Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Paying it forward

I have a new good friend in town. She is a recent divorced mother of one child. Her son and my son are practically best friends. She and I have become pretty good friends.

She was generous to help me out a teeny bit by giving me little bit of gas money to last me until Saturday. I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

Then later this evening, she emailed me asking if I was still up? She needed to borrow my printer so I printed off some documents for her. Hopefully this form I printed out for her is a job being offered to her. She would be able to work from home!

So she came over to pick up her forms, and brought me some frozen chili. Wow. She didn't have to do that!

But she insisted, and it was truly a blessing.

It's funny though, she and I share a birthday one day apart...and our names start with a K, and our exes names were Fred....hmmm...her son's name is named after the dad, but we call him Freddie. I almost named Joshua Fred the 3rd, but I was able to convince the dad to give Josh his own name (WHEW!).

I know God put us together for a reason. I'm very pleased. Continuing to pray for her as she succeeds in getting this job she's working on. If this one is the one for her, it will really be wonderful. She does have a good spirit and I admire her for it.

Well, it's late, and need to throw my kids in bed.

Then I'll chill out myself and wait for my husband to come home from a men's bible study.

Good night.

Cancelled meetings and dinner dates...

Guess this week isn't meant to be. I had hoped for an opportunity to have this important meeting today after work, but it didn't work out for another person so it's been rescheduled to another time.

Then, for Friday, my husband, son and I were supposed to have dinner with my husband's friends and they asked if we could reschedule for next week. That's fine.

At least the heat's back on at I'm glad about that. We did survive a very chilly night last night. We layered up with between 3 and 5 blankets per bed. LOL. The heat guy was called but he didn't have access to the office below us, so we had to tough it out until this morning. I got an email from my husband saying the heat's on...and he's not freezing anymore. Good.

Today at work, I had attended the Administrative Professionals Day-long event of 4 workshops, 2 meals (breakfast & lunch)...originally we were going to do it last week. But they moved it to today, which is fine. With it being intermission, it just seem more convenience for EMU to do it today.

One of the workshops I took was about A Better Way of Living. It was mostly on meditating, buddha style. No thanks, but I did "relax" and try to de-stress myself. I nearly fell over when I got little too relaxed. LOL.

During lunch, EMU's chef gave a presentation about Shopping & Eating like a Caveman. It was funny, but good presentation. Talked about how to save on your grocery bills, what is good and what is bad for you, etc., etc. Well, the average family spends 800-1100 dollars a month on grocery bill. I almost scoffed at him, but then realized, ok...many people do not shop carefully. I am able to keep my monthly food bill around 200 a month. I do thank my parents for teaching me how to be sensible, and stretch my dollars plus my food. When you're down to practically nothing, you can make a lot out of little.

Well, there were raffle tickets so I put all 5 of mine in one basket ... "It's About Me" a personalized book...and my goal if I win that, is to see if they'd help me write a book for a very special little girl. So we'll see if I win. I could see in the basket all of my name on tickets in there. Hee hee.

But I never win. So who knows???

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spring concerts...

My son has a spring musical concert tonight. He has one line he had to memorize. It should be a very interesting evening.

After my day at my sister's house, supervising the carpet guys and getting home, I laid down and didn't stay down very long. Picked up my son from school...then went home and fell asleep.

My mood has not been the best this week. I guess with the temperatures changing again, it is just annoying that the furnace didn't work like it was supposed to. So when I get home, I will have to contact my landlord about that. Just need a little heat, please. It is supposed to get pretty nippy tonight.

Thank goodness for warm blankets.

In two weeks I'm getting my hair cut. It will be a nice change. I've been growing my hair out for about 6 years. It's gotten little too long now, so it's time for a change. I have so much to look forward to when I approach 40 in the fall.

Age is not a big deal for me. I mean, I will be joining the 40's group... LOL. I don't feel that old. Maybe physically I feel old...try keeping up with a 16 month old nephew! I do know spiritually, I'm maturing in my relationship with God. It is so important to remember to maintain a good relationship with Him.

I have my morning daily chat with I drive to work. Then on the way home, I ask God to inspire me with ideas for upcoming Deaf Cafe programs or some other deaf ministry programs I'm involved with. God gives me all the ideas and creativities I use. I don't take credit for them. I give them all to Him.

Maybe I'm jumping all over the place today---I have heavy burdens this week, and praying for guidance and strength to pull me through. I have another important meeting tomorrow, so whatever the results are, I just pray for this other person's heart to become tender and be aware of what is going on and how it is affecting those around this person.

Well, my lunch break is over. I better skedaddle back to work...

Monday, April 28, 2008

Painting and new carpets...

I'm at my sister's house waiting for the carpet guys to show up. Then, "supervise" them as they lay carpet around here. 4 areas will have new carpet and I'm really excited for her. It's long overdue.

