Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm Inspired!

Hey, as I was driving home (yes, thanks, I'm feeling a whole heckavalotbetter today...no more drooly face) from work, I took the freeway. Something ... fast to take.

I saw this big billboard....

Team Hoyt with a picture of a father pushing his son in his wheelchair.

You know they ran around 65 marathons? Even very dueling ones ...I think there was one, Iron Man or something---triathlons, etc. The dad did it all...pushing/pulling his son around in his wheelchair or some other ...something. Oh yeah, he even said his son saved his life. He was close to possibilities of heart attacks, and hordes of other health issues. But with this inspiration from his son, he is more fit, and no longer at risk for a heart attack.

It's amazing.

I just smiled...and thought, way to go, you guys!

The smile on the son's face was just priceless.

I started thinkin' about growing up and what people I've been exposed to---all kinds of physical or mental disabilities. Then I raised my children in a deaf household, and they have been exposed to all types of disabilities, and not once have they even shirked or shied from anyone that were different from themselves.

My daughter is very defensive when it comes to people who make fun of us with disabilities.

And her BFFinthewholewideworld is the same way.

My son doesn't give it another thought, and sometimes he's more "deaf" than he is "hearing". Come over and watch his hands fly when he talks to me or my husband...in sign language.

Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm just drooling away...

I went to my dentist this evening.

They shot me up with Novocaine--- something that numbs half of your face.

Then the dentist starting cutting into my 32 year old crown...

and hacked away at it.

I felt nothing!

I drooled, though.

Then they pulled it off...I didn't want to see. They stuffed my mouth with a molding thing that was cutting into my cheek but...I kept my teeth gritted for that. Tried not to cry with discomfort.

During the 10 minutes wait, I was drooling worse than a baby who is teething like crazy.

My bib was soaking wet.

Finally got it out, and then had to put my old one back in...

More drooling...*cough*

In a couple weeks I'll get my new crown. OH yeah, I got to choose between Gold or life-like (the kind that looks like a real tooth)---I chose the tooth-life-like. I would hate to die and have someone trying to yank gold out of my mouth. No thankyouvermuch.

Now my face is starting to un-numb...and I don't sound so drunk ...and I have a headache.

And my shirt's wet from my drool. It's a grownup drool, not baby drool.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Well, it's Sunday and both kids aren't feeling good. I threw my back out again...so the 3 of us will stay home this morning ....

Currently, my husband seems lost over what to do with his freshly laundered clothes....so I just kind of watched him out of the corner of my eye. He finally picked up the basket and went into our room. Yeah, that's the way to do it, baby.

We had a terrific storm last night. Lightnings, thunder and downpour rain. Wow, how gorgeous. I know Spring is really here.....then I had read about some river in North Dakota threatening to overflow/flood the areas...and it's still snowing out there. In some ways I'm glad I don't live there...but on the other hand, weather in Michigan can be very unpredictable!

I have two very close friends here in Michigan. We do call each other our best friends...and none of us rank anywhere as being number one or anything. I like that. I have several close friends I call my best friends as well...so nobody is number one. (You all are number one to me, my dear friends!)....anyway, B and V and I are the kind you see in restaurant wondering what antics we are up to. B might be little quieter but at least she does have fun. V and I usually cause a lot of ruckus out of fun and just...plain fun mischievousness!

The other day I took my son out for breakfast at a Big Boy's and we were seated across from a table with 3 older women (60's)....and while trying not to stare or get involved in what they were up to, they were doing exactly what I just described my 2 best friends and myself. When one of them was making a silly face and gesture, the other 2 laughing at her, I looked over at her, raised an eyebrow and half smile...she just laughed out loud. A great belly laugh. Watching them (w/o being obvious), it was very heartwarming to see the closeness between those three. Silliness, seriousness, and just having a time of their lives....I can already see B & V and myself like then in 20 years (give or take....).

I am very blessed to have so many friends out there....to a couple Amys out there, several Kim's, a Jen or two, Kathy's, too many to list.

