Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Changes are happening

There are many major changes happening right now in my life. 

Changes that must need to be order for some of us to be able to move on or move past whatever issues have been holding us back. To grow in areas of life where we need growing in.

Wherever God leads me at this point in my life, I will follow.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Time flies...

This weekend I'm up in Gaylord, which is up quite far north enough for me. When I drove here yesterday, the roads were fine. We have been having a mild winter as of late. As I pulled into a gorgeous "mansion" there were snow on the ground and the driveway was like a skating rink. But as 22 of us slowly rolled in, the weekend was underway.

Every year around February, a bunch of ladies and I from all over Michigan meet up by renting a place for a few days, that comes with hot tub and if we're lucky, a swimming pool (indoors, of course!). As long as there's lots of room, enough beds to go around, and food as well, we're set for a fun-filled weekend.

This is my 4th year running, and I was just told by someone who has been coming longer than I that she never expected to see me return after the 1st year.  She usually doesn't open up to people quickly, and sees me in her in some ways. I don't always open up quickly, I need to keep my bearings around me, and just observe. 

When I arrived yesterday, I ran into Sheryl, who had just lost her daughter to drug overdose 7 months ago. I knew she was truly heart-broken, and dealing with the guilt that comes with losing a 20-something year old child. I hope I was able to give her enough words of comfort and encouragement.  Then I mentioned something else that pretty much stayed with me all day.  It was the 17 year anniversary of my daughter's, Rachel, passing. After what I could for Sheryl, we joined the other ladies in games, cooking or chatting. 

This year, I find myself being more spontaneous than the last 3 years. When there was a mention of doing the Polar Plunge this year, one was looking for others to join. All day, nobody responded to that email, so I responded by saying, "if no one else will do it, I'll join ya." 

Tonight, talking to that one person (the longest-running member of this group), she said she never expected someone like me to step up to the plate for the Polar Plunge. And yes, I do surprise people. I'm actually more social this year than the last 3 years. Later, as I sat down to start writing this post, I looked over at the woman who just mouthed, "I'm so glad you're here". That just warms my heart.

Seventeen years have passed since Rachel went to heaven. I did take some time out to marvel over the time that has passed.  I find it easier to help others who are dealing with loss of a child or a close family member. I also have been making myself available to one sweet friend whose husband is battling cancer. I even gave up a work day just to hang out with her and her husband as they dealt with 5 appointments all in one location. To be able to be my usual entertaining self, and helping kill time, I know they appreciated it, but I was deeply humbled that they allowed me to spend the day with them.

We will see how the weekend turns out. Just finished up putting final touches to our costumes for the Plunge tomorrow.  It'll be me, Lisa and Rachel.  And we're also doing this in memory of Rachel's grandfather, who used to do this every year.  :)