Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh Boy!

Okay, I've lost track...and I'm ridiculously way behind on my goal of spring cleaning, getting ready for my North Carolina trip and getting TomTom fixed. Yeah, my GPS.  I really need to hunker down tonight and call tech support to help me fix TomTom. *pffft*

Been doing pretty good with my wellness plan. Cutting out on sugar and resisting Coke....oh yeah, that is hard.

And yesterday someone brought in carrot cake. 

So wait a minute, carrot is a vegetable. They made it into a cake. Is it bad to eat something that is a vegetable? I debated a long time, thinking about the ingredients. I mean, the frosting is cream cheese, so that's a dairy product. Milk is good for you, right? And there's lots of carrots. So how bad can it be to eat that? Hm?

Eh, no matter. I resisted. *gasp*

So I might be out of touch for a couple days, so that I can catch up on what I'm behind on...and go from there.

Now I just need to make coffee and get dressed for work. Yeah.

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