Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tired on Thursday

I'm home still...been home yesterday with horrific congested head and cough and my head just wanted to explode. The kind of "Mommy, I don't feel so goooood!" and have a good cry.

Was able to get in to see the doctor yesterday and thankfully I didn't have to wait long for my turn. The waiting room was so full, they had to open up another area for "overflow". Many sick kids. Ech.

I do have a combination of cold, cough and seasonal allergies induced sinus infection. Wow. So the doc prescribed some meds and told me to take those, drink more fluids as I'm little bit dehydrated and get more rest. I was told I should be feeling better sometime later today---once the meds start attacking those bad guys in my body. If only the sinus headaches would go away!

And tomorrow is Halloween.My kids are very excited. I have not been able to locate my halloween skirt and my special hat is missing one googly eye. So I need to ask the hubby to search the floor for that missing eye. Maybe I'll make an eyepatch for that hat...(it's a cap with bat wings...that has eyes on it). We'll see.

Chicken dumplings sounds like a good thing to eat for dinner tonight? Yeah. I only have onions but...that's better than nothing. I'll probably just keep it simple. I do love my dumplings.

Better throw the chicken in the crockpot while I'm thinking about it. Hmm....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cracked Soles...

This morning...I went looking for my usual brown comfortable shoes for work.

I looked in the hallway. Nope.
I looked in my room. Nope.
I looked in the kitchen. Nope.
Dining room. Nope.
Ashley's room? nope.
Josh's room? noooo...

Living room---I even peeked under computer desks, the couches and behind.



Walking around in my heavy winter coat, purse over one shoulder, keys in another hand, and in my socks (of course I'm all dressed...minus the shoes!).

So I put on my old worn out brown shoes with cracked soles. Why I never threw it out, I don't know.

Some days we might feel broken down...cracked up or whatever.

Not sure what to make of what kind of day I'll have for today.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Having a bad day?

Oh gosh. Someone pointed out to me I've been little snippy these days and I found myself apologizing for like the millionth time this week. Oh. My. Goodness. *slaps self* Even I'm having a bad hair It just won't cooperate. And my makeup didn't do its job either. Guess it really shows what a snippy snit I am right now.

Something good is happening RIGHT NOW! I am actually SMILING. A friend from my Gally days found me on facebook, we hooked up, and she has started reading my blogs! She's going backwards so it's interesting what she has to say about some of the posts I've done so far. She's still wayyyyy back there, but soon will catch up to today's...eventually. Hi there! All caught up now? *waving a big hello*

I just completed writing 3 scripts yesterday and I wrote another one for update version---and included other team members ideas. So hoping the team members will work it out.

My son isn't feeling good. Got the cough...and the sniffles. And I've caught the sniffles.

Last Saturday evening, I sent my sister and brother in law out for their long overdue anniversary dinner date, and played with my niece & nephew. We did carve pumpkins and Katelin being 5 years old, did a great job painting her witch on her pumpkin. So cute. Jordan didn't care for it, and just ran off to play with his toys.

They grow up so fast.

Really not a whole lot to report maybe tomorrow's a better day....? oh yeah, we might get snow on Wednesday. Strong possibility.

Friday, October 24, 2008

I survived LIVE Rock Band concert 2008!


I survived sitting there listening to 4 me away out of my seat (nearly, really).

My daughter and her friend...


*shaking myself*

No matter how deaf you can be, it can really blow you away. I didn't know whether to keep my hearing aid in or out. Kept it in. I could hear the words little clearer (but still can't make out what they say...they're too far away and I have old eyes....)

I was impressed, though, with the bands. The Cab, the Plain White T's, Dashboard Confessional and Panic at the Disco all played....

I liked the Plain White T's and the Dashboard Confessional better than the other two. The lead singer for Plain White T's looks so much like the YOUNG Paul McCartney of the Beatles. Wow!

When we got to the EMU's Convocation Center, I expected it to be jammed or traffic problems or ...something.

Nope, I parked pretty close to the Convocation Center. Wow. It went pretty smooth. We got there around 6:20 pm. Not bad.

When we realized our tickets was for "any seat in the lower bowl" we found a good spot where we could see them in front of us. But not up close on the sides where people would really crowd around there and jumping/standing around...while this old fart wants to sit and "chill".

