Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunny Sunday...

and i wish my mood was sunny.

ehh...let's see....someone's bad mood that kind of contiminated me, and caused me to be cranky and not want to be nice but did play nice.

got yelled at by "someone" for something "someone" didn't like, and felt i was unworthy to be at least appreciated for whatever i've tried to do. *pffffffffffffft*

but coming home, and talked with couple people...and invited to visit a church in adrian. will go with my husband. his friend was begging me to come so...i thought, why not?

josh will go to his friend's house while we're gone. i trust ashley to be responsible, "and yes i'm taking my cell phone with me!!!!"

i've not seen my cell phone all weekend so, i know i need to save it from the diva's clutches.

good things that happened over the weekend:
  • saw a shiny red car for sale---(but over my budget). it was nice to see something so pretty and met all my expectations...(except for the price)
  • my friend did candy bar wrappers for my sister's baby shower and they turned out awesome! i love it! can't wait for the baby shower!
  • had a good meeting yesterday and even though there were couple blow-ups, it went well regardless. and oh yeah, the hostess made this delicious lunch! THANKS!
  • today i successfully made my friend's famous chicken rolls dish. oooh la la. first time i made that, i think. made this for our deaf ministry's monthly potluck---and the dish was licked clean. i did something right after having doubts on the amount of cream of mushroom soup.
  • coming home and meeting a couple of my husband's friends on video-phone---and finally deciding to visit the church in adrian. it's nice to know that people really do want to meet me.
  • i've been reassured that i did absolutely nothing wrong because of my situation with "someone" and that i did the right thing and i should not be made guilty of trying to be helpful.
  • my brown pants are still clean so will wear that tonight.
  • and oh yeah, my hair looks really good right now! how rare! (i'm growing my hair out again!)
my husband is snoring away---will wake him up in few minutes and start hiking outta here.

how was your day?

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