Have a super Sunday and God bless you all.

Friday, March 27, 2009

like my new background?

Last night I was just lookin' around and found this background. I did look at other sites...but this one I thought....just for now.

Gettin' ready for work and oh yes I need to slap my face on...and pull on my sandals.

Yes, sandals. It is going to be almost 60 degrees today. I have my capris on and a nice blouse I picked up last night...my hair is all fixed...just need to slap my face on.

Pop an aleve and then I'm good to go.

Happy Friday to you all....

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another "it's almost Friday!"

I'm glad it's almost Friday. Seriously.

I do love my job. I am truly enjoying it.

I stopped at a store to pick up a few more shirts. I realized I don't have anything short-sleeved and well, my spring/summer clothes have gone AWOL.

So....I splurged a little on myself. And I just realized, they're all mostly blue.

Blue is my favorite color.

I got dinner in the oven---smells divine. But I cautioned my husband...you don't need to wash the blades in the food processor. Just rinse them and put in top rack of dishwasher. The dishwasher will wash it for you.

I really need to stock up on bandaids. I quit buying them a while ago because my kids were crazy over them.

Well, smells like dinner's ready so I better get that going....*salivating*

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

working while sleeping...

have you ever done that before? i mean, you're asleep at night and you find yourself working still. you know your job is intense or really keeps you busy that you find yourself still at work?

last night was the first time it's happened.

i do hope it won't happen tonight. i am just so doggone tired but no, i'm not complaining about my job. nuh-huh. i actually do like it. i was successful in remembering some stuff and i was able to navigate my way through on my own. only had to ask a couple times to confirm i was doing the right thing.

the weather also had been wet and rainy all day---so that made everyone kinda sleepy at work...and by this afternoon, everyone was ready to crawl under their desk. in fact, there was one i THOUGHT she was asleep but she just kind of slid down in her chair and resting ...while training someone else.

well, nothing exciting to blog about, really. um...i took a different route home and i shaved off 5 minutes! that's exciting....i guess.

oh why am i typing in lower cases only, you ask? because i had been shouting all day in caps at work, and it was starting to stress me out. so lowercase letters are more softer and gentler. i'm sure my team would understand that---they also have to deal with "shouting" as well while doing data stuff online.

well, again, nothing exciting right now. my husband is playing video games, josh is scooting around the building (i hope!), ashley is watching some tv and i'm sittin' here doing a quick post before i either take a bath and read or crawl in my bed and conk out.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Twenty Years....

Today is my university's Employees Recognition or something like that. All those who have served 10, 20, 30 and more years at the University are being pampered by having a lovely breakfast spread, and some speech probably from the President (of the University!).

I reflect back to my 20 years of service for the University. WOW. And...I'm actually quite enjoying my new assignment---and it's a joy working with my "team" ...there are 3 of us that deal mainly with interlibrary loans.

It's early this morning, and I just took a lovely hot shower. My husband is now in the shower and soon the kids will be waken up...

My husband will be going to an all-day workshop so my son will go to his friend's house this morning. AFTER school, Opa will pick him up and I'll just pick him up when I get into town.

I love Betty. I was so amazed when I was able to slide a 6 foot long box into my car, with seats folded down and the passenger seat down too---wow! It can handle anything! (The 6 foot long thing is Josh's new mate bed frame!)

Hm...well, have a great day. I'll try not to pig out too much....

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Where are my forest friends...?

To be my helpers with cleaning my home?

Ah...a woman's job is never-ending, huh? Especially if she's a fulltimeworkingmothersupportingafamilyoffour!

Example: Yesterday I told my son, "YOU are going to learn how to do laundry!"

He just giggled and rolled his eyes at me. Remember, he's ALMOST 9. "But that's a mom's job!"


So I showed him how to make sure his pockets were empty...and make sure there were no stickers or anything like that....then fill up the washer.

Turn the knob.

Pour a cap-ful of soap.

Push that button in and close the lid.

