Saturday, May 31, 2008


Well, it's Saturday evening.

My husband is still with a new friend (and possible new boss???) I won't see him until after 8.

My daughter and her friend from Flint is still at a friend's house here in town. They will be home soon.

My son is bored out of his mind.

I have made a small dent in clearing out the dining room closet---it's the kind where you shovel and hide stuff in there....and "will get to it whenever...." kind of thing. I still have my Christmas stuff laying around in their boxes/bins and I really need to reorganize that closet! I do have a reason for doing it soon. A headboard is in there (I sold my bedroom set to a friend) and screen windows. So I need to get everything out and reorganize it. And hopefully try to fix the wiring for the light in there (I ripped it out...oops).

Well...I suppose I should get movin'.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Flying Nun...

Is what I'm feeling and probably look like! My hair was "readjusted" last night and thinned out a bit. I feel so much more lighter, and it's little more layered, and not hanging over my eye as much as it used to. I can easily flip it out and it actually stays away! Oh wow!

Now, today is the day I feel like I need another pair of arms back there to be my "hairdresser" arms/hands. I'm sure many of you have felt that way on your bad hair day. My hair looks NOTHING like the way my hairdresser did it last night.

Oh well! At least it's not hanging over my left eye anymore, and my right eye isn't as strained as it was the past couple weeks.

I'm very thankful it's Friday again. Wow, time flies. I was just informed that Josh's softball season has started...I thought, WHAT? That's too soon. My dad will double check but if they do start like next week or something, I do have a problem with that. The kids need a break first...and visit their grandma, which is long overdue!

I'm being hopeful regarding my husband getting a job. He will ride up with his new friend next week and check out the company. See what that is all about, and then if it all goes well, yay! The new friend is impressed with my husband's use of English. He complained that many people nowadays have poor English grammar. Well, with all the text messengering and lingo and shortcuts they use...that's about all they know these days. Praying it works out that my husband will be employed before too long.

So, have a great day, and a great weekend.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


My dad has been growing poppies in his little garden that is between the driveway/garage and the side door to the house. It's a really pretty spot. He has a lush garden in his backyard. It is every gardener's dream.

My dad's poppies are orange. They really grab your attention when you drive by or even come up the driveway. You get distracted that you might forget you're driving....

My dad shared with me:
In the morning, the poppy looks to the east, waiting for the sun to come up. Then it follows the sun all day, and turns west when the sun goes down. During the night, the poppy would turn east, and wait for the sun to come up again. On a cloudy or overcast day, it stands up strong, facing upwards. But in the morning, you will see it facing east, waiting for the sun to come up.

I commented it must have quite a personality. He laughed...and said some flowers can be very expressive. It's amazing what they do, and they can surprise you.

That got me thinking, how many of you stop to smell the roses? I mean, do any of you stop and admire the green grass, the trees with leaves blooming, (some with blossoms too...), or how fresh the air seems...the warm days are here. And of course we have the bugs and birds flying around and more animals are out.

When my daughter Rachel was in the hospital for one of her treatments, it was a rare treat for me to go outside and get some fresh air. After Rachel died, and summer came, that was the first time in years I was able to really stop and take a good look around at the skies, and nature.

Don't forget to take a moment each day, count your blessings...and take a good look at what God's created for us.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Lovely Sunday...

So many things to do on a beautiful day. In about half hour, I will take my husband and son to the lake in the Irish Hills.

We just finished eating lunch here, and will pick up some drinks to take with us to the lake. Even though it's 20 minutes drive out west...and the gas up 4.09, it's still too nice out to be cooped up in the house all day.

Yesterday I had taken Josh to the lake just to have him burn off some energy. It was very lovely, very quiet and not crowded at all! Which is what I do like. LOL.

However, on my way back, there was a bad accident, and my heart goes out to the guy who went off the road.

It was pretty bad, and Josh was pretty upset. We had just come upon it...

One flown from scene of motorcycle crash

Photo by Vicki Schmucker
A passenger injured in a motorcycle crash Saturday along U.S. 12 is loaded onto a West Michigan Air Care helicopter to be taken to a hospital.">Motorcycle crash helicopter
By Vicki Schmucker
A passenger injured in a motorcycle crash Saturday along U.S. 12 is loaded onto a West Michigan Air Care helicopter to be taken to a hospital.
Daily Telegram


One person was seriously injured today when a motorcycle went over a guard rail along U.S. 12 near Sharon Hollow Road.

Four motorcycles were traveling in a group at 4:03 p.m. when one of them, with two people on it, hit a guard rail and went into a ditch, Trooper William Gira of the Michigan State Police post in Adrian said. The passenger suffered serious injuries and was flown from the scene by a medical helicopter to a trauma center. The driver had minor injuries.

