Friday, February 27, 2009

This post shall be untitled

As I have a pounding headache behind my left eyeball....and nearly froze a tiny icepack to my eyeball was NOT SMART. And I'm just too tired to even think. I am just like my sister today...overly tired.

Taking a break as I noticed I've not blogged for a while.

So...let's see....

Men should not be decorators.

Sure I can "envision" what they'd like to ... "display".

But please, for the love of the Lord, DO NOT ATTEMPT to do it yourself, men. If you have NO decorating sense, hands off! Hand it over to people who actually knows HOW to decorate.

I have already griped about this with a couple girlfriends and well, they know what I'm talking about. Egads.

So, I did damage control, fixed it a bit, and I think it'll do for now. I feel we should do more but will just have to deal with what we have.

Been cleaning my desk out and shredding confidential papers that I no longer need...and just trying to get things ready for when I move to my new assignment.

Not feeling so great right now, and have an hour to I should finish cleaning up and try another way to stick the icepack to my eye without having to freeze the eyeball out.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well, what a day.

Trained in my new position today...well, this morning.

Then did my own stuff.

Left early for an appt.

Had an awesome video-phone call with a fella who is a missionary. It was so sweet of him to think of my husband. When I get more information, I will post about it. But wow, it's exciting.

Comcast came over to take care of the cable wires, etc. All is well.

Took husband over to a guy's house for their weekly Tuesday Night Bible Study...then grabbed Joshua from his aunt's house, and then drove over to the civic auditorium to hear Ashley's 7th grade band.

They've improved SO MUCH! WOW!

Josh was able to videotape a song but I'm not sure of the sound quality. Hm...

Ashley thinks it sucks (sound quality).

I'm deaf. How can I tell? I mean I could hear but how could I tell if it sucked or not. Eh.

Now we're home. Made Josh take a bath (man, how do they stink up so fast?!?), and now I'm chillin' out.

I'm going to crawl into my bed...and watch a show or two.

How was your day?

Monday, February 23, 2009

To all the moms in this world...

You guys rock!

*raising my glass to you guys*

Sunday, February 22, 2009


A friend's husband said that anyone who drives a foreign car will have to park in the street outside their house. Would not be able to park it in their driveway.

Okay, I can respect that, as he works for GM and he is semi-laid off. Works one week, then laid off another...alternating each week for about a month. Then...I believe permanently laid off.

I've been told how wonderful Hondas and Toyotas and Mazdas are. Yeah, I USED to have a Toyota (twice) and a Mazda. That was in my younger days, where I didn't know better.

I do like GM's and Ford's and want to support anything AMERICAN.

So I had been talking with my Husband about this...and about how screwed up the world is these days (we talked religion, economy, politics and the insanity of life in general)....when this truck was beside me.

Well, I laughed. I laughed so hard.

And I'm very, very thankful for my cell phone (perfect timing, one would say) it has a camera.

So I stayed behind that truck as long as I could and prayed for a red light.

I fumbled with my cell phone and I KNEW they were kinda watching me in their mirror so I had to pretend I was fumbling with my cell phone (I still do...still figuring it all out!).


Check out the back window of the truck....

*if you can't see it, try clicking on the picture for a bigger/better view.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hi, I'm Nitpicky...

I'm sitting here at my husband's computer.

Next to the window where I can see everything---the traffic downtown (which is very quiet...), and wondering when the heck will that snowstorm start?

I've been wanting a Saturday all to myself for once. I do have a meeting to go to this afternoon. This type of meeting, normally not so bad, but can become stressful because you usually have a person in there that likes to raise heck.

It has never failed before---raising heck.

Anyhoo, I'd like to try to really put away my stuff. A long time family friend came by last night to drop off something and I told her, "by the time you all interpreters come for that yummy luncheon, everything will be put away..."

She just laughed because all the years being my childcare provider (Josh being her last baby to care for), she has visited many homes that were not so very clean. Cluttered, busy...which shows that those people do have a life.

