Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Wow, well, it's Wednesday. The past couple days I had what you'd call...."blogger's block"?

I had the weirdest dream the other night that I was captured by pirates...I guess from watching too much Pirates of the Caribbean or something. And being a deaf captive...that'd be something, wouldn't it? At the end I turned into their first deaf pirate. Go figure. I would make a terrible one, wouldn't I? I'd miss all those orders from the captain.

Anyway, Happy New Year. Eve. Yeah.

We originally planned on going up to Flint but if not many people are in town, I figured, why not just stay home?

Then Ashley asked if she could have a party. Sure....

So who's coming? One of her best friends, Anna.

Just those two.

"Mother, we'll just stay up to watch the ball drop on TV, then we'll scream and toast Happy New Year and then go outside and scream some more..."

Sounds like a great plan. I'll probably be in bed already.

Around 8 pm, "Mother, can we go buy the stuff we need for the party?"

The list:
Sparkling cider---make it look champagne-ish.

Food---I'm not sure what that'll be but it'll be something. And since it's a two person party, will keep it very small. And cheap.

Arrr, Arr....

Sunday, December 28, 2008

La dee dah....

Happy Sunday, y'all.

Nothing exciting going on. I realized the post I did yesterday didn't go through and I did not intend for it to be posted at all. So forgive me. It was a moment of "writer's block" or something.

The kids are at grandma's.


It's just the husband and I.


Kinda nice not having to break up the bickering between the siblings...and waiting for my turn on the computer. It's actually very, very, nice and quiet.

I hope to get a lot done this week. Do some work for Deaf Cafe, catch up on the laundry, bag up clothes we no longer need and give away to charity, and try to finish working on the 2 bedrooms.

Haven't decided if I'll take down the Christmas stuff yet. I need something to put on the mantle since I took the big tv down from there.

Guess I'll just chill out a bit before going over to visit my dad....

Friday, December 26, 2008


Well, the kids are still sleeping. I woke up with an achy tooth. Must be from all the sweets I had this week...

One thing I forgot to share.

Coming home from my sister's Christmas Eve, I was driving home carefully. I knew one of my headlights was out. And well, there's really nothing you can do about it on Christmas, right? Nothing's open. And living in a small town can be a bit of a problem (but I really don't care about that...).

I drove not fast. Just slow enough but at a comfortable speed. Didn't know what the roads would be like going home...after all, it had been raining all day.

Red flashing lights. If you see only ONE red siren light on the middle of a car roof, you know that's the State Trooper.

Huh, what did I do?

So I dutifully pulled over. Of course I was blinded by the search light. I turned on my overhead light and kind of kept both hands out so the officer could see. But had to block the glare of the search light bouncing off my mirror. He thankfully stood in front of that mirror to block the searchlight. I was able to see him very clearly. Most officers do not come up that far to your window. They tend to stand "at your shoulder" and ask for your id's, etc. Not this one. Hm...that was a surprise.

"What seems to be the problem, sir?"

"Are you aware your headlight is out?"

"Oh yes, sir. That's why I'm driving carefully home. And I will have it taken care of immediately when something is open."

He actually smiled. Asked for my license. Had to dig through my purse for that one. I should really have asked for a nice wallet for Christmas. Out came receipts, lipstick, change, etc. Aha, here it is!

My husband is sweating a little. I don't know if he was nervous or just sweating it out from having too much to eat.

I'm feeling just fine. Within minutes, the trooper comes back, and smiles, tells me I'm all set. And....

"Merry Christmas."

"You too, sir. I wish you a very merry one too. Thank you."

And put my license away, turned off my hazard lights, and carefully got back on the road and off to home. If I could whistle, I would have done that. We drove home in silence.

Gave silent thanks to God.

I shared with another sister who stopped by yesterday, and shared this. And she commented because if I have a very good driving record, that is why he let me go. If I had any points or tickets, I would be in trouble. ALSO....I have the Deaf Cafe-Flint magnet on the "butt" of the van so that is why the trooper came up to block the light. Awww.

Truly a very Merry Christmas.

I never got to make the eggnog bread. I have too much other food that needs to be eaten. I have 3 pies yet to finish. I have ... just too much.

Today, not sure exactly what I'm doing. Probably take the kids to their grandma's for the week.

And another crazy weather ahead.

