Monday, April 26, 2010

In Tennessee now...

To be honest, I know being the President of the USA is a very tough job. And lonely. And while I appreciate you wanting to take a break from your daily routine, to come out and play in can be a little bit difficult to put my life on hold just so a large area of the state has to be cordoned off for your arrival.  Thankfully I was able to find another way to get into North Carolina for a retreat. No problem. Just that, I didn't want to wait in the traffic for hours.

And, I should have read the papers that you were staying the weekend to chill out. Oh, I'm sure it was a much needed break, to have the opportunity to play golf, and just relax. It must be really nice. I can totally understand. Being a full time working mom/wife requires me to take the occasional "let's run away for a while" moments whenever I can.

As my husband and I arrived in Caryville, TN (north of Knoxville)....we realized that when we left Ridgecrest, we had to go EAST for a bit because of the traffic snarl, we did that...and thank goodness for my 2003 atlas...we were able to figure out a better way to get around Asheville so that we could get going. We went East (when we needed to go West), then North, then South-West for a bit...FINALLY, West...then North. Oh lovely. And such another fun rollercoaster drive. Wow.  Betty (car) did a great job, but I think she was gettin' tired of the rollercoaster drive. It took us about 2 hours to leave the Asheville area...another couple hours to get to Knoxville, then another hour or so to get up North as much as possible, until the headache in my right eyeball pounded away and my stomach growled.

Got a room at Super 8 motel....very nice, very clean. And got a great view of the hills outside my window, very charming itty Waffle House was interesting...not a lot to choose from. (I think when we leave, we'll swing by McD's for breakfast and eat on the road...they have MORE to choose from).

I was able to use the free wi-fi here, so I went into to check out WHY the traffic was gnarly as I left Ridgecrest....OH!  The PRESIDENT was leaving for DC.  Oh! I didn't realize he was staying the weekend. Not many people knew that...or they did but not make much of a fuss.

What I found out was very interesting and I still have my thoughts but I still show respect because running a country big as ours, the great U.S. of America is a huge responsibility.  President did visit the famous Rev. Billy Graham at HIS house in the mountains. WOW! That's a wonderful opportunity. I would have loved to be the fly on the wall there, to see their conversation. Unfortunately, I guess, I'll have to read the news about that.  Praying for each other, then Billy Graham gave Obama and his wife a bible (each)... 

Then the President left for home...

At least we're in a place where we are safely away from all that traffic snarl, and oh yeah, great news, part of the I-40 that was closed off due to rock slides since October opened up in the evening. I'm sure many people are thrilled.  Weird, even that section of I-40 that was closed off didn't show up on Google Map. Interesting.

So I learned a lot. My Husband is a great navigator, but we do need to get a newer edition of the atlas. 2003 is very outdated. I'm sure some roads have been re-named or the routes have changed numbers or whatever. But the drive itself was just gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. I told my husband I'd love to live in the mountains when I retire...(maybe!).

Okay, time to wake up the husband, get dressed, throw our gear into the car and start climbing our way up to Michigan.  According to Google, I have 7 hours 22 minutes (that's without any stops) I plan to just focus on driving straight on with the gas stop/pit stop/lunch stop and try to make it in 7 hours and oh...35 minutes?!  Pray for us as we travel home....

Friday, April 23, 2010

Somewhere in Kentucky...

My husband and I left home around 4:45 pm, and we're driving down to Ridgecrest, NC for a retreat. We did stop in Findlay, OH for a quick bite, and I did good with what I ate.  Then...we tarried on...turning the wheel over to my husband to finish driving through ...Ohio. Until we got close to Cincinnati, we switched. Good thing too, as heavy traffic isn't my husband's strong suit. And besides, I enjoy driving myself. So, I let him enjoy the night lights and sights of Cincy...which was the best decision I've made. Until we crossed over into KY. Yahoo!
Drove another hour or so, and we are now north of Lexington. Not bad in one day's drive...or nearly 5 hours of driving. And get this....Betty still has some gas left. Well, a quarter left. So I'm very impressed with her. She handled herself very well.

We'll tarry on onto Ridgecrest. So far, it's been smooth sailing.

And Uncle Dave is with the kids this weekend.  Yeah.

I'm just glad it all worked out, and I know the kids are having a blast with him.

And it's nice to leave w/o worrying about the kids. Uncle Dave is someone who would give up his life for my kids. And he's got the biggest heart (bigger than the universe) so he's a huge blessing.

Well, I know I'm up early but it's purely out of habit. I might fill up the tub and read something for a bit until I wake up my husband, grab the free breakfast in the lobby and jump back on the road. Of course, we'll give Betty some breakfast too....the prices aren't very far off different that the prices in Michigan...maybe by 10 cents. But some of my Michigan friends will say, still cheaper!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh Boy!

Okay, I've lost track...and I'm ridiculously way behind on my goal of spring cleaning, getting ready for my North Carolina trip and getting TomTom fixed. Yeah, my GPS.  I really need to hunker down tonight and call tech support to help me fix TomTom. *pffft*

Been doing pretty good with my wellness plan. Cutting out on sugar and resisting Coke....oh yeah, that is hard.

And yesterday someone brought in carrot cake. 

So wait a minute, carrot is a vegetable. They made it into a cake. Is it bad to eat something that is a vegetable? I debated a long time, thinking about the ingredients. I mean, the frosting is cream cheese, so that's a dairy product. Milk is good for you, right? And there's lots of carrots. So how bad can it be to eat that? Hm?