Yeah yeah yeah. I just said, I've been away so many weekends there just hasn't been any time for me to do what I need to do. The list gets longer. And finding a car is on that list as well.

No, I haven't called or gone by yet. I need to really think about that car if I want it or not, and go with my plan that I came up with---stick the rest of the money into a savings and let it build up until the Van dies, then we have the money for another new (used) car/van? Have to really think about that some more. I could use it for my very own laptop couches...or something.

I'm very nitpicky about what I shop for. Heck, my JcPenney's gift card hasn't been all spent...I haven't gotten anything for myself. So soonfully, I'll see something there I like and buy it with what's left of the balance of my JcPenney's gift card.

I just stick with the rule..."Do I NEED it or do I WANT it?"

Needs are more important thant the Wants.

I NEED a car, and I NEED something that saves on gas, and easy to care for. Do I WANT it? Ehh...Yes. So there are 2 NEED reasons and one WANT.

Eeney Meeney Miney Moe.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Where's my car?

As you know, I've been griping about how hard it is to find a car.

Well, I USED to have this car a long time ago! And I. Loved. It!

40 miles to a gallon---woo. And yes, I've had many people stop me in parking lots or drive-thru's asking me what kind of car is it, and how many MPG do I get? And is it worth it?

Oh yes it's worth every penny. Oh yeah, it was shiny red.

When my car committed suicide, I sold it to the mechanic (and I'm sure he revived it and sold it off...)...I now drive the Dodge Grand Caravan.

Not bad. But it serves its purpose as a family car.

I want a car that is good for commute, and well, to save money on gas.

I even want a shiny RED car too.

I happened to poke around on the internet and came across the Shiny Red Geo Metro for sale!



Well, I'm working on building up my confidence and weighing the pros and cons of buying a metro...again.

Shell out its' worth and put the rest of my money in a savings and let that build up.

So I'm doing the eeney meeney miney moe game PLUS building up the confidence to CALL the owner of that car...

I did drive by their house to check it out---it was such a beautiful sight, I nearly ran off the road.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wet Wednesday Part 2






Wet Wednesday

It's just one of those wet, rainy days...and I know it will turn into snow sometime today/tonight/tomorrow??? Whatever, we'll get snow...again.

Yesterday I went to Nice Car Co. to poke around. It is a private dealership so there wasn't a lot of room for negotiating on the prices. SO...I did see one I liked...BUT...

No CD Player.

I don't own any tapes anymore and music tapes are extinct now.

CD's are in. Tapes are out. How 80's is that? I said, "Thanks, we'll keep looking"...and I did look at OTHER cars. Oh la purty. I saw a red-hot car...shiny purty....and I drooled. But out of my price range. Darn. I filled out those visitors book, and in the comment area where it says "Options looking for..." I said, "Great gas milage AND cd player".

If only it was easy like I did with buying my cell-phone!


My dad is being kind enough to spend some time today making calls to local dealers and talking with our mechanic for some advice and all that car stuff guys talk about.

And I will arrive at his house after work and hear alllllll about it!


*sipping my peppermint mocha...*

Sunday, February 15, 2009


What should I discuss today?

Hm. I just got a phone call from some guy letting me know my husband will be home "in an hour or two" so he can hang out with his new friends in Adrian. Sure.

Since getting the cell phone, I have not gotten to get to know it better. My kids have pretty much taken over. I let my daughter put stuff in for me (people's emails, etc) and I'm still learning how to even use it.

However, I love, love, love the fact that yesterday, I was able to call a Deaf Cafe team member to let her know the roads up to Flint was clear. Oh don't worry. My daughter dialed the number. Handed the phone to me. I held it up to my ear....the team member and I talked and I kept it very brief. "The roads are clear. Over and out." kind of thing. And handed it back to her and she hung up for me.

(besides, I know it's WRONG!!! to do driving & cell phone chatting)...(heck, I used to have a sidekick and I would "text" while driving!!!!)

Tried to nap today but had a situation that delayed that nap. Darn. Dealt with a video-phone call and then laid down a bit. I eventually took a short nap, only to be awaken by my husband to let me know he was going out. "BYE! GO! SHOO!"...

