Monday, December 8, 2008


Last night my son threw up. All of his supper.

If his taking a nap late in the day was any indication how sick he was getting, I would've known that.

But noooooo....I didn't . I just assumed since it was so cold, and we were all tired and just wanted to stay cuddled up in our blankets and warm beds....that would be acceptable.

So I let him stay home today.

He's feeling better.


This afternoon at work, I noticed I was coughing just a leeeeeetle bit....but then my throat just got sore FAST! Oy.

On the way home, I grabbed a hot drink from McD's and that helped. It's just sore on one side of my throat. I betcha tomorrow both sides will be swollen and I'll be guzzling hot tea and coffee and whatever HOT to soothe my throat.

But hey, it won't get me down ...I'm tougher than one thinks.

I'm just gonna finish my dinner and crawl in bed and just .... relax. Just for tonight.

Charlie Brown's Christmas will be on...awwww. I am going to watch it so I can study my Sally character for our upcoming Deaf Cafe program.

Linus is Sally's sweet babboo, and my husband plays

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