Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

I am doing something...unusual this year.

I had 2 guests beg off coming over today, which is fine as I did not want to struggle with another turkey again....(yeah, yanking that neck out from the cavity...eww)....

Instead, we are taking Josh to "Milkboy's" SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY at the Bowling Alley.

Huh? On Thanksgiving?!


Yes, I know, unusual but how often will his birthday fall on this particular day?


And, of course we are celebrating Thanksgiving as well, so no biggie.

I'm going to take a nap....and send my husband out on a mission. Visit the CVS store and pick up a birthday card and we'll just slip in $10.00 in. We really have no clue what to get "Milkboy".

By the way, might have to come up with a new name for him as he's on a diet and needs to limit his dose of milk. Ah.

Anyway, y'all have a happy Turkey Day....and don't eat too much.

Hugs to y'all,

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tunes for a Tuesday

Actually, a really FUN clip here. I have always been amazed with how much time people have on their hands...OR...they just like to be extreme when preparing for Christmas.

Just watch the whole might find yourself dancing a little towards the end. I did.

This was sent to me through Brenda from a Tami in Canada. Thanks, Tami.

If you want to see more of his clips, go to and you'll see more of these fun shows. Really cool!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Moody Monday---

I guess some of us are extremely tired---or burned out. I know I am. I'm looking forward to being off the rest of the week. Also dealing with the unknown...unlike my friend's, Brenda. Different kind of unknowns.

My grandmother is near the end of her life. While I will miss her, it's even harder being across the states and not being able to drop everything to see her right now. And when the time comes, will I be able to go out there for...the funeral? I. Do. Not. Know. It all depends on my finances at that time. I know Grandma is just tired of being sick, of hurting, and just wants to let go of earth and fly towards Heaven. At least I know she has something to look forward to (just like my own mother did!). So I am prepared for that.

This morning my stepdad, whom I'll call, "Opa" (which is what all the grandkids call him anyway!) is having a surgery done on his leg. I did not get all the details but at least he's being very positive about it, and I am too. I gave him a hug because I need to hug him for good luck and to show my love and support. I told him to let me do my thing as his daughter and cheerleader and hug the stuffings out of him! It should be an outpatient deal, removing something cancerous from his leg musle. And I'm thankful that my brother-in-law will be able to get Josh after school and drop him off at home.

I only have to work today. I'm off the rest of the week. Yay.

Let's see...not going to have my usual traditional Thanksgiving---but to surprise Josh's friend at a surprise birthday party at the bowling alley on Thursday 6 pm! Milkboy does not know what he's in for! It was extremely hard not to talk to his mom about gift ideas, what to bring to share, etc. LOL. And Ashley will be feeding the homeless on Thursday...and wants to eat with the family she's joining with. I am so proud of her. Her passion is to help the homeless. I must be doing something right with that girl, after all.

Well...oh wow, it's snowing. Brrrr.

Have a happy Monday.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Suddenly Sunday

We had 55 hungry people yesterday at the feastival and it was sooooo good to see everyone there. Some people I've not seen in a long time...made new friends...and the food was pretty much all gone. My turkey went pretty fast, so I know I did something right!

I had a very tiring day though. I didn't think I'd be so tired already. I know the cold weather can be a factor ...

Josh invited his friend, "Milkboy" over and well, you can imagine my surprise when I woke up around 4:30 am and saw that the boys were STILL AWAKE!

Grr. So I said, " guys ... SLEEP NOW! When we get up at 8 a.m. you two have no right to complain how tired you are! You're BOTH going to church!"

Well, they didn't dare complain. It only takes a look from me to behave.

After church, took them to the mall to burn off some energy....and I was already ready for a nap!

I did visit a Sprint store there...and they had so many purty cell phones there. After talking to my sister last night about HER phone (Palm), and gave me good reviews on them, I decided when I get my "bonus" check with my next paycheck, I will buy myself something like that ...and go from there.

Well, since the Music Awards will be on tonight, I'm going to poke around see what's good on tv. Ah....

Good night, y'all.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanksgiving Feastival...

Whew. I roasted a turkey last night in those baggy things and it came out really well.