Police did not identify anyone involved in the crash, other than to say they were all from Wayne County.

Sand Lake, Clinton and Jackson Community Ambulance rescue personnel were called to assist in treating the injured person.

To all bikers out there....please be safe...I support all our bikers. I think motorcycles are still wonderful machines...and I love riding them. I hope in 10 years I'll have my own for my 5oth birthday.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial Day

Y'all ready for Memorial Day weekend?

I've decided I'm going to my daughter's grave during my lunch break. It's been a very long time since I've visited her grave.

My friends are in VA right now, helping clean up the house and outside, and I'm sure of yard sale this weekend too. I know they're having fun...and wishing I could be there. But I have obligations here with my family...and my job.

I have relatives who served in the military. In fact, my grandpa John fought in WWII and the Korea War. He had been shot 7 times...but he kept going back to the "front". He was in the Navy, and worked the guns on the battle ships. I can't imagine what that'd be like. With ear protection, it still blasted his ear drums. He had become hard of hearing because of that.

It's been years for him, but he still has nightmares. grandma shared with me how sometimes he'd start having his nightmares and she'd try to comfort him. I have tried to imagine what it'd be like to live with someone who was in the military. He has been retired for many years...and enjoying every minute of it. He currently lives in Arizona with my grandmother.

Every time I go to a Memorial Day Parade or perhaps the 4th of July Parade, they always have the veterans up front to lead, and that always, always touches my heart. I try not to cry but sometimes my tears are stronger. I have great respect for those who have fought for our freedom.

Grandpa...thank you.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oh the woes...

Lots of Ouches.

My sister is stressed out because of Border's laying off more people. She works at the headquarters here in Ann Arbor, MI. For some stupid reason (forgive me, Border-ers) they opened a new store, yet they laid off more people. Hm. And Barnes 'n Noble is thinking about buying them.

My sister has been there forever...and basically biting her nails.

I have several friends who have been let go too. One had worked at the LaSalle bank for 20 years, and Bank of America bought it...and let go 23thousand people. Ouch. My friend was one of the 23thousand who was let go. At least got severance pay.

There's talk of the gas going up $5.00/gallon this summer.

Well, this morning, I filled my tank up...60 dollars=15 gallons. Ouch. Even My paycheck doesn't seem very big at the moment.

I'm going to start conserving gas.

No special trips anywhere this weekend...perhaps just to the lake which is 15 minutes from home. Depends on the weather. One trip to church on Sunday. Ah.

I'm just staying positive and will learn to do extra income on the internet. My friend had given me great information and I just need to set up a time of un-interruptions from my family and share with my sister...anything to bring in some extra income.

I thought about doing yard sale but felt it was just too much hassle to set up and clean up. Will do it another weekend in June.

Stephen Cain from AL writes in his daily thought for the day:
You ever have something that just seems to pop up out of nowhere and seemingly messes up your day? I am sure we all have had that happen. That is part of life. We don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow or even what will happen the next minute. It could be something great and it could be something heartbreaking. We just don’t know. We DO know, however, that His grace is sufficient. That He is able to mend broken hearts and that He is able to make things better. Just trust Him to handle all your problems and all your situations. “And He said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness’” (2 Corinthians 12:9).

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Reading of Wills...

I had the oddest dream (or several...) last night. I was at reading of wills...and being left something by a relative. So I pray it's not a sign of a funeral coming up. I just find that very eerie.

A friend of mine is having a bad day already...and the sun is just shining bright. So I prayed for her for the day to get better and the situations that started all of this would get resolved.

I went to Joshua's piano recital last night. It was very nice. Joshua did a very good job and plans to take more lessons. This is something my mom wished have Joshua take piano lessons. I'm glad we did this. He is very talented.

I plan to be off tomorrow from work...just to save on gas...but to get things I need done around the house. The week is flying by pretty fast.

Well, I better get back to my desk. Have a great day...and will try to blog something more exciting than funerals and bad days...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Wrong Monday...

Well, it happens. When one talks so much about Memorial Day weekend coming up, we're bound to think it's Memorial Day.

I arrived at my dad's this morning to drop off Joshua for school. The house was dark. It was eerie. So I sent Josh upstairs to check and he reports Opa is still sleeping. I hear this grumbling and my dad comes out, leaning over the railing and tells me there is no school. Um...I don't dare to argue with him, and I asked him why. He said it was memorial day. I said, hm...maybe I looked at the calendar wrong, but I could have sworn it's next week? My dad stops and checks his watch (that has the date on it ...)---grumble I kind of said, guess we all want today to be Memorial Day. And gave Josh a quick hug and kiss, and took off fast. happens.