Chuga-chuga....my son just looked at me, "wow, that was easy!"

Yessir it is easy!

I'm going to be feeding 7 interpreters and probably 8 other people as well this afternoon. My husband put together a brand new charcoal grill for me....I can't wait to use it! Of course yesterday I was so happy to run into my landlord and warn him that there would be a "party" in the backyard and am using the deck there...so only for one day! He just smiled and asked who Betty was.

"Oh! My grandmother made it possible for me to adopt Betty and bring her home. She has really served me very well. She is a beauty and I love her!"

Well, I have what...4 hours before the ladies invade my home....I need to finish up stuff things out of sight and sweep the floors....and clean this desk up.

Have a super duper day, and ...don't overdo yourselves. I don't plan to overdo myself...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring Day!

What a great day!

It's Friday! And, Spring begins today...officially. It said so on my desk calendar and everywhere else in the world.

Or just the USA, I guess.

I attended my niece's concert yesterday. Oh what a sweetheart. She made me cry AFTERWARDS. I wanted to break down and cry with her---but she is one tough cookie. I was so proud of her. And my son "stole" Opa's awesome digital camera that has the zoom lens you can adjust by hand...and creeped up towards the stage. Snapped a few pics. Very nice!

Nothing else exciting to report. I'm exhausted. I'm going to eat some Lucky Charms for dinner or something. Put my stinky feet up and just chill out.

Maybe I'll have something more worthy to blog about tomorrow?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Catching up

Gee, I find it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to keep up with things I USED to do ...like, keeping up with my blog postings, my facebook, my everything else!

So, let's catch up.

How are you guys doing? Things going okay in your life? How's the weather doing so far? Spring there yet? It's starting to get spring-ish here. I'm excited. How about you?

I'm doing pretty good...so far. Yesterday, I ran down to the dentist for my teeth cleaning---"Look ma, no cavitities! And a brand new toothbrush!"....then after that, ran back to town for my hair appointment.

I'm sure my supervisor might be a bit suspicious about my dentist appointment. Um...it hurts to eat? My teeth has taken a beating from the cleaning and scraping---I'm just glad there's no cavities. However, I do need get my crown replaced so that's at the end of the month.

IF...it doesn't collide with my sister going into labor and having to pick up her German mother-in-law from the airport! *crossing fingers*

THEN......I drove over for my hair makeover. Really, just to touch up, and get a trim. Yes, Brenda, I like it. And I lied...after the great job she did with it, and complaining how heavy my hair is, I am keeping it short! So the back is able to fluff up (spike-ish) and just ...behave. And got the frosted thing going on---blonde highlights. Wow. I did look like a skunk for a bit.

THENNNNNNNNN.....I came home to catch my breath then drove over to the civic auditorium. There will be a Boulder Faith musical show on Sunday and I was there to help the interpreters convince the director that the deaf needs to be able to see the interpreters.

"But it's only for ONE show. Not for Friday or Saturday. Only ONE show...it won't hurt to have them standing there where I think we would benefit the most. I'd hate for the deaf to find something to complain about or feel they're wasting their money because the intepreters can't be seen...."

The director and I are pretty cool. He's very understanding and has given me great tips on being a drama director for Deaf Cafe. Yeah! So after all of that, I was leaving, he thanked me and I thanked him.

Goin' to rock that building! I'm looking forward to feeding the interpreters a hearty lunch prior to the program on Sunday...with a couple stragglers. Hee.

My work life has been busy. I like it very much. I'm very happy with it, and learning new things. I had to figure out how to do something and was successful. Then the program slowed down and quit working so I had to put that on hold for tomorrow morning.

Um...oh yeah, swung by the dealership to get my license plate. The first 3 are usually letters, right? And being in Michigan, they're doing B's now---so mine starts off with BZD. I looked at my salesman in the eye, "Buzzed?" He stopped what he was doing, looked at the plate and laughed.

Yup. So...that might be dangerous...will it bring attention to the cops out there lying in wait to fill their quotas?

