Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hosea and Gomer...

Well, I have to work on writing up a drama script about Hosea and Gomer, a prophet who marries a woman that would be a prostitute. If we were to read the book of Hosea in the Bible, I find it very fascinating that this man still loved her...in spite of her bad choices.

This drama I have to write up is for Deaf Cafe, Flint. I usually have no trouble writing it up, but since we're doing a Love Story theme for February, I find myself wanting to do the best I can. If I can top off last month's program, I'd like to see what we can pull off this time.

I LOVE being part of the Deaf Cafe, Flint team. Oh yes. I am their drama director. Currently there are 12 stage team members and we have a gaggle of support team members---those would be maybe, childcare, kitchen, videographer, the lights person, ushers, etc. It's amazing how well we all work together to make our Deaf Cafe so successful, 4 years running! Check us out on www.deafcafeflint.org .

I just got back from getting my son's hair cut. I like it...it's simple and he can play with it in two ways...spike it or do a proper comb over one side...which would make my dad very happy. My dad has a thing against spikes but pffft.

My daughter should be home any time now...I hope! :)

Well, I better crack open my bible and read Hosea and start creating a script in time for Thursday's meeting.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Out with Old, in with New...

We have 3 computers in this house. 2 brand new Dell computers and my OLD HP computer. The HP is practically ancient. All three computers are hooked up and all have high speed. However, I don't have enough "energy" in the HP. Talk about learning patience when downloading or opening or whatever.

I got a notice the other day for a non-profit agency that collects clothes and shoes...and I thought, what a coincidence. I have 2 bags of shoes ready to give away (or toss) and I have million of clothes to give away too...so will bag them up and put them out on the curb for the agency to pick up...I have 2 weeks to do this. It'll be a great way to do my own Clean Sweep.

We have Deaf Cafe this weekend. My kids and I are looking forward to it. My husband will go up early with another team member to help haul the trailer, etc. And with the set up. Since I have to put in a full day at work, I would have to come home and grab the kids and then head on up to Flint. But we have a very exciting weekend ahead.

First week of February I will be flying out to Yuma, AZ to see my ailing grandmother. It'll be good to see her. However, I don't know anything more about her health at this point---2 months or 2 years? So we'll see. I am very grateful to my personal travel agent (but he's really a very good friend of this family....thank you!!!) for finding my sister and I a great deal on our plane tickets.

Well time for me to throw the kids in the tub/shower and then bed....

My living room tv has given up its ghost. Oooooooohhhhh.... wooooo.... LOL. It is about 15 years old so it was about time.

Good night.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tornados in January???

That's what EVERYONE has said. Even in other people's blogs! Oh how hilarious. California got hit with snowstorm while we were getting their warm weather. I live in Michigan, so we should be dealing with snowstorms at this time of the year. Why, just last week we had to shovel ourselves out of the snow! Strannnnge world we live in.

Happy New Year, everyone. I just received the cutest, darling-est pictures of my nieces. Aw. Can't wait to show 'em off at work tomorrow. This week started off very well. Well, in a way, I mean. First, my supervisor was in a very good mood. Even when I told her I was working half a day and going to a funeral in the afternoon. I think the christmas break we all took (the big shots gets 2 weeks off, whilst I get only a week and half off ...technically 10 days) was just what the doctor ordered.

My pastor's brother passed away last week. The funeral was yesterday. It was a very nice ceremony, and I really liked the music and one sister's sharing comments about their brother. Very touching. And it was good to see some of the family members I've not seen in a while. There was surprises as well, but nevertheless, it was good to see them. I found out my pastor's niece plans to come check out our Deaf Cafe-Flint program this weekend! YAY!

I have heard my grandmother isn't doing so well. So my youngest sister and I are planning to fly out first week of February to go down to Yuma, AZ. Visit with her, and at the same time, visit my brother-in-law who recently moved there a few months ago. It'll be good to see my grandma, but also my inlaws. Haven't seen him since my wedding 2 years ago.

I know this is not a very exciting post today. Sorry. When something comes to mind, I will share something.

Ahh....we'll be getting snow tomorrow night. And they threatened us with tornados last night. *sigh*