Well, this week I will TRY to focus on finding my car.

I am wavering between Focus and Cobalt. I have seen some pretty good deals so I need to do that. PLUS....visit Nice Car Company near Toledo.

Oh, one great thing yesterday---I ordered baby shower invitations for my sister's upcoming baby shower. I found this really cute site, and I fell in love with the designs, etc. Because I realized I am heading into the MIDDLE of Feb, not 1st week of Feb, I pretty much asked for a rush on that order. Susan, of Sweet-Pea-Creations came through and I was just so beyond pleased!!! Thank you! Check her out---she doesn't post express shipping but if you request it, she'll do it. She shipped them out first thing Friday morning and I got it Saturday minutes before I was due to head out for Deaf Cafe in Flint! Wow! So I quickly addressed those and dropped them in the mail. Ah....

Check her out on....Sweet-Pea-Creations

Many thanks, Susan! I love, love, love them!

Well, I'm going to reclaim my cell phone, recharge it and crawl in bed or something. Good night, y'all!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Finally DID IT!

You know you all have heard me gripe in the past about lack of pay phones, and the NEED for a cell phone, right?

Well, heck with it all!

Yesterday, I decided to make "the commitment" and visited a Sprint store that was only a block away from home.

Went inside, hands on my hips, and declared: I need a cell phone!

Described that I need something I can actually hear on it, but with text messaging and/or email capabilities. I explained my need for such things.

My husband is deaf. So there's no way he can speak on the phone. Email is the only way to do it.

(hey, they should invent webcam on these cell phones....think they did already?)

So after looking around and finding a great deal and God telling me, "that's the one you need", I proceeded to purchase one.
It's actually blue! I did get a hot pink case cover for it if I wear it in my pocket or anything.

So, last night, my daughter, being a cell-phone wiz, programmed everything and it actually works. I still need to study the manual on the how to's for everything .

And how to attach this cute little angel charm my dear friend gave me.

Now, no more freaking out, or gas stations telling me "no you can't use their phone to call work you'll be late anymore..." or trying to find a pay phone that we ALL know are already extinct!

The great thing about it is it is very compatible for my hearing aid so I'm very pleased.

Now, only if car shopping was easy like this....

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Friday!



Note: Today is Friday the 13th. Believed to be a lucky or unlucky day, each year has at least one Friday the 13th, but never more than three. 2009 has three; today, March 13 and Nov. 13. There is a fear of the number 13. It’s called triskaidekaphobia.

Warning: Watch out for black cats, avoid mirrors and ladders and, by all means, don't spill the salt!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Mary Poppins kind of day...

It sure was blustery today....I didn't realize it until I've parked at work, and as I was shrugging my coat on, and looking at the tree next to the parking structure, I realized it was nearly bent over. I thought, wow!

Then I started to open the door, and the wind just blew it out of my hand! The van shook at that impact and I quickly gathered my stuff, and shut the door, locking it.

Walking to the library, it really tousled my hair and nearly blew my mocha out of my hands.


So I hurried along and got inside. Phew.

I have happy news. I am being reassigned to another department within the library I work at. It is a wonderful opportunity for me to spread my wings and learn new things. I would be dealing mostly with Interlibrary that'll be new. Plus, I'd be working as a team member with 2 others. I do laugh, though, because one of them used to be MY student assistant in my earlier days in that department! And now he's a full time staff. How cool!

In the meantime, during this transition, I will be training someone my stuff, and then once this person gets the hang of it, train the person who will fill in my shoes.

So it'll be an adventure. I will move to my new position sometime next month.

In the meantime, I'll be just busily doing cleaning-up and getting things little more organized so I'll be more prepared when training time comes.


And 20 years with this University...I stop and think, wow! I've come so far! I am truly blessed.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

25 Random Things about me...

I have been tagged and now I'm "it". I think I was tagged in Facebook, but I thought, pffft....why not just put it on today's posting?

So...25 random things about me---in no particular order, I it goes....

