playing near your work...please? (she enclosed a link for me to check out).

Gasp! The site she had was going for 77 to 400 dollars! NO WAY! I wrote back:

Me: I'd love to take you but the rates are outrageous. And I don't like main floors. Being short, it's very difficult to see over other people...and very crowded!

Ashley: dang.

After thinking a while, and checking out what my benefits are as an employee, I found the rates to be much lower! MUCH LOWER. So...I wrote her back...

me: let me see what I can do.

True enough, someone mentioned a site I can use and sign up for that. So now I'm waiting for my own special registration information so I can access this site and get it at an incredible good deal.

Nice to know it can be possible to accomplish this.

Stay tuned: if I'm successful and will be the coolest mom ever (winning more gold medals...), in her eyes. I know she will work very hard for this. Early birthday gift for her, yes.

I'll just take out my aid and just go with the flow....

Monday, August 25, 2008


Eight more days until my kids go back to school!

Saturday night, Josh stayed the night with "Ilovechinesefoodnow!" and spent most of the day with him. Last night, Josh invited Milkboy over to stay the night. Milkboy had been grounded almost the whole month...getting himself into one trouble after another. When he finally came over last night, I was so happy to see him! I asked him if he can try to stay out of trouble this time---the summer's almost over!!! He just blushed. But I'm glad to have him around.

I didn't have my hot double date with the washer/dryer over the weekend. Instead, I took my kids to the lake on Saturday---and came home, and did absolutely NOTHING. It was nice to lounge around ... doing nothing.

I do have a busy week ahead of me.

A funeral service to go to on Wednesday. My dear friend's sister passed away Saturday. My heart goes out to him and his family.

Wednesday night prepare the lasagna dinner for Thursday's Deaf Cafe meeting!

I am hosting a Deaf Cafe stage team meeting at my home. It's so RARE to have them hike down to my neck of the woods for this purpose. Rare. Most meetings are held in Flint at someone's house...and I'd meet on videophone (or webcam). Practice meetings are at someone's house OR some church...but this week, my house! WOO! That's a very rare treat. And of course I host a meeting during Christmas vacation as well. Yeah.

For this Labor Day weekend, I don't think we'll do anything but go to the lake again. Last chance to bake myself a bit more and chill out before the busy school season starts. Ahhh!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Last weekend...

Just thought I'd share some pictures of my fun time last weekend. We had attended MIBCD's annual camp (or retreat, as some might like to say)....

The kids had a blast. Makes me laugh every time I see these pictures.

Let me introduce: Ashley (in red shirt) with her friend Kayla and further down, meet my son, Josh in grey tshirt, with our wonderful friend, TJ.

That...they said, was a lot of fun!

I didn't know they would get involved in the whipped cream pie fight. I knew about the activity but ... just never thought much about it (I had my yummy nap time during this adventure).

Now I know why Josh's head smelled like milk for a few days after that. OHHH! Phew!


"But mom, I diiiiiiiiiid! Smell my hair!"


"Still smells like you took a bath with milk!"

Stomps off, growling....comes back with hair washed and a strong dose of some manly cologne he swiped from his 16 year old cousin.

Ashley, on the other hand, did take a shower so I never even suspected she had been a victim of this fun activity as well.

I'm just glad they had a great time. The grown ups enjoyed watching their antics from the safety of the back porch overlooking the area the activities took place. Smart.

If you want to see more pictures, I will be posting them tonight on the MIBCD site. Stay tuned and I will be updating this so you can quickly click on the link and will take you over to the photo gallery. Stay tuned.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Long time no see!

A dear friend of mine came out yesterday for dinner and for a much needed visit.

The day started out with...let's wait and see what I'm in the mood for dinner. Knowing there would be an ice cream social in the afternoon, I know my appetite will change.

My friend contacted me asking what he could bring. I basically said, "a big appetite!"

Well he sure did.

What did we have for dinner? Well, I picked up a couple pizzas from Little Caesar's. $5.00 per pie...a good deal. However, when both pies were completely consumed, there went my hopes for a slice or two for my lunch.

Ah. Talk about hungry guys.

My friend shared with us about his sister, who is dying from cancer. I feel for him. I do pray I've given him some comfort knowing I'll be there if he ever needs me.

My husband is pretty quiet. He doesn't say a whole lot. If there is silence, usually I'll pick up and make some noise and keep going...having a fun time of laughter and jokes. But also some serious moments.

I'm very glad he doesn't live too far from us. Only oh...ehh....40 minutes? I'll have to ask him.

