Friday, June 27, 2008

Another Friday....

So far, so good.

Got a call from my dad seeking permission for Ashley to go over her friend's house (yes, she may) and that both kids are fine. Josh is playing with his friend today. His friend is coming over tonight for a sleep over. This kid has the reddest---no, ORANGE-st hair in the whole world. When I thought Brenda's boys had red hair, (or orange), you should see this kid! But a very friendly kid. I like him.

My college best friend wrote me from NY. She has now 4 kids, and it has been a while since she and I have talked or written. But it's like we never stopped talking. I know how busy she is with a new baby...and her kids just got done with school! Yes, NY observes MANY MANY different ethnic holidays so schools are closed on those many, many ethnic holidays. I feel bad for her, and it makes the summer very short for the kids. Her oldest son is the same age as Ashley.

I am not doing a whole lot this weekend except for a Deaf Cafe trailer work day and church on Sunday. I work with the babies this time, so I'm excited and looking forward to it. It's nice to know I am needed.

Not a whole lot to report. Ashley continues to improve, and her bump is becoming smaller and just a nasty bruise. She has scabs everywhere now...and tries very hard not to scratch.

Have a super weekend.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Lovely. It certainly is a lovely day. I am so thrilled that Ashley is doing so much better. I dropped her and Josh off at Opa's house for the day.

When I picked them up from Opa's, Ashley was smiling and back to her talkative self. No headaches. And she ate a lot today to make up for 3 days worth of not eating. Arrived home and came across some lovely emails, especially from one person I did not expect to hear from.

I did hear from my sister-in-law in Yuma, so it was good to hear from her.

I'm so thankful!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A blanket made with love

On Friday, about 5 minutes before 4 pm, I got a phone call at work. It was the Tecumseh's Herrick Hospital ER calling me.

My daughter, Ashley, was in an accident. I asked first thing, "is she okay?" knowing I meant, how serious is it? The nurse answered that the accident itself was a miracle, but needed my verbal consent for her to go in for X-rays. Permission granted. And I'm on my way. Give me 45 minutes.

The timing of the call was good in one way...I didn't have to leave earlier than my usual quitting time of 4 pm. It was exactly 4 pm when I hung up the phone and informed my co-workers that I had to go. And to inform my supervisor. I will contact them later when I can.

Arrived at the ER in town. Ashley was complaining about the neck brace, and how uncomfortable the backboard was, and she was really all tied up with buckles and restraints (to keep from rolling off).

The nurse recognized me, and this is what happened:

Ashley and her friend Anna were biking near the community recreational center. It is sort of in a hillside, but on the river, and it's a gorgeous park too. Apparently from what I understand, Ashley did not pay attention and a van clipped her from behind, causing her and the bike to go up in the air. The back of Ashley's head broke the van's windshield (created a hole too). The driver ( an older man, of a "grandpa age") and his wife were shaken up. They were not hurt. Ashley had smashed their windshield pretty good. Anna went back over to hold her until the police and EMS were called.

I have heard from the nurse and the EMS commenting over and over again how LUCKY she was to be alive from that type of impact. People, the van suffered worse than my own daughter. My daughter would either have serious closed head injury, broken bones, etc., and the van would have gotten away with it. But no, the van suffered worse.

We were transferred to U-M Hospital's ER (Pediatrics ER) and we spent more than 20 hours there. All people there have said how lucky she was. And some even called her a miracle. I have watched their faces as I'd described the accident, and many times repeating, yes riding her bike and no she didn't wear her helmet...and yes she has one.

Ashley suffered a concussion, a big bump on the back of her head with some bleeding underneath the skin. She has a sprained ankle. Many scrapes, bruises and bumps. She is alert when we wake her up. She does have bad headaches, which is typical of a concussion. But she hasn't had major problems with memory. No closed head injury, praise the Lord!

Finally when Ashley was able to keep her stomach settled and get around ok, we were able to go home. Of course I had to wait for my husband to come up and get us. At the same time, Ashley's father, uncle and grandma came by to visit. Of course they were shaken up when they saw Rachel's blanket.

God protected you, Ashley. I know Rachel was with you too. You carried your sister's blanket around in your carry bag. This blanket was made with loads of love from Ellen and her daycare children and it had everyone's handprints painted on it. This was given to Rachel when she was diagnosed with cancer and gave her the comfort of many of her friends who made this.