Eh, no matter. I resisted. *gasp*

So I might be out of touch for a couple days, so that I can catch up on what I'm behind on...and go from there.

Now I just need to make coffee and get dressed for work. Yeah.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 4 and 5

Well, got home yesterday and didn't do anything. I had a sick husband and 3 rowdy boys (well behaved, but I call 'em rowdy due to their energetic mood), so for dinner to feed the boys, what was left of my fish sticks and tater tots. 

Except the 3rd boy hates fish sticks. He was happy to eat just tater tots.

Mopped the kitchen corner so that I can start more of my spring should be interesting how it turns out.

So my goal for today is to finish up some cleaning, prepare one dresser (the very long bedroom one) for moving to a friend's house...I sold her my bedroom furniture over a year ago, and the dresser was only thing not yet moved due to no truck (and no van!). But we figured if we tuck the dresser into the back of Betty (car), we should be able to carefully haul it to her apt.  Yeah.

First I gotta get stuff out of the trunk of Betty. Oh, joy, more work.

Alright, gotta get going. Will give an update if I ever get around to it.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 3 of "spring cleaning" project...

That didn't happen. *sigh*

Just a quick note...I haven't had a chance to clean last night. Oh, of course, I swept up the stuff my husband swept into a corner (and never bothered to use the dust pan and throw it away)...and did some dishes by hand. I went to a Life Group with my sister last night, and got home, was too tired to do anything else.

So that was the extent of my spring cleaning for day 3.  I do hope to accomplish some tonight and tomorrow will be my major all day clean-out/clean-sweep day. me!

Have a happy Friday....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Clean Day 2

After work today, I picked up a cake and a dinner from a couple people, and delivered to a family that just had a baby.

And in these people's place, I got to hold the newest baby. Ohhhh so precious!  *squeeeee!*

Came home with a new plan in my mind, and rearranging stuff. Fought with the vaccuum cleaner and I won. My husband didn't know how to make it work...pffft.  The one that actually works has 2 switches so BOTH must be on in order to work! 

And oh yeah, I made him clean up the book case. Too many books, he has.

Eventually I'm gonna have to climb up on the kitchen counter and dust off that ceiling fan. And give the floor a good mopping before I move a table into there.

So, yeah...would like to blog more but I'm so tired.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Clean Day 1

Well, today, I attempted to do some spring cleaning.

I left work early for an appointment, and got home in time...with lots of time to kill...

So...I started clearing out that big desk in the kitchen, and dismantled the computer in there.  My husband and I dragged the desk out to the dining room where I felt would work best for us, for everyone. Realized 2 computers can't fit on that w/o bumping into each other's chairs.

So I developed a new idea. Ehhh...will work on that tomorrow.  At least I got rid of 2 chairs ... gave them away to my fun neighbor next door...she can either turn them into outdoor patio chairs by replacing the cushions and getting outdoor kind or just put them somewhere in the house and enjoy the suede cushions. And while helping lug those down to her place, we talked about doing a yard sale in the backyard. Definitely!

So we're aiming for May. I think I'm going to borrow the idea from a church group, their "Make an Offer" kind of deal for the stuff we're getting rid of...just so we can de-clutter our homes.

Now, the kitchen's half empty. I have a piece of furniture in there that needs to be delivered to a friend...and start getting that kitchen more organized.

Okay, I just realized I'm not doing a very good job keeping up with today's posting. I have ... 8 more days before Uncle Dave comes to stay with my kids...and I want the place to be at least decent!

And, really, I'm long overdue for this kind of clean-sweep.

Stay tuned for Day 2...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter 2010!

We all know the real meaning of Easter, but it's okay to have some fun as well. Enjoy them, have a wonderful weekend and a Wonderful Easter!  With love from the Galofre Gang!

(thanks to Hollie for sending me these pictures she got from someone!~)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm a Big Happy Loser....

Okay, I decided and I'm very determined....

To stick to a plan I've just came up with today.

In fact, I emailed a friend asking if we should work together on our goals... lose weight.

She says: "I"m sick, sick, sick of my gut, gut, gut!" 

So am I. I hate how I look in my pictures. The double chins...ech.  And ...I don't like looking like I have a beer belly. Ewww (and no I don't drink beer).

SO....I've set up a spreadsheet, using an example from a group at work who has their own wellness weight loss support group thingy...and thought, oh that's easy.

We do not have to tell each other how much we weigh but can encourage each other to reach our goals. We only would (and could but optional) say, Oh I'd love to lose 30-50 lbs. but if I can lose more than that, it'd be so cool to get back to my pre-20's weight. Oh yeah, baby. Each week we would just post how many pounds were lost, and tally it all together...and discuss what to do with all those pounds....


After birthing 3 kids, it is nearly impossible unless you're a celebrity or a very rich famous person (or just have lots of money) who can do tummy tucks and such....gravity has not been kind to me.

So I've formed a group...invited some of my dear friends....they may join or not matter to me...and this group is called, the Big Happy Losers.

Yeah.  Has a positive ring to it, eh?

Made a deal with a sister to swim in her pool (once it opens up...probably sometime after Memorial Day...I didn't ask...but no rush there...not looking forward to putting on my swimsuit just yet....) and in return give her and her husband a couple hours to run away while I play with their spawns kids.  Swimming in her pool almost every day (by sneaking into their backyards so the monkeys won't see me), swim laps until I feel satisfied. And of course throw in some sun-bathing too.

So, my goal is to start...after Easter. The Monday after Easter.

Ready or not, here I go.