We plan to see more of each other.

Dear friend, please remember you and your sister and family are in my prayers.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Something to laugh about...

While on my break, I was just checking out random blogs and came across Cake Wrecks. I laughed so hard over so many pictures of disastrous cakes. What were the people thinking? I also enjoyed the blogger's commentaries. Nothing like a great laugh to get you through. Some might be offensive, but I truly believe the blogger is good about editing some of them.

Yesterday after work, I took Josh and "Ilovechinesefoodnow!" over to Aunt B's house to swim. Aunt B is my sister...and she has a pool. Very nice to have! Anyhoo...Ashley was going over to Aunt B's house to swim with her friend Anna. Then Josh is sitting there with his puppy eyes looking at me, and I'm trying to call Aunt B on her cell. No answer. Feeling guilty but got the boys in swimsuits...and drove over. Hesitantly knocked on the door, and was greeted with my nephew's very toothy, drooly grin. Gave me the okay and I led the boys out back. Turns out Aunt B's phone was in her purse locked up in the car. Go figure. And didn't know her husband was still home, I would have called his cell. Pfft.

The kids swam, shouted, splashed and Uncle G became Super G! for killing this humongous wasp/hornet/something with a stinger that was trying to chill out in the pool with the kiddies. Nuh-huh. Sorry, we don't want to accidently bump into your stinger.

Well, Super G came out with one of his handy, dandy tennis shoe. Yup. Then he gets that pool net thing (for scooping out stuff that falls into the pool....) and ... it didn't want to drown. I'm talking about a huge thing with a stinger! He held it underwater for a long time but it sure fought. Then he scooped it out, held it down with that net thing and pounded away at it with his handy dandy shoe. Ding Dong...the thing is dead!

Josh and his friend goes over to check it know boys. Especially 8 year olds. Josh comes running back to me, "Mom! The stinger is still moving! But no head! COOL!" and demonstrates in ASL the thing being beheaded...and a stinger still "vibrating". Cool, indeed.

Ashley & Anna left. Then it was down to my niece, and the 2 boys. Aunt B takes niece into the house...and now there were 2...(except me). With "Ilovechinesefoodnow!" shivering away, it was time to go.

To find out his mommy forgot the house key. So both boys came home with me, and I made tacos for the second time in a row. Not too bad...I did better with seasoning the meat this time around.

Then mommy came around 9...and picked up her son. Was he a happy boy? Oh yes. Then the "dust settled" and I watched "Painted Veil" but had to force myself to go bed at 10:30. I'd love to see the conclusion of the movie. Will ask my husband how it was for him.

I have a great friend coming over tonight for dinner...I haven't determined what I'll make. Tacos again? I think there'll be a mutiny if I did that. Eh. My friend kept asking what he can bring---I said just bring a big appetite, but will let him know after would really depend on my mood. Most days I don't feel like cookin'.

I look forward to having great laughs. I haven't seen him in nearly a month.

Now, that dead thing Super G killed, I hope it wasn't part of the bee colony outside my building (next door...)...and they were saying in the news how the bees are becoming extinct. Hmmm...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I think it's kind of hard to come up with titles for my postings. Sometimes I might come up with one and find out some other blogger has the same one...and I don't like feeling they might come after me "stealing their titles".

One thing got me thinking about my weekend. I led the MIBCD choir into "Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord". While I did pretty good, I was ok with using a portable cd player, and it was at a comfortable, LOUD level...I was able to follow along. When we put the cd in the sound system, and a dear MIBCD member controlled the sound, it was so loud and very different from the cd player. I did lose my place at one point. I had to look over and point down, turn it down a bit. Then I was able to hear the words more clearly. I did mess up once...but the majority were deaf, so they couldn't hear the words...and we just kept going...and I know in October, it will be much more better. I will request practice time and get familiar with the church's sound system and set it at a level where I can "hear" it. I was proud of my MIBCD Choir. First time I had to lead a choir, EVER!

One wonderful woman who goes to Memorial Baptist Church in Sterling Heights did two songs on Sunday. The invitational was just so beautiful, and since those who are part of the Deaf Cafe team went up to the altar for prayer, I was not able to watch this woman do her song. I could hear the music and it was just so beautiful. I can't wait to watch the dvd when someone makes copies of the weekend's program. Once I get that, I will try to post it (after seeking permission from this wonderful person who signed it).