Ashley, I know Rachel had been your angel over this whole ordeal. When you were slipping in and out of consciousness, you were very vocal about keeping the blanket with you at all times. The nurses, doctors and EMS respected that. I tried to move it from you, you clutched it. You told everyone who listened what the blanket meant to you.

You are my miracle, Ashley. God blessed me the day you were born, and continues to bless me as I watch you grow into a beautiful young woman. God blessed you with giving you an opportunity to show your maturity by having a babysitting job this summer. God had blessed you for not having more than just a few bumps, bruises and scrapes, to match the bump on your head.

I love you, Ashley. You're a tough cookie like your mother.

The next step in this road to recovery---to contact the police for the report, and hopefully I can contact the couple who hit her and assure them Ashley is okay. And offer to pay for any damages their insurance may not cover. And to continue to seek God's guidance in this road to recovery.

I also want to take a moment to say thank you all for your love and support, your prayers and thoughts. It was truly felt, and not only it affected us, but the people who worked with Ashley. Instead of saying "lucky", I say, no, "blessed".

Thursday, June 19, 2008

TJ and Car Races

This is my friend, TJ. He is a special needs friend. He is deaf and a member of my church. With his mother's permission, I am sharing with you about his exciting day at the car races over Father's Day weekend.

This was NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series on Saturday June 14th. TJ waved the starting flag. Oh he was so excited and I'm sure some of my die-hard fans of the Nascar races must be jealous at the opportunity to be more up close than just behind the fences. TJ would share with anyone that he was going to be at the races, and being a grand marshal. Oh what a honor!!! I know his parents must be so proud! I even bragged to my own friends who knew him!

Bill Hattan, a double amputee, and owner of Cool Customs City, was participating in this event at the races. From what I gathered from the mother, they wanted to invite a child who has a similar experience of being an amputee. Bill Hattan lost his legs in an accident. He was a road construction worker working with another woman putting up flasher barrels when a driver was speeding at 80 mph, running into Bill and his coworker. Well, the coworker was killed instantly. Bill himself was in a coma for a few weeks, and they had to amputate his legs. Instead of letting this become a burden, he worked on finding something positive about his experiences.

TJ himself was born with many problems. But, God has blessed his mother and TJ in many ways. He does have one leg amputated below the knee but that does not stop this bundle of energy from doing what he loves the most. Being around any people, growing into a typical boy, having a wonderful set of parents and a brand new baby sister. His involvement with us at church has touched many people's lives. I don't think anyone has not met him and walk away untouched by his friendliness, his compassion for others. No matter who you are, he will make friends with you.

With his opportunity to be at the races, I have yet to hear from him personally ...but his proud mama sent me some pictures. Here is another one of him with the crew. I said...

he is very compassionate and very loving.

I close this with a hug ...TJ hugging his friend, Bill Hattan.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Yesterday, I had a girls' day out with my daughter. My husband wanted to stay home and chill out, watch movies on TV.

So my daughter and I went out, had a great breakfast, then got my hair cut again...and it's sooo much better! That is what I wanted all along.

Then my daughter and I decided to visit the Hayes State Park in the Irish Hills...and we kidnapped my friend to go with us. It was a much needed time away from home for her. With her son at the dad's for the weekend ... she truly enjoyed herself. We were so comfortable with each other, and just a really easygoing friendship we've developed. Also she hired my daughter to babysit on Tuesdays she works. So that would be perfect. I pick up her son from daycare, have dinner with us, etc., then take my daughter and her son home...and hang out a little bit until I come home. It'll be a good way for my daughter to earn money.

I should get a cell phone for her. So I need to start investigating into those...and choose what works best and not so expensive.

Tim Russert, one of those news guys on TV (Political stuff) son as a baby would stop whatever he was doing just to listen to him on TV. Tim's voice ... something about it that Josh likes. I'm sorry to say Tim has passed away. I was very surprised to see the news about that. I did wondered why they said "Remembering Tim Russert" ...until I was home Friday night.

My friend Brenda is home, happily! She will be sharing bits about her trip. She might even blog about it. We'll see and I'll let you know when she does.

Happy Father's Day. We're not doing anything big today, that I know of. I'm "cooked well done" from my day at the lake. Oh OW OW. It was a perfect day at the lake, the breeze did not make it feel hot, but it was just right, and the water was great. And I'm "cooked". Ouch. Got home and took a vinegar bath---it took the sting out. Sent my husband to CVS to get Aloe cooling gel. That helps a lot! This morning I'm debating what to do. Go to church? Stay home? I need to go to church. After church, I'm not sure what we'll be doing. And I will be calling my dad to wish him happy father's day.