I was really tired, and a bit cranky. I waited a while for it to cool down a smidge before ripping it from its bones...and putting them in a pan...and wrapping it all up, ready to go.

I even got smart alecky with my husband when he asked me why not just bring the whole dang thing a whole...and let the people just carve a piece for themselves.

I snorted. HA! I don't think so!

So I continued taking it all apart and got it all wrapped up and saved all the drippings ... and everything is in the fridge right now.

Hands off, y'all. This is for the annual CCBC Thanksgiving Potluck---today.

I'll be blogging about this later tonight if I survive.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Jane Doe...

Doe. A deer. A female deer.
Fa...a long, long way to run...

Okay, I nearly slammed head on into a doe. It wasn't a Buck Deer, but a doe...a Jane Doe.

My heart was slamming away in my throat. Took a long time for my heart to crawl back into its proper position in my chest.

While I think they are gorgeous to see...I'd like them to be....far far away....
and nowhere near the road(s).

I was emailing 2 friends about this ...this morning.

And also shared my interesting morning at Dunkin' Donuts. I wanted to get a cappucino from there. They have really good coffee beans.

It was busy, and there was a gaggle of kids with their dad...changing their minds what kind of donut(s) they wanted....and I thought my turn would never come.

By the way, it was 16 degrees this morning, and my van window was frozen shut, so can't roll it open. Hence, having to go INSIDE to get my dose of caffeine.

Finally, asked for a large cappucino please with caramel. I figured it'd be sweet.

When the guy FINALLY got around to handing my cup to me, I thought, wait, it's light! So I took the lid off and looked inside.

"'s only half-full".

The manager who happened to be there cracking his whip around Indiana Jones style looked in my cup, then looks at me, "you know cappucinos have all that foam on the top, but lattes, they fill it up to the top."

I just blinked at him---"I know, but for the price I paid for it, does it only have to be 1/2 full and...uhh...where's the foam?"

We both peer into my cup together..."I'm sorry ma'am but you ordered a cappucino and it should be foamy...."

Well, the clock was ticking and I felt God nudging me to stop arguing and get my heinie over to work ...right now.

I smiled....not in a very nice way, so forgive me.

And left.

Arrived at work and opened the lid of my cup.

And added hot chocolate mix to it. It brought it up a bit more....made it 2/3rd full.

And sweeter.


Oh yeah, the guy must've forgotten the caramel because there weren't any.

Now I'm on break...and I hiked down to the cafe and ordered a small LATTE, you know, the kind that isn't full of foam on the top. It comes all the way up to the top of the cup. And...oh yeah, flavor? Peppermint.

Yum. Now I'm a happy girl.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Let's go way back....

Before the internet or PC or the Mac.
Before semi-automatics and crack.
Before Playstation, SEGA, Super Nintendo, even before Atari.
Before cell phones, CD’s, DVD’s, voicemail and e-mail.

Let’s go...way...way...way back...

I’m talkin’ bout Hide and Seek at dusk.
Red Light, Green Light.
Red Rover Red Rover...
Playing kickball, dodgeball until the streetlight came on (we didn’t have streetlights)
Ring around the Rosie.
London bridge.
Hot Potato.
Hop cotch.
Jump rope.
You’re IT!
Mother May I?
Hula Hoops.
Seeing shapes in the clouds (still do that today)
Endless summer days and hot summer nights (no A/C) with the windows open.
Running through sprinklers.
Happy Meals.
Cereal boxes with that GREAT prize in the bottom.
Cracker Jacks with the same thing.
Ice pops with 2 sticks you could break and share with a friend (or sibling)
Parents stood on the front porch and yelled (or whistled...) for you to come home (my friends always let me know when my mom hollered for me) pagers or cell phones.

...but wait...there’s more...