I got my Ray Boltz cd back from Bambi. I forgot it last year. I was so thrilled it was still there...and while I worked with the manager there, he shared that every time they worked in the sanctuary, they'd play that cd. I'm glad they were able to make use of that, but I'll be taking it home with me! It was so good to hear the cd again.

Sorry I am lacking on titles...maybe my mind just needs a break from too much creativity?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Can't think of a title...

I'm still thinking of a title for this particular post. My mind is just blank on that one.

Well, I survived the weekend---it was a really good weekend for me. I am the president of MIBCD, which several deaf ministries and churches gather together at Bambi Lake for a fun-filled weekend. We meet for fellowship, worship, and workshops.

It went well, and it was an emotionally charged, spiritually filled weekend. I can honestly say I was overwhelmed with everything I've learned. And it was also a time of healing. I was truly blessed we had a good turnout this year, and for the first time in a long time (that I can remember), my kids actually ENJOYED being there. We had 2 excellent children's group leaders. They were just truly a blessing!

Driving up there was not a problem at all, but coming home, we were stuck in traffic with having to follow detour around the Zilwaukee bridge. Oh can you say Tittabawassee? Yeah, Brenda and I had fun with that one as we passed that street sign (yes Brenda, I can remember the spelling too!).

We now turn our attention to Deaf Cafe's 5th season. The team and I will be meeting via webcam to plan out skits and songs and have things prepared for the September program. We're really excited about it this year.

Other things: I'm looking forward to the kids going back to school. It's gotten to the point they're really bored. Spending a lot of time with their friends is still not enough. But at the same time, I don't want summer to be over yet. So we'll see.

I'm kind of blank-minded at the moment. I know it will be an early bedtime for me. Will try to come up with an exciting subjet next time I blog.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Random Ramblings...

In the mornings, as I wake up, I like to check out for emails and such before heading to work. I checked out CNN news and I thought it was so funny to read about a man whose beloved car, a 1983 Lincoln Towncar has 1.3 million miles on it. Yes, you read my lips correctly. One point three million miles. I had a good laugh over that.

I have a 1996 Grand Caravan and well, it's served this family very well. I have put a lot of miles on it. Right now it's 230thousand miles old. I've had major work done to it, and it still purrs. I know it won't last forever, but it would be so interesting if it could go to 500,000 miles! Should I try that?? One of the panel siding on the side sliding door fell off. A piece of some rubber thing on top of the van (part of the rack thing up there) is starting to peel ...the paint has blisters....makes me think of my sunburn and my skin peeling. It's a bit beat up but hey it runs.

Well I'm at home right now, already fed my hungry son and husband...and waiting for the laundry to finish up. My husband is flipping around on the tv...aha! He found the latest "Fantastic Four" movie...the second one with the metallic boy surfing around on air.

I've been doing laundry and getting things put together to get ready for MIBCD this weekend. After work tomorrow I'm heading up with my gang to Flint. Then Friday morning do some business then head on up to camp.

It'll be fun.

Will blog about it when I get back. Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Safari Daycare Reunion

On Sunday my family and I attended a reunion. The Safari Daycare Reunion.

Safari was run by Ellen, who is truly a wonderful angel. She is the most humble person on earth and all the kids who have come to her the past 20 something years all adore her.

One day, one of Ellen's kids, J, wanted to have a reunion. My son Joshua was the last baby Ellen would care for before she retired. So lovely J worked with her mother, and they established a place for us to gather at Loonfeather Park which overlooks Ford Lake. Very lovely.

The day was cold, yes, and windy but not too cold we needed to put on winter clothes yet. We had brats and hotdogs, and some yummy dishes.

To see all the kids growing up so fast...and Joshua being the "baby" of the was just so sweet. Everyone was always saying, "Oh my gosh, look how big/tall/skinny/beautiful/(fill in the blank) you've gotten to be!"

Think: field trips, homemade science experiments, playtime outside/inside, crafts, reading time, nap times, snack times....trying out new recipes (their favorite being the volcano which is mashed potatoes with chili or something coming out of it), going nose to nose with bugs, sharing chicken pox together (yes, at one time 4-6 got it same time...), homework time, musical instrument practice, dress up, role playing, talent shows, a funeral or two, hikes at the local nature hiking trials, bike rides...celebrating birthdays and all holidays, making a big deal out of accomplishments. Everyday was a learning experience.

List could go on forever.

Diana came to Safari at 15 months old. Her sister would soon be born after that. Many kids have come through Safari all these years. Some have moved away, some have gotten old enough to fend for themselves at home...but still stay in touch.

Joshua would be the last baby. He left when he started kindergarten.

