Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Slippery 'n slide...

"How was your drive in this morning?" one co-worker asked me.

"Did they close down any roads this morning?"another coworker asked.

"Did you have any trouble getting here?" coworker number 3 asked.

"Dear (supervisor), I was an hour late getting to work due to major black ice/icy conditions on my way to work. I've filled out a slip using personal time for that one hour. Please stay safe" and hit send to my supervisor. My supervisor is doing the 4 days a week deal for work, to save on gas. Smart. And ... safe for today.


Talk about stress. I have no nails left to chew. I started out by clearing off my van at 6:10 a.m., fought to open the doors (they were all frozen shut) and warming it up. Then going back upstairs and shake Joshua up some more to get him going. Bundled him up, woke up Ashley, "don't forget to close that door...SNUGLY!" and fought to open the passenger side door open....buckled him up and then came around to my door. My door froze again. Fought with that, got it open then realized the defroster didn't work fast enough. Got my scraper out (where the heck are my gloves???), scrape scrape scrape.


Back in the van, then as I shifted into Drive, the van slipped little. Brakes felt funny (sure, the stuff is between the brake shoes and the tire part thingy)...get to my dad's to drop off Josh.

Back in the van. I needed gas. Got gas. Got coffee.


decided to take US-12 (aka, Michigan Ave)....from Tecumseh to Clinton was one long slippery drive.

Not bad.

Turned right on US-12, thinking, wow, lots of cars today. It's 6:45 already...and I'm 15 minutes behind.

Black ice. Icy spots. For the next 12 miles.

8 miles in, there was a really bad accident that just occurred. That really shook me up because 1. the emergency guys weren't there yet, so obviously the accident *just happened that moment*. 2. the good samaritans were helping this woman of the SUV down on the ground...she did not look good. They were covering her up with blankets. The SUV had hit some pick-up truck...so both the truck AND the SUV were pretty smashed up. Amazingly, though, the driver of the truck was fine....and HE was the one helping that poor woman...she got the worst of it. It was a head on collision.

As I approached that much anticipated intersection that leads me into Saline, there were firetrucks and ambulances and a cop flying by. As one cop car rounded the corner (of that intersection)...that car skidded and I thought for a moment he was going to slam into the car that was stopped at the light. No....he quickly corrected himself and took off. At this point I'm bawling my eyes out. What in the world has come over me???

Going through Saline, the roads were much better. I'm looking at the clock, it's 7:45, and I'm thinking, I need a payphone. Well, every gas station I drove by did not have a phone.

"Because now everybody has a cell phone...."


By the time I get to Ypsilanti, it's already after 8 am.

I had to park at the end of the earth and dash to the library.

Clocking in around 8:25. Whew.

I am okay now....could use some chocolate. Could use some ...good news. I am waiting to find out if I'll have a niece or nephew ... who is due to make his/her debut sometime in April. The appointment is at 3:30...(do I have to wait that long??? whinnnnne)....so I'm looking forward to that. I love being an aunt.

"What time do you think you'll be back in town tonight?" my other sister emailed me...since she is picking up Josh from school for me today.

I replied:"Lord willing, I'll be in Tecumseh by 5. This...is...when I need to start thinking SERIOUSLY about.... investing in ...a...cell phone."

Cell phones. Oh man. Any suggestions what type I should get?


Hollie said...

TracPhone - It's pay as you go. So you can either get a plan for like $16/month and get 50 min ( and they rollover), or you buy like a prepaid phone cfard, and you have so many months to use those minutes that you bought.

Unknown said...

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