Watching Saturday Morning Cartoons,
Bugs Bunny, Fat Albert, Road Runner, Smurfs, G-Force & He-Man, schoolhouse Rock (I still watch cartoons)
Wonder Woman & Superman Underoos,
FONZIE....AYYYY...(let’s not forget Laverne & Shirley)
Playing Dukes of Hazard.
Catching lightning bugs in a jar.
Christmas Morning.
First day of School.
Bedtime prayers and Good night Kisses.
Climbing trees.
Swinging high as you could to try and reach the sky.
Getting an Ice Cream off the Good Humor Truck.
A million mosquito bites and sticky fingers.
Jumpin’ down the steps.
Jumpin’ on the bed.
Pillow fights.
A 13” black/white TV in your room meant you were RICH.
Runnin’ til you were out of breath.
Laughing so hard that your stomach hurt.
Being tired from PLAYING.
Work: meant taking trash out or doing dishes.
Your first crush.
Your first kiss (I mean the one that you kept your mouth closed and eyes open).
Rainy days at school meant playing “Heads Up 7UP” or “hangman” in the classroom, remember that?

Oh I’m not finished yet...

Kool-Aid was the drink of the summer.
So was a swig from the water hose (sometime do that still)
Giving your friends a ride on your handlebars.
Wearing your new shoes on the first day of school.
Class Field Trips with soggy sandwiches.
When nearly everyone’s mom was at home when the kids got there.
When a quarter seem like a fair allowance-and another quarter a MIRACLE.
When ANY parent could discipline ANY kid, or feed him or use him to carry crogeries...and NOBODY not even the kid, thought a thing of it.
When your parents took you to McDonalds and you were COOL.
When being sent to the principal’s office was nothing compared to what awaited you at home.
Basically, we were in fear for our lives but it wasn’t because of drive-by shootings, drugs or gangs...
Our parents sand grandparents were a much bigger threat!
And some of us are still afraid of ‘em! (yep)

Didn’t that feel good?
Just to go back and say, “Yeah I remember that!”

Well, let’s keep going!

Let’s go back to the time when...
Decisions were made by going “eeny-meeny-miney-MO!”
Mistakes were corrected by simply exclaiming “do over!”
“Race Issues” meant arguing about who ran the fastest.
Money issues were handled by whoever was the “Monopoly” banker.
Catching fireflies could happily occupy an entire evening.
It wasn’t odd to have two or three “best” friends.
Being old, referred to anyone over 20.
The worst thing you could catch from the opposite sex was cooties.
Nobody was prettier than Mom. (still isn’t)
Scrapes and bruises were kissed by mom or grandma and made feel better.
It was a big deal to finally be tall enough to ride the “big people” rides at the amusement park.
Getting a foot of snow was a dream come true.
Abilities were discovered because of a “double-dog-dare”
Spinning around, getting dizzy and falling down was cause for giggles.
The worst embarrassment was being picked last for a team.
Water balloons were the ultimate, ultimate weapon.
If you can remember most or all of these, then you have LIVED!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Oh Joy!

I waited for some GOOD NEWS alllllll day yesterday and when I finally showed up at one of my sister's house to pick up my son, that sister and I were wondering why our other sister hasn't contacted us yet.

So my sis checks her cellphone and saw that our pregnant sister did indeed call.

On Tax Day, 2009, Andrew Wolfgang B. is due.

I'm havin' a nephew! Woohoo! Yeehaw! *dancing the jig*

Very exciting.

The drive home was actually very problems with the roads at all. A huge difference than that nerve-wracking, nail bitin' drive that morning. Whew. I sang along with Amy Grant and other singers their Christmas songs on high volume all the way home. I think my van actually "danced" with the music blaring.

Got home, and the husband did bring out the christmas stuff. So Josh and husband started decorating the tree. Why, oh why, do they always focus on ONE area...and not spread it around? Hm. Well, it's still pretty and ...

....*shhh* ... when they weren't lookin', I moved some around...spread it out a bit. Much better.

A friend told me last night, "I REFUSE to listen to any Christmas songs. I REFUSE to put up my Christmas stuff...until the day after Thanksgiving."

I agree, BUT...I won't have time next week to do that, and I always set it up after we've stuffed ourselves with Turkey, corn, pies, etc. I'm just slowly putting out decorations....a bit at a time each night.

Well, I'm just happy my pregnant sister is doing well and having a boy. It's going to be so sweet. I know she reads my blog so I won't spoil the surprise what I'm gettin' her/baby for Christmas/baby shower.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Slippery 'n slide...

"How was your drive in this morning?" one co-worker asked me.

"Did they close down any roads this morning?"another coworker asked.

"Did you have any trouble getting here?" coworker number 3 asked.