My weekend went fairly well. Allergies and sinuses full-blown. Oh! And discovered Josh has allergies he's taken bendryl and it helps him a lot. He's happy that we were able to help him feel better.

Not a whole lot going on right now. I'm just hoping for nice weather, and blessings....

Sorry not much to report today. Will try to do my before/after picture soon. I'm just really bad about it right now.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Another way to save on GA$...

I had to laugh when I saw this in Ann Arbor's news. This is funny. But hey, smart! A conference type of really got my curiosity going!

That would be interesting.

Anyway, I just realized that the slower I drove, the more gas I saved. I used cruise control most of the time on the back roads. That saves on gas. And I've managed to make it stretch out for 4 days! And my van gets 18.19 miles per gallon (ouch).

Anyway, I hope my husband is setting up the video phone to the big tv in our living room. It would be so awesome if he got it all set up. I'm looking forward to it. With my involvement in 2 different ministries, I am very thankful for the technology where it allows me to be part of meetings through video-phone. It's great.

No big plans this weekend. Tomorrow is Joshua's final game...and I really pray they will score or come away a winner. It would be a nice way to end the soccer season. And I just realized, 3 more weeks until the kids are done with school!!! Wow.

They will spend a week or longer with their grandma and dad...before starting baseball season. It will be very interesting how this summer will play out.

I do plan to have a yard sale for memorial day weekend. We'll see how that plays out...(first getting permission from my landlord...same time help promote his rear office for rent???).

Not sure if I'll have a chance to blog later---but if not, have a great weekend, y'all.

Stay safe.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Peer Pressure

Do any of you remember peer pressure in middle school, let alone high school?

My daughter is 12, and definitely a teenager already. She came to me last night with concerns. Some kids were making fun of how she dresses. Then her friends would make a side comment about their comments.

She asked me how would I have handled that?

So I had to think a bit, and said, "Well, why don't you come back with saying, Oh you're just jealous you can't pull this off..."

My daughter does not dress gothic-like, does not wear clothes that would make you cringe or wonder, or get Bill Cosby to yell, "Pull up those pants!". She wears simple outfits, such as jeans and t-shirts. She does not wear anything that would bare her belly or reveal any skin---which she knows is wrong and very demeaning. She keeps herself very simple.

She has 2 very close friends in our town. Sorry girls, but you two really have no place to be talking like that when you should take a good look at yourselves. Before you join the crowd who teases and taunts, stop and think, if it was me they were talking about...would I like that? I know you two would say, No.

I can't imagine the disciples and Jesus behaving this way. I mean try this idea: one of the disciples telling Peter he stinks because he was a fisherman.

In my early high school days, I dressed like a preppie. Yeah, those izod or polo shirts, with Levis 501 (???) that had the button fly, and penny loafers. Wore my collar up, and I was one of the preppies. Right now, I shake my head at the memory.

I still love Levis, but I don't wear polos or izods anymore. Thank goodness. And penny loafers are pretty my opinion. I'm happy with my sandals, as long as I'm sock-free.

Don't give in to peer pressure.

To my daughter---keep your chin up. You're a tough girl, and I'm very proud of you for not stooping to these people's level. Remind your friends who they are, and what you three mean to each other.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


This is how I'm feeling at the moment. Here in Michigan has gone up to 3.99 or more.

The nearest one here by my work is 3.85. Unfortunately I didn't have cash on hand at that moment. By the time I go to bank, and stop by there, it might be 4.09!


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A day of "duh!"

I believe some of my hair that was cut away took away some of my brain cells???


I just need to regroup and drink more caffeine and then refocus on my job. I was in the midst of trying to remember a simple task---and it just fled from the confines of my "Government Document filing cabinet in my brain"---and I just gave up.

A friend/co-worker came up to show me a new thing that I would be doing from now on...and she had her moments of DUH!-ness too. Many OOPS on her part...and me erasing notes on the how-to's...constantly.

But at the end...we had a good laugh and the DUH-ness left us...

I had enjoyed a lively lunch conversation with a fellow Librarian (a reference librarian, that is) and somehow my co-worker (that I just mentioned above) and I were talking about my hair cut, and how it came about at Deaf Cafe Saturday night. He wanted to ask me but didn't want to be it opened a door of opportunity for me to share Rachel with him. He was nearly crying but I told him not to be sorry, he didn't know me back then...and be very thankful his children are healthy...and I would never wish this on anyone. He told me in his younger days, NOBODY talked about someone being sick, or dying. It was forbidden. I know what he is talking about. Even though he is older than me, he thanked me for sharing and I shared a funny Rachel moment with them. I told him to not feel sorry for me, but please feel free to ask or talk about it anytime.

