Friday, March 26, 2010

Life as a mom...

It's a never-ending job. It has its ups and downs. It can be scary and joyful at times.

Man...and kids don't come with instructions.

I do appreciate being a mom. I remember one guy I dated in college telling me that someday I'd make a great mom.  And that had stuck with me through the years ahead...

The past couple days my daughter, being 14, has been talking more and more with me. I find it so wonderful and so touching she'd take the time out to just hang out with her mom.  Talk about general things, life as we know it, school, boys, friends, and she doesn't believe in Evolution.

Then excitedly tells me about the song she loves by Third Day, Cry Out to Jesus. I've heard it and it's really a good song. She is going to their Winter Jam tonight...7 bands are playing. She's joining her youth group so I'm very pleased to hear she is looking forward to that.

I worked half a day today....and now I'm just waiting for the time to pick her up and her friend from school, bring 'em home to drop school bags off, and then hurry them over to their church so they can leave for the concert.  I'm little envious...I'd love to go with them.

Well, I guess that would leave me home alone husband goes to a meeting, my son might go to a friend's house, and Ashley won't be home til late tonight.

Ah...catch up on chores?  Nah.  I'll just take it easy and make a date with myself to do whatever I want. Yeah.

And the sun's out. 

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