Monday, September 22, 2008


Josh and I are gonna bake!

For dinner today, I made up something out of thin air---well, okay, I confess. I had gazdillions of pop bottles to return. Josh helped me pop those in and get our money back...and had enough to get ground beef. I COULD HAVE gotten couple more items but no...I didn't. I used the ground beef to make this instant lasagna thing that you throw stuff together from a box. A Betty Crocker thing. It was actually pretty good but I couldn't eat a lot of that.

We need settle dinner.

Thought...aha! Snickerdoodles!

Where's the butter? All out. Well, not completely OUT but not enough to get a 1/2 cup's worth.

I sent my husband to the store to pick up some butter. I seem to have forgotten all about THAT one. I ought to fire myself.

Will watch Dancing with the Stars tonight...I'm looking forward to that. Read a book, and just be careful not to do something that'll throw my back out.

Eat cookies.


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