Thursday, September 4, 2008

What were you thinking?

Okay, before I go on with this post, please bear in mind this is my own personal views/opinions and I'm entitled to vent or share. I am not out to judge anyone nor do I wish anyone to judge me. From my own observations of the political world, I'm allowed to share. Please do not attack me for my political thoughts....and I'm really a very nice gal, and not much of a political if you don't like what I have to can always leave this blog. I won't bite. I promise.

Alright, reading the news today during my break time---I live in Michigan. I'm not that far from Detroit, but the mayor of Detroit is giving Michigan a pretty bad reputation, and I feel so bad for the people...not just in Detroit, but all over Michigan.

With Mayor Kwame lying and trying to cover up, etc., is not good. I don't care how young he is or if his mommy is on the congress (or some higher up position in the government world). I don't care if he wants to mess around with some other woman but...honestly, need to keep an image and not become tabloid fodder. I have been SORT OF monitoring the happenings of Kwame and his woes...and how his wrongdoings have not only hurt Detroit, but really hurt his own family and friends. Being abusive with his authority...that's just so wrong. And if you have a very important role as a political figure, it does not give you the right to be waived from all your wrongdoings.

Now, he pleaded guilty. Good. I, along with many others, have been begging him to step down and let someone else run Detroit. He will serve time in jail, and some hours of community service, and can't run for political office for 5 years (I feel he should be banned from running for office, ever).

Onto other things, McCain's VP selection....Palin. Okay, she's like 4 years older than me and has a 4 month old baby! Whoa. I out of place or something. But anyway, I do wish her the best. I again am not one to judge. Her teenage daughter is preggers....and everyone's making a big deal.

My opinion: if I was in her shoes, I'd decline the VP nomination. "Sure, my teenage daughter's pregnant and I see nothing wrong with that...and I will support her in every way I can...." blah blah blah. Um, being in the glare of media and cameras and the whole wide world WATCHING you....that'd be unnverving. IF I was THAT pregnant teenager, I'd tell my mom (who has been selected VP) not to accept because it wouldn't be just right.

And I did get pregnant w/o being married first---but I wasn't a teenage mom. However, my choices back then was very worldly, and I never cared what anyone thought. BUT, it did hurt when I've had to endure a lot of criticisms, etc. due to my lifestyle choices.

Well, I've straightened up A LOT...and on the right path...and would I do it again? No.

When anyone has an important role to take upon, I would strongly suggest they deeply search deep into their hearts, knowing what they will face ahead. Running a nation is such a huge responsibility (a city too!).

Now I'll just jump off my soapbox and get back to work in a moment....

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