Have a good post-Christmas day. It's just so nice to be off, and sleeping in....ah yes.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! Merry Christmas!

And it's even pretty with snowing outside! Not the slushy, wet day we had yesterday!

It's just...


The family and I had a grand time at one of my sister's last night. She has this beautiful huge home on a lake south of Jackson....and having all the nieces and nephews, I swear Jordan (almost 2) is the busiest kid of them all. But it was great to be able to finally, FINALLY, hold the youngest of all, Madeline. She is one and just an adorable baby.

And I'm sure everyone was pretty surprised to see how much Ashley has grown. She is officially a teenager, so I know everyone was pretty...taken aback. I was very proud of her.

The Apple Pie Party Dip was a hit...and I'm glad I made that.

This morning....

"No, Honey! Don't use the haircutting scissors to open a package!!!!"

Okay, back to this. Joshua and Ashley patiently waited for both me and husband to wake up. Then we opened gifts.

Very lovely things such as a little water fountain, and a new tea pot from the husband. I had gotten a sweet angel from the daughter. Lovely things. We don't need much.

Well, I will make egg nog bread and just find a pan to slap it in.


2 eggs, beaten
1 cup eggnog
2 teaspoons rum flavored extract (I am opting out on this...)
1 cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 cup butter softened
2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg

Preheat oven to 350. Grease bottom only of a 9x5 inch loaf pan or three 3x5 inch loaf pans.

Blend together the eggs, eggnog, rum extract (again, not using, not necessary?), sugar, vanilla and butter.

Sift together the flour, baking powder, salt and nutmeg. Add to eggnog mixture and stir just enough to moisten; pour into prepared pan.

Bake bread in large pan for 40-60 minutes or until tester inserted in the center comes out clean. Breads baked in smaller pans require 35-40 minutes. Cool for 10 minutes and remove from pan. Cool completely, wrap tightly and store in fridge.

So, you're welcome to join me in my kitchen and try this out with me.

Again, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bakin' away

Oh, come on into Kirstan's Kitchen.

I'm trying out a couple recipes.

Apple Pie Party Dip. That is with 1 1/3 cup of peeled, diced up apples. Then 2 tsp of apricot preserves mixed with it, and a couple teaspoon of fresh lemon juice (I squeezed a lemon to death for this one), then toss in some cinnamon and stir it up. Chill it for a while. Well, I put it in the fridge for overnight. It looks like a fruity salsa. Then to go with it, to make your own cinnamon tortilla chips. I was fortunate to find freshly made tortillas and cut those up, spread butter on those and sprinkle cinnamon over it (yeah, cinnamon with sugar) and bake for a few minutes in the oven at 350 degrees.


At the same time I made sugar cookie dough last night and this morning just baked a couple batches. I made my own icing (powdered sugar, milk, vanilla, stir it up then add food color for color)....Since I couldn't find my christmas cookie cutters I just rolled them in balls and let them become...."ornaments". And with those, it was easy to dip them in the icing. I had several different sprinkles to decorate so I did that.

I originally planned to make eggnog bread BUT...I do not have a loaf pan. SO...that will have to be done some other time. *darn*

Oh yes let's not forget the usual cheese & cracker tray and pepperoni slices.

We will leave around here about 1:30 or so and head out to a sister's house that is on the lake. She has 3 daughters...all under 6 years of age. Busy mom. And it'll be a fun-filled house.

What are you guys up to today? What are you guys bakin'?

Merry Christmas Eve.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday in a Tizzy....

I wrote to two of my friends saying, "nah, I'm not going to risk going out to the mall or store".


After I hit send, I found myself getting dressed and ...

....went shopping.

Oh hey, it wasn't bad at all! I got there at 10 am! Yes sirree I did! And it wasn't even crowded! So I was very happy.

But the JcPenney's in Adrian is very tiny. So it was very...tiny.

And not much but I was able to find great stuff for my husband, and found something for my daughter, which I really, really, really, really, really hope she her fashion style is something I can't even...comprehend! Josh is easy to shop for.

Oh yeah I treated myself to new snowboots and a pair of sneakers as my husband sort-of stole mine....

THEN...I went to Meijers.

My list is at home and I'm trying to figure out what I need. So I was mainly focused on picking up some pies for our family gathering tomorrow...then getting something for my own little family's dinner, and getting some other stuff I need to do. Yeah.