Brenda and John, welcome home. I know you had a wonderful 26th anniversary and enjoyed the sights of Rome. Welcome home. Happy Anniversary too.

Friday, June 13, 2008

It's Friday!

That's how I am feeling today.

My husband got his first paycheck. He gets paid biweekly, and same as me. But not at the same time, though. So it'll be nice getting paid every week! That has never happened to us before! It's so nice. We will celebrate his job by going out to eat tonight. No, don't worry, we won't blow the whole check away!

My friend, Brenda, will be home tonight. If all travel plans goes smoothly, I will be hearing from her late tonight. I'm very excited to hear about her trip.

No big plans this weekend. The Nascar races are back...this weekend. And we will have traffic coming through my town. I know I will hear lots of roaring engines, huge semi-trucks (hauling race cars, etc), many RV's and campers, and hordes of motorcycles. Those are the noisiest bunch. But it's fun to see this older couple bring a couple lawn chairs and set up on the curb side on our main street, waving welcome to the race fans. On Sunday, they will be back, waving goodbye. So faithful.

Happy father's day to you, all the dads in the world.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rome wasn't built in a day...

My friend, Brenda, is very, very blessed to have a husband that works for an airline company. When you work for an airline company, it comes with many lovely perks. Such as ... flying anywhere free (or for a very small price...).

Brenda and her husband are celebrating their 26th anniversary ... tomorrow! (Congratulations, you two!). They celebrated their 25th last year by having a huge BBQ party for family and friends.

It will be exciting to hear about their adventure. They do fly standby, so they didn't leave USA until about 9:30 pm or so. With it being a 9 hour flight, they'd arrive in Rome about 1:30 pm Rome's time. Keep in mind, Rome is 6 hours ahead of us. So they fly into the future. They will "turn the clock back" as they come home. Maybe they can fix any mistakes or problems??? A prediction of what will happen in 6 hours' time???

I'm very happy for them. I pray they will be able to check out some biblical locations and learn new things. It'll be very exciting.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Everyone ok?

We survived quite a storm last night. I LOVE thunder/lightning storms. We were under a tornado watch last night. The temps had been 94 degrees...(phew...that's hot!) and I dashed home yesterday. Left a note for the cable guy to please wait a few mins so I could pick up a kid from daycare, then dash back home. Turned on the tv/cable and it wasn't behaving. Soon after that, the kid I'm watching went into my son's room to watch tv and play with my son's toys...the cable guy showed up.

All the cool stuff he had with him...testing the lines, etc., and having to go outside to check the lines. Turns out one line was bad and would give me a new one. So he got me all set up. This is when I was wishing I had central AC already.

Saw that my landlord was here, so I went outside to talk with him a bit...letting him know about my husband's new job (he was so happy ... he gave me a high five!) and negotiated on paying the rent little late this month...and then sent him off to go on his date with his wife. Sweet. He was in a good mood so that is a rare thing. He is a fair landlord...but some areas he could work/improve on. I think he's the easiest I've had to deal with in my renting history.

My husband came home, talked a bit, then I took this kid with me to go home to his apt. Treated him to McD's and we truly were thankful for the AC in the van AND his apt! Nice and cool. My husband loves this type of weather, as he's from Miami. So he's used to it.

My friend came home around 1:30 am. I let her in, thankfully I can "hear" some, but mostly feel the vibrations of her banging on the door. I should have left my hearing aid on. The AC was noisy so I switched it off. Oh well. But she was home safe, and she crawled in bed (I slept on couch)....and we enjoyed a yummy breakfast this morning and a long chat. We talked about how we survived different domestic violence situations. I stressed the point, there is no point of doing the what if's. We can't go back in time. But we can change what happens from now on. Don't let the past hold us back.

Showed pictures of my sister's trip to Germany and then helped her get set up with a program on her 'puter. Then I came home.

Of course, my husband had just woken up...and the house feels...Miami-ish. UGH! I'm going to jump in the shower, relax a bit...and once I get some of my energy back, call my friend up and see about going yard-sale-ing. Wait...yard sailing? Oh the english language! You know what I mean. I'll call it yard-sailing.

Have a great day, wherever you are in this world. Stay cool and safe.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

"Call is still on hold..."

