Friday, February 12, 2010

Another IRK'ed moment...

I was really irked today.


Well, I got to work just fine. Little tired, and gravity was really hard on me physically. After being laid up for 2 days, 3 nights...being sick to my stomach...well, of course, you'd be worn out. And off balance.

Got to work just fine. Pulled up to the back door of the library (loading dock, really, for deliveries, mail, etc)...and had him go park. (Then at lunch I had him pick me up there so we could go somewhere for lunch, etc. And again, after work, meet me back there so I could have him meet up with a DC team member to go to rehearsals tonight).

This morning really, really, really, really, I mean, really irked me!

We were minding our own business..doing our daily routine of starting out what we do every was oh say about 8 a.m. ( I start work at 7:30) the PA system went off, telling us to not take the elevators, and leave by the nearest exits.

*sigh*....why aren't the fire alarm flashers not going off? I was quite concerned thinking my husband wouldn't know what was going on if someone tapped on his shoulder, and made him get off the computer in the computing lab.

If the flashers were working, all they'd have to do is point at the flashers, and he would get it. 

So, with someone's permission I quickly checked the lab, and he wasn't there. Was thinkin' he's somewhere else.  So I had to leave by the nearest exit....

Another department were leaving the same way, and know what, they whined and complained about the snow that would not be cleared away from the exit doors, etc. It will ruin their shoes. They didn't bring their boots. Boo hoo. Sorry ladies, but I think your safety comes first, not your shoes. They're replaceable. Not you. I didn't care and just plowed right through....

Man was it loud outside. PA system ALL. OVER. THE. CAMPUS! "DO NOT TAKE THE ELEVATOR! TAKE THE NEAREST EXIT" etc...very echo-y too.Yes sirree.

As we waited a bit, a student runs out with his laptop, points at it, a group rolls their eyes and we all march back in.

Turns out that there is a malfunction in the PA system.

It went on for quite a while. After I did some UPS work, as I walked back to my office, I asked someone if someone shot the PA System and put it out of its misery.  

Oh so, I was not the only one irked by this. Everyone was irked. Very. Irked.

So, to make me feel better, I went in with my husband to Sam's to get membership, and decided to poke around a bit before we met up with his ride for Flint tonight...we got a Tom Tom GPS. How cool!

So after husband jumped in with his co-hort to Flint, I got to use TomTom for the first time. That was really cool! We had been wanting one since we would be doing quite a bit of traveling this year...2 out of state trips that we know of, and lots of in-state long distance trips such as camping, etc.

Well, Friday is here, and my irkiness has started to fade away...and I'm alone, with my son somewhere in the house...and ... it's just so nice to ...chill out.