Friday, September 5, 2008


That's a pretty lame title for today, ain't it?

Well, happy Friday, y'all.

As I stumbled around this washer/dryer were looking really sorry. Piles of clothes on top of them. Some dirty laundry on the floor in front of them begging to be washed and cleansed. Yeah, yeah, yeah....

And I've been talking for weeks about how I will have a hot date with my washer/dryer. Well, I really am not hot on doing laundry...and I don't trust my husband with the washer, really. He learned to fill it up and pour soap. And push the button to start. The problem with that, is his mom had a heavy duty washer and you can put a LOT in there. But not mine. And well, with my old washer, it caused some problems and wouldn't work. We can't cram it full to the rim. The washer won't be able to "churn".

Let this woman do it.

We had our first Deaf Cafe rehearsal last night. It went very well. We did miss one actor but we did very well. A lot of silliness, but we were also serious too. I am very excited we'll be starting our 5th season next weekend! WOO!

Got home around 9:30ish last night---and I was pretty tired...and slept hard.

Anyway, with the hurricanes coming to the USA...I expect some rain over the next few days. Yes I know we're UP HERE out of the way...but the clouds and everything will come up our way and we'll get rain. That's ok...I don't mind.

Have a super weekend and take it easy.

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