Yesterday I didn't feel well so I didn't help her with painting the rooms. So I napped and then I came over here about 9 pm after putting kids to bed. I painted the hallway (really, the stairwell...) and the landing. It's a mocha/beige-ish color and really warm colors. I'm really happy. I think I did pretty good but being little tired I kept hitting the white trim, etc. Oh well! At least my sister wasn't too fussy. What was important is I got the major work done. The touch ups can be done later. We just want to finish it up, then put all the furniture back in their respective rooms.

A real good way to save on gas, is to volunteer to "stay home" so I was more than happy.

Since my sister has a Dish, it's challenging to find shows I can enjoy. I think I would prefer my cable at home. Currently showing is the screwball comedy, "Spaceballs". I normally don't watch stupid movies like that...such as "Dumb and Dumber" or whatever. It's so stupid but can't help laugh. Forgive me.

Well, the carpet guys should be here shortly. Guss I better get ready for them.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm back online!

Well, that was interesting couple weeks not having internet at home. I'm just glad we're back. Will make some changes to our cable and add their now available phone service. Good-bye Verizon!

While Verizon is nice, it isn't for a small town where I live, and the only phone service available is through Verizon. We had to order the most basic phone service, w/o long distance plan. If had long distance plan, we'd be really broke.

Now with cable, internet and phone as a bundle package, things will be much easier for us, and of course, unlimited long distance calls.

And my daughter will be very happy.

Been such a long week for me. I'll be able to blog better as time goes on. Right now, it's nearly my bed time, and I'm exhausted. Struggled to get the digital box and tv hooked up and working but I think the digital box needs to be reset or something. Hopefully they can help us out.


Ok good night.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cinnamon Roasted Pecans

Well, I made my very first roasted cinnamon pecans last night. I don't like how it looks. BUT it sure tastes good.

Hope people at the retirement party isn't turned off by it. I spoke with my coworker about it, and she said she'd put it in a pretty dish, to make it look more attractive. Okaaaaay....

Wait and see.

My husband, Tony, is in Howell right now for a job fair. There will be interpreters provided there, so that's good news. Tony told me as he looked at their website, to check out the booths of various companies, he only sees 6 that would fit him best. So...praying it goes well. He did come down with a cold, so praying he doesn't sneeze on future "bosses" (I know, I know, they're recruiters for their companies....)...

After work, Tony and I have an important meeting with someone and praying that this person can give me some encouragement.

Oh, yes, I did have Tony and my daughter, Ashley, taste test the pecans ---meets their approval. Ah.

Wrote up a script for Deaf Cafe, for our season finale. I think it'll be a good one!

Well, stay tuned. We'll see if my pecans were a hit or miss.

Good day to you all......

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Wow, what happened to Monday? Must be from all the shelling of pecans I did last night, and dealing with a very sick little boy who decided my bed was the best place to get sick on. Phew. What a mess.

So...he's home with my husband.

I just got notification that I've been approved to get my Sorenson VP 200! That is long overdue! So I wrote them back to give me couple days to talk with my husband and in the same process see if I can get my internet turned back on. Just have to work my budget a little for this week. And for May....

Nothing exciting to report right now.

At least y'all know I'm alive. LOL.

Have a superb day. It's sunny here...and wish I can drag my computer outside and work. Oh well...someday!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Cabela's ...

It's really nice to live about 15 minutes down the road to Cabela's. This is an awesome place to find outdoor stuff, and they have a cool aquarium that you could walk through and they have a mountain in the middle of the store, etc. And a restaurant.

Saturday after my son's soccer game (he lost by 1 point---2 to 3...but better than last week's, 0-2), my son tried calling friends. Either his friends are visiting their other parent, or relative or whatever, he became very bored. So I decided spur of the moment, to cruise down M-50 to Cabela's. We explored the store, checked out the camping stuff (we checked out 5 tents....behaved like Goldilocks---) and dreamed of spiffing up our camping gear. Then we ate in their restaurant. I tried their brewery cheddar cheese pints...a half order. It wasn't so bad. Perhaps if they did it wit pepper jack cheese it might taste more "pow!". Josh (my son) had mac 'n cheese and some onion rings. I know having this time spent with him made him feel a lot better.

I never got around to making a dent or start changing bedrooms. My friend posted a comment saying I should contact Ghost Hauntings or whatever...I have to laugh. Thanks, Brenda! I needed that laugh.

Took it really easy...and did minor housecleaning chores.

Last night I did watch a tv movie, Sweet Nothings in my ear or something like that. Jeff Daniels (he rocks!) and Marlee Matlin (very talented) starred as this couple who fought over whether to do cochlear implant on their deaf son. I know many of my deaf friends have watched that show...and shared different thoughts and opinions.

Well, my lunch break is up...I need to hike downstairs grab a coke and perhaps a bag of chips then back to my desk.

Will blog more later when I can.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Almost Friday!

WOW! Almost Friday! Alllllllmost!

It's a gorgeous day today, and I am wearing capris and sandals! Went to a co-worker's house for lunch and truly enjoyed it. We talked a lot about various things, joking around...and just really relaxed.

