Sunday, November 9, 2008

Slush? Snow? What? *UPDATE*

I'm sitting by the window admiring downtown. The businesses are having their open houses this weekend--they've lit up the Christmas decorations and the trees have lights in them already.

And we've not had Thanksgiving yet. Huh.

Oh. My. Goodness.

What a weekend!

I stayed at Brenda's house this weekend. The house was pretty full...and we had fun. My husband and I did sleep downstairs in the basement...on our own high rise air mattress. It was quite comfy. However, being in someone's home that isn't yours one might tend to have trouble falling fast asleep. I did. My mind was ... BUSY.

Saturday morning I got a call that our guest speaker and guest song leader had an emergency. Sharon (guest song leader) had a phone call about her brother in the ICU. So they took off. They had to cancel us and dash home. Sharon's brother is brain dead due to blood clot that developed in his lungs. So it's just a matter of time before he dies. He's only 44. So young.

The second we heard about this, we quickly had to develop plan B as far as who would lead the devotion for Deaf Cafe...and what about the team doing a song?


I originally had an idea of Brenda's husband (and fellow DC team member) playing the Billy Mays character break out in the song, "Nothing but the Blood of Jesus" by Jars of Clay/Blind Boys of Alabama....

We decided that I would lead the song.


Took 3 practices...and just when I thought I got it....

I kind of goofed up during the program. But I don't even remember much of it.

The program was successful.

We had 109 people in attendance! WOW!

Then later that night, in mind was so busy. I kept telling my mind to shut up so I can sleep.


This morning, I tried...TRIED ... not to yawn so much. Oh no, church was NOT boring, honest!!!

It's just me.

I did drink 2 cups of coffee. But that didn't even help!

Now I'm home maybe I'll lay down a bit and "chill".

How was your weekend?

*UPDATE* Sharon's brother passed away sometime during the night. Got the news from her this morning. She is truly heartbroken. Brother was only 44. Please keep Sharon Hoge in your prayers during this difficult time. Thanks.

Her message: PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

You think you got time to play with your life and think you don't need Jesus right now?????

Hell, you don't have that time to play around with your life! How do you know you will live to be 70, 80, 90?

You think you are safe to play without accepting Jesus to save your soul? Well, thank God Charlie was saved and suddenly he lost his life.

Thank God he didn't play with his life and he is 'SAFE'.

People! Think! How much longer are you gonna play around with your 'soul'?

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