  1. I like blue.
  2. I like number 3.
  3. 3 is my lucky number or something.
  4. I love to watch lightning storms and dance in rain puddles.
  5. Never been to Hawaii.
  6. Most of my friends have...will I ever have my turn?
  7. I worked for the same University for 20 years...
  8. I started when I was 21 years old!
  9. Long time, huh?
  10. I've had 3 kids. There we go again, with the number 3 thing!
  11. I have 4 sisters---all of us are married and have kids (and one more on way!)
  12. That makes me an aunt to 5 nieces and 2 (almost 3!) nephews.
  13. On my husband's side of family, I have 2 nieces and 2 nephews, I think. Plus a gaggle of more that I have not yet met.
  14. I told my HS English Teacher I will live to my 90's...just like all of my great-grandmas did!
  15. I first learn to drive a 5-speed. Driving automatic came Driver's Ed.
  16. My first car was a Mazda, of course a 5-speed.
  17. It was a blue car too.
  18. I'm a very skinny gal inside this body.
  19. Makes me feel better about myself.
  20. My hair is short.
  21. I had 13 inches chopped off last year, donated to Locks of Love.
  22. Trying to grow my hair out again....
  23. I love my husband and my kids.
  24. They love me too.
  25. I am truly blessed.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Okay, okay!

Well, I know it's been a few days and some of you are missing me already!

I had a wonderful "ski" trip over the long weekend.

So let me summarize it as much as I can.

  • garbled message on my phone ans. machine---"Leader" will pick me up between 9:30-10.
  • Load up the van and was put in the backseat. You would think daughter would sit in back and let the guest sit up front? Nope. Whatever reasons, I am not complaining. Just commenting.
  • Gassed up and pit stop.
  • hit the freeway for about an hour. Another pit stop.
  • Tries to converse with me but that's kind of hard when you've got traffic, and I'm in the back seat. Try to do most of the talking myself...then sit back to read my paper.
  • another pit stop at a McD's...I borrow Leader's cell phone. Niiiiiice! Kids fine, and house still standing.
  • Arrive in Mt. Pleasant's Soaring Eagle's Casino. My rule is only $20.00 and I don't do gambling much anyway. I played the penny slots and won $12.60! So I left with 32.60! Woo!
  • On the road again---then at Meijers for major food shopping.
  • Back on road, then another pit stop.
  • Arrive in Gaylord, then at a gorgeous house that boasts 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms with a hot tub and sauna. Very nice! I got the master bedroom with bathroom to share with a friend.
  • Hugged by women I only met through emails. Pretty much observed everything and explored the house. WOW!
  • Woke up early and chatted with one of the ringleaders...very wonderful woman.
  • Since no hot water for showers, I decided to soak in hot tub. I held up my hearing aid and dunked my head underwater. Oops, forgot my glasses was still on my face. Duh. 2 other ladies laughed at me.
  • Still no hot got dressed, ate something and cuddled up with a book. Did almost NOTHING all day. Prepared my orzo salad for our Italian dinner night.
  • Napped after lunch. had a headache. Something is affecting all of us...congested nose. Mold?
  • Some have gone snowmobiling, some snowboarding, hiking, shopping, whatever they wanted to do. One young girl is in extreme sports---so that's snowboarding for her!
  • MOre women started showing up. My friend and roommate showed up! Yay!
  • We all pigged out on our dinner. Really awesome. My Orzo was a big hit. Everything was good!
  • 3/4th of the women are smokers! They all smoked outside (house rules). Wow.
  • 3/4th of them played Curses. I sat that one out, and just observed. Funny game...but hard to play if you're deaf.
  • Another early night for me. ZZZ!
  • Up early again, reading my book and taking it easy. Hard to share a bed with someone who has a broken ankle.
  • Drank latte (someone brought her espresso machine! COOL!)...ate something...I forgot.
  • read books again, people watching, chatting with some...taking it easy. Very rainy day. Most women stayed in and played games, soaked in hot tub, or laid around reading books or something.
  • Lunch consisted of leftovers.
  • Took a nap after lunch. Really worn out. Felt great afterwards.
  • hot tub again, chatted with women, watching them as well.
  • Ate leftovers for dinner...(man, we had too much food!)
  • more games were played and I sat out. I wanted to observe them and perhaps make fun of them too.
  • a group of women watched a chick flick, and I joined them since I didn't want to play the games. Another group of women went out to a bar or somewhere.
  • Stayed up until 2, then hit the sack.
  • Slept in pretty late. WOW!
  • Made myself eggs/deli turkey/cheese toasted sandwich (I burned the bagels...stupid toaster!). And had another Latte.
  • Packed. Cleaned up.
  • Washed dishes, help put away dishes...clean up whatever I could.
  • Loaded up Leader's van....
  • Hugged everyone good-bye. Leader was only one I knew that cried. All wish for me to come back next year and bring games Deaf people play. So...yeah I will!
  • Hit the road around 12.
  • Stopped for gas/pit stop.
  • want go to casino again? no thanks.
  • drove on home, with couple more pit stops on the way.
  • Arrived home around 4.
So that concludes my weekend.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"SKI" trip....