It is such a different experience when I went to see Duran Duran in concert at The Palace in Auburn Hills, and my sister and I were on the floor, and I could barely see anything as there had to be TALL people in front of me, who STOOD up the whole time....and their arms up in the air....that didn't help this short gal.

Anyway, leaving after Panic at the Disco finished their round, we got out w/o any problem.


And got out of the parking lot w/o any fact, I didn't have to wait in line or anything. The EMU or Ypsilanti (or both!) police did a great job! You guys rock!

Smooth out the lot and onto the roads to head home.

Smooth sailing home.

Got home pretty exhausted. The girls are getting ready for school as I type this, early Friday morning!

Few things came to mind as I review last wasn't bad for a 3 1/2 hour concert. One band didn't show up (supposed to be a 5 band thing...) so I'm thankful it didn't become 4 hours or 5!

The way they did the lights and the screens...whoa. The lights to go with the beat or the music...awesome. That I wish for Deaf Cafe. We'd LOVE to have those lights when we do our music....but that probably cost millions of dollars, right?

The subwoofers and the speakers and amps or whatever...those big monsters that blare you out of your seat...oooh, awesome. My seat vibrated the whole time. I had no opportunity to "relax" but just kind of sit/dance to the beat.

I think I would enjoy concerts at the EMU Convocation center more than I would at the Palace. BUT would depend on who's playing.

And concerts at the Convocation center is a heck of a lot CHEAPER too....

And I'm glad I didn't stand around with those who got the floor (which is the main floor, leading up to the stage....)...they had NO SEATS.

Good experience. I did try to floof up my hair ...spike it a little, and try to look cooler or blend in with the young'uns....but...I guess I'm getting old....age will defy you no matter how hard you try. Oh well.

I had fun...and the girls were very happy. Their very first live rock concert. Yeah.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Middle of the week...

And I need lots of Chocolate.

I just made myself some hot coco, and ate a chocolate pudding for breakfast.

Not healthy, right?

Well, pfft. I can eat anything I want as long as I don't go overboard.

Currently on my break right now, realizing I've not blogged for couple days.

I had a nightmare (or...morningmare? It happened around 4 this morning) about trying to find Ashley's band shirt...and how it was still filthy dirty and I was running out of time getting it cleaned and ready for her concert...and then the black tights went AWOL. Then when found it, her black skirt ran off and hid.

And it was 5 minutes to 7, and I'm hollering at my family that they can't do this to me! Ashley is supposed to be at the school at 6:35!

I woke up. I wanted to end the dream on a good note, but that didn't happen.

Woke up Ashley before I left:
  • come straight home after school! no excuses!
  • look for your skirt and tights. I don't care if you have to upheave the room or not. where you put it, you will find it.
  • take a shower. you'll feel better after all of this.
My friend Brenda was telling me about her daughter's room. It's a wreck. However, her daughter tells her that she can find her things easily that way. (uhhh...okay....)

So they compromised and one corner will be for her clothes....and that way, Brenda is a happy mom as she can see most of the floor.

Hm....I appreciate that idea, Brenda. I will try that.

Joshua on the other hand, if he knows company's coming over, he shoves (or hides) things under his bed or whatever. They never make it into the toybox, dresser or where it belongs. At least his room's clean. And I can see the floor.

So....will have to dash home, whip up dinner (if my husband remembers to take out the meat from get Ashley ready for her band concert.

Please, Lord, please??? She keeps her shirt clean and finds both her skirt & black tights????

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Today was just a gorgeous day! Fall...really a beautiful fall day!

Yesterday late afternoon my family and I "hiked" (drove, really) over to our church for the Fall Festival that was going on. Oh wow! So many fun costumes and we even had a headless guy who carried his head around...(you just had to see was funny, not that gory!)...and one family was just so adorable. They had found a great deal on costumes for the kids at a yard sale. A really well made cow costume for a young boy, perfect for their son, and a really CUTE chicken costume for their not yet 1 year old baby! OH how cute! They only paid 4 dollars for these 2 costumes. Mom made up her own costume by attaching a pink curly tail to her pink sweat pants, wore a pink sweater with a hood, attached pig ears and made a nose out of felt and using rubber bands (or elastic? it looked like rubber bands)...and the dad was being the typical Farmer. So cute! They had a bale of hay, and they posed.