Let me conclude today's post with a commuter's tip:

It is a very lovely idea for the commuter driver to be given a fresh, hot, steaming travel mug of coffee to their liking (in my case, milk please. no sugar, thankyouverymuch) by the passenger...and makes the drive to work very pleasant. Thanks, Sis! I really love your coffee...I'm looking forward to 2 more mornings of coffees....

Monday, March 16, 2009

Tip for the day...

It's not a good idea to be talking about ROAD KILL with your fellow passenger (in my case, giving my sister #5 a ride to work this week) in the early hours of the morning, while still dark. Because when you do look ahead while driving, you might get startled and think there's actually SOMETHING in the road to hit. Only to find it's just the reflection off of my headlights on something like, the yellow lines in the curve of the road!


Another week, another...???

Well, it's been a few days, huh? I didn't realize how long it's been since I did any postings.

Last week was pretty hellish.

First of all, I am truly enjoying my new job reassignment...I really like the busy-ness of it. I like how it keeps me on my toes. I learn new things. I learn how the whole wide world works! The person training me in some areas used to be my student assistant in the early days when the building was new...and I was the supervisor! But now we are on the same pay grade and all, he is just showing me the ropes. It's just very pleasant how easy it is to learn from people who believes in me, that I can do the job and of course, I'm a fast learner.

And keeps me so busy, when I get home, I just want to put my feet up and just...chill out.

Also trying to wrap up a few loose ends in my past position, and showing the person who took my place, that was a challenge as well. I can only pray that this person will pick up and learn fast. I know different people have different styles of learning new things.

The weekend was great. We did something like, Boot Camp, or, Joining the (Lord's) Army...and all of us wore various army or military outfits. I came on as a army nurse in scrubs! Yeah. That was as close as military-ish as I could get. Oh yeah, and goofy bedslippers.

My husband made a very handsome Army recruiter. What are the odds of finding the perfect green outfit for him, along with a cap from Goodwill that has RECRUIT across the cap? Perfect!

I would have to review the dvd and see how we did, but from what I can remember, it went so well, I couldn't find anything that would make it to our Bloopers list or something! Sure some of us went out of our usual way and ended up walking around stiff with sore joints or bruises or whatnots.

I survived.

Beaten and battered, but with a huge smile on my face. The whole program was just awesome.

Now, this week, I continue to be trained in my new assignment and I will continue to train my "replacement" as well. There are dentist appointments, my hair appointment (don't worry, it won't be dyed green tomorrow...trust me), then getting my home all "spring-clean"ed up!

And this weekend I'm not going anywhere.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blustery day!

What a blustery day! I had showered this morning and when I got to work, the wind sculpted my hair so stiffly, I couldn't make it cooperate the rest of the day.

Work was busy as usual, and my brain just refused to absorb any more new information. Which is fine. I know we were all getting burned out.

I visited a Family Dollar store. Now, I usually go there to buy trash bags and laundry soap, whatever.

I came across some bedsheets and I thought, wow, the pattern and colors are pretty. No, it's not something an 80 year old woman would buy---but someone like me who has an eye for decorating. Found really nice sheets and I am converting them into curtains for my bedroom!

If it works with the height of my windows (remember, I live in an OLD downtown building with very tall ceilings)---then I might go back and find a few more for the living room....

I like it when I can get creative!

I guess I should tackle the laundry....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's Back!

Well, I've finally done it!

My husband did a great job cleaning up our bedroom and the pile has now moved to ONE corner of the room. In fact, my room is shaped so funny like an L shaped....so that means 5 corners for us....yeah...*counting in my head*

Before, it filled up TWO corners.

I widdled it down to 1 corner. Wait, is widdle a word?

(spellcheck doesn't recognize it)

So then I moved the bed to put between the windows, moved my tv into that 5th corner (nice!) and then I had rescued 2 pretty tv trays that were out for the trash last week---I am using them as our bedside table! Nice! Yes dear, I did clean them off, wiped everything germy-wise off of them.