"Dear (supervisor), I was an hour late getting to work due to major black ice/icy conditions on my way to work. I've filled out a slip using personal time for that one hour. Please stay safe" and hit send to my supervisor. My supervisor is doing the 4 days a week deal for work, to save on gas. Smart. And ... safe for today.


Talk about stress. I have no nails left to chew. I started out by clearing off my van at 6:10 a.m., fought to open the doors (they were all frozen shut) and warming it up. Then going back upstairs and shake Joshua up some more to get him going. Bundled him up, woke up Ashley, "don't forget to close that door...SNUGLY!" and fought to open the passenger side door open....buckled him up and then came around to my door. My door froze again. Fought with that, got it open then realized the defroster didn't work fast enough. Got my scraper out (where the heck are my gloves???), scrape scrape scrape.


Back in the van, then as I shifted into Drive, the van slipped little. Brakes felt funny (sure, the stuff is between the brake shoes and the tire part thingy)...get to my dad's to drop off Josh.

Back in the van. I needed gas. Got gas. Got coffee.


decided to take US-12 (aka, Michigan Ave)....from Tecumseh to Clinton was one long slippery drive.

Not bad.

Turned right on US-12, thinking, wow, lots of cars today. It's 6:45 already...and I'm 15 minutes behind.

Black ice. Icy spots. For the next 12 miles.

8 miles in, there was a really bad accident that just occurred. That really shook me up because 1. the emergency guys weren't there yet, so obviously the accident *just happened that moment*. 2. the good samaritans were helping this woman of the SUV down on the ground...she did not look good. They were covering her up with blankets. The SUV had hit some pick-up both the truck AND the SUV were pretty smashed up. Amazingly, though, the driver of the truck was fine....and HE was the one helping that poor woman...she got the worst of it. It was a head on collision.

As I approached that much anticipated intersection that leads me into Saline, there were firetrucks and ambulances and a cop flying by. As one cop car rounded the corner (of that intersection)...that car skidded and I thought for a moment he was going to slam into the car that was stopped at the light. No....he quickly corrected himself and took off. At this point I'm bawling my eyes out. What in the world has come over me???

Going through Saline, the roads were much better. I'm looking at the clock, it's 7:45, and I'm thinking, I need a payphone. Well, every gas station I drove by did not have a phone.

"Because now everybody has a cell phone...."


By the time I get to Ypsilanti, it's already after 8 am.

I had to park at the end of the earth and dash to the library.

Clocking in around 8:25. Whew.

I am okay now....could use some chocolate. Could use some ...good news. I am waiting to find out if I'll have a niece or nephew ... who is due to make his/her debut sometime in April. The appointment is at 3:30...(do I have to wait that long??? whinnnnne) I'm looking forward to that. I love being an aunt.

"What time do you think you'll be back in town tonight?" my other sister emailed me...since she is picking up Josh from school for me today.

I replied:"Lord willing, I'll be in Tecumseh by 5. I need to start thinking SERIOUSLY about.... investing in ...a...cell phone."

Cell phones. Oh man. Any suggestions what type I should get?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Snowy Sunday

As I sit here at my husband's computer, I look outside, and see snow. It's pretty. No snow on the ground yet....but it's snowing. Still pretty.

I took Ashley to her Solo & Ensemble yesterday in Charlotte, which is somewhere close to Lansing? Battle Creek? Whatever, it takes about 90 miles one way. Yeah. And half a tank one way. Yeah.

Ashley and her 2 other friends/bandmates played 2 pieces and they did pretty good. I did listen to the judge make some suggestions and I had to agree with her at one point. Oh, sorry, someone kept asking me...WHAT DID THEY PLAY? Sing? what?

The Alto Sax.

I'm really impressed with Ashley and her 2 friends. They did really well. They are also judged between 1 and 5. If you get a 1, you get blue medal. 2-you get a red medal. 3-5 you get nothing, with 5 being reaaaaalllly not good. Ech.

Ashley and her 2 friends got 1! OH YEAH! They were jumping around, "sweet!", "yes!", etc....and high-fiving each other. Then it was time to go home.

All for a 90 second piece?

Back on the road for another 1 1/2 hour drive, another half tank gone.

