Friday, December 12, 2008


Well, the commute in this morning was lovely. No deer (knock on wood!), no ice, no...stupid drivers! Did get stuck behind a "turtle" but was able to pass that driver and get to work on time.

I realized it's been a couple days since "Irkday". The irkness have gone away. I have been fighting off headaches...with the weather temps constantly changing....up...down...up...down....what a roller coaster of a ride.

Got a hold of a friend of mine from my Gally days. It was just a pleasure to be able to hook up with them. I never thought I'd hear from those friends again...but the internet can be a wonderful thing! The memories. I do have many good memories so there is something good about that. And it is truly a small world when my husband actually knows these I feel better. And yes, my husband knows I've been in touch with these fact, we joke about it because of one of them being my husband's former fraternity brother....if he actually contacted his frat brother by email:

"Hey dude, remember your homecoming dance date in '88?"
"Yeah? what about her?"
"I married her!"

Well, this is Deaf Cafe-Flint weekend, so got an exciting program ahead. I'm looking forward to it.

Have a great weekend and be safe, wherever you are!

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