So my hair is another way of witnessing, I suppose. I have to smile though....God does use our situations however humorous it can be, into a serious, witnessing tool.

Anyway...when I have a chance, I will post my before/after picture...and a few shots of our Deaf Cafe-Flint program.

Stay tuned.....

Monday, May 12, 2008

Post-Mother's Day

For Mother's day, it rained all day.

I already had gotten a wonderful gift from Ashley---participating in the Relay for Life walk-a-thon...and that was more than enough. Joshua had created a bookmark for me, with a poem. That was sweet.

The rain really rained all day. I was able to make my favorite dinner in the the beef chunks (usually for beef stew) and making it almost like roast beef with mashed potatos. That was really yummy.

Our Deaf Cafe program ended really well. To me, it seem like the clock was moving very slowly...but no complaints. Everyone on the team did a wonderful job, and I was kind of sad to see it come to a close but it was time for us to take a break.

We did the songs, Days of Elijah and Send it on Down. Really upbeat songs. I thought Days of Elijah was really the most workout I've done. *smile*

Skits on "Pay it Forward" or "Gift of Love" or the drama about the Rich Man and the Poor Widow... who gave the most?

For Gift of Love, we showed a video clip and then proceeded to cut 11 inches of my ponytail off! Yes, I know what you all are thinking...really? No! But yes, I was willing to give up my hair to make an impact of what I can do with that hair. I didn't need all of it. So I am donating it to Locks of Love.

My hair is pretty short...but I am happy with how it turned out. Of course I will go to a professional and get it fixed a little bit. But my fellow team member who cut my ponytail off did a very good job...and she was a nervous wreck!

I end this with the video clip---this is in memory of my daughter, Rachel, and to my mom, "Oma".

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Season Finale...

Well, tonight's our final program for Deaf Cafe, Flint. We will break for the summer, and pick up again in the fall.

I'm excited, but glad. Praying we will break a record.

I went to my son's soccer game today...I was told they won the game (I didn't see any goals did I miss that again??) 1 to 0. Hm. least my son is feeling good about himself so...

Last night Ashley participated in the Relay for Life event at her school. I am very proud of her. She said she walked in the memory of her big sister Rachel and Oma (my mother). I told her yesterday that was the best mother's day gift she could have ever given me.

Well, I better get done with packing and make sure Ashley hasn't drowned in the shower...and get them fed and ready to hit the road.

Will blog more later. Have a great day full of blessings and praise.

Friday, May 9, 2008

I want to see...

There's a cd I play constantly in my van. It is Ray Boltz's Unchanging Story album. I have always enjoyed his music. For some reason, he is probably the only Christian singer I can clearly understand. Maybe his voice is clear, or his words? Whatever it is, I know God wanted me to be able to hear/understand the songs presented.

There is a very touching song, I Want to See... and you all are familiar with the bible story of the blind man going to Jesus. And how Jesus healed him, right? And what did he have to do? Go and tell people that Jesus healed him.

Well, when I heard the chorus, I just suddenly thought of my mother. She passed away a few years ago...after fighting brain tumor. The tumor had made her blind. She could only see shapes, but colors are very vague, and can tell the difference between night and day.

One special day, she called me at work, asking me to leave work and come visit with her. She wanted to talk with me.

I'm glad she did. This was probably the most spiritual mother/daughter moment we ever had together. After talking about few general things, she got serious and being blind she said, "Kirstan...I have been thinking a lot about this. I wanted to let you know, I'm looking forward to meeting 2 people in Heaven."

I tried not to cry but since she couldn't see me, I let my tears flow. She continued, "I'm looking forward to number 1, Jesus. That's what I'm glad about. Knowing I'll get to see Him. Number 2, to see Rachel (my daughter who passed away in 1995)."

I was just speechless but very thrilled. I knew she had a very close relationship with Jesus. I was just so happy for her, but sad at the same time. She'll never see any of my sisters or myself get married. She'll never see our children grow up.

Well, I finally told her, "Tell Rachel hello, that mom loves her, and give her a big hug. I'll see her when it's my time..."

We hugged.

That was the last serious conversation we had, before the tumors aggressively ravaged the rest of her brain, and having to induce her into coma. The tumors had made her very moody and very aggressive. So I knew my mother already made peace with her dying, and so did I.

I hear the song...I think of her. When the blind man was healed, I think of my mother in heaven, her blindness gone, no cancer, no health problem...and being able to SEE Jesus when she arrived in Heaven. That must've been so wonderful. I wish I could have seen her face when she finally met Jesus.

