Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Oh Joy!

I waited for some GOOD NEWS alllllll day yesterday and when I finally showed up at one of my sister's house to pick up my son, that sister and I were wondering why our other sister hasn't contacted us yet.

So my sis checks her cellphone and saw that our pregnant sister did indeed call.

On Tax Day, 2009, Andrew Wolfgang B. is due.

I'm havin' a nephew! Woohoo! Yeehaw! *dancing the jig*

Very exciting.

The drive home was actually very problems with the roads at all. A huge difference than that nerve-wracking, nail bitin' drive that morning. Whew. I sang along with Amy Grant and other singers their Christmas songs on high volume all the way home. I think my van actually "danced" with the music blaring.

Got home, and the husband did bring out the christmas stuff. So Josh and husband started decorating the tree. Why, oh why, do they always focus on ONE area...and not spread it around? Hm. Well, it's still pretty and ...

....*shhh* ... when they weren't lookin', I moved some around...spread it out a bit. Much better.

A friend told me last night, "I REFUSE to listen to any Christmas songs. I REFUSE to put up my Christmas stuff...until the day after Thanksgiving."

I agree, BUT...I won't have time next week to do that, and I always set it up after we've stuffed ourselves with Turkey, corn, pies, etc. I'm just slowly putting out decorations....a bit at a time each night.

Well, I'm just happy my pregnant sister is doing well and having a boy. It's going to be so sweet. I know she reads my blog so I won't spoil the surprise what I'm gettin' her/baby for Christmas/baby shower.

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