Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Typical Teen?

I'm learning how to be a mom to a teenager...well, Ashley will be a teenager...TOMORROW!

I have to stop and look back at my own teenage years...and I can imagine what my mom had gone through with me. Then my sisters. We 3 were nothing alike. Different personalities, different choices.

For her birthday party on Friday she is having a night of games. We would be setting up the dining room into an arcade style or game up the chandelier it goes, and push everything to the walls and clear the floor.

And she's having some boys over. But don't worry, everyone. Again I say, this party will be closely monitored by the *MOM* (again, pointing at myself).

It'll be exciting.

I look forward to Ashley's teen years....I'm trying to keep a very positive outlook on this.

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