Ellen shares:
When I started doing daycare, it was to earn a living, but it turned into creating a life time of relationships with some of the most wonderful people God has ever created!
I had no idea when I held the majority of the babies I took care of, that I would continue to know them until they grew up or until God called them 'home.' There is no greater joy than seeing a little person completely dependent on you (or any adult) grow into someone that can be successfully independent. Part of that joy has been seeing so many of the kids become Christians and to follow God!

Ellen, we love you and we thank you from the way bottom of our hearts. You continue to amaze me with the gift God's given you. Even to this day, you are still a natural with children to this day. You continue to keep in touch with each children, and continue to go to their concerts and plays and sports events, maybe graduation or two. Before long, there'll be weddings.

And to J, thank you for the wonderful time. We'll have to do this again year perhaps?

Monday, August 11, 2008

In Memory of Rachel

Just wanted to honor the memory of my daughter, Rachel, today. She would have turned 18 today.

For those who are new to my blog, Rachel was my firstborn child. She had been diagnosed with cancer when she was only 3. Wilms' tumors (tumors of the kidneys) were a bit of a challenge to fight off, and the type she had were the most aggressive. We have had spent a year and half in the hospital fighting the battle.

One day, she just had enough. That was the hardest decision we ever had to make, after making sure she knew what would happen if we stopped. She knew. She was not afraid but she was very sad. However, she knew we'd join her in heaven when it was our time.

She has touched many peoples' lives...even strangers on a plane she would meet a few days before her death.

Rachel, I love you and I miss you.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Scattergories for Saturday

This is my 100th Blog! Woo! What a milestone! Did I really have a lot to say? Yup.

Anyway, I got this in an email from Brenda who is vacationing in AZ as I type this. While I'm envious of her (see, I grew up in you can see why...), I did enjoy playing this game. This came in an email format but if you want to play, you can play by adding yours in the comment box. Have fun!'s harder than it looks!
Hit Forward, erase my answers, enter yours, send it on to 10 people
including the one that sent this to you.
Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following.
They have to be real places, names, things..nothing made up!
Try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the
same 1st initial.
You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question.

OCCUPATION: Kitchen assistant
A COLOR: kiwi green...(I checked crayola...I did!)
BEVERAGE: kahlua (forgive me, Lord)
FOOD: Kringles chips
A PLACE: Kalamazoo
REASON FOR BEING LATE: uh....kissing?
SOMETHING YOU SHOUT: Knock, knock! Anybody home?!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Made it through this week! I am so glad it's Friday. Yeah yeah, I know you are too! Come join me in saying, Thank Goodness it's Friday!

I remarked to a co-worker the other day, I need a vacation to recover from my vacation. Well, a staycation would work best.

I'm thrilled to know that one of Ashley's friend is finally allowed to hang out with Ashley again. I'll call her T.T. A few months ago, T.T.'s mom accused Anna for egging their house, and Anna saying they never did. This was like back in April/May--I think. Maybe earlier in the year. Anyhow, they talked to T.T.'s little sister yesterday and somehow she admitted SHE egged the house. The girls were relieved but told the little sister they're not mad or anything and not need to worry. Well, the little sister felt so bad she finally confessed to mom. Oh did mom's heart drop and did she cry! She felt so awful, like the worst person on earth, she apologized up and down the street with Anna and Ashley and welcomed them back into her arms....but little sister of course got grounded....probably a lifetime.

So I'll be seeing more of those 3 monkeys now...Ashley, Anna and T.T. Last I heard, they've gone shopping, so it's long overdue, I guess, and make up lost time ... perhaps I'll take them to the lake tomorrow...

to catch up.

We had our first Deaf Cafe meeting last night...via webcam. I'm so thankful for technology that allows us to have means to have "conference calls"...and the meeting went well, and next week we will continue our planning stages for our upcoming programs. I'm really looking forward to it.

I suppose I'll try to have a date with the washer/dryer tonight ... get the rooms straightened out and reclaim my dining table. I've been given a box full of beef from someone who's gone vegetarian and well, sure, I'll take 'em. Ground beef, beef for stew, a couple huge

Other than that, nothing else exciting going on.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hard of hearing? Deaf? Hearing impaired?

I have had a chance to look at other blogs and have developed some ideas or blog topic ideas.

One is about how deaf people felt about themselves. So I read with interest how other deaf or hard-of-hearing people have described themselves.

I was born as a rubella baby. Meaning I lost most of my hearing before I was born. Some measle-inflicted couple visited my mother while pregnant with me in 1st trimester led me to my hearing loss. I have 80% loss in one and 90% loss in other. My parents didn't realize I couldn't hear until I was over a year old.

