Sunday, June 3, 2012

Adventures ahead...

In 19 more days, I'll be flying out to Managua, Nicaragua for an 8 day mission trip with others from my church.  I have already raised over 1200 to help with my trip costs. I still have around 500 to go, but I trust God will help me find the rest.

I am actually looking forward to it. I grew up in many churches (where my mother was trying to find the right church for us)and I've always been interested in the missionary stories.  And have felt the strong desire to do the same.  

When the opportunity came up, the timing felt just right. Of course I had a couple people resistant to that idea, and the worst part was having the most important person in your life not give you his full support.  

Anyway, I forged ahead. I presented the news to the Deaf ministry at my church. Oh my goodness. They all rolled up their sleeves, and started fund-raising away....pop bottle returns. Donations. Selling the ministry's t-shirts and support me on this trip. I feel so truly blessed.  But wait, the fund-raising will not stop. We have another member of the Deaf ministry going to Haiti in the fall. We will continue with the fundraising for her as well.   God is so good.

Got my passport. Got everything worked out as far as what to do with my kids (son with grandma, daughter will be home part of the time, and with friends part of the time, to keep eye on the apt). I do have a long list to check off, and praying I can get it all done in 19 days. 

Butterflies in my stomach, the excitement, the adventure ahead, and getting my first mission experience.  So exciting.