Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What a whacky week and a weird Wednesday to boot!

My, my.

I don't know what it is about this week. And we had a full moon LAST week. 

Wait, I guess it's safe to say, "What a whacky couple of weeks...." *shakes head*

I kind of lost track of the when's when something...(weird....when...what a weird english word to say...when...) weird or scary or irky happens.

I nearly got blindsided by a driver who never looked over her shoulder or checked to see if it was clear 'n safe for her to change lanes.  I had to swerve into another lane to avoid being hit, and thanking God that the driver in the next lane was far back enough and slowed down enough to let me quickly get into her lane. Now, if I could just convey my thoughts and feelings to the crazy driver through Betty's horn...

Wait, that happened on Monday. Ah.

Yesterday I misunderstood the Great Bobini as he came through my office with a huge rolling bin...(cart, whatever)....thinking he was there to pick up recycled books or schedule books or whatever. It was still morning. When he said, "No, I'm here to DELIVER..." I thought, DUH!  But again, I have to be little bit more patient with his signing. He isn't full ASL but again, I wasn't fully awake. When I realized my misunderstanding, I told everyone to hold on a second, and drank some more coca-cola....for the caffeine boost.

Last night I took a nice long hot shower.  This morning after I've arrived at work, I was wondering why my hair felt so .... icky.  Then I realized ... I didn't shampoo but I conditioned. Ahhh. No wonder my hair was all...icky. Brought back memories of being a 15 year old girl with bad case of acne and oily hair (oh yeah, those awkward days).

Oh yeah....I tried to use an ATM today at the student center. The ATM just shut off its lights, and "Temporarily out of service" blinked across the screen. Luckily my card was only 3/4th of the way in the slot thing. I was able to pull it out safely....and just stared at that thing. I've used it many times, without any problems. But why did it shut down on me. So I went ahead to use my card for my lunch purchase. As I sat down in the center, observing the people around me and not really reading my book, enjoying my salad...I saw people using the person has the same bank card as mine...and he had NO PROBLEM getting his money out.


After I ate, I tried again. It shut down on me again.

"Temporarily out of service..."

Oh man.  So....yeah, can you see where I'm going with this? Yeah? Good.

Got back to my desk, and shared this with a couple people. I'm very glad I could make them laugh.  Later, I went to the library's ATM (same bank company) and my card WORKED!

And my co-workers thought that was so hilarious. Yeah yeah....laugh all you want.

So, now, I've had a lovely long hot bath, and I SHAMPOO'ed  my hair....I made sure it wasn't the conditioner.


khaphuie said...

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Anonymous said...

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