For me, my earliest recollection was wearing those gosh-awful boxy thing that you wore on your chest and a wire that is attached to an earmold that is probably as big as your ear. For me I wore 2. When they improved "technology wise"...downsizing that boxy thing into 2 smaller boxes...and wore it on my chest like a bra. Yes, and I wasn't even old enough to wear a bra!

Well...going from a deaf school straight to public school---being mainstreamed was a wild, scary adventure for me. I don't even think I went to kindergarten at all. Just straight to 1st grade.

My years in a public school were not the best but I believe I had the best schooling regardless of winging by, and yet to be sent to a special "resource" classroom which is set aside for special needs kids such as us. There were 2 other HH boys in my class (and I remember having a terrible crush on both of them too).

I finally got fitted with over the ear type of hearing aids when I was older. I can't tell you when that was. But I remember I was very self conscious about it and tried to hide it and be cool. But I was never cool enough for anyone. It, to me, was a painful experience.

My stepdad calls me hearing impaired. I have to make a correction on that. Either call me deaf or hard of hearing. Hearing impaired is more like, becoming deaf later in your life, or you jabbed 2 sharp sticks in your ears, losing your hearing kind of impairment. So most of the time I say I'm deaf. But when in a hearing social setting or workplace, I do pretty good with lipreading and hearing most sounds. People have mistaken me for hearing---but I don't always catch everything.

I have a newer type of hearing aid now. I was unable to wear 2 hearing aids at the same time---my hearing loss were not the same was higher than the other and trying to set the aids at different levels led to many migraines and imbalance. So I've done pretty good wearing ONE hearing aid. This new hearing aid I know proudly wear is a digital in the ear type, not over the ear...but the earmold type. It's very nice, and very easy to wear. And picks up more than my old over the ear hearing aid ever did.

If my ears becomes older as I age, and become profoundly deaf, sure. I will embrace it. I have skills in speaking, reading lips (depends on the lips, too...), and ASL. So I have no worries there.

I remember telling one former supervisor once (he was a very nice guy too) imagine the world was normal if everyone was deaf and the only "impairment" is being hearing? He really thought a long time about that. And just merely said, "interesting thought."

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I sing because I'm free!

Well, can any of you out there give me a better caption for this? I saw this on CNN news the other day and I just fell in love with the picture. I have always had a thing about lowland gorillas since I was small. I have enjoyed seeing them at the zoos I visit. I have watched movies that had gorillas in it. I think they are beautiful. But they're not my favorite animals in the world. I would have to go with Koala Bears. They are my favorite animal in the world.

"I sing because I'm free...."

So, I challenge you to send me captions for this picture. And we'll even take a vote too! So bring 'em on!

Yesterday was my 3rd year anniversary. Nothing exciting because we already celebrated early over the weekend camping. I got home and picked up "Ilovechinesefoodnow!" from daycare and watched him all night. His mom got home around midnight, waking me up and I went on home and crawled in bed. This kid was so well behaved, I'm so proud of him.

I don't have any big plans today except to prepare for MIBCD---we have our retreat next weekend. I am responsible for running the show as I'm the president. Also I'm leading a workshop and am supposed to lead my own church deaf ministry choir, and also...since someone dropped out being MIBCD Choir director, I have taken on that role as well. So I have a lot to prepare for and find 2 songs I feel would be fitting for the weekend's program. I'll need all the prayers I can get.

I have a lot to be thankful for these days.

Monday, August 4, 2008

What I did last weekend...

