Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wet Wednesday evening...

Well, I finally, FINALLY went to the city's post office and BOUGHT some stamps....and while I commented on the lack of coin-operated stamps dispenser machines (they only take debits or credit cards now)...she agreed with me how inconvenient that can be for some people.

Then as I put the stamp on that envelope addressed to my grandmother in AZ, I felt myself get emotional. Got me thinking....this will be the last letter & card she will ever get from me before the angels sweep down and take her home to Heaven.

The sweet post office lady asked what was wrong because I was just kind of standing there holding that envelope to my heart. Trying not to break down or sob my head off.

I told her quickly about my grandmother being very ill...she understood and stamped it and put in the bin to be sent out tonight.

Got in town to pick up Josh from Opa's. Since I was late leaving work, and had to stop at the P.O. on my way home....I did not have time to make a dinner at home. So I treated the family to some KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)...not my favorite food or place but hey, it beats the burgers and fries and pop. I got the chicken with the mashed potatoes and corn! At least that'll sustain me ...for a while.

Now I am heading over to my sister's to watch her two precious angels....well, they're always well behaved when I'm around. Last time, I put them both to bed, and they actually STAYED in bed, and fell fast asleep. Impressive. I must be doing something an aunt. LOL.

Stay safe ...have a good evening.

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