Now I'm beat.

Oh yeah, what's back? you ask...

Remember I mentioned a while back about retiring my old radio shack appliance thingy that turns on whatever at certain times? I used it as my alarm clock---turn on the light every morning to get me up from bed and out the door to work?

Well, since rearranging the room, and my husband needing a very STRONG alarm...I set it up for him to have the Sonic Boom alarm that shakes the bed hard like an earthquake. For his side of the bed.

I don't like the earthquake every morning so I decided to let him have it. It'll shake the house at 7 every morning for him on the school days. I'll be fine with my humble, old alarm clock/light. I get up early anyway---around 5:30 a.m.

The kids had no school today and they don't have school tomorrow. Woohoo! So Josh has his friend, "Milkboy" over tonight. Ashley is still gabbing away on the phone....

"Get off the phone..."

Dramatic sigh from my teen.


Anyway, it's raining again today and just really....wet.

I'm off to take a quick shower and climb in bed. Good night, y'all.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

One wet weekend!

Boy, after enjoying a beautiful day Friday (where most of my hours were inside work...) but to enjoy going home and the warm weather--WOW!

I noticed some people keep checking back to see if I've posted anything new yet. It makes me feel good to know there are some faithful readers out there. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Anyway, today was just...wet. Rained all day.

It rained a lot yesterday too.

I helped sister #5 throw a baby shower for sister #4, who is expecting her first baby next month. Sister #1 showed up in time to throw the decorations around and made a great "diaper cake"...it was really cute.

Oh yeah, the bakery screwed up the cake. Sister #5 was very specific ...NO PINK! It's for a boy. What do we get? Pink. She called them back and chewed them out. So, with the party starting at 1, Sister #5's husband gleefully borrowed my car to go pick up the cake...taking my daughter along.

Came back, it is blue! Very good. What to do with the pink cake? Hm...I'll take it and distribute it at church for their fellowship time.

Okay, back to the shower---Sister #4 received wonderful, lovely gifts and it's just really low-key and very pleasant. The nieces and nephew ran all over the house and just having the time of their lives.

Sister #1 had to leave for a birthday party so off she went with her daughter and their exchange student (French).

We didn't play games. But we ate a lot. Panera sandwiches that were outta this world. There were appetizers of chips, apple pie dip (that I made at Christmas time), there was a big bowl of salad....it was all good!

Couldn't stop yawning and all of Sister #4's friends left, leaving Sister #3, #5 and myself, along with #5's husband, and the kids. Oh yeah, my daughter too.

So I left...just as #4's husband returned from Cabela's. He's the one whose mom is flying in later this month and that I'm the back up plan ....(check out Lost In Translation?)

(oh yeah, when he read that post, #4 could hear him laughing from the other end of the house...)

Both kids had a friend sleep over, so that was fine. Then this morning took them home before heading out to church.

And gave the church the Pink Baby Cake.

After service, we went down and many, many people ate the cake. Wow. It was already cut up and all....so it was pretty good.

Today, it just...rained all day. I had a really hard time staying awake most of the day so I was very happy to come home and nap as much as I could. My second nap at 4 pm (I had to pick up Josh from his friend's) helped a lot. Then around 6 I drove out to get Ashley from another friend's house.

Now we're all home.

This week is a new adventure for us:
Starting tomorrow my husband starts taking Josh to/from school. Yes!
Starting tomorrow, I have to start preparing my move from my desk to the new desk down in Acquisitions. I have to remove my personal stuff from the computer---so thankfully I have a flash drive to use. Wow.

It's happening so fast!

Work half day down there, then half days up in my Gov Doc position training the person taking my place.

Busy week ahead.

Let's see what the weather will be like. I do hope for great weather.....this week. Please?

Friday, March 6, 2009

What are you doing?!

Why are you reading this?

Have you ...uh...you know...

...looked OUTSIDE?

I mean, hey, it's...


currently ...SUNNY....

and very springlike!

click on that x, close that window on your screen...

and put on your shoes, and go outside.

