Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sunny for a Wednesday

So far, it's still sunny. I'm glad.

No ice on the roads.

I noticed there are NO stamps dispensers in the small town post offices I stopped at yesterday and today (after they had been closed for the evening)....

And I'm trying to mail a card/letter to my grandma. I will go to a CITY PO and try to snag a stamp so I can send this off. There is one here in this city I can swing by after work....yeah...I'll just take a different, scenic route home. Yeah.

Anyway....nearly done with decorating my home. I do have a few more and hopefully can be done by tomorrow night. I've invited my dad over for dinner on Friday and then to join me to see the Christmas Parade on my block...(one great benefit of living downtown, everything's nearly at your doorstep!).

Then come in for hot coco and cookies? Yum. Will also invite my sister and her kids as well...

I better get back to break time's up! Will try to blog more...when I can.

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