I was very happy to get out of there. Ech.

I would like to take a moment and thank my friends and family for those who sent their condolences. Thank you. I will miss my grandmother. We want to say thank you.

And, tomorrow, I shall write more.

I need to go get couple more things....but will do it downtown...and I should be done.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ashley!

December 18, 1995---Ashley Marie was born around dinner time.

The pregnancy itself was very interesting. Because you were my "longest" baby, I was never able to sit comfortably w/o you kicking me in protest. Being of short stature, it was no easy feat. I truly did waddle. And haven't seen my feet for the longest time.

When it was time for us to go to the hospital, your "Aunt Dee" came to take me to the hospital. Your daddy was out of state on a job assignment, and there was a storm going on that time, he was unable to make it home in time. Aunt Dee picked me up around 3:30 in the morning. She stuck it out with me until you were born.

You came just in time for dinner. I was actually getting very hungry at that time, but wasn't allowed to eat ...

Your grandma & PoPo were there, along with Oma and Aunt Dee. It was a big celebration.

Your daddy was able to come home 2 days later---when the storm let up.

Watching you grow up is a learning experience...every day. From a very patient puzzle solver to being gentle with people of all ages. And being very friendly with those who were of various disabilities. You had such compassion, it was truly a blessing.

I am truly blessed to have you in my life. I look forward to whatever the future brings into your life.

I love you, Ashley.

Love, Mom

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I fired myself....

I fired myself.

I was making this great lasagna dish. Thinking, oh this is gonna be so yummy num num.

I did everything right.

After 45 minutes, I check on the lasagna. Ohhh, the oozy cheesey cheese...and I cut into it to test the doneness of the pasta.


Um....okay, maybe another 10 minutes in the oven.

So I waited.

Test again....still dense. *scratches my head*....

I look at the box.

Duh! *smacks my forehead*

The box I had was for the kind you're supposed to BOIL.

I didn't use the right box...the kind that you DON'T HAVE TO BOIL...but will cook as you bake it.

I fired myself tonight.

But to do damage control...I took the TOP layer noodles the bottom 2 were edible. Not as dense.

And threw in some garlic toast (that I thankfully did NOT BURN)....

......................................and it's actually quite good.

Yeah. Next time, check the box. Make sure I use the RIGHT one!

Typical Teen?

I'm learning how to be a mom to a teenager...well, Ashley will be a teenager...TOMORROW!

I have to stop and look back at my own teenage years...and I can imagine what my mom had gone through with me. Then my sisters. We 3 were nothing alike. Different personalities, different choices.

For her birthday party on Friday she is having a night of games. We would be setting up the dining room into an arcade style or game up the chandelier it goes, and push everything to the walls and clear the floor.

And she's having some boys over. But don't worry, everyone. Again I say, this party will be closely monitored by the *MOM* (again, pointing at myself).

It'll be exciting.

I look forward to Ashley's teen years....I'm trying to keep a very positive outlook on this.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Not feeling detached...

Well, I know that HOT BATH I had last night soothed my po' achin' hips....because when I got out of the tub last night, I could miraculously move with ease! And of course, a good night's sleep helped.

We all slept hard, I know that.

I had been feeling detached ... really, my hips felt detached from my body.

I'm fine now.

This week is another busy week for me.

With Ashley's concert tonight, and having the "WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY IN EFFECT FROM 5 PM THIS AFTERNOON TO 4 AM EST WEDNESDAY" on my weather bug alerter thingy on my desktop...


And I'm again wearing a hoodie sweater. I think I can get used to this.

Okay, back to my busy week ahead....will have to do some bakin' and getting our home prepared for Ashley's Birthday Party on's a boy/girl party. Oh don't'll be closely monitored by the MOM....*pointing at myself*... and the boys have to go home probably 10 or 11 pm....the girls can stay and slumber. Will recreate the dining room into a "game room" or arcade or whatever, with the old traditional TWISTER game in the middle of the floor. Yeah. That'll be fun.

I will officially start my Christmas Vacation on Friday! WOO! And be off for 2 whole weeks! WOW! So, 3 more days....til I can escape.

Everyone at work are starting to feel burned out, so I know everyone's in a very good mood this week....

