Friday, February 26, 2010

How to get rid of kids for the weekend....

I got rid of both kids for the weekend. One kid went to hang out with his uncle's girlfriend's son who is the same age, and only lives about 30 miles from here. They try every way they can to get together...whenever possible. And it was worth driving in this horrible weather to meet halfway to drop him off.

Then, after posting a wish how to get rid of the other kid on Facebook, my daughter comes in to let me know her friend's dad is picking her up to stay the night with her friend, and be involved with the school band lock-down tomorrow. What, did he read my mind or something?

Sweet!  I can sleep in tomorrow! Yesss....

So, I think, in order to get rid of your kid(s) for a couple days, you probably just need to do lots of wishing.

And it helps when the kids' friends are begging: "Mom? Can so and so spend the night with me?"

It's really cool. Try it. It works.

If not, don't shoot me.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Another IRK'ed moment...

I was really irked today.


Well, I got to work just fine. Little tired, and gravity was really hard on me physically. After being laid up for 2 days, 3 nights...being sick to my stomach...well, of course, you'd be worn out. And off balance.

Got to work just fine. Pulled up to the back door of the library (loading dock, really, for deliveries, mail, etc)...and had him go park. (Then at lunch I had him pick me up there so we could go somewhere for lunch, etc. And again, after work, meet me back there so I could have him meet up with a DC team member to go to rehearsals tonight).

This morning really, really, really, really, I mean, really irked me!

We were minding our own business..doing our daily routine of starting out what we do every was oh say about 8 a.m. ( I start work at 7:30) the PA system went off, telling us to not take the elevators, and leave by the nearest exits.

*sigh*....why aren't the fire alarm flashers not going off? I was quite concerned thinking my husband wouldn't know what was going on if someone tapped on his shoulder, and made him get off the computer in the computing lab.

If the flashers were working, all they'd have to do is point at the flashers, and he would get it. 

So, with someone's permission I quickly checked the lab, and he wasn't there. Was thinkin' he's somewhere else.  So I had to leave by the nearest exit....

Another department were leaving the same way, and know what, they whined and complained about the snow that would not be cleared away from the exit doors, etc. It will ruin their shoes. They didn't bring their boots. Boo hoo. Sorry ladies, but I think your safety comes first, not your shoes. They're replaceable. Not you. I didn't care and just plowed right through....

Man was it loud outside. PA system ALL. OVER. THE. CAMPUS! "DO NOT TAKE THE ELEVATOR! TAKE THE NEAREST EXIT" etc...very echo-y too.Yes sirree.

As we waited a bit, a student runs out with his laptop, points at it, a group rolls their eyes and we all march back in.

Turns out that there is a malfunction in the PA system.

It went on for quite a while. After I did some UPS work, as I walked back to my office, I asked someone if someone shot the PA System and put it out of its misery.  

Oh so, I was not the only one irked by this. Everyone was irked. Very. Irked.

So, to make me feel better, I went in with my husband to Sam's to get membership, and decided to poke around a bit before we met up with his ride for Flint tonight...we got a Tom Tom GPS. How cool!

So after husband jumped in with his co-hort to Flint, I got to use TomTom for the first time. That was really cool! We had been wanting one since we would be doing quite a bit of traveling this year...2 out of state trips that we know of, and lots of in-state long distance trips such as camping, etc.

Well, Friday is here, and my irkiness has started to fade away...and I'm alone, with my son somewhere in the house...and ... it's just so nice to ...chill out.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Storm 2010

Well, we have a storm at full force right now.

And my family's sick.

Well, since Saturday night, Josh had been sick. All day Sunday was his bad day. Missed 2 days of school.

Today...Ashley was sick. Stomach hurts.  Husband is sick too. He looks awful.

And today, I haven't been feeling good myself, and since I'm pretty good at predicting when it will hit me hard, I put in for tomorrow off. If each day after the day before is harder for me to think, then the next day will be the real deal of camping out in the bathroom with the stomach bug.

And I get an email alert from the schools here that they will be closed tomorrow.

