Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Not feeling detached...

Well, I know that HOT BATH I had last night soothed my po' achin' hips....because when I got out of the tub last night, I could miraculously move with ease! And of course, a good night's sleep helped.

We all slept hard, I know that.

I had been feeling detached ... really, my hips felt detached from my body.

I'm fine now.

This week is another busy week for me.

With Ashley's concert tonight, and having the "WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY IN EFFECT FROM 5 PM THIS AFTERNOON TO 4 AM EST WEDNESDAY" on my weather bug alerter thingy on my desktop...


And I'm again wearing a hoodie sweater. I think I can get used to this.

Okay, back to my busy week ahead....will have to do some bakin' and getting our home prepared for Ashley's Birthday Party on Friday...yes...it's a boy/girl party. Oh don't worry...it'll be closely monitored by the MOM....*pointing at myself*... and the boys have to go home probably 10 or 11 pm....the girls can stay and slumber. Will recreate the dining room into a "game room" or arcade or whatever, with the old traditional TWISTER game in the middle of the floor. Yeah. That'll be fun.

I will officially start my Christmas Vacation on Friday! WOO! And be off for 2 whole weeks! WOW! So, 3 more days....til I can escape.

Everyone at work are starting to feel burned out, so I know everyone's in a very good mood this week....

Sorry nothing witty or funny to blog about today. I couldn't find my good glasses but found my old ones....(blue frames...) and well, not too bad. My eyes finally adjusted to it...and I have to say, not bad.

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