Friday, December 31, 2010

The end of 2010

2010 is coming to an end.

So much has happened this year. But there are a couple people I want to share with you about.

First off, my grandfather John Fred Biegler, passed away last week, December 21st.  What started out was as a "heart attack" only to find out there is a artoria dissection, meaning a tear in the artery. So, I guess he had a chance to say his good-byes and tell my grandmother he's had a good life.  Quick. And in peace, I pray.

Within that 2 hour time frame of finding out he was in the ER, and the time of his passing, my youngest sister went into labor with her 3rd baby.  I took her 2 kids with me...and stayed with them ....

Nathan Kekaiola was born on the 22nd.  He has stolen my heart.  Such a blessing in spite of the tragedy of losing our beloved grandfather.

Aunt Kirstan with Nathan....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Well, I did it!

I had bid for a position that would be a promotion-type thing for me. In the Cataloging Department in the library where I work.

I applied. I got interviewed. And...

I got it!


The best thing about this experience is that I was able to overcome so much self-negativeness and overcome putting myself down. I know I can do it. I am able.

I start January 31st. So, it's gonna be a great start for the new year. Can't wait.

Friday, December 10, 2010

A God Thing....

My good friend Brenda shared a very heart-warming story that just inspired me to share with you all. I hope this inspires you to be someone's angel out there.
 Brenda shares:
I have a wonderful eBay story to share! This is truly a "God Thing" and its so very cool to be used by Him to bless another person. Some background information first: I purchased a book called Kitty, My Rib (about Martin Luther's wife) at an estate sale. I rarely go to estate sales so it was a "God Thing" I went to that one. Here is the rest of the story....
Letter from the customer to Brenda:
Thank you so much for sending me Kitty My Rib. It arrived in great condition you did a great job packaging it. Here is the story....

My father was a Lutheran School teacher, Carl Streufert A music director to be specific. Thus his love f
or Luther - his history and his music. One of the books my dad had was Kitty My Rib. I even remember doing a book report on it when I was in grade school. After the death of my parents, my sisters and I divided up their things and of course one of the things I kept was that book. Years later as my children attend the same school where my father taught, I because involve in helping with the school library and decided that book would do more good on the school shelves then in our basement bookcase. So I donated it to the school library. Much to my disappointment, one summer the teacher in charge decided to clean out many of the books to make room for new ones and Kitty My Rib went out the door before I even knew what was happening. For years now I have looked for a copy of that book but was not successful.

I was so happy to see it on eBay last week. Knowing that it was the same print because our old one was also a red cloth bound book. It wasn't until I read your description that I nearly fell out of my chair. You see, my mother's name was Ruth. The signature was unmistakable. If you hadn't put in the picture of the inscription I would never have recognized it. Yes, the book that you sold me was in fact the very book that sat on our shelves for years and years. What a precious gift. I can't wait until I am together with my sister this Christmas to show them what I found. It is truly amazing that the book traveled originally from Wisconsin to St. Louis to who knows where and ended up in MI on your eBay page and is now home with us again.
Check out Brenda's store: Brenda's eBay Store
Auction item: Kitty My Rib