Sorry nothing witty or funny to blog about today. I couldn't find my good glasses but found my old ones....(blue frames...) and well, not too bad. My eyes finally adjusted to it...and I have to say, not bad.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Snoozes

On the way home Friday, I took the back roads....and of course, a woman had the misfortune to slam into a doe. Poor thing. Her windshield was smashed up, and the doe laid there dying in the middle of the road. Had to drive AROUND them. There were several good samaratians helping that woman so I knew she was in good hands.

(that reminds me, GET A CELL PHONE, KIRSTAN!)

We had a wonderful Deaf Cafe program Saturday night. Whew. But I'm paying for it with my sore hips, already. Having to kneel for a lonnnnnng time onstage, and waiting for the soloist to realize it was time for her to get up here NOW and SING! My hips were screaming....and charley horses going on at the same time. Even the kids' uncle who came to check out Josh's debut as a main role character in one drama knows me very well...could tell I was trying not to fall apart.

That happens when you're 40 and you have joined all those older people who breaks their hips or something.

I'm cooking ... no, baking sugar cookies right now with my own homemade powdered sugar frosting (food-colored, too).... (red and green...)....and just dipping them in. I couldn't find my own christmas cookie cutters at this time so I just rolled them up into balls, slapped them on cookie sheets and threw them in the oven. Then when cookies are done, I take 'em off onto cooling rack then I let it cool off a wee bit, then start dipping them in the frosting. Yum.

And they're for my student assistants at work. Yeah.

We were sooo tired from last night, even Josh got really sick during the night...ate too many brownies and peppermint patty candies. He's feeling better now...but yeah. Whoo. Being so sick, we decided best course of action was to come straight home instead of going to church. I don't want the risk of Josh getting sick again during church. Good thing, because we ALL napped...well, I know I did. And so did Josh. My hips were very thankful.

Oh yeah, he did great as his character of a boy buying a pair of red christmas shoes for his dying mom (this is from a song, and was turned into a movie...)...and a man was touched and helped this boy out by paying the rest of it. Josh did very well.

We also did the Charlie Brown Christmas that was fun. I missed a lot so I will have to ask someone for the video so I can watch!

Well I better go finish up bakin' and frostin' those cookies then settle down for the night.

Oh my hips...

Friday, December 12, 2008


Well, the commute in this morning was lovely. No deer (knock on wood!), no ice, no...stupid drivers! Did get stuck behind a "turtle" but was able to pass that driver and get to work on time.

I realized it's been a couple days since "Irkday". The irkness have gone away. I have been fighting off headaches...with the weather temps constantly changing....up...down...up...down....what a roller coaster of a ride.

Got a hold of a friend of mine from my Gally days. It was just a pleasure to be able to hook up with them. I never thought I'd hear from those friends again...but the internet can be a wonderful thing! The memories. I do have many good memories so there is something good about that. And it is truly a small world when my husband actually knows these I feel better. And yes, my husband knows I've been in touch with these fact, we joke about it because of one of them being my husband's former fraternity brother....if he actually contacted his frat brother by email:

"Hey dude, remember your homecoming dance date in '88?"
"Yeah? what about her?"
"I married her!"

Well, this is Deaf Cafe-Flint weekend, so got an exciting program ahead. I'm looking forward to it.

Have a great weekend and be safe, wherever you are!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Today is Irkday

A friend said she is irked today. Why? Close to bedtime her kids decided it's time to do homework.

I'm irked...I had to remind my husband that the kids' chair is NOT designed to hold an adult or our weight. We will break it. The living room is set up comfortably, so the loveseat isn't that far away from the big yes, you can play Wii from there. It's really not that far away....

So he got irked with me.

So, today, I declare it....Irkday. (thanks, Amy, for that new word)

Happy Irkday.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Last night my son threw up. All of his supper.

If his taking a nap late in the day was any indication how sick he was getting, I would've known that.

But noooooo....I didn't . I just assumed since it was so cold, and we were all tired and just wanted to stay cuddled up in our blankets and warm beds....that would be acceptable.

So I let him stay home today.

He's feeling better.


This afternoon at work, I noticed I was coughing just a leeeeeetle bit....but then my throat just got sore FAST! Oy.