Me being one of the 3 judges, I had to be careful not to play favorites as this family were good friends of mine---well, they ended up winning first place (2nd time 2 years in a row!). WOW! Very creative. I like!

Chili cook-off....there were 10 different ones to sample from. Yum.

Caramel poured over cut up apples, popcorn, hot dogs, fried donuts (really those biscuits you pop open and bake? deep fry 'em...shake cinnamon or powdered sugar on 'em) and...lemonade. Lots of candies and treats. And I got a toothbrush as a bribe from a tooth fairy trying to win the best looking trunk of treats. LOL.

Today was just a "take it easy" kind of day. We had a large group today at church, which was really nice to have.

Took a nap, made a yummy dinner and I just finished a delicious glass of chocolate milk.

Helping Josh with his student of the week project. I decided I would just print out pictures instead of sending in real ones. So far it works. I might have more but need go easy on the ink.

What have you all been up to this weekend?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Gooooood Morning!

Ashley waited patiently for me to come home yesterday. I was taking my time getting home...Josh was spending time over at Bobbie's to play with my niece/nephew and eat pizza.

I could see Ashley in the window watching for me. I live in a downtown building in downtown Tecumseh...which is a great, awesome place to live---everything nearly right at your doorstep. And downtown being only 2 blocks long. Yeah. Want coffee? Visit the Daily Grind across the street over 1/2 block..... Need a barber? Just the next corner on my right. Need books? Cross the street and walk another half block. Want to buy antiques? It's just RIGHT THERE across the street from me. Want order pizza? Heck, they're practically in my backyard (or, really, side yard)...I could holler out the window my order if anyone is standing outside their back door for a smoke or getting ready to deliver....yeah, the perks of living downtown!

Anyway, I cut through the free city parking lot to get over to my street and park in front of my building....and I can see her in the living room window (mental thought: that's where I'll put the Christmas tree up this year)....

The second I pulled up to the curb in front of my building, Ashley runs out....

"Mom! (what happened to "Mother"?)....Can I go to this fundraiser thing to raise homeless awareness in Adrian??? "J" invited me and "E" to join....there'll be a radio station there and we'll be living like homeless...."

"Sure." (I've not even turned the engine off or unbuckled my seatbelt...)


I come inside and I give her and "E" sleeping bags. I told them it will be very, very cold, and they need to be very, very warm! The "oh my blanket is enough" and I'm saying, NO...TAKE THE SLEEPING BAGS!

They're home now...and thankful I made 'em take the sleeping bags.

They are more aware of what the homeless go through every day. Brrr!

It was funny, as I talked to "J's" Grandma yesterday (who by the way was picking up all of "J"s friends all over Tecumseh), Ashley remarked, "I'm doing a lot of church stuff this weekend!"

I laughed. I wished them well and to have fun but to really think about the plights of the homeless especially during these troubling economic times...people losing jobs, homes, etc.

Another "church thing" we're doing today is going to my church in Ann Arbor, for the Harvest Festival, which is a fun event for families, especially for kids, to play games and get treats (whether you win or lose...) and there will be car trunks full of treats...this year will be outside so that's nice. Families signed up to fill up their trunks full of treat...and they have the bouncy stuff kids can bounce around in....and fill up with so much sugary treat, I'll have to make an appt with the dentist....

I look forward to that....the harvest festival, yes. The dentist, no.

Well, I GUESS (in a big *sigh* way) I will do some laundry and will try to clean up ... SOMETHING....around here....and help my kids put together...costumes....something.

Have a wonderful Saturday y'all. It's truly a fall day.

Oh yeah, please keep clicking on those ads you see on my site. You don't need to order anything. Just be patient, click on all of 'em if you can. Just bear with me. Help raise funds for my gas tank! The van will thank you from the bottom of its' full tank....(heart). Mwah!

*Dear Reader in (or around) Wyoming, MI, could you please send me an email who you are? I can't help notice that you in my map you visit my blog frequently. I'd like to meet you! Thanks! *smile*

Thursday, October 16, 2008

what's up?

Well, not a whole lot.

I had to deal with processing MANY posters at the library so that's been a challenge. I do like it though (wow, when did this keyboard become so loud???)...and it's interesting to see different poster designs from years past.

I know there's not a whole lot to report. I feel the twinges in my kidney again---so I guess I'll break out the cranberry juice ---and try to see if can get it under control. I have been careful with my diet as of late so ...

but hey, can be part of aging, eh?


