Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a quiet rainy evening...

Man, I'm beat.

I arrived at work early this morning to sounds of jack hammers and the sidewalk cement saw machine (you know that huge machine that cuts into sidewalk, street, etc) and my department has the misfortune of being located directly underneath that commotion.  It was extremely hard for me to lip-read with the jackhammer noise so loud it rattled my brains. I couldn't concentrate very well.  That is where everyone wished they knew sign language.

So now I have the place to myself right now. It's nice....

Oh yeah, on my way to work after dropping my sister off at work, I was minding my own business and one stretch of road was kind of quiet. I saw 2 ducks crossing the road. So, I slowed down and stopped. I know they appreciated it.

However, there was a car barreling down behind me, and even though I had my lights and my brake lights on, the driver blared her horn, swerved, nearly missed running the ducks down, and flipping me off. How rude. Oh well. So I waited for the ducks to finish crossing the lanes....and I felt good as it happily arrived at its destination.

Well, as you all know in my previous posting, I'm participating in the Relay for Life....and I got my first donor! WOO!  BUT....I still need more donors to support this cause.  So if you feel you want to join me in kicking some cancer butt, then click on my page and send your support!

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