Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nappin' on Sunday

This afternoon was a good day for good naps. I was up late last night and up too early this morning. Had to wake up husband for church.

Wake up the boys (Josh and his friend) so they could have little play time before friend had to go home.

Ended up Josh was able to go with him to visit the Toledo Zoo and stay the night. Sweet!

Then got ready for my sister to pick me up for church here in town. Which, by the way, I truly enjoyed. Very different setting than a traditional church setting. Very laid back and just very uplifting.

Then...came home, and I just crawled into bed and zonked out. Dreamless sleep and it was just a good rest.

Went over to my sister's house today so Ralphie the dog can get used to me. But he had other ideas. Yes, he did bark at first but I just reached out to him petting his head and he was fine with that. I sat down and I know he's okay with me. Just need to convince my sister he will be just fine. Jordan had just woken up from a very long nap---very cranky. So his daddy took him away and I'm sure he was feeling better by then. Today is just one of those sleepy kind of Sundays...with the cooler temps outside.

As I was leaving, Ralphie was napping away.

Now I'm at home, and will dig up something to eat.

And chill out.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Finally Friday...

I have a son who is very, very, very bored tonight. daughter is at the High School football game tonight---right now. With her friends.

Go Indians.

Finally got to stop at Josh's school to find out who his teacher will be this year. It is exactly who Josh hoped for! Now, if they'd just send me something in the, bus stop information and all that stuff. Oh yeah, you know, the paperwork we hafta fill out.

After dinner, I went over to my sister's house so her neurotic dog, Ralphie, could get to know me better. He knows who I am and that I'm not really a stranger, but he feels he should just bark and growl at me for a few moments...I just plonked myself on the floor and let him come up to me. Growling but wanting to be petted. I just looked at him, "none of that nonsense, dear...I'm gonna be hanging out with you next week so let's behave...." and he just practically rolled over while I scratched his ears and belly. He's afraid of bats and the dark. So...he won't go outside for his potty break in the dark. Interesting. And he's not my dog.

It really does feel good that my nephew loves me so much. The really good feeling of him coming up to me, wanting me to pick him up and squeezy hug each other. He presents his forehead for me to kiss...he doesn't do the cheek or quick buss on the lips. Nuh-huh. The forehead. Just have to be careful not to be head-butted, though. Oh yeah, he gets his tonsils taken out next week Tuesday...that's September 1st, y'all.

No big plans for me this weekend. Really, just need to make my Orzo Salad for my husband to take to a BBQ & Meeting tomorrow (will do that first thing in the morning---the fresher it is, the better it tastes...), and originally I had planned on a yard sale but with the weather we've had lately, the whiplash from the hurricane(s)...nahhh. Another weekend, perhaps. So I am going to attempt to finish cleaning up 2 bedrooms this weekend.

So...oh yeah, my fridge is slowly filling up with food. And no more cracked sun-tea jars in there.

And, still clean!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

cleanzy frenzy

I, Kirstan, cleaned the fridge out tonight!

We had a very leaky, faulty sun-tea jar and it just got everywhere that when I opened the fridge, it looked like rust everywhere. Eww is right. I got fed up with it.

So....I took everything out, even the shelves and drawers and hot-soapy washed them until they sparkled and cleaned the inside of the fridge itself. Tossed out old leftovers, and threw out expired jars and bottles and just basically ... "cleaned house"!

You are probably looking inside my clean fridge and wondering, where's all the food?

Have no fear. I've not gone food shopping yet, but that is on my agenda for tomorrow evening (or Friday...depending on what kind of time I have)...and it will be bursting at the seams. I see Kroger's is having great deals so Kroger's is it!

When my kids are gone a lot, I don't buy much. My husband and I don't eat a lot...and it's usually something very simple as making burritos or tuna salad or whatever.

The sun-tea jar is in the trash. I have told my husband tonight that we are using pitchers for tea drinks. Just brew a big pot of tea, let it cool after a while, pour into pitcher and stick in the fridge. Then we have our "sun-tea" to enjoy...without any leaky spigots or cracked jars.

Oh yeah, when I first moved into this place, the fridge only had ONE shelf ... so I went out and bought 3 little drawers to create compartments for such as eggs or cheese or whatever. Usually one need to get creative and make the most use of the fridge.

I know when I move out, the landlord will need to replace the fridge...

And the dishwasher...but that's another story ....

Saturday, August 22, 2009

ramblin' thoughts...

Really not a whole lot to a lot on my mind and still sorting it all out. If I could easily transfer all these thoughts, categorize them and file them away, it might make things easier for me? You know how it can be when you have so much going on, it's hard to put down on paper...or even verbally say them. I get that a lot.

School Year List: things I must do before school starts for the kids, mentally/physically prepare myself for the upcoming Fall/Winter semesters as the workload will pick up....and maintain my sanity in the process (I work in an University Library with Interlibrary Loans).

Prayer List: praying over many things such as my own serious personal issues, my dad's health, my friends and families out there, for a new leader for my church's Children's ministry, so many things to pray about, and too long of a list...

Vacation/Staycation List: I'm looking forward to my upcoming weeklong staycation---will house/dog sit for my sister for a couple nights in her haunted house (should be interesting, and I don't believe in ghosts!), and have an opportunity to unwind in their pool and a chance to catch up on my tanning. Maybe I'll have a chance to get away for a couple days camping solo. I miss camping.