Um...maybe something exciting will pop up for my next post...stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Heaven and Hell of a day....

Again, as I left the library at 4:03 pm (give or take...I know it was after 4 pm...), the preacher was back preachin' the gospel again.

The crowd was smaller, though. I was startled by some of the signs held by the protesters. I stopped and I was just ... appalled, I guess. It isn't worth repeating in this blog.

But then I looked for the preacher...and he wasn't standing on the bench like yesterday, but lost in a small mob...and his voice booming over the hecklers and the protesters.

Of course there were few "Amens" from his supporters.

And today, only one cop was standing guard.

Earlier today I received sad news that Ellen's mother passed away this morning. Mother had been sick with pneumonia and was in ICU for a few days. They had to put her on a ventinlator and they were planning to take it off tomorrow.

Guess God had a better plan for her.

Ellen knows she has many family and friends here praying for her and her family.

Ellen, please do know that you have everyone thinking/praying for you today and for your family. May God give you and your family the comfort and strength.

Monday, October 13, 2008

My Faithful Readers...

It's nice to KIND OF know who might be reading my blogs. Of course my closest, bestest friends all over USA (any overseas??) will read my blog.

I sometimes check to see WHERE my readers are reading me from...and this morning when I checked, I saw someone in Nazareth, ISRAEL visited my blog site. WOW! I'm so honored.

I also see my friend in NY checking up on me. With 4 kids, the youngest being the newest addition since April, the only way she can check up on me is to read my blog when she's got those RARE few moments of Mommy Time....I know she's very I forgive her for not staying in touch. At least I know she's still alive and kickin' over there in NY. Thanks, girl! I miss you!!!

I'm waiting for my husband to come back from the store. I do pray he got the right stuff.

Oh yes, as I left work, remember, I work in an university library....there was a horde of protesters and supporters....and a line of police standing watch.

The preacher is back, preachin' hell and heaven...

I was little concerned though, because the protesters were really too close to him, I was afraid they'd knock him over. He was standing on one of the benches...and I was surprised over his loud voice---very clear...over the jeerings and hecklers. I do have to admire his guts, though, to stand up to that. I just said a prayer for him...and left. As I walked away, I noticed there were 3 members who came with that preacher talking with some students so I had to smile. Way to go, God!

Got gas for 2.87! WOO! And oh yeah, my van was so happy, it upped the gas mileage from 18.0 to 19.1 mpg! (I have this cool gadget that gauges everything I many miles I've traveled, or how many gas left in the tank ---really, how many miles I have to go before I'm on gas fumes, etc) was purring and smooth driving. I must be doing something right.

Lots to be thankful for!

Oh yeah, it's 80 degrees outside...on this fine Oct 13th. Ah.

Honey? Are you back yet?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Me Tin Man?

This morning, I woke up and couldn't find my glasses.

Hm....okay...maybe it fell off somewhere. I am at Vonnie's house and we stay the weekend at her house every Deaf Cafe weekend. Every month (except next month, she'll be in Hawaii and I'll be camping in Brenda's backyard!)....we stay at her house in her Coca Cola room. Yes, the Coke room full of coke stuff....coke bottles, coke toys, coke bears, coke posters, etc. Even the bed spread and pillows and all that have Coca Cola stuff all over it (logos, not the actual liquid stuff).

So being nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other took my eyes a couple hours to adjust. Oh I can see...just not 100% perfectly. I took migraine pills to prevent getting cross-eyed and headachey.

We had a lazy dazy day....taking our sweet time and mentally/physically getting ready for our Deaf Cafe program tonight (okay, it's really 1 am Sunday morning I'm posting this...but it's still Saturday to me, OKAY???)...and just moments before we leave, my sweet husband brings my glasses to me.

Okay, I ALWAYS put my hearing aid and my glasses TOGETHER...ALWAYS! Always. I put both on top of dresser...together. Always. Same as I have for the past few years I stay at Vonnie's house. Same spot. Always.

Tell me how my glasses ended up in my husband's suitcase??? On the other side of the room???

That is a mystery that might not be solved but ...

My eyes said, "Okay, here we go again...need to readjust...."

And since I can't take my migraine pills for another few hours, I had to actually feel my eyes readjust.

BOING! Ow. That hurt.