Well, I'm multi-tasking. I can do 2 things at the same time! Maybe 3! Can you believe it?

I'm on hold. I'm using IP relay to call a business to take care of a bill, and of course, they transferred me to 3 different people until they put me in the right state...I went from VA to PA and now I'm back in Michigan where I belong...whew. Now the wait is around 20-30 mins. I dare not hang up or I'll probably be on hold forever if I try again later.

Well, it's very hot here...over 85 degrees (I think 90...)...phew. My son is at softball practice so I am waiting for him to come home and dunk him in the cold cool off. It's very warm here...

Been working on my schedule for the kids' grandma what days she has them...and working it out so she can't complain she doesn't see enough of them. Hard to please everyone.

Pah! The bill is paid and I'm all set.

I'm going to soak in a cold cool off. I should go jump in my sister's pool....but eh...that means I'd have to play with my niece and nephew and I'm not in the mood to "watch them".

Ok...stay cool wherever you are....

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Prayers for a dear friend...

I have a very dear friend whose sister is dying from cancer. My heart goes out to him during this time. We are very thankful, though, that she is saved. And knowing she has a place in heaven.

She made a big decision today to stop radiation and treatments. And will be going to a hospice center soon.

My dear friend has been taking her to a local church where she could feel very much at home, not at some church where they do the healing "smack on the head and you're healed!" type of thing. But a church where you are warmly welcome with open arms. She is very content with that church.

I know what my dear friend must be going I've experienced going through similar experiences.

To my dearest friend, I lift you up in prayers. I ask the Lord to hear our prayers, to pour His comfort upon you and your family. And to give your sister the peace and comfort from this. We ask that the Lord gives you the strength during this time, to be there for her, and for the family and friends. I have always known him as a strong man of God, and he has been truly blessed to be part of our lives. Amen.

The middle of the week...

Well, it's Wednesday. The world is still here...and I'm still alive and breathing.

The night was pretty cool, with a window or 2 open, and fans going on .... slept very well. This morning I could feel the humidity. Ahh...will it be a very warm summer?

My husband got the job! In fact, he didn't know he was already hired when he spent Saturday with his new boss. LOL. We had a good laugh, but we are very thankful. He is not working today but will start tomorrow. He did spend the day yesterday with his new boss, and when he dropped my husband off, that is when he realized he was already hired. Happy news after a long day of trying news regarding people I know and love being let go of their jobs or there has been changes made in their jobs.

Well, I'm on my break at the I better get going. Sorry nothing exciting to blog about right now....

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Layoffs....and determination...


Borders made the news of laying off 275 people in the corporate areas. And Barnes & Nobles is "thinking" about buying out Borders.

Well, my sister works for Borders headquarters here in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She shared with me Sunday about the possibility of being let go on Tuesday (today). Well, the day has come, and we all held our breaths, waiting....and praying.

She finally wrote us an email saying she is still employed...but there are changes made in her benefits, and her hours may be cut...but would be in a meeting this afternoon about it. So far I've not heard what changes she has to make now. She also had to say goodbye to many of her friends she's made over the years---most of them were let go.

I also got another different email today from Alabama. This friend found out he is being let go at the end of this month. But knowing him, he should have no problems getting another job or accepting assignments as an interpreter. I do understand how he feels about losing the job that comes with the benefits.

The economy in Michigan is pretty bad. I've been very blessed to have worked for Eastern Michigan University for nearly 20 years. They also have budget cuts to deal with, and have also let many people go. The problem is not knowing who's next. Will my position be cut? Or changed? Or will I be moved elsewhere? Who knows.


I work in the Library and when I go out to the stacks to do some inventory (sort of like counting books...and checking if we have them online or not...), I always pass this one study room. I see the same young woman in there. She would be pacing around studying her study cards, or she might be sitting at the table, working away on her laptop or writing down notes, or studying her books. I have noticed she is there most of the day...I do not know when her classes are, but it seems to me on a daily basis, I see her in that room studying away. So much determination. I admire that.

That makes me think---my determination to serve the Lord in different ways, in areas He wants me to serve in. My determination to give Him all my best...and more if possible.

Life might throw surprises at you. But God is always in control.

I was glad to hear my sister say in her email, she's made peace with whatever the outcome would be regarding her job. Now that the suspense passed, and knowing where she stands, she still knows it can be any day she will be let go. She's determined to not let it drag her into the pits...