Sunday, November 2, 2008

Guess What?

Today I've made it....

I'm FORTY years old now. Oh egads.

I got a couple happy birthday emails from couple friends, an e-card from a sister through Hallmark (so cute! thanks!)....and picked up one card this afternoon when I dropped off Ashley's friend off at the Diva Dropoff place (it actually sounds better than calling it the "divorce swap" thing where parents meet halfway pickup/dropoff kids...).

Came home, my husband was still crabby so I had him go take a nap. It did him wonders. Feel better, honey? I surely hope so!

Took it easy around here and watched my show, Extreme Makeover-Home Edition. I really enjoy watching those shows. Tonight's was really good...and the comments the young man made, comparing himself to the old, beat up punching bag. If it wasn't for the man who "saved his life", he would have turned out worn out, beaten up like that old beaten up punching bag. That was real profound moment.

This begins a new week, and I'm starting to feel better now. I do need to have a cough drop (hall's or something) when I go to bed. Otherwise I'd be coughing all night. Weird, but it works for me. Yeah.

I guess I'll go crawl off to bed and try to get some rest. For some reason the kitchen is LOUD. I know it's the motor on the fridge. I hope the fridge doesn't give out. Maybe it's just bored and wants to get jiggy or something.

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Growing Up Deaf in a Hearing World said...

Happy Birthday to my dear friend. May your 40's be the best decade of your life and when you hit your 50s, may that be the best decade of your life and so forth!
GO for it girl.. you ROCK!

Love you.