Shared my experiences as a former kid at a school for the deaf/blind in Tucson, AZ. And how I've come so far since being mainstreamed, etc.

Anyhoo...again, gorgeous day!

Sorry not much to blog about today.......

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring finally here?

Well, the temps are warmer....I nearly put on capris today but changed my mind. We have a meeting this afternoon and well...didn't want to draw attention to myself. I am wearing socks and shoes today, though. I will take it easy wearing my favorite sandals.

Someone I know in Flint became a grandma (not sure how many grandkids she has right now) and this newest addition was born with a hole in her heart and some other complications. The dad was blogging about it, and called it a broken heart. Then he blogged his feelings and how the days have passed, etc.

I can totally relate to his rollercoaster days....the feelings of ups and downs. It made me think about my days with Rachel, who had her good and bad days, fighting off cancer. It also made me think of my mother who had her good/bad days fighting or, really, living with brain cancer.

Now to top off all that, my grandmother in Yuma has respitory problems, and is not doing so well. At least she's made peace with it. She doesn't want surgery...she didn't want to go through the hassle. She said she's old...she's lived a good life, and she's been very blessed. I admire her spirit and it makes me love her even more. I do pray that the Lord keeps her comfortable, and continue to give her sense of peace and comfort.

Anyway, however life is for anyone, remember...Life is short. Live it to its fullest, if you can. Enjoy every single minute you can with your family, your friends...and let them know you love them (like them, or care about them...).

Ok, my break time's nearly up and I want to do some web surfing so...will blog more later when I can.

Have a wonderful sunny day........

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Munchin' away...

Eating chips when it's a big no-no. I'm using the EMU computer lab. I try not to do personal stuff on my work computer so on my breaks I go to the computer lab. I'm in a very discreet corner of the far, so good....shhhh!

Hm...well, I'm happy to to report it's sunny outside. For the first time ever (except for my trip to AZ in February), I'm wearing sandals! My feet are still sensitive to the shoes...not wearing socks. So it'll be interesting how I fare this afternoon when I quit for the day. But I am wearing long sleeve shirt to keep the cool air off my arms. Won't be long til I get back at my desk and I'm warm.

My daughter was telling me the reason she doesn't sleep in her room is because one night I was in AZ, she felt someone say her name in her ear, in a forceful whisper. She woke up, nobody there. Went back to sleep....again the same thing happened. She freaked out so badly, she camped out on the couch. Do we have a ghost in her room?

Well, I decided that we will switch rooms. Merely just pack up our clothes and just move. The beds are pretty same size so no need to switch beds. I have been wanting to take over that bedroom...and with me being deaf...pffft to ghosts.

Ok, I'm going to check on other stuff and will blog more when I can.

Have a great day, y'all.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Wow, the sun's out! I am praying that the weather remains sunny this week---some of us could really use the lift in our spirits.

Great news....we broke a record! Deaf Cafe, really. We broke a record of 122 people in attendance! WOW!!! God is so good. I'm still singing praises. The team did excellent work, and I'm just so darn proud of each person who served. The audience really enjoyed the program and many positive feedback. That is what we needed for a long time. To hear positive feedback and how we can improve.

Next month is our final program and we break for the summer. How will we end the season? With a cliffhanger? With a bang? Something, something to draw them back for our 5th season this fall.

There was a negative moment, but I'm not going to give Satan the satisfaction of even dwelling on it! Shoo, Satan!

One team member shared with me an idea of a wonderful, profound idea. But we both agreed it'd take a lot of practice and a lot of planning, and of course, prop building. We both know what the audience need to hear...and praying that we will, with God's guidance, make it happen. *smile*

Oh, I'm just so darn proud of 'em! Go get 'em, cowboys!

On another note, I'm feeling tons better. My voice is not 100% back, but I can talk and laugh without being in pain. I do have a dry throat and the occasional cough--but that's pretty normal.

Well, I need to do some research so will blog more later. Have a wonderfully blessed day!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Sick, sick...sick!

*cough cough....*

Well, last week I had been slammed with the FLU. Aigh. I still went to work. I didn't want to get in trouble if I called in sick one day. I lost my voice Friday. Stayed in bed all weekend, and dragged myself to work Monday. Slowly got better. voice is 89% back. But I don't talk as much so that's fine with me.

I have Deaf Cafe this weekend. I'm SO EXCITED because for one thing, we are honoring our fallen soldiers, but at the same time, honoring those who are in Iraq right now. I can't wait to do one special segment.... 1 cup represents 10,000 soldiers. I will be doing the casaulties of the wars...and to this date, almost 640,000 soldiers have fought and died in battle.

so, 64 cups of rice equals 640,000. That's pretty close to the million mark, don't you think? More than half a million. break time's up. My son has a soccer game tomorrow. Then after that, we will head up to Flint to get ready for our Deaf Cafe program. Will write more about that later!