Oh no, I'm not complaining. No no no. But it was good to see Ashley smiling a lot. And her band teacher had been there and he was very proud of the girls. Oh yeah, buttons nearly popping off his suit.

Well, I need to shake my kids awake and get ready for church. My husband is teaching SS and I'm just going to wrap up reminders of our upcoming Thanksgiving party next Sat...and making sure everyone is ready. Etc, etc.

So, maybe when I get home, there'll be snow on the ground?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Another TGIF.

Phew. What a week.

I think I'm really starting to feel my age.

Either that or it's just the shorter daylight hours we have nowadays.

Been overcast this week, so it made it difficult for me to wake up yesterday & today. Hm.

Last night during my videophone meeting with the Deaf Cafe team, I had gotten a phone call from my dad. can imagine how busy I got there.

Making plans to take ASL lessons with my husband on Saturday morning. This is when Ashley comes up and tells me I'm taking her to her solo & ensemble thing in Charlotte (1 1/2 hour northwest from home).

*blinking fast....* "Excuse me? I thought you were riding with your friend?" (and all my carefully planned out plans for Saturday crashed down around my feet....)

Okay. Fine. Sure. (dramatic sigh...the things I do for my kids)

So, I guess I can sleep in a little bit more tomorrow. But would have to hit the road about 9:30.

Mapquest, ready or not, here I come....

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Country Technology....

Click on the cartoon to see it in bigger size.

Received this from L.W....a friend...thanks! It really made my day! Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Weighty matters

Well, I came across a blog sometime during my break and thought, wow.

My sister and I were talking about our weights...and how we need to lose weight.

Well...I have mentioned a few times I am stuck with this 10 lbs of ...whatever...that keeps gaining or losing...but never more or less than the 10 lbs frame.


So....*gulp*...I'm going to ATTEMPT to try to do something about it. I really do not want to hear the doctor telling me, "They all say that" every time I try to tell her I have been careful what I eat, I exercise plenty (uh, ok, some), and I don't go for fatty food. I admitted I need to cut down on my sugary up my coca-cola would be extremely hard and NO I DO NOT LIKE DIET coke. Blech! But at the same time, I do not like her. I'm changing doctors. I felt she wasn't really "LISTENING" to me. *sticking my tongue at her*

I really do need to lose more.

I am thankful, though, that I can wear Large and size 16. I used to wear XXL and size 22w (plus size standards) I'm just wearing regular Large and regular 16 (not wide or plus size!). And so far, so good.

I'd LOVE to go to size 12, but if I can make it to 14, then I'd be happier than a puppy with a bone.

"For Christmas I want...."

  • computer
  • laptop
  • cellphone
  • my own phone line in my own room...
  • Playstation...3? Portable? something....
  • Wii
  • video games
  • palm pilot
  • dye my hair red
What am I? An ATM?



Is it too late to put anything on layaway?

I can hear my bank account sobbing over the thought of being spent on electronic stuff. goal is to get my very own laptop. I don't like having to wait for my turn. Hey, aren't I the authoritative figure (other than my husband) to have first dibs on the computer (we have 2)????

Last year Christmas morning....I had to wake up Josh. I woke him up, and asked him, "Do you know what today is?"

He sleepily replied "yeah, it's Jesus' birthday..." and snuggles deeper under the covers.

Okay...."Well, I guess I'll just have Santa take the presents back ..."

He shot out of bed and ran for the presents under the tree.

At least my kids do not have high expectations this year. With the way the economy is, and many problems...job losses, homes being foreclosed, people moving away seeking better opportunities (and still not any better out there than it is here)....I am proud of my kids.

I must be doing something right.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Slush? Snow? What? *UPDATE*

I'm sitting by the window admiring downtown. The businesses are having their open houses this weekend--they've lit up the Christmas decorations and the trees have lights in them already.

And we've not had Thanksgiving yet. Huh.

Oh. My. Goodness.

What a weekend!

I stayed at Brenda's house this weekend. The house was pretty full...and we had fun. My husband and I did sleep downstairs in the basement...on our own high rise air mattress. It was quite comfy. However, being in someone's home that isn't yours one might tend to have trouble falling fast asleep. I did. My mind was ... BUSY.