On the way home, I grabbed a hot drink from McD's and that helped. It's just sore on one side of my throat. I betcha tomorrow both sides will be swollen and I'll be guzzling hot tea and coffee and whatever HOT to soothe my throat.

But hey, it won't get me down ...I'm tougher than one thinks.

I'm just gonna finish my dinner and crawl in bed and just .... relax. Just for tonight.

Charlie Brown's Christmas will be on...awwww. I am going to watch it so I can study my Sally character for our upcoming Deaf Cafe program.

Linus is Sally's sweet babboo, and my husband plays

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I know Saturday I slept a lot.

*wait a second...let me think....what did I do on Saturday??*

Right...yes, I slept a lot. It was the kind of day you wanted to stay in bed, curled up in your warm blankies and just....sleep. After I had my hair done...I've gone blonde this time!

Today I did my usual Sunday routine...go to church, have a potluck afterwards then come home to start a load of laundry THEN another nap.

Well, the minimum time of nap is 2 hours. The maximum is 2 hours. Not a minute less or more.

I ...


5:15 pm, Ashley wasn't home from her friend's house, and Joshua was conked out on the couch! I had slept for nearly 3 hours! EGADS!

Threw a pair of jeans, socks and a pair of Josh's pants and shirt in the dryer. Please dry in 20 minutes!!!

Sent my husband to store to pick up some more hot coca mix....came back and we all trooped over to my sister's house for advent candles and just hang out.

It was quite lovely.

Now we're home and ...I'm just catching up on emails and my postings....then will run off to watch some tv and chill out ...

Might nod off again...who knows? It sure is cold today. Brr!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Shiverin' on Saturday

Inviting a big family over for dinner causes one to go and get into the cleaning frenzy....and operate on very little sleep, strength and...patience.

Oh I have patience with the company I invited over. I have patience with my family. No problem. Just not with myself. And I kick myself in the rear end for not being more careful with myself. After all, I am old. Yeah yeah....

At least this forced me to get off my duff and do the "deep cleaning" business. My house ain't messy, just a bit cluttered to show how busy my family and I are. And, you know some people lives here.

So when my sister came in last night, I think she was expecting....more clutter? As I sit here at the computer in the dining room (just a wee tiny desk with only the computer....) I look into the living room and I see some areas I missed with the vacuum. So shoot me.

But I was complimented, because I have the majority of my Christmas stuff out and decorated. I really decked out all!

Had a great dinner and had more than enough to feed 10 people! My lasagna turned out really well, so I have to compliment the chef. I did something right. As the kids asked for seconds and my husband had 3 helpings. Oink.

It was too cold to be outside to see the Christmas Parade last night so we trooped back inside and watched from the window. Well, Opa and I kind of watched out the window but the kids were having too much fun playing with Wii. Yeah, my family got an earrrrrrrrrrrrrly Christmas present for the Galofre Gang...yeah. Wanna go bowling but too broke? Come on over, we'll bowl for free. And oh yeah, no smoking in here or some obnoxious loud guys .... Wanna play something more energetic? Tennis or baseball, can. Maybe ping-pong? Sure, we got that too.

Anyway, it was very good having company over....and getting into the Christmas Spirit.

It is snowing this morning, I think we're in for a wintry storm right now. I just dropped my husband off at his boss for a meeting this morning. Swung by my sister to drop off her stroller, as there was no room for it in Opa's car last night. Then I'm home to finish today's post, then head out soon in 20 minutes for my fabulous hair appointment.

My favorite hairdresser is there no more. boo hoo. BUT, there is another one there I like so she got me in for today. Yay.

Maybe I'll go blonde today. And I'd like more "SPIKE" please??? After all, I'm still 29. (*snort*)

Stay warm.

Let me share with you a poem I received in an email today:

Please Read. It's not long and it's awesome literature!
I found this beautiful winter poem and thought it might be a comfort to you. It was to me, and it's very well written.

a poem by Abigail Elizabeth McIntyre

' Burrrrrr, It's Cold ! '

The End

Friday, December 5, 2008

Nearly DONE!

Okay, I'm really caught up in the Christmas Spirit!

I bought this HUGE poinsettia and it took me a while to figure out WHERE to put it. I finally put it on the corner hutch in my dining room. My dining room is pretty much all set as far as being decorated.

