Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Is it true?

Is it true? Really?  I mean...the snow's gone. The sun came out. And it warmed up to the low 60's. Really?


I'm so thrilled. The past few days I fought a war with migraines and other types of headaches, and slept a lot ...usually when I step in the door after gettin' home from work...I'm gone to bed!

Last night, after the sinus meds, and regular meds failed, I gave in and took my prescribed migraine pill, and this morning, I woke up feeling really good.

I'll take one pill with me to work "just in case" it creeps back in the afternoon.

Nope. It stayed away. Thank you! 

Now, in place of headaches, I have to deal with a lot of achy joints. My legs, arms, wrists, shoulders and even my fingers are achy. Ehhh...I just took some Tylenol for that. Waiting for it to kick in.

Since the day is so gorgeous, I came home and asked my husband, "Why aren't you outside?"  He was supposed to clean up a corner of the deck outside in the back for the landlord. He plans to install a bike rack (NICE!) so my kids and my neighbor's kids can park their bike there. Clean it up a bit. We're getting a new tenant downstairs (below Ashley's room)....I'll have to meet her, and kind of get a feel of what her schedule's like.  I know she is a waitress and work nights. So if she sleeps late, I'd like to get an idea how late she sleeps, and set up a new ....courtesy rule...for my kids. No running down the stairs, no screaming, or stomping around or whatever.

So, I'm glad my landlord found a new tenant. I hope the tenant is nice...and we can become friendly. I know I am with my townhouse neighbor.

Well, both kids are out...and enjoying the weather....please do enjoy it while you can! 

Spring is coming. Summer soon to follow. I look forward to days of swimming, camping and doing outdoor stuff.  Is this the year I will be more physical and active? 

We'll see.

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