Go on.

It's okay.

Really, it won't hurt my feelings.

I really want you to go out there...

and take deep breaths of the wonderful spring-like air...

(I did...on my lunch break...drove with my windows DOWN!)

It's actually quite very lovely.

Go on....

you'll thank me later for that suggestion.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Look who followed me home???

After "Traitor" (van) went to the car hospital, I just about had given up on figuring out how I'd get to work on Tuesday.

I took a long leisurely bath ...only to keep falling asleep so I got out, and crawled into MY bed...ah yes, my lovely bed. And the house phone with me....

Floated off to dreamland (I have no idea if I had dreams...) then when I woke up, I realized the mechanic won't call me until Tuesday...he did tell me it'd be ready for me on Tuesday.

So I tumbled out of my bed and walked towards my computer.

My friend Kim had contacted me about talking with a dealer at the dealership up the road (3 miles I'd say) from us. She came by and grabbed me and Josh. Off we went.

*big grin here*...

I climbed in this car, I drove around and it was juuuuuuuust right!

Ah yes...hm...yes I'll pay cash. But I gotta run to the bank and get it.

Kim told me she'd be happy to drive me around. "Wow, really???"

She rocks!

So we told them to hold it and we'll be riiiiiiiiiiiiiight back!

We grabbed her son from daycare, then drove out to Milan to my bank, and boy, it took me a while to figure out how to write out the amount....wow...that's the biggest ...uh, check...I've ever had to write. Cashier's check and then I jumped back into Kim's car.

Off we went hurtling towards the dealership.

TA-DA!! I presented the guy my check and was pretty much, "gimme, gimme my keys" but patiently waited. Got the registration set. Called the insurance, readjusted my plans---liability on van only but full coverage on my car. Thankyouverymuch.

Then sat with the Business Manager. He was really cool. Made a typo on my name and started again. No problem.

Cracked jokes, and told me horror stories about his daughter being uh...(gotta clean up his quote a bit to appropriate words)---"heck on wheels" (he did mouth the "h" word when the boys weren't looking).

"She called me the other day, 'Dad....I got a flat tire...'... 'What do you mean you got a flat tire?'...'I don't know Dad....can you come out and help?'"

Turns out while she was driving, she was changing cds in her cd player, talking on her cell phone, and went into 2 ditches, up a culvert and ran over something, kept going until she noticed something wasn't right.

The tire was beyond flat, and the rim too.

I asked, "How old is she?"

She's 24. Eeeee.....

Anyway, all done, and we step outside. I suddenly realized, I can't remember what it looks like! Where is it?

The dealer laughed and pointed it out to me. He had warmed it up for me. It was detailed, it was full of gas, and just had its oil changed. Awww.

The boys climbed in the back and Kim followed me to Burger King (to thank her for all that driving around, etc).

Heee. *big sigh with silly goofy grin on my face*

Everyone, meet Betty:

Betty, meet my readers...

Ain't she a beaut?? She's a 2005 Ford Focus and pretty much loaded. Very comfortable! Great with mileage!

I do have to thank my grandmother who made it possible. My grandpa had called her Betty, even though her real name was Mary. So in her memory, I thought it'd be fitting to call the car, Betty. However, if you hear my son call her Smoky, just smile and nod.

Alright, it gets little funnier here....

I show up to work Tuesday morning. I see there is a message on my voice mail. I punch in my code and I hear the mechanic telling me the van's ready.

When did he call me? Monday afternoon around 3:15 pm. Called. My. Work. Not my home.
Did not call me at home.


When he originally told me the van'd be ready sometime on TUESDAY, I told him to give me a call at work so I can contact my husband to get it, etc., and gave him my number.


Oh well. But hey everyone, I'm glad I got it. I love it. I've finally learned how to feed it 6 cds w/o it spitting it back out at me.

I learned where the control is for the rear window wiper.

I FINALLY figured out how to raise the bass level on the cd player.