The mantle is coming along very nicely. My great aunt and my grandmother had given me some Christmas stuff from years past and well, I love antique stuff. My great aunt LOVES Santa Claus. She had give me this sterling silver one of St. Nick...and a beautiful "Father Christmas" tree those I can handle. I do not like the very cartoonish fakey plastic-like Santas they have out there. They take away the real meaning of Christmas. I do admire St. Nick for his idea of spreading's the spirit. The real meaning of Christmas is really all about Jesus.

Anyway, before I get all riled up about the fakeness of Christmas, I rearranged the living room ONE MORE TIME! and boy does it look great. And away from the front windows (and drafts). Yes, I could put plastic up to keep it out but have you guys seen HOW TALL my windows are??? I need a crane to get up there!

I have company coming over this evening for dinner. Opa, my sister & her family---yeah, the real sweethearts....and my own family. So I'll be whipping up my famous Lasagna for dinner. Yum yum yum....

Okey dokey...well, I better get going so will try to BLOG tonight or tomorrow. Maybe my sister will snap pictures and I can try to share.

Happy Friday, y'all.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wet Wednesday evening...

Well, I finally, FINALLY went to the city's post office and BOUGHT some stamps....and while I commented on the lack of coin-operated stamps dispenser machines (they only take debits or credit cards now)...she agreed with me how inconvenient that can be for some people.

Then as I put the stamp on that envelope addressed to my grandmother in AZ, I felt myself get emotional. Got me thinking....this will be the last letter & card she will ever get from me before the angels sweep down and take her home to Heaven.

The sweet post office lady asked what was wrong because I was just kind of standing there holding that envelope to my heart. Trying not to break down or sob my head off.

I told her quickly about my grandmother being very ill...she understood and stamped it and put in the bin to be sent out tonight.

Got in town to pick up Josh from Opa's. Since I was late leaving work, and had to stop at the P.O. on my way home....I did not have time to make a dinner at home. So I treated the family to some KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)...not my favorite food or place but hey, it beats the burgers and fries and pop. I got the chicken with the mashed potatoes and corn! At least that'll sustain me ...for a while.

Now I am heading over to my sister's to watch her two precious angels....well, they're always well behaved when I'm around. Last time, I put them both to bed, and they actually STAYED in bed, and fell fast asleep. Impressive. I must be doing something an aunt. LOL.

Stay safe ...have a good evening.

Sunny for a Wednesday

So far, it's still sunny. I'm glad.

No ice on the roads.

I noticed there are NO stamps dispensers in the small town post offices I stopped at yesterday and today (after they had been closed for the evening)....

And I'm trying to mail a card/letter to my grandma. I will go to a CITY PO and try to snag a stamp so I can send this off. There is one here in this city I can swing by after work....yeah...I'll just take a different, scenic route home. Yeah.

Anyway....nearly done with decorating my home. I do have a few more and hopefully can be done by tomorrow night. I've invited my dad over for dinner on Friday and then to join me to see the Christmas Parade on my block...(one great benefit of living downtown, everything's nearly at your doorstep!).

Then come in for hot coco and cookies? Yum. Will also invite my sister and her kids as well...

I better get back to break time's up! Will try to blog more...when I can.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Miss me?

Ahh, you guys are so sweet!

How was your weekend?

My week + weekend was really great! Enjoyed bowling and surprising "Milkboy" at the alley. It was good and very sweet the family invited my family to join them. If I had known there would be NO turkey involved, I would've cooked something .... big. But nah, we...the husband and I...ate leftovers from whatever we had the day before....

But that's OKAY! Really, seriously, it was okay! We just enjoyed not having to make a huge fuss over anything.

Friday I went up to Flint to help Brenda out with building a Snoopy Doghouse for our upcoming Deaf Cafe program (December 13th, y'all!)...and well, since Brenda wasn't really feeling that good, I will wait to ask her to take a picture of it for I can share. Brenda and I had a lot of fun doing that. Among other things.

Good husband got his job ...back. It's the same company but one guy left in a hissy fit so....the CEO asked husband to come back and be the main web guy. And he only needs to report to the CEO, not the "hissy" guy. So...husband spent all Sunday afternoon/evening talking with CEO guy and well, I guess we'll have a very lovely Christmas this year.

Well, I had CPR/AED training today at work, so I had fun with that. I'm now certified to save anyone's life....

Anybody need some saving?