Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Well, I've gone back to naming my post title by the day I'm writing it on. Sheesh.

I've been overwhelmed with several upsetting situations that occurred since Monday! And trying to step back, take a deep breath, think things thoroughly before taking action. Oh yeah, praying a lot for wisdom on choice of words before I speak/write them. Pray for me as I deal with this. I know God is in full control of this situation I'm dealing with. *smiling big*

I'm cooking up macaroni so I can make goulash. I know my friend Vonnie makes it differently. Hers is homemade. Mine is ...quick and easy. Cook the mac elbows, throw in spaghetti sauce and some meat, and viola!

If I have shredded cheese, I might sprinkle some in.

So much for gourmet meals. Hang on....

10 minutes later:
Okay...I'm back. The mac has been cooked, I threw in the sauce, mixed it all up, and added ground beef to it....and found some mozeralla cheese...the boys (yes, my son and husband) are enjoying it. Me---I'll eat some later. Or make a

Well, I'm off to read a book for a bit, to try to de-stress myself. Then will do a report tonight and get some other stuff pulled together...and start another work day tomorrow.... la la la.


Anonymous said...

hey there girl
in my house we call that "poor man's spaghetti!

Kirstan said...

LOL. true, true. You can create gourmet meals out of absolutely NOTHING, right??? Right?

Good to hear from ya. will email you busy so busy and i know you are too!