Saturday morning I got a call that our guest speaker and guest song leader had an emergency. Sharon (guest song leader) had a phone call about her brother in the ICU. So they took off. They had to cancel us and dash home. Sharon's brother is brain dead due to blood clot that developed in his lungs. So it's just a matter of time before he dies. He's only 44. So young.

The second we heard about this, we quickly had to develop plan B as far as who would lead the devotion for Deaf Cafe...and what about the team doing a song?


I originally had an idea of Brenda's husband (and fellow DC team member) playing the Billy Mays character break out in the song, "Nothing but the Blood of Jesus" by Jars of Clay/Blind Boys of Alabama....

We decided that I would lead the song.


Took 3 practices...and just when I thought I got it....

I kind of goofed up during the program. But I don't even remember much of it.

The program was successful.

We had 109 people in attendance! WOW!

Then later that night, in mind was so busy. I kept telling my mind to shut up so I can sleep.


This morning, I tried...TRIED ... not to yawn so much. Oh no, church was NOT boring, honest!!!

It's just me.

I did drink 2 cups of coffee. But that didn't even help!

Now I'm home maybe I'll lay down a bit and "chill".

How was your weekend?

*UPDATE* Sharon's brother passed away sometime during the night. Got the news from her this morning. She is truly heartbroken. Brother was only 44. Please keep Sharon Hoge in your prayers during this difficult time. Thanks.

Her message: PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

You think you got time to play with your life and think you don't need Jesus right now?????

Hell, you don't have that time to play around with your life! How do you know you will live to be 70, 80, 90?

You think you are safe to play without accepting Jesus to save your soul? Well, thank God Charlie was saved and suddenly he lost his life.

Thank God he didn't play with his life and he is 'SAFE'.

People! Think! How much longer are you gonna play around with your 'soul'?

Friday, November 7, 2008


Okay, I am really debating whether to experiment with OxiClean.

See, Billy Mays had been hawking this on his infomercials. Didja know he is famous for his signature "yelling"? Yeah, read him up in the wikipedia.

Anyway, for our Deaf Cafe program tomorrow night, we're doing some kind of spoof about him and what cleans those dirty rotten stains, etc.

I have several stains on my carpet throughout the house. However, I'm hesitant to try it out. So I need to test a corner (of anything) to see if it works. Ah, my dirty socks? I'll go out and walk in the dirt....squish it around....yeah.

I found this at the Family Dollar. My Hubby and I were standing there looking at all these cleansers, laundry soap, bleaches, and everything that can really sterilize that store....and I was about to give up....then I saw it. Just a weensy weensy bottle. Hm...

Well, one of our Deaf Cafe actors will be very good at improvising so...I'm not worried.

*thinking.....staring at the thing....*

Here goes. I'll let you know the results.....

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thrilled with Kids...

I do have to admit, I'm very proud of my kids. I really am.

I went to a Parents/Teachers Conference last night for Ashley's school I was to meet with 2 of her teachers. Mr. B and Mrs. M (one after the next...not at same time).

Mr. B was just full of praise, telling me how mature, how friendly, and how ... attentive she is in class, and very respectful (I could see that in her report card...but not the grade...)....BUT (of course, there's always a but in there, right???)...need to improve in homework area. Would like to see her cut down on her chatting away with her friend (whom I took to concert with us).


Okay....and I gave him permission to talk with her about improving. We know she can succeed. Just need to apply the homework section. Got it.

Went over and waited by Mrs. M. When I introduced myself as Ashley's mom, Mrs. M's face just lit up. HUGE smile. Gushing the same stuff Mr. B did. My buttons were straining on my chest cuz I was bursting with pride. HOWEVER...I am troubled with Ashley's grade...still. Same thing with Mr. B's class....need to improve in homework area. Yes ma'am.

Well, before I went to the meeting(s), Ashley had given me her report card. Not ALL A's and B's but a couple C's in there. I pretty much laid down new rules for her.

After school...come straight home. Do NOT detour to friend's house or some other location (unless after school club). Come straight home, grab a snack, and sit down with your homework. No phones. No computer. No tv. No friends unless working together on SAME stuff/class. If done, may go play/call/watch tv. Whatever. But homework comes first.

