Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thrilled with Kids...

I do have to admit, I'm very proud of my kids. I really am.

I went to a Parents/Teachers Conference last night for Ashley's school I was to meet with 2 of her teachers. Mr. B and Mrs. M (one after the next...not at same time).

Mr. B was just full of praise, telling me how mature, how friendly, and how ... attentive she is in class, and very respectful (I could see that in her report card...but not the grade...)....BUT (of course, there's always a but in there, right???)...need to improve in homework area. Would like to see her cut down on her chatting away with her friend (whom I took to concert with us).


Okay....and I gave him permission to talk with her about improving. We know she can succeed. Just need to apply the homework section. Got it.

Went over and waited by Mrs. M. When I introduced myself as Ashley's mom, Mrs. M's face just lit up. HUGE smile. Gushing the same stuff Mr. B did. My buttons were straining on my chest cuz I was bursting with pride. HOWEVER...I am troubled with Ashley's grade...still. Same thing with Mr. B's class....need to improve in homework area. Yes ma'am.

Well, before I went to the meeting(s), Ashley had given me her report card. Not ALL A's and B's but a couple C's in there. I pretty much laid down new rules for her.

After school...come straight home. Do NOT detour to friend's house or some other location (unless after school club). Come straight home, grab a snack, and sit down with your homework. No phones. No computer. No tv. No friends unless working together on SAME stuff/class. If done, may go play/call/watch tv. Whatever. But homework comes first.

"Yes, mother".


I'm still proud of her. To hear compliments from people how well mannered she is, yada yada...I know I did something right.

Also my mantra: Do NOT put yourself in any situation you know you might get stuck in/hurt or can't get yourself out of. Then all will be right with the world.

That goes for y'all too.

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