Myself List: need to resolve some ongoing issues I have, to make time for myself to find some peace and to forgive myself...and make the time to just take care of myself.

So that's pretty much what I can come up with so far.

What's your list(s) like?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Finding a cure...

I have a very athletic cousin, Dan, who is participating in an endurance triathlon and boy, I do admire his guts.

This is not just only to find a cure, but it is also being done in loving memory of our grandmother, Betty Loghry, who passed away back in December. We all loved her and we all miss her every day.

So, I told him I'd plug his ... info into my blog today when I had a chance. So, check it out on his website, Dan's Fundraising Page

Let's help find a cure against cancer!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hello, my name is Kirstan. I'm a FaceBook addict...

Ever since I discovered Facebook through a workshop a few months ago through my job, at first I didn't think much of it until friends started...."friend"ing me...and I've gotten hooked.

Now many of my friends and myself are addicted to it. Even my own family (well, except Josh...he's too young)....

Eee....I find myself checking up on statuses of everybody constantly...and some serious, but some very hilarious, it's hard to contain my laughter...especially in the workplace.

I love my friends who has sarcastic sense of humor.

I love my friends who are just plain funny.

Or crazy. Or too serious.

But it is always great to know what's going on with everyone in their lives...

Guess we'd need to set up a support group for us FB addicts, yeah?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Marvelous Monday

It can be such a wonderful blessing to have good friends in town...and make new friends as well.

And great deals on car parts.

Now that Betty is running again....she already had her heart transplant (battery) on Friday. But the alternator was not working. It just got killed with whatever was happening after the heart transplant., I only had to order the part and have my friend's mechanic friend spend most of his day working on Betty, under her hood.

Of course he had a struggle with getting the alternator out. Finally came out and was able to quickly put the new one in.

Now she purrs like a tiger. I'm so happy.

I did compliment him for his dedication to get the job done right, and thanked him for his time. Also shared with him that he is very easy to talk with on the phone. It is very rare for me to be able to carry a conversation with anyone on the a deaf person! My good friend stepped up and told him, "that's a compliment!" One of the few people I can easily understand. He was very clear and articulate so I was very pleased.

Once we got Betty going, I was very happy. And I know I will use him again ...

Now, I can go back to work!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


definitely not a good weekend.

well, first, the car got a new battery Friday it was fine... after it had its' "heart" transplant....we got home safe.

But yesterday evening it did not want to cooperate so we just left it alone. maybe it just needs a rest.

this morning it won't start up. I honestly feel it's just the wires that got...loose.

so that means tomorrow I have to call the mechanic to set up a time to peek under Betty's hood and see what's going on.

I just asked my husband, "what else could possibly go wrong?"

Lord, more?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What A Deal!

After dealing with some personal issues the past few days, I received this from my sister this afternoon. I just started laughing...a much needed laugh....

Would you like a free luxury stay for one night in a haunted house? You have been selected to receive one free night of luxury at the Igoe Hotel and Inn located on _________ Lane in Tecumseh. Amenities include: Free 24 hour pool, 2 open fridges, free cable, free internet, free home cooked meals, and most importantly a quiet luxurious night in an historic home with all the creature comforts that you can call your own.

What’s the catch you say? It’s not a catch at all! All you have to do is take the 1st and 2nd of September off (ooooh how horrible!!) and hang out with the trusty - yet slightly neurotic Igoe companion (hence the days off & staying at the house) Ralphie. Just a quick walk, a bowl of food, and a couple of poo’s and you are home free.

So what do you say? This is a limited time offer, reply now before time runs out!!!

Of course I accepted, after realizing this date is when my nephew will have his tonsils taken out. And I still haven't used up any of my vacation time, so why not?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Remembering Rachel

Today on this date, Rachel would have turned 19, if she was still with us.

This picture was taken in Yuma, AZ, about a week before she passed away on Feb. 9th, 1995.

She loved dressing up and her favorite was wearing her "cowgirl" dress. Naturally, being it her favorite outfit, we buried her in that dress.

I miss her still, and I know many others who knew her feel the same. There is no time limit on grieving...but knowing someday when I am whisked away to Heaven, I'll be able to hug her again.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

heat wave-y day!

wow, woke up to humidity and very warm temps.

when my husband got dressed this morning, he put on a long sleeve sweater-ish shirt.

i tried not to make fun of him, but carefully encouraged him to maybe change into one of his cuban short sleeve shirts? after all, we're experiencing his favorite type of weather....

the miami heat-ish weather!

so he changed. *whew*

after coming home from church, my son and i took off for the lake. even though it was crowded, there was still room for me to have super-soaker war games with josh. it was fun. i do have to thank my friend for gifting my son with that super-soaker water gun. it's so cool! i should get another one so we can be equal in our water war games.

now we're home and cooling off inside...with shades drawn and the central ac feels good to chill out, so to speak.

i know i've not been blogging much lately---and i don't think i'd be blogging as much as i used maybe every now and then. at this moment, i'm going through a rough time in my life right now where i just do not feel that chatty at the moment. just need time to myself for now. but don't worry, i am not dropping off the face of earth...!!!

stay cool, y'all.