  • I brought the whole gang to work with me. Worked half a day. Went to bank, paid a bill, picked up lunch (2 wanted Quiznos, 2 wanted McD's), and gassed up the van, which I think was watered down a little...those cheaters....
  • Arrived in Flint about 2 pm to drop off BFF. Brenda's driveway was full of yardsale stuff! My sister met up with us there to take my kids home with her for the weekend. I poked around the yard sale a bit and collected pots which would turn out to be very handy for camping.
  • Went to Kroger's to get some food. Yum. The food bill was a teeny bit too high for me, but it was worth it. I think.
  • Took off...and arrived at the campground and was given a rustic site! Um...oh ok. But see, I didn't reserve beforehand, and they did hold a site for me until we showed up. So I have to take whatever they give us. So that meant no electricity for us. That's fine. We'll make do. It took Tony and I a while to figure out how to set up our site. It's very rustic. Oh yeah. And found out we can move the fire pit! So that was a good thing.
  • Dragged 50 feet long electric cord from a modern site through the trees and bushes behind our site...and blew up our air mattresses. Thank goodness I had that in my van!
  • Went to Port Sanilac for dinner. Came back and it was too dark and the grounds were damp so we didn't do campfire. Went to bed instead. That must've been around 10 pm.
  • Made yummy blueberry pancakes for breakfast. We had borrowed my sister's camp stove so that was nice to have. After that, we did dishes (had to sneak to the modern site and use their water faucet) and ... relaxed a bit.
  • Ate lunch (deli) and then put on our swimsuits, loaded up our chairs and towels and hit the beach. Port Huron is gorgeous! We had to kind of poke around a bit along the beach until we could find a un-rocky area to wade in and go swimming. I feel bad I'm not young anymore and can just dive in and swim like a child. Oh well. But it was very enjoyable and just gorgeous! Sat on the beach and just relaxed, and read our books.
  • Headed back to our site and started dinner that consisted of flat-iron steak and baked sweet potatoes and grilled corn on the cob. Oooo la la. Oh yeah, I even cooked onions, green, orange and red peppers. Yum. Cleaned up then started a campfire. Chatted and read our books, until I turned in for the night.
  • We had a severe thunder/lightning storm all night long! Our canopy tent had crashed and fell down. I had to go out there and move it away from the road...and had to undo some of the poles so could pull the top directly over the picnic table. I would deal with the rest of the poles in the morning. It really felt like inside my tent paparazzi going off in there, the constant lighting up! I at one point shouted to God, "Hey, who's in trouble???" but that was more for my humor.
  • Since I didn't sleep too good, I got up early, and went out to check out God's wrath my canopy had to endure. Two corner brackets were broken. So I figured duct tape might fix those two OR...just replace those two brackets. Not a big loss. Reset the poles and raised it back up. Secured it once more again. Prayed a little and made some breakfast---sweet italian sausage I had to open up and cook on gas stove, with eggs, cheese and bagels. It made for very yummy breakfast sandwiches.
  • I took a short nap after lack of sleep during the storm. Tony had gone for a walk when I felt the canopy crash again. So I woke up and went out...decided we'd take it apart. So we did. Tony came back in time to help me take them apart and pack it up. At least our site was very shady so we didn't lack in shade. We ate lunch and then headed to the beach. Spent all afternoon there, and the water was wavy, so it was very pretty. Did not swim but did wade a little.
  • Read our books, drank our pop and chatted...or dozed off. Beautiful place.
  • Decided we didn't want to cook dinner so we went to the restaurant. Ordered something nice, but I felt my dinner was too rich in sauce. Went back to the campsite and we built a fire...and made smores. Chatted more and read our books. I had finished 3 books over the 3 day period.
  • Got up late...I ate deli sandwiches while Tony had cereal. We took down everything and loaded the van up. Because the modern site I was "borrowing" electric from was full, I felt it was rude to go over and sneak some electricity to deflate my mattress, I just did the best I could and threw it in back seat. Will deflate it completely at my sister's house.
  • After clearing the site, we stopped at the showers and I took my final shower there. Felt so good! Waved goodbye to the lake and off we went.
  • Arrived at my sister's and pretty much crashed ... it was tiring! I nearly fell asleep on her floor. Ate lunch with them and played Uno with them. It was fun.
  • We left around 4 and arrived home about 6 pm.
The Lake was just gorgeous. I would say it's my second favorite. Lake Superior would be my first favorite of all. The nature, the way the beach was set up and the friendliness of others...and Tony learning patience during the whole weekend (if he started to get frustrated or think about complaining, he'd stop and then give me a goofy silly smile...and try again...). Learned how to make campfire. Learned how to make smores too! Yum.

My whole weekend, I felt very close with God and with my husband. It was a much needed time together, and with God too. I have NO complaints. What is the point of complaining? So we just look at it in different ways and find something good out of the whole thing.

Would I do it again---rustic camping? Yes... but will try to aim closer for the restroom (that...was like what, a half mile away hike for me???Pffft) and ... closer to an electric outlet---OR...water source. Amazingly, I wasn't even that dirty. Only my feet would get little muddied or sand on it, but it was nothing I couldn't clean off with a towel or wipe on rug.

That, my dear friends, was my adventure over the weekend. Camping is a very enjoyable time, and total relaxation. Made friends with my neighbors...the kids next to us were in awe, I think, to see two people communicating in ASL. LOL.