Great program tonight. The team members did a great job tonight. I know it was all God. Seriously.

We didn't practice until today....and we were more like, "we'll just go with the flow".

And we did.

Great fun we had.

And the most energetic we've had in a long while.

We went out to eat afterwards....and as I got up from the table, I really felt it in my joints, my feet, my back...

I'm getting olllllllllld.


Tonight (well, an hour ago), I chatted with Vonnie, my husband and another friend...we were shooting the wind and came up with a fun new program idea---the Wizard of Oz.

I know I'll be sore in the morning (okay, around 7 am or so)....and I am the Tin Man. Creak...creak....creak.....

Thursday, October 9, 2008

migraines....back pains...oy!

Well, not sure if it's a migraine, you see.

Just something that likes to annoy the right temple of my head.

You know the feeling but can only describe it in surround this:

Back pains...even the strongest Tylenol does not work.

Oh I know! *raising hand*

I'm getting OLDER! In about 3 weeks...I'll be 40 ...*sob*

I really felt it this week. I have to be careful how I turn over in bed...or get out of bed. Or sit down/stand up...or even walk!

My weight is pretty much the same...I might lose some but always the same annoying 5 to 10 lbs that comes and goes. I try....

At least few years ago, I used to be a 24wide plus size I'm down to a wonderful regular (read my lips: reh-guuuu---lar!) size 16 and proud of it. No, it's not even plus size 16. Just plain 16. That is such a wonderful blessing.

Now if I can work myself down to 14, I can jump with joy (and probably throw my back out).

Got a busy day tomorrow and a busy weekend ahead. We have our Deaf Cafe program so I'm excited. And tomorrow is Kayla's birthday...the big 13. Woooo....

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Heat is On!

Oh-wo-ho, oh-wo-ho
Caught up in the action I've been looking out for you
Oh-wo-ho, oh-wo-ho
(Tell me can you feel it)
(Tell me can you feel it)
(Tell me can you feel it)
The heat is on, the heat is on, the heat is on...
(Glenn Frey-founder of Eagles band...)

Okay, I get an email from my husband...the ac/heat guys came and went...and now the place is thawing out.

Yeah baby.

Guess I can put away SOME of the blankets and quilts I have piled up in the living room

Oh by the way...please please please help this poor lady out!, yes. Anytime you guys peek at my blogs, please, please take a moment or two and click on any ads you see on my postings. They'll pay me for you guys lookin' at them. No need to buy or sign up anything. Just click away!

All proceeds will go towards my gas tank. My van and I thank you very much from the way bottom of our hearts (and tanks). Oh yeah, please help Brenda out on the ads too! Any ad. No need to buy/sign up anything... just click away. Keep those pennies coming in!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday Blues...

A bluesy jazz tune ....

It is a grey wet day today at my end of the world. I have a friend who is really feeling blue and all I could do was lift her up with prayers. Praying she feels better soon.

I have the no-heat-yet-at-home blues....I've had my husband convinced I know what I am talking about. The AC/Heat guy never, ever, ever came back to reinstall the wiring thingy back up with the furnace. He never came back. far it's not developed frost inside the home. We're comfortable, but we'd like a little warmth, please.

I got the Coca-Cola blues....the university I work at is switching over to Pepsi. I am addicted to Coca Cola...and when I went to buy some coke, they said, sorry...only Pepsi now. Ohhhh.

Well, I have some at my desk so I'll just drink that up. And start buying my own to bring to work.

Well, in spite of the Monday Blues...I had a wonderful, WONDERFUL time over the weekend. My husband and I attended a special workshop in Sterling Heights at Memorial Baptist Church. Brian Sims, a pastor of Brentwood Baptist Deaf Church in Brentwood, Tennessee, came up and we had a blast. Deaf Cafe was honored to participate in the program by having song/skits. I know the deaf in the Detroit/Sterling Heights area had a blast.

So much going on to think over, and new lessons applied. And strong encouragement from Brian to my husband, I noticed it lifted my husband's spirits. I thank Brian from the way bottom of my heart. Thanks!

Well, lunch break is up....(another bluesy moment? nah...)...and I have more than enough to do. I find when I have more than enough to do, I'm happy being kept busy and the feeling of accomplishments.

Have a bright, happy Monday....

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Who ate all the food?