I want to see by Ray Boltz

He sat in the darkness
At the edge of the road
He heard the crowd passing by
But he couldn't go
So he started crying
Like a child at the door
When they tried to quiet him
He shouted it more

I want to see
Free me from this darkness
Sweeping over me
I want to see
Son of David, have mercy on me

Now his heart was trembling
Could this really be true?
A voice in the darkness said,
What do you want Me to do?


Eyes opened in a moment of grace
Light filled the skies
One touch
And he sees the face of life

Now I'm like that blind man
Who lived long ago
I want to see Jesus
And I just don't care who knows


Thursday, May 8, 2008

GA$' gone up again....


I live in Michigan and well, of course, just like the rest of USA, our gas prices really hit hard in our wallets.

2 days ago, in Adrian, I saw the gas for 3.50! Which is very cheap! But I didn't need to fill up (I had just gotten it filled up for 3.69 by a friend) at that time. After running errands for my friend, we were driving back towards Tecumseh and they were raising the price up to 3.69. Ok...that's fine. That's almost normal for me. Yesterday was still around 3.59-3.69.

This morning, my heart nearly stopped. 3.89???? WHOA! *gulp*

That is in Tecumseh.

I work in Ypsilanti, so I knew a gas station near my work would be less. SO...on 1/4 tank left, I drove to work. Before getting to work, a gas station was at 3.77. Still better than 3.78 or 3.89! Filled it up. I had gotten to Ypsi with 3/4 to fill up. That really made my wallet cry. I cried too.

I did notice one thing--the people at the pumps were not very happy people. Some were very serious face, I saw one very upset and well, say a few choice words...and one woman panicking because she went over the amount she could afford. Since I used my card, I didn't have cash. If I had cash, I could have helped her a bit. But...word of advice. If paying cash, pay up front first...then the pump will stop. Of course most of us know that!

I quickly went through help wanted ads in my local paper, and even here in Ann Arbor. I might just go and apply at a few Tim Horton's or anything...and that part time job would just mostly support my gas tank.

When we get our tax rebate (sometime in June...), I will shop around for a car that saves more gas mileage than our van does. I don't care if that means buying a "clunker" that still runs forever.

Ahh. Such is life. Lord, please make my gas tank stretch out until Sunday/Monday?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Middle of the week...

It's Wednesday. I had a rude awakening this alarm clock went off. Almost never did the clock have to wake me up. I have this OLD radio shack radio clock that you're supposed to put under a kitchen cabinet and you can play music, etc. You can plug in a coffee pot to start brewing on the timer you set it up. I use any ole lamp (on, of course) and set the alarm for 5:50 am. I have had this clock since 1989!

Some things don't work, I've lost the hardware where you can attach it underneath something, and I am missing a button...but it still works. It still goes on, even if my inner alarm wakes me up 1/2 hour before it goes off.

I didn't sleep too well last night and took some bendryl to help me, and well, that can make anyone groggy. So when that went off, I nearly threw my pillow at it.

I'd like to see how long that clock will last me.

We have our Deaf Cafe program. We are trying to resolve a couple things that has yet to be worked out. We've put my husband to work on creating a PP slideshow. BUT, God has never failed us. Everything has always worked out to His advantage.

Only few minutes left until I return to my desk. I do have an upcoming meeting with my supervisor and the "2nd in command" today to do a follow up on my work review. I am praying it will be good, nothing to rake me over the coals with. I just pray I am not going to be down-graded or whatever.

Keeping my chin up I'm determined to make this a very good day.

Friday, May 2, 2008


I have conquered Verizon! After 1 hour 15 minutes...I've managed to get through and have my phone turned off tomorrow morning. Thank you, Lord.

Feeling glad it's Friday? Watch out for Monday, though. Thanks to Brenda for sharing and sending me the clip...



I've been on HOLD for like a lifetime with Verizon. The simple request of turning off my current phone service and to send me the final hard is it to get that done for me? As of now, i've been on hold hour and 15 minutes!

I signed up for a different phone service...and it will be turned on tomorrow. But, I have to turn off Verizon's services.

I called this number, and they transferred me to another department. Then they transferred me to another department where they help "hearing impaired customers"...and they kept transferring me back to the first department. I feel like I'm being transferred all over Verizon's world. GRRR.

I use Sorenson's IP Relay service. My operator is very patient. I do appreciate his help. I guess being a relay operator requires LOTS of patience!

Well, after this is over....I can breathe? Waste of time.

Anyway, it's Friday today. I'm so thrilled. I can sleep in a little bit.

I'll let you know how it turns out with Verizon stay tuned.......