Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Well, I hope I don't name each day with the name of the day...Monday, Tuesday, etc. I sometimes draw a blank when it comes to coming up with a title of each day's blog.

My kids are happily settling into school, and Josh just continues to rave about his teacher, Mrs. Z. We talked about how much nicer she is and how she brought in her little friend, some type of lizard, to school today. Cool.

And no, you can't take the cat(s) with you.

Ashley has school picture day tomorrow. They do it so early because they need their student ID's to attend events, etc. So...that makes sense. But, sometimes bad timing....especially if strapped for cash.

Well I just fired my husband from going to the store....again. I gave him very basic list...3 items. Salsa (thick and chunky....), shredded cheese and sour cream.

He came back with the right salsa, shredded cheese and....light cream cheese? Cream cheese? for tacos? my lips..."sour cream" is not "cream cheese".

Oh well. We can do fine with the shredded cheese and salsa. No problem. I'll just take the cream cheese back and exchange it for sour cream.

I'm gonna go eat my tacos....

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