Well, I made this awesome recipe for dinner. My family LOVES it. I only had ONE serving. One helping.

After another successful Deaf Cafe meeting on the VideoPhone, I went into the kitchen to put away leftovers, etc.

Where's the dish?

I checked the oven.

I checked the fridge.

Then I peek into the sink, and hiding under a huge cutting board is an empty dish.

I checked the fridge to see if someone put away leftovers in those disposable gladware.



I slaved over that for 15 minutes and it cooked for 40 minutes, and I got ONE serving. The boys had 2 helpings and Ashley got a little bit for herself.

This is supposed to be 8-10 servings!

PIGS! I stomped over to the boys (that's my husband and my son) time you want more, ASK THE COOK FIRST!

I did expect it to go fast, and I did expect to have another helping. Who would have thought the boys would be such pigs?


Anyway, I do know it's one of their favorites and here's the recipe:

Quick Chicken Tortilla Bake

prep time: 15 min. Bake:45 minutes

Preheat oven at 350 degrees.

2 10.5 oz cans cream of chicken soup
1 10-oz can diced tomatoes with green chiles, undrained
12 6 or 7 inch corn tortillas (I like flour best), cut into thin bite size strips
3 cups cubed cooked chicken (I usually just boil or crockpot a couple big chicken breasts)
1 cup shredded cheese with mexican-style seasoning (4 oz)

1. In a medium bowl combine soup and undrained tomatoes. Set aside. Sprinkle one-third of the tortilla strips over the bottom of an ungreased 3-quart rectangular baking dish. Layer half of the chicken over tortilla strips; spoon half of the soup mixture on top. Repeat layers. Top with remaining tortilla strips.

2. Bake, covered, for about 40 minutes or until bubbly around edges and center is hot. Uncover and sprinkle with cheese. Bake 5 more minutes or until cheese is melted.

Makes 8 servings.

Well, I usually shred the chicken and mix it with the soup mixture. That way it cuts down on my time. I shred instead of cut up. It still tastes good. You can add sour cream on top when you want a little something or add more salsa for more spice. My family really adores this.

YUM. This is from my favorite cookbook, Better Homes and Garden's 500 Five Ingredient Recipes.

That cookbook was given to me as a wedding gift...

Well, there goes my "leftover lunch" for tomorrow. Darn.

Maybe I'll grill some tuna 'wiches. Hm....

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Ugh. I'm sitting here at the kitchen computer minding my own beeswax and telling Joshua to keep doing his homework...





Anyway, my sister, Bobbie, has started her blog...and she's brand new at this. Welcome to Bloggers World, girl! I was just reading her post for today and had to laugh. Everytime I get together with her, we always find something to poke fun at or laugh about. And of course her kids are the apples of my eye!

This morning her daughter was at Opa's house. I was wondering about her hairstyle...and Opa told me it was crazy hair day today. But she kept telling me how itchy her dress was. I told her I was very sorry and hope she will stop itching soon. And told her I hope she wins crazy hair day.

"Oooookay, bye Kirstan!" and a big hug and a cheeky kiss from her.

I had to giggle as I left. Her eyes were so big and round when she watched me leave. Awww.

Since I was kinda tagged by Bobbie...I'll put in my 7 weird things about me in here:

1. I am not a cake person. I do not like cake. I prefer pie over cake.

2. Eating fries with mayo. Yum.

3. Every year growing up I wanted homemade mac 'n cheese and homemade cranberry nut bread for my birthday. Oh dad makes the best homemade mac 'n cheese...he adds beer in it sometimes!

4. I love rain/thunderstorms. I love to watch them...I love to be in rainstorms. I think it's just so soothing or something.

5. 4 out of 6 cars I've owned were red. If I buy another car/van, it will most likely be red. (now I'm wondering, how is that weird?)

6. I watch MASH reruns all the time. When I had Joshua, and had to feed him in the wee hours, MASH would be on. The theme comes on, he stops nursing long enough to listen, then when it ends, he goes back to finish his meal. I never tire of watching MASH.

7. Um...

Oh jeez...what more weird stuff about me is there? Maybe my sisters might let me know something I might have missed.

Well, I better get off, as Joshua is very restless when it comes to doing his homework. I was supposed to write up a script for Deaf Cafe...I did one already.

Alright---I better go. For now. Both kids are clamoring to use both computers so...will let them have a run at 'em.