Friday, February 4, 2011

I've climbed the ladder....

What a week!

Started my new job...or new position...wait, promotion. *scratch head*....whatever, you know what I mean!

I merely just moved across the hall from one department to the next. From the exciting world of Interlibrary Loan to Cataloging!

A big difference from my former position. And...I made it. To. Today. As. In. Friday!

Monday was where they were welcoming me, and going over the basics of what I'd be doing. There will be 3 stages of training...leading up to 90 days.  And, the first stage is doing easy stuff, until I am comfortable in the saddle and going at a steady pace.  Each day, my horse goes little faster, and I'm improving and remembering the stuff I used to do back in 2007. Giddyup!

Even though technology changes constantly, and newer, quicker, better, faster ways of making the work go faster, easier, smoother, etc (take your pick)....I find myself slipping into old habits from 2007...and sometimes sub-consciously, my hand or finger will reach a key that should not be touched, but out of habit. 

Anyway, other than that, having a great week, and as one of my collegues in that department stated today to my supervisor, Captain Awesome, that I whip through the books so fast, it took her a while to realize that I am doing more than they expected me to be doing. So, that's progress, right?  Having me onboard really relieved a lot of the stress and the workload on those 2.

We did have a snow day this week! From work! WOW!  That's a rare treat, and I really do like our University's President...looking out for our best interest.  Wednesday was a snow day, and I am glad, because that was my bad migraine, fall down the stairs kind of day.

In spite of all the drama of starting my new position/promotion/job and a Snow Day and migraine/fallingdownthestairs week, I have been truly, I mean TRULY blessed. This is where I want to reach up to God and give Him a big bear hug. Seriously. Lord, come on down. I want to hug You so badly!

Thank you, Lord, for all You've done for me this week. It has truly been a blessing, and a big honor to have the wonderful opportunity that has happened to me this week. Thank You for protecting me when I fell down the stairs, and giving me the comfort during my migraine bout.  Also, I want to thank You for the financial blessings as well. And, of course, thank You for sending the angels who out of their servant heart, felt the need to share some groceries with us. We WILL pay forward....we will bless someone else in need.