Why? We're having a snowstorm.

Major.  No wonder it was such a fun slippery drive home.

Now we're all snug as bugs and no worries about lack of food (freezer is still crammed full, fridge is full of everything)...and I can just focus on fighting this bug off....

Be safe out there, if there's a storm in your area....or  heading your way....

*thanks to Clark Cothern for this fun picture...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Random Thursday Thoughts...

  • Why does my son put off doing his homework? 
  • Why is the TV not working?
  • Is that rear tire on Betty (car) getting little worn out? Will she need a new one? How can that be?
  • I need to get Betty washed. She's gettin' awfully snow-dirty. 
  • I really think it's unfair that certain people do not pay overdue fines...just because they're faculty. But students and staff gets billed for overdues. Sheesh.
  • I need to try the Kaboom bathroom spray to see if it works.
  • Need to hang up curtains in Ashley's room.
  • Wishing I can order a new swimsuit. But I'm afraid to order one, try it on to find out it doesn't fit or look good on me. 
  • I'm really happy one of my friends got a job...I'm so thrilled for him!
  • Also told my son tonight, "I do NOT want to call Jo from SuperNanny to come and scold you into doing your homework. She will scold you into listening to your mommy. And that would NOT make YOU look good!"
  • The National Anthem will be sung in ASL for the Superbowl Sunday game! Can't wait!
  • So glad Wii is fixed.
  • So glad to have my dining table back.
  • What is the difference between "6 more weeks of Winter and 6 weeks until spring?" me it means almost the same thing...unless I'm missing the point somewhere here.
  • Boy, that tall glass of chocolate milk was awfully good. 
  • Special K cereal is on sale for $1.88 at CVS. What a deal!
  • Need to stop staying up so late every night.
  • Oh, don't forget, tomorrow you'll be getting yourself re-certified in CPR training. Ah, how I love to learn how to save lives!
The list could be lots longer than that. I'm sure many of you have that as well.

Yet, keeping my mind occupied is a good thing, yeah?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I blame the full moon...

that we had over the weekend.

Man, I had a lot going on the past few days.

We need to get our TV repaired. I finally located our yellow pages book (it's brand new too!) and looked up for a TV repair man to come and see why our TV isn't behaving.  The TV was working fine last Friday night...laaaaaaaaate Friday night. Saturday morning, my son turned the TV on, and it was black. We could hear the programs...but nothing.

I blame the full moon.

I can say one thing...I'm very tired of the cold weather. I love the beauty of winter, but to deal with chilled bones and achy joints...that I do not like. I am desperately seeking a hot tub/jacuzzi. Seriously!

I blame the full moon.

Several of my friends have been having bad/strange/weird/something moments. I blame it on the full moon we had over the weekend.  What triggered people to become crabby? Or, why did appliances not cooperate, but act up? For example, someone said it must be spring if her house got flooded by her washing machine (it goes into a work sink, and THAT somehow overflowed)...another friend's stove/oven just...quit. Gave up its ghost.  She will convince her husband to switch over to gas.  "Electric seems to take longer to heat up and stuff. I miss having gas..."  and oh yeah, another friend's Vibe is part of the recall...sticky gas pedals. *sigh*

Again, it's the moon's fault.

And for my sister's 33th birthday tomorrow, Feb. 3rd, she is have 3 of her wisdom teeth pulled out. Eeeyouch!   Poor thing. Good thing she's on staycation this week. (psst...happy birthday, baby sister!)

How unfortunate to spend your birthday having teeth yanked out of your heads. I will definitely be praying for you, sis!  Maybe it'll go real smooth like mine was last week!

Can't blame the moon for that one.

My husband was hounded  by phone calls by a Ford dealership nearby that he won a prize. Now, I'm trying to figure did they get his name, and our Videophone number? He called them back, what is it? But we have to go in person. It'd be a shock if we won a car, but I'm sure it'd be something like...a foam finger or something.

Must've been the full moon that gave Ford our number.

It's late and the moon's not full. So, let's see what tomorrow brings.