Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Friday...of course!

First off, I want to say Bright Red Socks Dude is now home, resting comfortably. I envy him, though, because he gets to sleep all day. Then play with us at Deaf Cafe tomorrow night.

I would love to do that myself---sleep.

Anyway....welcome home, Bright Red Socks Dude!

I had my hair done last night and I think I can safely say, spunky. The hairdresser who did my hair loves me. I told her she could go for it. Meaning, whatever color she thinks I should have. I might go seasonal for a my hair is very pretty. As soon as I get someone to snap a pic of me, I'll post it. I'll try to find a before, an after and another after. LOL.

My washer/dryer is soooo happy to have me all to themselves today. I've started my second load now in the washer. First load in the dryer. I can hear them happily working away. I made a teensy weensy clearing of my daughter's floor. GASP! I have forgotten what the floor looks like!

Packing up, getting some things put together, and will need to clean up the van a little bit more. I have forgotten some things in there and I'm sure a container I have forgotten is beyond worth saving so in the trash it will go.

My son was grinning from ear to ear today. I said, "What are you so happy about?"
He said, "You're off today. I love it when you take me to school. And when you pick me up!"

Awww. He really does love me, doesn't he?

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