And I finally got to use the "open the trunk" button to put something in my trunk.


And I still have plenty of gas left!

Monday, March 2, 2009


No, not you. Not me. Gosh, I hope not!

My van.

Is a traitor!

It was just fine over the weekend, and I was making plans to take it in for brakes check-up...

This morning, I went down to start it up and I went into the back seat to find something...the van stopped.

"It's kinda freezing cold right now....let me try again..."

I turn it on again, and it stalls again. So I sit down in the seat, my foot on the gas, and I try again. Sure it works when it's revving, etc. But take your foot off and it ...stops.


Climb back upstairs to call my dad...come and get Joshua and take to school please?

So I waited until 7:30 and called the mechanic. Sure...we'll come by and look at it. That's one of the great perks of a small town. He sits in...and he got the van running!


So, he was like, "okay what you want to do now?"

I had many unkind thoughts in my head at the moment...."well, the brake lights came on, and well, it wouldn't start for me this morning. Think you can check it out for me and let me know what is really wrong with it?"

He grins and jumps in my van, and ....DRIVES AWAY. I swear that van was smirking at me.


His partner drove behind him following to make sure it didn't have a break down.


I walked around with the phone in my hand---I can't hear it ring but I can hear my answering machine pick up (wow, am I that loud?).

Finally calls me to let me know it's my wheel cylinders.


Okay...and do I want them to go ahead and fix it?

Uh yeah for now---I really need to get off my butt and get that car (and I'll share in a moment...bear with me here...)...

Won't break my bank so I'm relieved. Now, they will have to order parts and then it will be ready for me tomorrow.

Tomorrow? *gulp*

'kay. I contacted my sister who I played Taxi Driver all last week for her---she realized she has an appt for her son tomorrow. But we'll work out something.

Now, I've been poking around on various sites and if more than 5 guys and a whole bunch of women recommends ONE SAME WEBSITE, I will take their word for it. So I found a couple possibilities.

I wrote to one of them, and another friend is neighbor with the dealer guy so she will ask him questions for me about that car.

And I will compare.

And get it.

*hands clasped in prayer mode* PLEASE LORD?????? Let this week be my week?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunny Sunday...

and i wish my mood was sunny.

ehh...let's see....someone's bad mood that kind of contiminated me, and caused me to be cranky and not want to be nice but did play nice.

got yelled at by "someone" for something "someone" didn't like, and felt i was unworthy to be at least appreciated for whatever i've tried to do. *pffffffffffffft*

but coming home, and talked with couple people...and invited to visit a church in adrian. will go with my husband. his friend was begging me to come so...i thought, why not?

josh will go to his friend's house while we're gone. i trust ashley to be responsible, "and yes i'm taking my cell phone with me!!!!"

i've not seen my cell phone all weekend so, i know i need to save it from the diva's clutches.

good things that happened over the weekend:
  • saw a shiny red car for sale---(but over my budget). it was nice to see something so pretty and met all my expectations...(except for the price)
  • my friend did candy bar wrappers for my sister's baby shower and they turned out awesome! i love it! can't wait for the baby shower!
  • had a good meeting yesterday and even though there were couple blow-ups, it went well regardless. and oh yeah, the hostess made this delicious lunch! THANKS!
  • today i successfully made my friend's famous chicken rolls dish. oooh la la. first time i made that, i think. made this for our deaf ministry's monthly potluck---and the dish was licked clean. i did something right after having doubts on the amount of cream of mushroom soup.
  • coming home and meeting a couple of my husband's friends on video-phone---and finally deciding to visit the church in adrian. it's nice to know that people really do want to meet me.
  • i've been reassured that i did absolutely nothing wrong because of my situation with "someone" and that i did the right thing and i should not be made guilty of trying to be helpful.
  • my brown pants are still clean so will wear that tonight.
  • and oh yeah, my hair looks really good right now! how rare! (i'm growing my hair out again!)
my husband is snoring away---will wake him up in few minutes and start hiking outta here.

how was your day?