Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday in a tizzy...

Okay, like that title for today's post? Yeah? No? Eh...better than boring..."Tuesday"...

The past couple days have been interesting. Sunday I arrived at church to find out our senior pastor had gall bladder surgery on Saturday! So our music director had to multi-task and was asked to preach too! So he lead us in group singing, then lead the choir then he preached...and he did good.

I'm kind of like that---I'm a real multi-tasker.

Yesterday was busy day at work...with fall semester in full swing, the students and people all over the place, and getting the library ready for the 10th anniversary since it was built and opened. I was there 10 years ago!

Today was another busy day and had a very nice meeting that really boosted my morale. And had some good news in other places too, so I'm really thrilled.

Deaf Cafe-Flint was invited to participate in a weekend-long program a church is hosting, and so far, gotten many very interested team members wanting to participate. That's what I call, TEAMWORK! I know the host church will be so thrilled. Now just a matter of planning.

Just dropped Ashley off to babysit "Ilovechinesefoodnow!" off and I need to do some serious laundry but I really lack motivation...BLAH. I just want to read, read, read.

While I'm on that subject of reading, I'm going to finish the last couple chapters. I read this book and in the middle of it, I just SOLVED THE CLUE! but it took the heroine long enough to figure it out herself! "Demons Are Forever" by Julie Kenner. The subheading of that is really, "Confessions of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom". It's funny as well.

I have other books to read that Vonnie has given me...so I've already read 3 of those. I have many more--probably 10-15 more?

Off to finish the demon book.....

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