"Yes, mother".


I'm still proud of her. To hear compliments from people how well mannered she is, yada yada...I know I did something right.

Also my mantra: Do NOT put yourself in any situation you know you might get stuck in/hurt or can't get yourself out of. Then all will be right with the world.

That goes for y'all too.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Don't you hate it when....

Well, I was in the middle of composing a great email to a couple and don't you just hate it when....

The power flickers for a very quick second, you didn't have time to even blink, and the computer, tv and phone and lights and everything electrical goes off for that very quick second....

The cable came back on. The phone's fine...but not the internet.

And I lost that very "great email"....grrrr.

I have those package deals....the cable/internet/phone deal. It's great. Really. I just would like someone to make some extra time and come out, clean up the tangle of wires and whatnots outside the building---I'm's all knotted up and a tangled mess, and not sure what cable goes into what window or unit (there is 4 units in my building).

Stayed up late last night watching the polls. Reactions in the house was ... mixed. I'm just not sure what to think at this time, but I am praying that God has everything under control and we won't fall apart as a country.

Gonna catch up on news and stuff...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Watch

Election Day....

This morning my daughter asked me if she could volunteer or help out at the Obama center this afternoon. I told her that was fine. Before y'all start debating or disagreeing, I have to let you know, I do not share my political views with my family or friends because I would prefer to agree to disagree and respect anyone's political views or opinions.

I do admire Ashley's interest in our political world. After all, our children are our future. Never know if one of our children will be the next president.

One suggestion I'd like to make to y'all....think deeply and if you feel comfortable with your decision, vote.

Go...shoo.....I'll be voting after work today.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Guess What?

Today I've made it....

I'm FORTY years old now. Oh egads.

I got a couple happy birthday emails from couple friends, an e-card from a sister through Hallmark (so cute! thanks!)....and picked up one card this afternoon when I dropped off Ashley's friend off at the Diva Dropoff place (it actually sounds better than calling it the "divorce swap" thing where parents meet halfway pickup/dropoff kids...).

Came home, my husband was still crabby so I had him go take a nap. It did him wonders. Feel better, honey? I surely hope so!

Took it easy around here and watched my show, Extreme Makeover-Home Edition. I really enjoy watching those shows. Tonight's was really good...and the comments the young man made, comparing himself to the old, beat up punching bag. If it wasn't for the man who "saved his life", he would have turned out worn out, beaten up like that old beaten up punching bag. That was real profound moment.

This begins a new week, and I'm starting to feel better now. I do need to have a cough drop (hall's or something) when I go to bed. Otherwise I'd be coughing all night. Weird, but it works for me. Yeah.

I guess I'll go crawl off to bed and try to get some rest. For some reason the kitchen is LOUD. I know it's the motor on the fridge. I hope the fridge doesn't give out. Maybe it's just bored and wants to get jiggy or something.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday Sniffles...

Well, I'm getting over the worst of my maladies of the cold, seasonal allergies and that gosh-awful sinusy thing I had going ...

I'm still stuffed up so my voice changes---from normal to deep to high pitched...whatever is going on in my nasal area. Bleah.

But hey, I was up for going over to see a friend whose birthday is today. I got her (and me, too) a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and had ice cream with that, and her yummy coffee. We had 3 hours worth of catching up done tonight. We both have been so busy with school, work, kids, etc., that it was hard to try to find some time to hang out together. Well, I told her earlier this week I was coming over tonight with a cake ... and we'll grow another year older together....and we did...

Friday night went well for my kids. I came home and my kids took husband was sweet enough (after practically pushing him out the door) to take them out...well, my son, really. My daughter and her friend went to a friend's halloween/slumber party...and my son walked all over with my husband so he got quite a bucket full. So I was happy he had a good time. The weather was perfect so I was happy about that.

I did dress up for work---wearing my halloween skirt and my witch's tights that shrunk somehow (some "one size fits all"...NOT!)...and a bat hat. My friend did take a picture of me. Hey Brenda, you gonna email that to me? Send it to me so I can check it out! I might want to post it unless you want to??

Well, don't forget to set your clock an hour back!! YES...we get ONE MORE HOUR of sleeeeeeep! Woo hoo!