Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Storm 2010

Well, we have a storm at full force right now.

And my family's sick.

Well, since Saturday night, Josh had been sick. All day Sunday was his bad day. Missed 2 days of school.

Today...Ashley was sick. Stomach hurts.  Husband is sick too. He looks awful.

And today, I haven't been feeling good myself, and since I'm pretty good at predicting when it will hit me hard, I put in for tomorrow off. If each day after the day before is harder for me to go..to function...to think, then the next day will be the real deal of camping out in the bathroom with the stomach bug.

And I get an email alert from the schools here that they will be closed tomorrow.

Why? We're having a snowstorm.

Major.  No wonder it was such a fun slippery drive home.

Now we're all snug as bugs and no worries about lack of food (freezer is still crammed full, fridge is full of everything)...and I can just focus on fighting this bug off....

Be safe out there, if there's a storm in your area....or  heading your way....

*thanks to Clark Cothern for this fun picture...

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