Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What's up with the traffic?

This morning, I was a bit late for work. Normally I make pretty good time. Until I arrived and was informed of a terrible fiery accident that occurred on I-94, west of Ann Arbor.


I noticed the traffic lights were changing too fast....I thought it was the Ike rainstorm from Sunday that threw them off the timer or something.

Then I remembered how heavy traffic was this morning. Some people were cutting through the gas stations or some parking lots to get around.


Well, at first like I said, blame Ike or maybe everyone woke up this morning and decided they MUST report to work.

At least it's sunny today, a nice break from all the rain we had over the weekend. One friend called me on the VP and we chatted. She attended her grandson's football game. Her grandson is same age as Josh. He told grandma that he loves playing in the rain. She was telling me even with her umbrella on a wet, rainy Saturday, did not work. She is very expressive and I just loved seeing her describing how she felt. Came home and they all needed hot showers to get the rain off. And wash his football clothes. LOL. She missed Deaf Cafe because of that.

It is a bit chilly this morning, and I did a stupid thing by putting on capris and sandals and tshirt. Oh....yeah. It's chilly. Brrr.

Well, I'm going to guzzle more of my latte and read my book for the rest of my break time.

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