Well, after today, I will be out of town for 4 days, 3 nights. Am I running away to the south? Oh I wish!

I'm going on a ... "ski" trip. *cough*

Yesterday a co-worker was teasing me...are you taking off these 2 days because of "C" taking last Friday off?

I laughed...and since she couldn't see me as she was behind a wall nukin' her lunch, I said, "Oh I'm just running off for a "SKI" trip (didn't see me "quote" with my fingers)..."

She comes out, "I never thought you were a 'ski-er' type"

I nearly choked on my drink. I told her, I can ski...cross-country ski. But I have never gone downhill skiing in my life. It's just a getaway women's retreat, and we're just calling it "Ski Trip" because it's easier to say it. Perhaps will go snowboarding or snow-mobiling.

Just a bunch of us will hang out, have a Pasta night and the next night some of them will go out. I'll probably just stay behind and chill out in the hot tub. A time to escape the family and work and everything. It's a women's retreat.

I would rather go somewhere where it's warm. BUT...if the rental place we are staying at has a hot tub...I'm for it! And to make new friends while hanging out with a long time friend of mine.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Lost in Translation?

Okay, try to picture this:

My sister goes into labor the day her mother-in-law flies in.

I willingly go to the airport to meet her mother-in-law and take her back to my town, and to stay at my dad’s house. Until my brother-in-law/ my dad/me take her to meet her newest grandchild.

So...I’m picking up Oma B from the airport, holding up a pretty decorated “Oma B.” sign and watching for her as she breaks through customs.

“Customs?” you ask.

Yes, she’ll be flying in from GERMANY.

My brother-in-law is German. I love him. He’s great. Very soft-spoken, and heavy German accent. I still struggle to “hear” him, but lip-reading him can be pretty difficult when the gap in his teeth (just like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s) is distracting for a lipreader like me.

His mom doesn’t speak much English...or probably doesn’t speak English.

Anyhoo....see me driving down to the airport in my (hopefully new) car, and waiting for her to break through customs and I’m holding up a big sign, “Oma Beier”.

Maybe she’ll let me give her a warm hug to welcome her to Michigan? Ahh, I don’t know.

Help her with her luggage, and walk to the ends of the earth to my (new?) car...

And it might be a very long, silent drive.

See, at their wedding reception couple years ago, I had to poke my new German bro-in-law to TRANSLATE to his mom for I do not speak German. Nuh huh. German is a bunch of LONG words I can’t even begin to pronounce. Is “danke” German?

“I’m very happy to have met you...” (he translated into German for his mom...)
“Next time we see you, is when they have baby?”


He wouldn’t repeat. I gestured...(signed) “Baby? Me see you when they (I point at my sister & bro-in-law) have baby?”

She understood me! She smiled really big and nodded. I think my brother-in-law wanted to crawl under a rock and hide.

So, The German and the American Deaf....what an interesting scenario....